America and West Indies: November 1695

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 14, 1693-1696. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1903.

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November 1695

Nov. 1. 2,124. Minutes of Council of New York. The Governor acquainted the Council with the propositions made by the Indians at Albany on 19 October last, wherein they appear more insolent than formerly in affecting things which are known to be false and peremptorily demanding assistance thereupon. The Council advised that, looking to the constant pains that the Governor has taken to obtain assistance from the neighbouring Colonies, these propositions should be sent to Whitehall; also that if any Christian forces be sent to the Indian country they should be Major Schuyler's company of Fusiliers, who have more experience and better encouragement in pay than the Grenadiers, but that they know no reason why forces should be sent to the country, looking to the precautions that the Governor has taken. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. p. 73.]
Nov. 4. 2,125. Minutes of Council of New York. Letter from Governor Nicholson concerning assistance to New York read, and a copy ordered to be sent to New England. Order for the bills for £133 sterling, received from Governor Nicholson, to be endorsed to the Agents, and that the same sum be refunded, out of the £1,000 voted for them, towards the defence of the frontier; and for £173 New York money to be paid to Mr. Brooke as Agent for the said £133 sterling. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. p. 74.]
Nov. 5. 2,126. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. The Attorney General's report of 7 June on the laws of Jamaica was read, and all the Acts approved except two, which were reserved for further consideration. [Board of Trade. Journal, 8. pp. 144–146.]
Nov. 5. 2,127. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to recommend the allowance of fifteen Acts of Jamaica, but that the Act to prevent engrossing and forestalling be referred to the Commissioners of Customs. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 54. pp. 40–41.]
Nov. 5. 2,128. Proposals of Nicholas Trott, jun., to Lords of Trade and Plantations. (1) That I may be allowed to prosecute Isaac Richier, late Governor, and Richard Stafford, Chief Justice of Bermuda, on behalf of Samuel Trott, the King's Collector there, for that Isaac Richier sent a ship from Bermuda directly to Scotland, to trade contrary to law. (2) That I may be allowed to prosecute Richier and the executors of Henry Fifield for sending rum and sugar from Barbados to Curaçoa, for contriving by forged certificates to run the same to Bermuda, and for obstructing the Collector when he endeavoured to seize the same. (3) That I may prosecute Richier for suffering waste of the King's timber in Bermuda. (4) That a new trial be ordered of Richier's sloop, the Success, which was wrongfully acquitted of illegal trading, and that he and others concerned may be prosecuted. (5) That I may prosecute Richard Stafford for illegal proceedings at the trial of the said sloop. (6) That I may prosecute Henry Fifield's executors for waste of the King's stores. (7) That all the people injured by Richier may have liberty to sue him. (8) That these matters may be tried first in Bermuda and then come before you by way of appeal. 3 pp. Endorsed, Read 5 Nov. 1695. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 27.]
Nov. 5. 2,129. Further proposals of Nicholas Trott, jun., as to Bermuda. (1) That the Acts of the Assembly may be confirmed. (2) That the lands allotted by the late Company for building of a town may be confirmed, and instructions given to the Governor to assent to an Act to confirm the same and to settle the title of such land. (3) That four shares of public land may be annexed to the Attorney General's office as his salary for looking to the rights of the King in the matter of public land. (4) That the shares of land annexed to the Secretary's office may be increased from two to four, the present allowance being insufficient for his expenses. (5) That the present Council may be confirmed. (6) That Stephen Crow may be appointed Sheriff, Thomas Brooks Naval Officer, and Nicholas Trott, jun., Secretary and Attorney General. 1¼ pp. Endorsed, Read 5 Nov. 1695. Proposal heard 13 Dec. 1695. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 28.]
Nov. 5. 2,130. An account of the money paid by Nicholas Trott for the expense of his voyage from Bermuda and other costs of the prosecution of Isaac Richier, including £50 10s. 0d. in value taken from him by the French. Total, £178 1s. 6d. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 5 Nov. 1695. Read 13 Dec., 1695. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 29.]
Nov. 2,131. Account of the members of Council of Bermuda as delivered in a list by Governor Richier, of whom the following five only are in being, Samuel Trott, Thomas Outerbridge, William Pitt, Richard Peniston, Thomas Foster. Account of the most eminent persons to be of the Council, viz. Nicholas Trott, sen., Nicholas Trott, jun., William Peniston, Charles Walker, Richard Stafford, Anthony White, Samuel Spofforth, and the five above-named. 1 p. Undated. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 30.]
[Nov.] 2,132. Another list of gentlemen fit to be of the Council of Bermuda, viz. Charles Walker, Thomas Hartford, Michael Burrowes, Lieut.-Col. Walmsey, Richard Stafford, St. George Tucker, Samuel Hubbard. ½ p. Undated. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 31.]
[Nov.] 2,133. Three parallel lists of the Council of Bermuda, as it was in 1689, as proposed by Mr. Richier, and as proposed by Nicholas Trott. ½ p. Undated. [Board of Trade. Bermuda, 2. No. 32.]
Nov. 5. 2,134. Minutes of General Assembly of Montserrat. Anthony Hodges and Richard Clayton elected to represent the Council, and John Davis, Samuel Cave and William Finch to represent the Assembly at the next General Assembly. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., p. 334.]
Nov. 7. 2,135. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. Order for the accounts of the sale of the Army stores to be produced. The Attorney General asked the Council's opinion as to an English ship retaken from the French by H.M.S. Swan. Captain Fletcher came in and begged the Governor's pardon for his letter, and on the intercession of the Council was forgiven. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 328–329.]
Nov. 9. 2,136. Minutes of Council of Nevis. A joint Committee appointed to contract for hire of a sloop; and agreed that the men serving on her shall have a shilling a day, meat and drink and all plunder that they may take. Messages exchanged between the two houses as to a disputed election. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., pp. 305–306.]
Nov. 12.
2,137. Lieutenant-Governor Usher to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Since mine of 26 October, I heard at Boston that the soldiers belonging to Massachusetts had been withdrawn from the frontier-garrisons, on which I at once went to New Hampshire, and found that the President and Council had not taken any care of the out-places. I am of opinion Vaughan and Waldern had rather the out-places be lost than not to have their will, to be annexed to Boston. Having visited all the frontier-garrisons in person and immediately detached men for their security I called the Council and asked if they had any proposals to make relating to the government, on which they were silent. I then asked if they knew anything of a petition to the King to be annexed to the Boston Government. Every one of the Council declared that they knew nothing of it except Vaughan and Waldern. I then asked them if there was any order at the Council Board upon their petition, for, if there was, it was their work to take out the orders and to prevent them, that they might be complied with, otherwise they did only dally and play with the King. They declared that they knew of no order upon the petition. Having visited the garrisons in person, I then moved that the chief officer might have his charges borne. Vaughan and Waldern greatly opposed this, so that it did not pass; though in my absence there was a Minute of Council of 9 October, 1694, that Vaughan's charges in visiting his garrison should be allowed out of the public revenue. So you may see what respect is had to the King's Commission. I have proposed to the Council and Assembly to raise money for support of the Government, or else to give me their advice what way I might propose to the King for the same. The Assembly declared that they could not advise to anything. After some time they gave me their answer in writing, that they could do nothing, desiring to lay before the King the poverty and danger of the Province, that such measures as he may think best may be taken for preservation and support of the same. The King possessing the royalty of rivers, I propose that he lay a duty of three [pence?] on boards, two pence on staves, and so pro rata on all planks, pipe-staves and tunnage timber exported to any of the Colonies, and I judge the same not unreasonable, considering it is cut at the rate of eighteen pence per tun. In Governor Cranfield's time it was eighteen pence per tun (?), and is now sold at three shillings, and the three-pence will support the Government. As to raising money for defence, if they would lay the same duties of impost as at Boston, it would bring in £800, and a small tax will do the whole. I proposed raising money for passing the laws in England, lest for want of due application they should be rejected, but they would not, judging that if the King will have the place a distinct Government they must have all done for nothing, "and if be so done hardly anything is worth gratis." If the laws be rejected for want of due application, I beg that those for Courts and for the militia may be confirmed and sent over, when I believe that thereupon they will take speedy care for support of the Government and for defence. I wish that the wilfulness of a small handful of people against raising money may not be prejudicial to the King's interest in other Colonies. As to the poverty of the place, I knew some places more in debt than all their town was worth, which now, in four years, have cleared their debts and are worth many thousands of pounds. A letter from the Boston Government of 7 November, in answer to a request for men, signifies that considering the greatness of the trade and the number of the people in New Hampshire, they cannot supply us with men. The truth is—and that to my own knowledge—that persons in this place which have £100 a year are rated but £20, whereas under the Boston Government it would be in a year £40. And yet they plead poverty. The truth is that it is not poverty, but that the people are averse to a government immediately under the King himself. So much for loyalty. I am sorry to write thus against my own country, but being commanded to give a true and impartial account I cannot do otherwise. I wish the King would send us fifty soldiers, the Assembly judging it necessary to have them, and Boston not being able to supply them, as witness their not sending their quota to Colonel Fletcher. This Government will not apply to the King for soldiers, only to Boston. Pray order Captain Robert Thompson and Mr. Wallis to give you an account of this place. I send the Minutes of Council and Assembly and other returns. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., pp. 278–281.]
Nov. 13. 2,138. The King to Governor Sir Edmund Andros. Ordering James Blair to be restored to the Council of Virginia until it shall appear that he has justly forfeited the King's good opinion of his abilities and conduct. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 302–303.]
Nov. 13.
2,139. William Bridgeman to John Povey. I have laid the address from the General Assembly of Maryland as to naval stores (see No. 1,897 II.) before the Admiralty, who refer you to their report of 12 March, 1694, on the subject, adding only that the Navy Board will be ready at any time to give the gentlemen concerned an account of the methods of payment and of the commodities required, and to give them all encouragement towards introducing a trade in these goods. Signed, Wm. Bridgeman. 1 p. Annexed,
2,139. I. Lords of the Admiralty to Lords of Trade and Plantations. 12 March, 1693–4. On the proposals of Sir Matthew Dudley and Company for importation of naval stores from New England we think that all fitting encouragement should be given them herein. Copy. 1 p. The whole endorsed, R. 14 Nov. Read 25 Nov., 1695. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. Nos. 117, 117I.]
Nov. 14. 2,140. Minutes of Council of New York. Order for advance of a month's wages to the crew of a vessel which put into New York in distress, provided the vessel sail for her destination within six weeks. Petition of the town of New Utrecht for warrant for survey of their boundaries granted. Permission granted to certain Frenchmen for purchase of land. Order for certain payments and for examination of accounts. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 74–75.]
Nov. 15. 2,141. Minutes of Council of Nevis. The Committee presented their report as to hire of a sloop, which was accepted by the Council and Assembly. On the proposal of the Council the Assembly agreed to provide for widows of men slain in the coming expedition, to take measures for a surgeon to accompany it, and to begin the hire of the sloop from the 18th inst. A joint Committee was appointed to contract for victuals and other necessaries for her. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. XLVIII., pp. 306–307.]
Nov. 15.
2,142. Lieutenant-Governor Usher to Lords of Trade and Plantations. I have omitted to give you an account of the removal of several persons from places of trust. One John Pickering, who seized all the books of record in the Revolution times, and having been seized for embezzling of the records and not delivering them to the secretary, according to the Royal order, was bound over by me to take his trial. When the Court met, the Judge, Mr. Nathaniel Wyer, called Pickering before him, discoursed him and dismissed him without any trial at all, whereby many persons who have concerns in the records are great sufferers for want of copies of the same. I therefore displaced Mr. Wyer from being judge, and put one Mr. Joseph Smith, a loyal person, in his place. I sent orders to one Mr. Richard Jose (?), sheriff, to attend me through the province. He refused several times. I ordered him to attend me on the King's service. He refused, though at the same time he could pass by the place where I was and not give his attendance; for which I removed him and put Mr. Theodore Atkinson in his place. The truth is that it is difficult to find a person that is faithful to the King's Government. [Col. Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., p. 282.]
Nov. 19. 2,143. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. The Assembly consented to the Governor's proposal to purchase the pressed vessel, and a joint Committee was appointed to treat for the same. Message from the Governor asking for the Act for billeting soldiers to be revived, and that the soldiers on the frontiers have provisions sent to them by those that quarter them. Answer of the Assembly, that the soldiers carry their provisions themselves. Sundry payments ordered and petitions considered. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 147–149.]
Nov. 20. 2,144. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. Order for licence to be given to James Gooch to go to Port Royal to carry the pay for the re-purchase of his sloop, lately captured by a French privateer, and to fetch off his hostages given for the same, also that he may carry as many goods as may produce his vessel's lading of wheat, to bring to Boston. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. p. 2.]
Nov. 20. 2,145. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. The Representatives being summoned, the Lieutenant-Governor gave them a summary account of public affairs since their last recess, and commended to their notice the Treasurer's accounts. Advised, that a bill be brought in, that strangers commencing suit give in security before process be granted them.
Nov. 21. The bill as to strangers' suits read a first time.
Nov. 22. The same bill read a second time and amended. The Treasurer handed in a summary account of the state of the Treasury. The Lieutenant-Governor reported that he had fixed the 29th for the appointment of a Register of the Court of Probate for Essex County, and ordered notice thereof to be given to absent members.
Nov. 23. Report of a committee as to the boundary of a new precinct in the town of Plymouth read; and heads of an order for settling the same discussed. Adjourned to 25th. [Board of Trade. New England, 48. pp. 1–3.]
Nov. 21. 2,146. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Resolved to address the King on information that there is a design to establish the Royal Company in Barbados to the detriment of the Island. Resolved to send a flag of truce to Martinique for exchange of prisoners. Orders for payments. A petition, founded on false recital of an Order of the Council, was rejected. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. p. 71.]
Nov. 21.
2,147. Order of the King in Council. Referring the questions of the payment of £1,503 10s., interest claimed by Robert Livingston, of the granting him a salary as agent with the Indians and of his confirmation in his former offices, to Lords of the Treasury for report. Signed, William Blathwayt. 1½ pp. Endorsed, Read to the K. 27 Dec., 1695. My Lords are to do what they think reasonable when at the Treasury. [Board of Trade. New York, 6. No. 27; and 48. pp. 234–237.]
Nov. 21. 2,148. Order of the King in Council. That orders be sent to Governor Fletcher to reimburse the sums due to Robert Livingston for his advances for the foot-companies and the garrison at Albany, if his claim be thought just; also that the sums advanced by him for the French expedition of 1687, and for subsistence of the forces at New York and Albany be recommended by Governor Fletcher for defrayal out of the current revenue. [Board of Trade. New York, 48. pp. 232–234.]
Nov. 21. 2,149. Order of the King in Council. That the Master-General of the ordnance deliver to Robert Livingston ten barrels of powder, to make good those taken from him by Jacob Leisler during the Revolution. [Board of Trade. New York, 48. p. 231.]
[Nov.] 2,150. Robert Livingston to Lords of the Treasury. As the report of the Lords of Trade on my petition has been referred to you I beg to give a short account of my case. None of the sums mentioned in the report accrued due to me by the sale of goods to the Crown, whereby I could get profit, but were paid by me in specie when the exigencies of the Government of New York required greater supplies than the revenue could afford. I raised them from zeal to the Crown, to save the province from a French invasion. The principal sums are allowed by the Lords of Trade, to be just and an order for payment of them in New York has been passed. Recapitulates the arguments in favour of his claim of interest as in No. 2,084 VIII., and continues. The necessities of New York during the war are so great that it will be very difficult to raise the principal sums due to me, and impossible to raise the interest out of the revenue of the province. I beg therefore that instead of £1,503, New York money, to be paid there, you will recommend that the value may be paid to me here. Without it I shall be unable to take home any cargo and shall have as little credit there as here, but with my wife and six children shall be exposed to contempt and want. If I return to New York without some encouragement people will be backward to advance money to the public, and the consequences I dread more than I can express. New York is so impoverished by the war that many people have already deserted it. I beg for your speedy resolution hereon, as the Admiralty have ordered the convoy to sail on New Year's day. Copy. 2½ pp. [Board of Trade. New York, 6. No. 28.]
Nov. 23.
2,151. William Lowndes to John Povey. Your letter of 30th October has been laid before the Lords of the Treasury, with Sir Thomas Laurence's memorial praying that the penny per pound on the side-trade of Pennsylvania, together with arrears, may be granted for the maintenance of one or more Protestant divines to be sent thither. The Lords are of opinion that whatever encouragement the King may please to give in this case will be better done by granting a certain salary out of the Revenue than to grant the revenue itself. Signed, Wm. Lowndes. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 2. No. 118.]
Nov. 24. 2,152. Minutes of Council of New York. Orders for several payments. The accounts of the penny per pound tax from Pennsylvania referred to a Committee. John Milan's petition referred to the Mayor of New York and to the elders of the French congregation for report. Order for an account to be taken of the corn in New York, exportation of corn being prohibited in the neighbouring provinces. A committee appointed to examine the ship that put in distress and to condemn her if necessary. Patents for land granted to Ellis Duxbury, March Dusachoy and Jacob Lockerman. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 75–77.]
[Nov. 24.] 2,153. Draft order for summoning Messrs. Harbin, Leisler and others to attend the meeting of the Lords of Trade on the 25th of November. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New York, 6. No. 29.]
[Nov. 24.] 2,154. Similar order to summon Robert Bradley for the same day. ½ p. [Board of Trade. New York, 6. No. 30.]
[Nov. 24.] 2,155. Memorandum of a petition of Richard Holder and others, which was read on 24 November, 1695, and delivered to Mr. Maddox 13 January, 1696–7. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 5. No. 115.]
Nov. 25. 2,156. Journal of Lords of Trade and Plantations. A petition on behalf of John Hallett read, and his case appointed to be heard on 2 December. The appeal in the matter of the ship Experiment was fixed to be heard in November, 1696.
A petition from Sir Thomas Laurence as to land-grants read, and referred to Lord Baltimore. Mr. Bridgeman's letter of 13 November read (see No. 2,139); and ordered that it be laid, together with the address from Maryland, before the King.
A petition as to two private Acts of Jamaica read, and the Acts referred to the Attorney-General.
Mr. Lowndes's letter of 23 November as to Ministers for Pennsylvania read (see No. 2,151). The Lords agreed on their report.
The answer of the General Assembly of Virginia as to bulk-tobacco was read and referred to the Treasury.
Governor Codrington's letters of 8 and 16 July read. [Board of Trade. Journal, 8. pp. 146–149.]
Nov. 25. 2,157. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to recommend the report of the Treasury on Sir Thomas Laurence's memorial respecting the maintenance of Protestant ministers in Council, for the signification of the King's pleasure. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 8. p. 204.]
Nov. 25. 2,158. Minute of Lords of Trade and Plantations. Agreed to submit the address from Maryland as to Naval stores (see No. 1,897 II.), and the report of the Admiralty thereon (see No. 2,139), for signification of the King's pleasure thereon. Memo. At the Council of 28 November the report was ordered by the King to be brought up again. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 8. pp. 206–207.]
Nov. 25. 2,159. John Povey to Lord Baltimore. Forwarding a petition of Sir Thomas Laurence, relating to the passing of land-grants in Maryland, for his reply. [Board of Trade. Maryland, 8. p. 204.]
Nov. 25. 2,160. John Povey to William Lowndes. Forwarding extract from the Journal of the Virginia Assembly, as to the exportation of tobacco in bulk, for the opinion of the Lords of the Treasury. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 36. pp. 298–299.]
Nov. 25. 2,161. John Povey to the Attorney-General. Forwarding a private Act of Jamaica concerning the estate of George Ivy, for his opinion. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 54. p. 46.]
Nov. 25. 2,162. Petition of John Hallett to Lords of Trade and Plantations. Praying for a day to be appointed for hearing his appeal against two judgments given against him in Barbados. 1 p. Endorsed, R. 6 Nov. Read 25 Nov. 1695. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 5. No. 116.]
Nov. 25. 2,163. Two documents used in evidence in the case of John Hallett.
2,163. I. Deposition of Malatiah Holder. 2½ pp. Sworn 10 May, 1694.
2,163. II. Copy of the evidences, brought forward to prove the original indictment against John Hallett. Large sheet. Endorsed, Read 25 Nov., 1695. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 5. Nos. 116, I., II.]
Nov. 25. 2,164. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. The accounts of the persons employed in the fetching home of English prisoners with the French, examined, and order passed for payment of £30 to them. A letter from the Lieutenant Governor and Council of New Hampshire received, asking for a committee to join with several persons therein named in running the boundary line between the two provinces. Heads of a letter in reply agreed to. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 2–3.]
Nov. 25. 2,165. Minutes of General Assembly of Massachusetts. Petition of the inhabitants of the east end of Watertown, praying to be a distinct Society for the settlement and support of Divine Worship, read; and the inhabitants of the west end ordered to appear on the 29th.
Nov. 26. Bill as to strangers' suits again read and ordered to be engrossed. On the report of a committee an enlargement of the town of Hatfield was granted. Order for allowance of £10 towards support of a minister at Newichewanock. Order for the running off of a new precinct in Plymouth for setting up the worship of God. Order for payment of £11 for destruction of eleven wolves.
Nov. 27. £10 abated to the town of Wenham in allowance of over-assessment in 1690. Bill as to strangers' suits passed and assented to.
Nov. 28. Bills for taking affidavits out of Court read and committed. Order for introduction of a bill to prohibit exportation of grain. Arrears of rates remitted to Ferdinando Thayer and Walter Cooke, in consideration of their adversities.
Nov. 29. Bill for taking affidavits out of Court twice read and ordered to be engrossed. The inhabitants of Watertown were heard, according to appointment. Five hundred acres of land at Pennicook granted and confirmed to Samuel and Hannah Sewall and to their heirs, and 1,000 acres near Quansigamog ponds to James Russell and to his heirs.
Nov. 30. Bill to prohibit exportation of grain read a first time. A Bill sent up by the Representatives as to laying out 250 acres of land at Seconett for Mr. Thomas Hinckley, was agreed to. Vote in concurrence with the Representatives for a payment for destruction of wolves. [Board of Trade. New England, 48. pp. 3–9.]
Nov. 26. 2,166. John Povey to William Bridges. The Lords of Trade and Plantations have appointed the 2nd of December for the trial of John Hallett's case. You will inform Colonel Kendall, that he may be present. Draft. ½ p. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 5. No. 117.]
Nov. 26. 2,167. Minutes of Council of Barbados. Petition of the purser of H.M.S. Play for victuals, read and referred to a Committee. Resolved to defer the memorial and addresses, agreed on at last meeting, till the sitting of the Assembly. Order for examination of the glazier's account for work at Fontabelle. A petition for drawback of duty and certain accounts passed. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. p. 72.]
Nov. 26. 2,168. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. Message from the Governor urging the necessity of despatching a vessel to cruise, and another to ask assistance from Barbados. Answer of the Assembly that they had accepted a loan at ten per cent, and would lay a tax on shipping to pay for a vessel to cruise. The Governor agreed as to the tax, but not as to the manner of raising it, and proposed to fit out a vessel himself if the Assembly would reimburse him. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 149–150.]
Nov. 28. 2,169. Minutes of Council of New York. Several accounts referred for examination. A correction in Josiah Hobart's patent allowed. On Aaron Bennet's petition for a grant of land, it was shown to him that there was a controversy depending thereon. Petition of Jeremiah Smith and others dismissed, and petitioners referred to their legal remedy. Order for discharge of the seamen of the ship that put in distress. The Mayor reported that there were 15,069 bushels of wheat and 655½ barrels of flour in New York city. [Board of Trade. New York, 72. pp. 75–76.]
Nov. 29. 2,170. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. John Croad appointed Register of the Probate Court. Ordered for payment of £40 each to Thomas Danforth, Samuel Sewall and Wait Winthrop for their last year's services as Justices of the Superior Court. Order for payment of £25 each to John Hathorne and John Phillips for their two voyages to Pemaquid on the King's service. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 3–4.]
Nov. 30. 2,171. List of the Council of Jamaica. 30 November, 1695. John Bourden, Peter Beckford, Nicholas Lawes, Peter Heywood, Charles Knight, Richard Lloyd, Henry Lowe, William Brodrick.
Recommended to make up the numbers by adding the following: James Banister, Thomas Ayscough, Richard Dawkins, Edward Broughton, Josiah Heathcote. Signed, Wm. Beeston. ½ p. Endorsed, R. 24 Mar. 95–6. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 7. No. 95.]
Nov. 29. 2,172. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. The accounts of the sale of the King's stores were brought up, but the Council thought it had no power to authorise the proceeds to be spent on the regiment until it should arrive in the Island. Order for the returns of the forces to be made by the owners of their quarters monthly. Letters from Colonel Lillingston asking for an advance of money for the subsistence of himself and officers, and stating the sums due to him. The Council conceived that they had no power to order it, but resolved to recommend to the Assembly that provision should be made for the soldiers on their arrival. Orders for payments. [Board of Trade. Jamaica, 77. pp. 330–331.]
Nov. 30. 2,173. Minutes of Council and Assembly of Antigua. The Council agreed with the Assembly to send a letter of thanks to the Governor of Barbados. The Governor consented to the Assembly's wish that H.M.S. Chester should be kept until further news of the enemy's designs be received. The Assembly sent up two Bills, and desired the speedy fitting out of the vessel for cruising. The Governor concurred with the Assembly's desire to pay an allowance for maintenance of three wounded prisoners. Writ for election of a new Assemblyman issued. A petition for a fort at Mangrove Point was recommended to the Assembly. Bills to borrow £450 at 10 per cent. for the expenses of a cruiser, and for billeting of soldiers passed. Orders for payments. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 64. pp. 150–152.]