America and West Indies: June 1703, 7-10

Pages 488-494

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 21, 1702-1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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June 1703, 7-10

June 7. 799. Mr. Thurston to Mr. Popple. Enclosing application from Lt. Moody for a recommendation from the Board of Trade to the Admiralty for a passage on board the Centurion to Newfoundland. Signed, J. Thurston. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 9, 1703. 1 p. Enclosed,
799. i. Lt. Moody to the Council of Trade and Plantations. As above. Signed, Jo. Moody. [C.O. 194, 2. No. 126; and 195, 3. pp. 245, 246.]
June 7.
800. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. H.E. nominated Abraham Preble, jr., of Yorke, to be a Coroner within that county, and the Council consented.
The report of the Committee appointed to examine the books, files and records of the late Colony of New Plymouth, was read. Advised that, for the ease of the subject, and upon the earnest application of the inhabitants there, the Records concerning that part of the Province be lodged in the hand of some fit person there, to be deputed by the Secretary, if it may be, with allowance of H.E. to give out and attest copies.
June 8. H.E. again mentioned his nomination of a Justice for the Superior Court; the Council insinuated that there should be first a vacancy declared.
H.E. read and signed a Commission to Andrew Belcher for Commissary General. 500l. advanced to him for purchasing provisions and stores for the supply of H.M. Forts, etc. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 514, 515.]
June 7. 801. Minutes of Council in Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay. Accounts of the Treasurer, Mr. James Taylor, for the year ending May 26, 1703, amounting to 18,067l. 11s. 9d., were passed.
Mr. Taylor's account of the Trade with the Eastern Indians, Oct. 12, 1699—May 26, 1703, amounting to 4,304l. 2s. 8d. was approved.
June 8. Message from the Representatives sent up, that their votes are ready for the choice of a Treasurer. H.E. intimated that at two former sessions, and also at several times this session, he had moved to have a Surveyor General chosen, being a necessary officer, and he expected to receive their votes for such an officer at the same time with the votes for Treasurer. The Representatives replied that they did not think it necessary to appoint such an officer. H.E. declared he expected their answer in writing. They replied they had received nothing from the Board in writing about that matter; it was resolved, that a Surveyor General be immediately chosen by the whole Court, who shall be commissioned by H.E. to survey all public grants of lands from time to time hereafter to be made, and to make report thereupon. As also by direction of H.M. Courts to survey controverted lands etc. The Representatives returned this resolution with a non-concurrance.
Nathaniel Payne was sworn a Member of Council.
Message sent up from the Representatives, earnestly requesting H.E. to give effectual order that all the platforms at the Castle be laid and guns mounted on serviceable carriages without delay according to the resolve of this Court at their last Session, and then the remainder of the 500l. last granted for fortifying the Castle, improve in finishing the works that are already began, and particularly in building of convenient lodgings for the soldiers, which we desire may be so contrived as not to injure their health, as we fear the arched vaults projected by the Engineer for that end will do. And that H.E. will make inquiry, whether the powder-houses be not so damp as to render the powder unserviceable, and whether the slighting of the upper line of guns, looking S.E., will not disadvantage the defence of the Castle. The Council agreed, and H.E. wrote to Col. Rome accordingly.
Mr. James Taylor was anew chosen Treasurer.
50s. paid to John White, Clerk of the House, to purchase a blank book and paper for the use of the House.
Resolve of the Council, June 2 (q.v.), relating to the Act for giving assistance to neighbouring provinces, was returned with an amendment, continuing it till the second Tuesday in July next.
Resolve of the Council, May 29, relating to soldiers' pay, returned with an amendment, that a proportionable abatement be made upon the wages of all officers posted in garrison.
Order sent up from the Representatives continuing the Acts for granting impost and excise, until the second Tuesday in July. The Council agreed.
H.E. summoned the Representatives to attend, and, acquainting them that he intended to set forward on his journey to the Eastward in the morning, adjourned the Court till June 30. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 830–834.]
June 8.
802. Earl of Nottingham to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I have acquainted the Queen at the Committee of Councill with your letter of May 21 concerning Mr. Penn, whereupon H.M. has commanded me to acquaint you, that shee is willing to treate with him for his Proprietary Government, and would therefore have you heare his proposalls, upon what termes he will surrender the same, and report the same to H.M. for her further directions therein. Signed, Nottingham. Endorsed, Recd. Read June 10, 1703. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1290. p. 337; and 5, 1262. No. 30.]
June 8.
803. Journal of Council of Trade and Plantations. The answers received from the several Plantations relating to the authority by which the Admiralty Courts there are constituted, were laid before the Board and read.
Order of Council, May 8, upon the Acts of Mountserrat, read.
Order of Council, May 8, upon the Acts of Antegoa, read.
Order of Council, May 17, upon the Acts of the Leeward Islands, read.
Order of Council, May 17, upon the Acts of Jamaica, read.
Further progress made in considering the Acts of the Bermuda Islands.
June 9. Letter from Col. Quary, Feb. 28, with enclosures, read.
Upon Mr. Thurston's application on behalf of John Moody, Lieut. of the Company at Newfoundland, that he may have his passage in the Centurion frigate now bound thither, letter to Mr. Burchet ordered.
Further progress made in considering the Acts of the Bermuda Islands.
June 10. Letter from the Earl of Nottingham, read. Thereupon ordered that Mr. Penn have notice to lay his proposals before this Board in writing on Tuesday next.
Further progress made in considering the Acts of the Bermuda Islands. [C.O. 391, 16. pp. 152–155; and 391, 97. pp. 431–439.]
June 8. 804. Minutes of Council [in Assembly] of Barbados. Capt. Henry Harding was sworn a Member of Assembly in the room of Miles Toppin, for St. George's parish. Some Councillors, who had been absent at the last meeting, took the oath for hearing grievances.
Report on the condition of the Magazine read. It appearing that the same was much out of repair, ordered that the report be delivered to the Assembly, that some immediate care be taken therein.
Ordered that care be taken that there be a sufficient guard kept at the Magazine.
H.E. read two letters from the Earl of Nottingham, one, Oct. 20, 1702, directing that H.M. ships of war have credit for stores and provisions as they may want from time to time; the other, Feb. 25, 1702/3, to prohibit all trade with the French and Spaniards.
H.E. taking into his consideration the great delays that happen in this Island by the multiplicity of lawyers that plead at the several Courts in most or every action, contrary to a wholesome law of this Island, Oct. 1670, for prevention whereof H.E. by and with the advice of the Council, has thought fitt to order that a copy of the said Act be fairly wrote out and sent to the Judge of each Court respectively within this Island, who is to cause the same to be affixed in some proper place in his Court for the publick view of any persons that shall come there, and that every Judge take care that the said law be duly and strictly observed in every particular in the said Court, and also that noe person be admitted to practice the Law in any the Courts in this Island until they have taken the oath appointed by the said Act.
Petition of Thomas Reynolds referred to the Assembly.
Bills for 500l. for the Governor's house; for the encouragement of white servants; concerning the General Sessions; for exchange of Trowell's land in Christchurch, were sent up, together with the petition of William Heysham. [See following abstract.]
The Assembly informed H.E. that they had resolved that the Commissioners of Fortifications doe speedily take care that all necessary reparations to the magazine be forthwith had and done.
H.E. acquainted them that he had recd. an Order from H.M. to repaile the Act for the better security of H.M. subjects, etc., and also instructions to be offerred instead thereof, a copy of which he delivered them.
Bill for presenting the Governor with 500l. read three times and consented to.
Bill for the encouragement of white servants read the first time.
Supplementary Bill concerning the General Sessions read the first time.
Ordered that the Letters and receipt of General Codrington relating to the powder and ball lent him by this Island be entred in the Council books, and then sent to the Assembly at their request to enter into their books.
June 9. Petition of a free negro woman, complaining that Dudley Woodbridge, merchant, had of late threatened to seize the petitioner and keep her as a slave, read. Ordered that she be heard by her counsel at the next meeting of this Board, and meantime be not disturbed.
Petition of Capt. Pead and Capt. Halsy against Capt. Gilligan was dismissed.
75l. 12s. 9d. paid to William Heysham.
Petition of Capt. John Halsey, that Charles Thomas and others pretend to a right to receive tenths of all prizes condemned in this Island, and therefore claim the same from him for prizes brought in by his privateer commissioned by the Governor of New England, dismissed. [C.O. 31, 8. pp. 41–48.]
June 8. 805. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. The House met at the Plantations where his late Excellency the Lord Grey dwelt. A supplemental Act to the Act about the Grand Sessions was brought in, read and passed.
Bill for 500l. for the Governor's House and Rent passed.
Magazine ordered to be repaired.
Bill for exchange of Trowell's Land passed.
75l. 12s. 8d. paid to William Heysham for lead sold to the public.
Act about the watches passed.
It was moved that some inconveniences have happend by persons being judges in the precincts where they live.
The Chartell that hath been settled with Martinico for the exchange of prisoners being broke, and several Englishmen transported to France, Resolved that H.E. be moved that the French prisoners now here may be dispersed into small numbers and transported to Europe, or otherwise that they may be sent to the several forts, for it is an inconveniency to the present guards, who are forced to repair from the remote parts of the country and keep guard in St. Michael's Town, which place is very sickly and will endanger the lives of the men who are on that duty.
Pay of the crew of the Larke voted.
Mr. Melatia [sic] Holder and Wm. Heysham were chosen to act as Agents for the country in England.
H.E. communicated to the House H.M. Instructions with regard to the Habeas Corpus Act. [C.O. 31, 7. pp. 64–71.]
June 8. 806. Journal of Assembly of Jamaica. Leave of absence granted to Capt. John Clarke.
June 9. William Vassall and Capt. Robt. Nedham, attending in custody of the Messenger, their excuses were accepted, and they took their seats in the House.
Upon debate of the Messenger's not sending or executing the warrant upon Mr. Vassall as he ought to have done, it was resolved that he be reprimanded by the Speaker for contempt, and beg pardon of the House on his knees, which was done accordingly.
Capt. Thomas Sutton complained of the breach of privilidges by Mr. John Sutton entring on his Plantation and threatning to burn it and carrying of his negroes, whilst he was attending the service of the country in this house. Referred to the Committee of Elections and Priviledges.
June 10. See Minutes of Council in Assembly, June 9.
John Sutton (above) was acquitted.
Bill for quartering H.M. Officers and Soldiers read the first time. [C.O. 140, 7. p. 36.]
June 8. 807. Journal of House of Representatives of New York. Bill to ascertain the assize of casks, weights, measures and bricks read the first time.
Bill for quieting many of the inhabitants in the possession of their inheritance was read, with amendments.
June 9. Above Bill read a third time and rejected.
Bill to ascertain the assize etc. read a second time and committed, and read with amendments.
June 10. Above Bill read the third time, passed and sent up.
Message sent down from H.E. and Council that they had recd. information, several of the taxes formerly raised in this province are not collected and paid according to the directions of the several Acts, by means whereof several persons who have done services and advanced money to this Government on account of the said taxes, are still unsatisfied. They desire this House to prepare a Bill of Review of all the said former taxes unpaid.
Ordered that this Message be considered, and that the Council be requested for details in this matter.
Bill explaining the Act to enable the Towns to repair and build their meeting-houses etc., sent down amended by the Council, was committed.
Joint-Conference at the Widow Schuyler's appointed on the Bill for taking off the duties paid on goods carried up Hudson's River and settling an equivalent for the same.
Message from the Council that the reason of their above message proceeded from complaints received from persons who had paid the said taxes and were mightily discouraged by seeing their neighbours escape. They were still of opinion that such a Bill will be of absolute necessity, and by their former message had no regard how the moneys that might arise by such a Bill of Review should be applied, thinking that the most proper time to do that would be when they saw what effect such a Bill would have.
Bill for raising 1,500l. towards building batteries, sent down with amendments. Joint-Conference proposed thereon. [C.O. 5 1185. pp. 76–80.]
June 9.
808. William Popple to Josiah Burchett. Recommending Lt. Moody's application for a passage to Newfoundland. [See June 7.] [C.O. 195, 3. p. 247.]
June 9.
St. Jago de la Vega.
809. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. 73l. 16s. paid to John Mosely, purser of H.M.S. Windsor, for 1,476 days' diet of French and Spanish prisoners. [C.O. 140, 6. p. 141.]
June 9. 810. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. Ordered that the Clerk of the Council acquaint the House that the Governor had prevailed with the Admiral to keep the four hundred recruits on board till Friday next, at which time they will be certainly landed, therefore desires the House that due care be taken for their reception against that time.
June 10. Hugh Totterdale was sworn a Member of Assembly for the parish of St. George's, in the room of Thomas Rose.
Message sent up that the House are resolved to expedite the Bill for quartering soldiers, and praying H.E. to use his interest with the Admiral to continue the recruits on board till that time. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 484–486.]
June 10.
811. William Popple to William Penn. The Council of Trade and Plantations having received H.M. directions [June 8] to hear your proposals upon what terms you will surrender the Government of Pennsylvania, desire you to lay your proposalls upon that matter before them in writing on Tuesday next at ten of the clock in the morning. [C.O. 5, 1290. p. 338.]
June 10.
Hampton Court.
812. Order of Queen in Council. Approving the Representation of June 4, and the draft of the Commission prepared for John Usher as L.G. of New Hampshire, and directing the Earl of Nottingham to prepare the same for H.M. signature, and the Council of Trade and Plantations to prepare drafts of Instructions to Col. Dudley and John Usher accordingly. Signed, John Povey, Endorsed, Recd. 12th, 15 June, 1703. 2½ pp. [C.O. 5, 863. No. 38; and 5, 911. pp. 61–64.]
June 10.
Hampton Court.
813. Order of Queen in Council. Referring the Report of the Office of Ordnance, May 22, with estimate of Stores of War demanded for the Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, amounting to 3,213l. 15s. 7d., to the Earl of Nottingham (as No. 647]. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. July 2, Read ditto 6th, 1703. Enclosed,
813. i. Copy of Report and Estimate of the Board of Ordnance referred to in preceding. Cf. Nos. 622, 647.i. 3 pp. [C.O. 5, 863. Nos. 39, 39.i.; and 5, 911. pp. 70–74.]