Addenda: May 1675

Pages 601-602

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 17, 1699 and Addenda 1621-1698. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1908.

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February 1669

May 5.
1,133. Order of the King in Council. Upon the report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations respecting Newfoundland. ½ p. Enclosed,
1,133. I. The Report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations aforesaid. Both documents are abstracted in a previous volume of this Calendar, 1675–1676. No. 549. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., Nos. 30, 30I.]
May 5.
1,134. Order of the King in Council. That the Attorney-General with the assistance of the King's Council enquire into the powers given by the Royal Charter of Confirmation of 26 January, 1661, for regulating the fishery of Newfoundland, consider whether the powers relating to the punishment of crimes be defective, and report as to the sort of judicature most fit and proper to be erected for determination of such offences. Signed, Edw. Walker. 1 p. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 31.]
May 5. 1,135. Order of the King in Council. That a copy of the Report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations upon Newfoundland be sent to the Admiralty, in order that the execution of such points as are extended to the commander of the convoy may be executed by Sir John Berry or such other officer as the King may appoint. Orders are to be sent to the Governors of Foreign Plantations to receive kindly any inhabitants who may come to them from Newfoundland. Draft. 1 p. Enclosed,
1,135. I. Copy of the Report of the Lords of Trade and Plantations, abstracted in a previous volume of this Calendar, 1675–1676. No. 550. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., Nos. 32, 32 I.]
May 17. 1,136. Copies of two commissions given by Captain Jurian Aronson to Peter Rodrigo and Cornelius Andreson, dated 31 October, 1674, under which they took ships and goods from the English. Certified at Boston, 17 May, 1675. See previous volume of this Calendar, 1675–1676. No. 1071. The whole, 2 pp. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 33.]
May 31.
1,137. The King to Sir John Berry of H.M.S. Bristol and Captain Carter of H.M.S. Swan. You are to convoy the fishing fleet to Newfoundland, and return with them at the close of the season, proceeding with such as are bound to the Straits and as high as Livorne, from whence any ships homeward bound are to be convoyed to Alicante, and so home. You are to aid the various commanders in the Newfoundland ports to preserve order; you are to take no seamen with your ships but such as really belong to them you are to take an account of the several ports of Newfoundland between Cape Race and Bonavista, giving full accounts of the ships, men, boats, etc. employed there, and of the number of houses, inhabitants and boats. You shall take no fish on board as freight or merchandise, nor any except for your own use and spending. Draft. 2½ pp. Endorsed, Read, 8 April, 1675. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 34.]
May. 1,138. William Harris to Sir Joseph Williamson. The crowd of your "incomberances" is such as makes much blushing me, and I cannot but see and be ashamed at my own boldness when I mention my past and long oppressions, and how I hope and beg for relief and speedy ease of my grief and pain, with earnest and ardent prayers to God and humble request for your Honour's kind aid to the King for his favour, etc., that by the next ship I may return home again to my girl and weak family, from whom I parted (I think) with as great grief as Jacob from Joseph; but, however, waiting God's leisure, for whose pleasure we were created. ½ p. Endorsed, May, 1675. [Colonial Papers, Vol. LXV., No. 35.]