America and West Indies: March 1697, 1-4

Pages 388-392

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 15, 1696-1697. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1904.

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March 1697

March 1. 770. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. The Secretary reported that he had laid copies of further papers before the Committees of the House of Lords.
Sir William Beeston's letter of 17 October to the Duke of Shrewsbury read (No. 325).
Order for the representation concerning the three New York Lieutenants to be shewn to Mr. Southwell if he desires it.
Order for a representation to be drawn recommending officers for appointment to the Admiralty Courts in the Colonies, and for the Secretary to request the Secretary of Customs to make the list of those officers more perfect.
March 2. Mr. Secretary Trumbull communicated orders from the King as to the despatch of the West Indian convoys. Order for the West India merchants to attend to-morrow.
March 3. The King's orders as to the West Indian convoys were imparted to the merchants.
Mr. Samuel Allen attended to protest again against the uniting of New Hampshire with Massachusetts. He was informed that the decision lay with the King; and that he might make his application where he thought expedient.
March 4. Mr. Sansom's letter of 3rd inst. read (No. 774). Mr. Randolph being summoned explained certain difficulties therein, and a representation was thereupon drawn up and signed.
Memorial from the agents of the Leeward Islands read (No. 777). Order for it to be sent in to the Admiralty.
Mr. Thomas Bulkley's petition read. Ordered in accordance with the prayer thereof that John Graves attend the Council to-morrow.
A paper of heads for incorporation of a company to work mines in New England received and referred to further consideration. A letter from Salem, dated 2 November, as to the state of New England was read.
Duplicate representation as to the three lieutenants of New York signed.
March 5. Mr. John Graves attended, when Mr. Bulkley was directed to draw up his questions to him anew. [Board of Trade. Journal, 9. pp. 11–16.]
March 2.
771. William Popple to the Secretary of the Custom-House. The Council of Trade, on perusing your list of persons to be employed in the Admiralty Courts of the Colonies, observes that it does not extend to Jamaica, Barbados or the Leeward Islands, nor are the names of the Advocates included. They request therefore a complete list for all the Colonies, and in particular a list of Advocates for the Colonies to which the other officers have already been nominated. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 34. p. 110.]
March 2. 772. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Governor Nicholson and Mr. Blair having returned, the Governor appointed four Councillors to do their best to compose a quarrel which happened at the meeting of the College on the 27th February between Governor Nicholson and Colonel Daniel Parke. A report of the proceedings relating to the escape of John Coode, charged with blasphemy, from Maryland was read; and it was resolved that no more could be done in the matter. George Williamson, Surveyor, failed to appear to answer for surveying land on the Blackwater contrary to orders, and was summoned to attend on the 31st. Order for the Sheriffs to return an account of all ferries in their respective counties. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 53. pp. 53–54.]
March 2. 773. Minutes of Council of Barbados. The negro who fled on board the French flag of truce was declared a free man. Orders for payments for subsistence of French prisoners and for five shillings a week allowance to sick seamen. Order for the distribution of gunners in Clarendon and Rochester forts. A new order for payment of the owners of the ship Frank Russell granted.
March 2. On a letter from the Captain of H.M.S. Newcastle that his ship could not be ready to sail till next week, it was ordered that notice be given that the fleet shall be continued here until the 11th, and shall then sail without further delay. Bill as to quartering of soldiers read and referred to a Committee. Bill for freedom of elections read a second time and referred to a Committee. Order for exchange of sixteen French prisoners, previous orders to the contrary notwithstanding. Orders for the disposition of the King's soldiers. Bill to prevent the escaping of white men, etc., read once and committed; bill enabling Quakers to make affirmation instead of oath, read three times and passed. [Board of Trade. Barbados, 65. pp. 196–197.]
March 2. 774. Secretary of Customs to William Popple. I have laid yours of 2nd before the Commissioners of Customs, who desire me to inform you that their presentment, referred to in the Council of Trade's letter of 24 February last, related only to the Plantations on the Continent of America and in the Bahama Islands, which were under the visitation of Mr. Randolph, from whom the Commissioners derived their information as to the fitness of the persons to be employed in the Admiralty Courts. The Commissioners will do their best to inform themselves of fit persons for the Courts in Jamaica and the other Islands. Meanwhile I send a list of persons selected by Mr. Randolph to be Attorneys-General and Advocates in the Plantations on the Continent and in the Bahamas. Signed, Jno. Sansom. 1 p. Endorsed, Recd. 3rd, Read, 4th March, 1696–7. Enclosed,
774. I. Names of persons proposed to be Attorneys-General and Advocates in the Plantations. Virginia, Carolina, Maryland and the three lower counties: Edward Chilton. East and West Jersey, Connecticut and New York: James Graham. Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island: Thomas Newton. Carolina: Jonathan Armory. Bermuda: Nicholas Trott, jun. Bahamas: John Leighton. It is recommended that the same person may be in all cases Attorney-General in all pleas of the Crown and Advocate in the Courts of Admiralty; and that the Governors of all Colonies under the King's immediate authority be empowered to fill any vacancies that may occur among the officers of the Admiralty Courts. Attorneys-General are made by warrant under Great Seal or Privy Seal; Advocates by warrant of the Board of Admiralty to the Judge of the Admiralty in England, who thereupon issues his deputation under the seal of his office. Fees should be allowed to the officers of Admiralty on a scale laid down by the Judge of Admiralty in England. 1½ pp. Inscribed, I received this paper of names from Mr. Randolph this 3 March, 1696. Signed, Rich. Savage. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. Nos. 37, 37 I.; and 34. pp. 113–115.]
March 3. 775. Minutes of Council of Massachusetts. On advice from Piscataqua of the capture of some shallops by Indians and French, it was advised to instruct the officers at Salem to send out one or two vessels from Marblehead to endeavour to retake them.
March 4. On a message from Salem saying that no sailing-shallops were in harbour but that a barque was at disposal for recapture of the vessels, it was advised that the said barque be despatched forthwith. Leave granted to Elisha Cooke and Thomas Walker to erect buildings in Boston. [Board of Trade. New England, 49. pp. 75–76.]
March 4. 776. Minutes of Council of Virginia. Commodore Wager having deferred his sailing, it was ordered that the audit be held on 31 March, that all ships clear before the 27th inst., and that before the sailing of the convoy an embargo be laid on all vessels whatever, and after its departure upon all ships for Europe. Order for all bonds returned uncertificated to the Attorney-General to be put in suit by him at the next General Court. In default of orders as to taking the oaths to execute the Act for the Plantation Trade, the Governor by the Council's advice took the oath. Order for the Secretary to prepare answers to the letters from the King, and from the Lords of the Treasury. The warrant for confinement of Colonel Daniel Parke was read, and it was resolved that nothing more be done therein. [Board of Trade. Virginia, 53. pp. 55–56.]
March 4. 777. Memorial of the Agents for the Leeward Islands to Council of Trade and Plantations. The Leeward Islands and the traders thither have suffered great losses owing to the delays and stoppings of the merchant-ships with necessaries and supplies, and to bring back the produce of the same. Last year, in particular, the ships were so long detained that they did not reach the Leeward Islands until the middle of July, and were part of them lost some few days after in a hurricane, while the rest, which sailed home in October under convoy of H.M.S. Hastings, met with such storms that most of them perished in the sea, together with their men, and were never heard of again. This makes us apprehensive for the outward-bound ships now at the Isle of Wight, if they be longer detained from want of their convoy. We beg therefore that the two ships of war ordered for the Leeward Islands fleet now lying at the Isle of Wight may be despatched forthwith, and not delayed longer in expectation of other ships. Signed, Bastian Bayer, Joseph Martyn, Rd. Cary. 1¼ pp. Endorsed, Recd. Read, 4 March, 1696–7. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 5. No. 41; and 45. pp. 65–66.]
March 4. 778. William Popple to the Secretaries of the Admiralty. On the King's orders of 2nd inst. that the convoys to Barbados, Jamaica and the Leeward Islands should sail with all possible speed we have received the enclosed paper (preceding abstract) from the Agents for the Leeward Islands. Pray lay it before the Admiralty and request them to return an answer of what may be communicated to the Agents for the satisfacton and guidance of the merchants. [Board of Trade. Leeward Islands, 45. p. 64.]
March 4. 779. Memorandum amending the list of Attorneys-General and Advocates for the Admiralty Courts in North America and the Bahamas. Maryland, the three lower counties, Pennsylvania and West Jersey: Edward Chilton. New York, Connecticut and East Jersey: James Graham. Bahamas: Ellis Lightwood to be Judge, John Leighton to be Attorney-General and Advocate. In the handwriting of Edward Randolph. 1 p. Inscribed, Delivered by Mr. Randolph to the Board, 4 March, 1696–7. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 4. No. 38; and 34. p. 116.]
March 4.
780. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Submitting the names of the Judges, Registers, Marshals and Advocates for the Admiralty Courts of North America and the Bahamas for approval. Signed, J. Bridgewater, Ph. Meadows, Wm. Blathwayt, John Pollexfen, Abr. Hill. Here follows the list, the Judges, Registers and Marshals being those given in No. 751I. as amended in the preceding abstract, and the Advocates those given in the preceding abstract. [Board of Trade. Plantations General, 34. pp. 117–119.]