America and West Indies: August 1703, 21-31

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Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 21, 1702-1703. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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August 1703, 21-31

Aug. 21. The Messenger reported that Capt. Tho. Freeman had talkt to him out of the window of his house and would not open the door, but promised to come to town and surrender to him at his house, or that he would be at Mr. Norton's, and accordingly came as far as Kingston in order thereunto, but returned home again. And see Minutes of Council in Assembly under date.
Thomas Bryan not attending the service of the House was sent for in custody.
The Speaker acquainted the House that, in response to their address, the Governor said he thought Capt. Freeman had no excuse, if he were well; that he would take the Address into serious consideration in Councill, and recommended to the House the laying aside all animosities, and wisht there might be some method found out to do it, that so our enemies neither within nor without might take any advantage of us; and seeing the House had not passed the Additional Duty Bill so soon as he expected, he further earnestly recommended it to their consideration, and was concerned that when that Bill was in debate doubts should arise in the House, and that any Gentlemen should say, that if it past, the Queen would pass perpetuity, and lay the House under an adjournment, but he having given his word to the contrary, he hoped the House would have believed him to be a man of more honour than not to keep his word. [C.O. 140, 7. pp. 94–96.]
Aug. 21.
1041. E. Dummer to the Earl of Nottingham. The Mansbridge sloop arrived Falmouth the 17th inst. Sailed from Falmouth May 9, arr. Barbados June 14, Antegoa 21, Montserat 23, Nevis 24, St. Xophers 25, Jamaica July 2. Left Jamaica July 6. Total days =99.
This Master hath also been foule of a French vessel loaden with salt for Newfoundland and taken her, but left her in the sea; however 'tis a positive breach of his Instructions and I shall remove him. Refers to an enclosed letter from Nevis. Signed, E. Dummer. Endorsed, R. Aug. 22, 1703. Addressed. Sealed. 1 p. [C.O. 318, 3. No. 17.]
Aug. 21. 1042. Minutes of Council of Jamaica. 47l. 8s. paid to Capt. William Jones, H.M.S. Sea-horse, for 948 days victualling for French and Spanish prisoners on board the Serpent Bomb-ketch. The Council desired the Governor to transmit the said account, as also similar accounts of other Pursers of H.M. ships to the Council of Trade and Plantations, to the end the same may be laid before the Commissioners for Victualling H.M. Navy, that H.M. accounts may not be twice charged for the same; and humbly to request the Lords that they will be pleased to recommend it to the said Commissioners to take some care that the Treasury of this Island be reimbursed the said sums, amounting to 223l. 15s. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 171, 172.]
Aug. 21.
St. Jago de la Vega.
1043. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. Bill for dividing the Parish of Elizabeth read the second and third time. The Assembly attending, the Governor passed this and six other Acts: confirming the agreement of Olivia Reid; for the better recovery of the money raised for providing an addition to the subsistance of H.M. Officers and Soldiers and for other uses; for confirming the will of Anthony Wood; empowering the Justices of St. George's to raise and pay in their taxes by a former Act, and indempnifie the Justices and Vestry of St. Thomas in the East and St. David's for not raising their taxes in the time limitted; to prevent the incursions of the enemy; and, to encourage privateers and other seafaring men and to prevent impressing.
The Assembly addressed H.E., desiring his aid in arresting Thomas Freeman, one of their members, who had escaped from the custody of their Messenger. [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 517, 518.]
Aug. 23. 1044. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. Ordered that a warrant be made out to impress six or eight shoe-makers to be employed by direction of Mr. Joseph Bridgham forthwith to make shoes for the supply of the forces.
H.E. communicated a letter from Governor Winthrop of Connecticot, importing that he had sent a company of 50 dragoons under the command of Capt. Cooke, into the county of Hampshire for their assistance; also a letter from Governor Cranston of Rhode Island, in answer to H.E.'s appeal for 50 soldiers, Aug. 12, replying that they could not spare any.
Commission from H.R.H. Prince George, Lord High Admiral, constituting Roger Mompesson to be Judge of the Admiralty within the Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, Connecticott, Rhode Island and the Jerseys, New Yorke and Pensilvania, read. Mr. Mompesson tooke the Oaths appointed and subscribed the Test.
Licence granted to Robert Calef, jr., to erect a dwelling-house of timber on his land, situate on the southerly side of the house and land of Hannah Kent, widow, at the South end of Boston; also another building for a shop to stand about 12ft. distant to the southward of the house, and a shed or workhouse about 30ft. distant from the easterly end of the dwelling-house. [C.O. 5, 789. p. 533.]
Aug. 24.
1045. J. Moore to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Prays for a salary out of the Customs in return for his 5 years service to the Crown, "which has soe far irritated Mr. Pen and his friends that he has sent orders to take what office(r)s I held in his Government out of my hands, the Queen's service and his being inconsistent and hetrogeneall," etc. Signed, J. Moore. Endorsed, Recd. Dec. 11, 1703. Read March 23, 170¾. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1262. No. 50; and 5, 1290. pp. 476, 477.]
Aug. 24. 1046. Journal of Assembly of Jamaica. Col. Sutton being in custody of the Messenger desired by some of the Members of the House to be admitted to a hearing. He was sent for, and pretended indisposition was the occasion of his non-attendance; but the House, being of opinion it was rather out of disrespect to the House, resolved that he be repremanded by the Speaker and admitted to take his place, paying his fees, 5l. to the Clerk, and 15s. to the Messenger. He said he would pay nothing at all, and was ordered to be confined at the Messenger's house.
Thomas Brayne [? Bryan] attending in custody of the Messenger, offered such matters in excuse for his absence from the service of the House, that the House unanimously approved and accepted of, and was ordered to take his place.
There being now a House to proceed upon business, Mr. Brabant's letter to the Speaker and Assembly, Aug. 13, was read:—"Since at present we are made uncapable of serving her most gracious Majestie and this Island by the pernitious contrivance and practices of Col. Andrew Langley, our Speaker, we hope that you will take this our Remonstrance into your serious consideration and come to such resolutions as may tend to the honour of H.M. and the good and welfare of Jamaica. Gentlemen, you very well know that on Aug. 4, a Bill for continuing the Additional Duty and Impost was read the third time in a full House and past the votes of all but Mr. Bragge, who stept out upon some occasion, and when the majority of the House desired the Speaker to send for him, in opposition to our request, the Speaker abruptly adjourned, contrary to all former usage and custom, and the known and settled rules of the House, and the next morning told Mr. Brabant that if he had sent for Mr. Bragge to come in, when the votes were passing the third time about the Additional Duty Bill, that he believed there would have been an equality of voices, that then the determination had layn on his casting voice, which he avoided; having no mind to be concerned on either side. Likewise, Gentlemen, you know very well that Mr. Ayscough did openly in the House accuse the Speaker when sitting in the Chair of muttering to himself, "If the House pass the Bill, I won't sign it," by which proceedings the Speaker did in effect assume upon himself a negative voice when a majority was against him. Which great presumption does not only aime at the Prerogative of the Crown, but absolutely takes away the rights and liberties of the people. Likewise, Gentlemen, you very well know that when the House mett on the morning after that hasty adjournment, the House being ashamed of the Speaker's proceedings the night before, consented and ordered the minuit relating to that action should not be entered in the Journal, and came to a resolution that the Bill for continuing the Additional Duty Impost should be read a third time in the afternoon. When the House mett accordingly, severall Members reminded the Speaker of the resolution in the morning and moved that the Bill should be read a third time according to order, but instead of obeying that order, the Speaker contemptuously was pleased to admit of other debates, which wee were sencible was to the great disservice of the Queen and Country and the hindrance of the public good, contrary to his known duty and the settled rules of the House, for which irregular proceedings we went out of the House, having no hopes left that the Speaker would do his duty or conforme to any rules. Wee do declare that the country and ourselves having received so many hardships from the Speaker by his ill practices and breaking through all rules, that unless the House will acknowledge satisfaction upon their minuits for the injuries wee have received, and resolve to proceed on the choice of a new Speaker, we cannot in justice to those Gentlemen that sent us, and ourselves, sit with you, but must protest against your proceedings." Signed, H. Brabant, Cha. Long, James Archbould, Jo. Bonner, Aldw. Elbridge, J. Blair, Jno. Ayscough.
Upon full debate, resolved nem. con. that the letter is false, scandalous, malitious and seditious, tending to the subversion of the Constitution of the Government and ruine of the Island. Resolved that the above signatories of the letter be expelled the House during this Assembly and remain in custody of the Messenger; as well for signing the same false scandalous and seditious paper as for other their great contempts of the authority of the House here in the minuits before sett forth.
The Messenger was ordered to bring Mr. Brabant to the barr of the House. The Speaker acquainted him with the Resolution of the House, and he thereupon withdrew and the Messenger was ordered to keep him in custody.
And see Minutes of Council in Assembly, Aug. 25.
Resolved, that every Member of this House have leave to waive his priviledge the next Grand Court, if he shall think fitt.
Aug. 25. It being moved by severall Members that Col. Tho. Sutton was ready to obey the orders of the House in paying the fees, ordered that he be admitted to take his place in the House which he did accordingly.
Ordered that the Messenger bring Dr. John Blair to the Barr of the House. The Speaker reading to him the order of the House for his expulsion and for his confinement to the Messenger's house, he thereupon askt if that was all and withdrew. The Messenger was ordered to keep him in his custody.
And See Minutes of Council in Assembly under date.
Resolved that the Messenger bring to the bar of the House on Friday John Peeke, Charles Long, Jno. Ayscough, Aldworth Elbridge, James Archbold and John Bonner.
Revenue Bill read a second time and ordered to be engrossed.
Tho. Hudson granted leave to repair home on extraordinary occasions promising to attend on the first notice given him.
Aug. 26. Message sent up to H.E. to desire that his Honour will be pleased to order the Act for encouraging Privateers and other seafaring men, and to prevent impressing, to be publickly read at such places as his Honour shall think fitt for the satisfaction of H.M. subjects. H.E. was pleased to say it should be done. [C.O. 140, 7. pp. 96–105.]
Aug. 25. 1047. Lieut. Governor Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Duplicate of letter of July 5, q.v. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endrosed, Recd. Oct. 12, 1703. 2¼ pp. [C.O. 137, 5. No. 113.]
Aug. 25. 1048. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. The Governor replied to the Address of the Assembly, Aug. 21, that he would use his utmost endeavours to bring the absent Member there complained of to his duty.
The Governor requires to have the minutes of this House from the time of the last that was delivered in to this day inclusive to be delivered to him this night, for that he must send them by the packett-boat, which he expects to sayle to-morrow.
The Governor communicated to the Board an Address which he received from the House yesterday, desiring him to issue out writs of Election for two Members to serve in this Assembly for the parish of Westmorland, as also a writ of Election for the parish of St. Catherine's for a Representative in the room of Henry Brabant, expelled the House; another writ of election for the parish of St. Dorothy's for a Representative in the room of John Bonner, expelled the House; another for the parish of Kingston, in the room of Aldworth Ellbridge, expelled the Assembly; another for the parish of St. Andrew's, in the room of James Archold, expelled the Assembly; another for the parish of St. John's, in the room of John Ayscough, expelled the Assembly; another for the parish of Clarenden, in the room of Charles Long, expelled the Assembly; another for the parish of St. Thomas to Windward, in the room of John Blaire, likewise expelled this Assembly. "And that your Honour would be pleased to order the expediting the said writs, the House being so thin at present that they cannot make a quorum of 25, according to the rules of the House, to pass any Bill a third time." [C.O. 140, 6. pp. 518–520; and (duplicate of Address) 521, 522.]
Aug. 25.
1049. Minutes of Council of New Jersey. Capt. Andrew Bown was sworn of the Council. [C.O. 5, 1019. p. 5.]
Aug. 26.
1050. Mr. Popple to Governor Sir B. Granville. H.M. absence at the Bath occasioning a little recess in the sitting of the Council of Trade and Plantations, and this being the day appointed for sending letters by the Packet-boat for the West Indies, I find myself obliged to acknowledge the receipt of your letter to their Lordships of June 16 last, which is now come to hand, and shall be laid before them at their next meeting, so that they may give such directions thereupon and returne such answer as they shall think fit by the next opportunity. In the meantime I send you here inclosed a duplicate of their last. [C.O. 29, 8. p. 325.]
Aug. 26.
1051. William Popple to Lt. Gov. Handasyd. Upon occasion of H.M. being now at the Bath, and some of the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations attending her there, it happens that there are but few in town, and they not making a quorum upon the day appointed for sending letters by the West India Packet Boat, I find myself obliged to give you some account of the letters received from you since their last of July 28, etc. Refers to past correspondence. With regard to your letter of July 7, I observe in none of the minutes enclosed there is any mention made of any deliberation, either by the Council or Assembly, upon the reasons wch. had been sent you for and against the Act relating to the settling of Kingston and to prevent the resettling of Port Royal, as was directed by their Lordships, April 29, but only an Order is entered about dating Acts hereafter, and no proceedings at all were made either by the Council or Assembly upon what their Lordships desired in relation to the settling of the seat of Trade, so that they will be disappointed in what they did expect to receive from you upon that matter, etc. [C.O. 138, 11. pp. 26–28.]
Aug. 26. 1052. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. H.E. acquainted the Council that he had ordered the taking up of a sloop, Phillip Pendexter, master, to send to Port Royal with Mr. Allen the messinger that came from thence about the exchange of prisoners, and therein to send the French prisoners that are here, and to bring home ours that are there, and proposed she should be victualled for 14 men, by the space of 40 days, and that he would instruct the Master to endeavour to speak with Capt. Southack or Major March by the way; and to have the assistance of Mr. Allin for the recovery of our captives from the Indians.
20s. each for a fortnight's service paid to Elisha Doubledee, Thomas Cutler, senr. and jr., and Daniel Evermore, four troopers that waited upon the Hon. Thomas Povey in his journey to Piscataqua for the ordering of the forces lately sent into the Eastern parts. [C.O. 5, 789. p. 534.]
Aug. 26.
H.M. Royal College of William and Mary.
1053. Minutes of Council of Virginia. This Board taking into consideration that the time limited by Order of Council, July 13, for clearing of such ships as intend to sail under convoy of Commodore Symonds being so nigh to the time fixt for the said ships' sailing, it will be very difficult for the Collectors and Naval Officers to perfect their lists, etc. in time to be sent for England, ordered that such ships clear on or before Sept. 8, and that Collectors and Naval Officers transmit to H.E. with all convenient speed thereafter three fair copies of entries and clearings and invoices of loadings of ships since their last lists.
Resolved, that 12½ percent. be laid upon the prime cost of the arms and ammunition sent in for the use of the Militia, to defray the incident charges in connection therewith. Directions given for the disposal of said arms etc. Salary of Edward Ross, Gunner at James City, advanced to 15l. sterl. per annum, in consideration of the trouble he must undergo in taking care of the arms etc. now in the magazine. 50l. allowed him to keep them in good order for 12 months.
Ordered that notice be given to the Colonels and Commanders in Chief of every County that after the General Muster appointed by law in October next, the private musters formerly appointed to be had every week be discontinued till next Spring.
Richard Morris, Surveyor of Henrico County, was suspended from his office for surveying a tract of land in that county for John Woodson, contrary to the orders he received from Col. Wm. Byrd in pursuance of the Act for Cohabitations. Ordered that he appear before H.E. and Council on the fourth day of next October General Court to answer what further shall be objected against him, according to the Order of Council, July 14.
Upon a complaint from the Court of Essex County, representing that Mr. Tho. Merriweather, late Sheriff of the County, hath refused to produce his levy book, that the Court might have been enabled to order payment to the County Creditors according to the Order of Council, March 25, it is the opinion of the Council that Thomas Merriweather ought to be prosecuted on his bond as Sheriff, and recommend to the Justices of the said Court to take care therein, they being the persons to whom the Bond is granted.
H.E. laid before the Council a letter dated July 20, and sent him by Mr. Commissary Blair before his departure for England, together with his answer thereto, and also read two letters to H.E. from the Bishop of London, and three from his Lordship to Mr. Blair relating to the differences between H.E. and the said Commissary, which letters came to H.E.'s hands since Mr. Blair went for England. H.E. said that it appeared Mr. Blair had misrepresented him in England, and insinuated as if this country was dissatisfied with H.E. Government, with several other aspersions, and desired the Council to speak, if they knew that the Country was dissatisfied or uneasie.
Mrs. Mary Whaley by her petition praying that the Trustees of the City of Williamsburgh may be directed to pay her for so much of her land as was taken up for the said City, and because the certain quantity is not yet known, that a survey be made, Ordered that it be referred to the said Trustees.
Aug. 27. Robert Carter was sworn a member of Council.
Ordered that the Naval Officers make up their accounts with the Treasurer on the 3rd day of next October General Court, only Col. Richard Lee in respect of the distance of his habitation hath leave to make up his accounts at such convenient time before the General Court as Mr. Treasurer shall appoint.
The Oaths appointed by Act of Parliament were read and approved in Council. Whereas by one of H.M. Royal Instructions to H.E. this day communicated to the Council, H.E. is directed to permit a liberty of conscience to all persons (except Papists) so they be contented with a quiet and peacerable enjoyment of the same, not giving offence or scandal to the Government: it is therefore ordered that the Court of each respective County within this Colony transmit to H.E. an account of all separate congregations or religious meetings of any persons dissenting from the Church of England, and of what number of persons the said meetings and every of them consist; and that they also certifie to His Excellency whether the said congregations or meetings be conformable to the Act of Parliament, 1 William and Mary, for exempting their Majesties' Protestant subjects dissenting from the Church of England from the penaltys of certain laws.
Whereas it is very necessary that all County Courts be provided with the Acts of Parliament and Statutes of England, ordered that the Justices of the Peace of the several Countries take care to send for such a collection of the said Acts, as are now wanting in their Courts, and that they continue the like care for the future that the Courts be duly provided with the Laws and Statutes of England as from time to time they come out.
H.E. read part of a letter written by him to Lord Nottingham, July 28, and to the Council of Trade, relating to the reports spread through this county of a new Governor being appointed here, and that H.E. was turned out for maleadministration.
Address from the Clergy to the Bishop of London read, complaining against Mr. Commissary Blair.
Whereas Capt. Jno. Symonds, H.M.S. Guernsey, hath signified to H.E. that upon the petition of several Masters of ships in Virginia and Maryland, he doth condescend to stay for the said ships until Oct. 1, Ordered that the time for clearing them be enlarged till Sept. 22, etc.
Ordered that Naval Officers account with Mr. Auditor Bird for the 2s. per hhd. etc. on Sept. 24.[C.O. 5, 1412. pp. 97–102.]
Aug. 27.
1054. Earl of Nottingham to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Col. Laws and Col. Edlyn being lately come from Jamaica, and having attended the Lords of the Committee with an account of some matters relating to Port Royall and Kingston, their Lordships ordered them to wait on you, and do desire that you will consider of the matters, which those two gentlemen will lay before you, and report your opinion thereon etc. Signed, Nottingham. Endorsed, Recd. Aug. 30, Read Sept. 9, 1703. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 5. No. 114; and 138, 11. p. 29.]
Aug. 27.
1055. Lt. Gov. Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I had the Honor to receive your Lordships' of May 27 and June 18 with duplicates of Aprill 20 and 29 as also the merchants' reasons pro and con about reselting Port Royall with a duplicate and H.M. Orders for the preventing of presents to Governours and encreasing the Governour and Lieutenant Governour's salary here, and H.M. Order in Councill of May 17, confirming some Acts of this Island, all which I have communicated to the Councill, but find they have no other reasons to give about Port Royal then what has been already given by the merchants at home. As to the accounts of the publick revenue I have spoke to the Receiver General about them, who tells me they are stated to March 1, 1702, and are now lying before the Assembly, and will give me the copy of them with all possible expedition, which shall be remitted to your Lordships per first opportunity, and I presume he has acquainted your Lordships with the same. The Assembly has done as much in what relates to the publick accounts which have lain before them since March 1, as they have done in any other thing relating to the Queen and country, vizt. litle or nothing, as your Lordships will find by their Minutes herewith sent you, in which your Lordships will perceive that the great part of their time is spent in heats and divisions. They being this Sessions most of them Creolians are at as great variance with those born in England as if they themselves were not descended from English parents, and are so obstinate in their humours that they will neither lead nor drive; and if they go on in the methods they are now in, they will teach me what I n'ere expected to learn, that is, either to be a Conjurer or a Philosopher, but I shall use my utmost endeavours by fair means to make them sensible of their errours and bring them to reason. Captain Wyvill, Commander of the Colchester and another Man of War, with a Fleet of 24 or 25 merchantmen under his convoy, sailed from hence the 17th instant, but such an unpolisht humorist or rather mad gentleman I have not mett withall, as your Lordships will find by the copy of his answer to a letter of mine which I likewise send a copy of, with those of papers relating to that gentleman, which if your Lordships approve of may be sent to the Admiralty Office, I being wholly a stranger to the Office and their proceedings. Since my last there has been a smart feaver in the Island which has carried off a great many of the inhabitants, and on the 19th instant, twixt 4 and 5 in the afternoon we had a great shake by an earthquake, but has done no farther harm that I hear of then putting the people in a fright. I also send your Lordships a duplicate of my last letter of July 7 according to your Lordships' instructions, as likewise 4 publick and 2 private Acts that have passed me and the Councill, together with the Minutes of the Councill. The ships left here for the defence of the Island are so very thinly mann'd that tho' we spare what soldiers we can, unless they are supplyed with sailers from home they cannot be kept on float, which I hope your Lordships will represent to the Lord High Admiral. I shall now only begg the continuance of your Lordships' favour and patronage in honouring me with your instructions and advice (for tho' an old soldier I'm but a young politician) which shall to the utmost of my power be punctually observed. I have wrote a letter to the Bishop of London about supplying the vacancies here which I have left open for your Lordships' perusall, which if you approve of, I humbly desire you would order it to be sealed and sent. I have nothing else to add. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, Recd. 12th, Read Oct. 19, 1703. Holograph. Addressed. 1 p. Enclosed,
1055. i. Abstract of preceding. 2 pp.
1055. ii. Commodore Douglass to Lt. Gov. Handasyd, Aug. 25, 1703. Norwich, att Port Royal. Desires to be supplied with 20 or 30 soldiers for a month's cruise round the Island, and an order "that I may know how to govern myself and the rest of the squadron for pressing of men." Signed, Andrew Douglas. Endorsed, Recd. Oct. 12. 1¾ pp.
1055. iii. Lt. Gov. Handasyd to Capt. Wavell, July 28, 1703. See Minutes of Council. Endorsed as preceding. Copy. 2 pp.
1055. iv. Capt. Wavell to Lt. Gov. Handasyd, July 30, 1703. See Minutes of Council. Endorsed as preceding. Copy. 1½ pp.
1055. v. Governor and Council of Jamaica to Comodore Douglass. July 31, 1703. See Minutes of Council. Endorsed as preceding. Copy. 1 p.
1055. vi. Commodore Douglass to the Governor and Council of Jamaica. Aug. 3, 1703. See Minutes of Council. Endorsed as preceding. 2 pp.
1055. vii. Lt. Gov. Handasyd to the Bishop of London. Jamaica, Aug. 27. I think it my duty to acquaint you of the great want there is in this Island of Divines, and if there is not some speedy care taken to supply this defect, I'm afraid great inconveniencys may ensue by giving an inlett to prophaness and immorality. I here enclosed send your Lordship a list of the parishes provided and unprovided of this Island, with an account of their respective salarys, and altho' they are but small, yet men of good lives and conversations have always mett with very kind parishioners, and as long as I am in the Government I shall contribute what lyes in my power to make such men easy. The best parish formerly was Port Royall, but now that is gone. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed as preceding. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 6. Nos. 1, 1.i.-vii; and (without enclosures) 138, 11. pp. 50–55; and (abstract of letter only) 137, 41. pp. 15, 16.]
Aug. 27.
1056. Lt. Gov. Handasyd to the Earl of Nottingham. Repeats part of preceding. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, R. Oct. 8, 1703. Addressed. Sealed. Post-mark. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 45. No. 50.]
Aug. 27.
1057. Lt. Gov. Handasyd to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Since the closeing of my letters to your Lordships, I have received a letter from Commodore Douglass, which I here inclose to your Lordships, by which you will perceive the necessity of supplying these ships with men from home, for tho' I have already out of the two Regiments help'd to man two ships and a sloop, yet he writes for soldiers for two Men of Warr more, which are all the ships of warr here excepting the two fireships fitted out by the country; which very much fatigues the soldiers; and hope your Lordships will take it into your consideration. Signed, Tho. Handasyd. Endorsed, Recd. 12, Read 19 Oct., 1703. Addressed. Sealed. Holograph. ½ p. [C.O. 137, 6. No. 2; and 138, 11. p. 49.]
Aug. 27. 1058. Journal of Assembly of Jamaica. Resolved that the scandalous paper signed by Henry Brabant etc. (Aug. 24) be sealed into the Journal of the House.
Dr. John Bonner, Capt. James Archbold, John Ayscough and Aldworth Elbridge were severally brought to the barr of the House, and the Speaker read to them the resolution of the House for their expulsion and confinement at the Messenger's.
The Speaker having acquainted the House that John Peeke had informed the Governor on Aug. 5 that he, the Speaker, intruded on the prerogative and assumed upon himself the power of the Governor, Councill and Assembly, he was summoned to appear and answer to it at the barr of the House. He answered "I did say it, and you did do it" and withdrew. He was recalled, and the Speaker, according to the resolution of the House, demanded how, when and where did the Speaker intrude on the Prerogative etc. Mr. Peeke answered he desired a coppy of the charge and he would give an answer, for he could not recollect his thoughts immediately, and withdrew. Ordered that the Clerk give him a copy of his charge, and that he give in his answer to-morrow morning.
Col. Matthew Crew and Capt. Thomas Hudson complained of a breach of Priviledge by Robert Thurgar, Attorney at Law, who had taken out an execution against them. Thurgar was sent for in custody of the Messenger.
Aug. 28. See Minutes of Council in Assembly under date.
Resolved that there shall be a warrant sent for John Samuells on the breach of privilege complained of by Mr. Vassall.
Petition of Robert Thurgar read and ordered to lie on the Clerk's Table.
Mr. Peeke being called in, gave his answer, that the words entered for his answer yesterday were mistaken, for what he said was, hee did say the words 'tis true, and therefore if the House pleased that the words might be altered in the minuits, which he left to the Consideration of the House, and then read a paper, which was his answer, and withdrew.
Resolved, that the words as they are entered in the minuites yesterday are the very words he spake in the House for his answer.
Resolved, that the paper read by him lie on the Clerk's table for consideration.
The Messenger informed the House that all the gentlemen ordered into his custody were in his custody except Capt. Long, who had promised to come. [C.O. 140, 7. pp. 105–107.]
Aug. 28. 1059. Sir Gilbert Heathcote to the [? Council of Trade and Plantations]. It might be worthy your Lordships' consideration about ye conniving at a Trade betwixt our people at Jamaica and the Spaniards; for we exchange our goods with 'em for nothing but gold and silver, and ye goods we traffick with are onely wearing apparell and negroes for their mines. This might also help to cultivate a good understanding, in order to promote H.M. glorious designe of reading [? rending] ye Spanish Monarchy out of ye hands of ye House of Bourbon, without which we are undone. This might be done by intimating to ye Governor to wink or looke through his fingers, and when they bring silver etc. to ask noe questions at their returne. This is done by the Hollanders from Curasoa, and we have as good an appetite for gold and silver as they have, and much better conveniencys from Jamaica to gratifye it. Signed, Gilbert Heathcote. Aug. 28, 1703. 2 pp. [C.O. 137, 45. No. 51.]
Aug. 28. 1060. Minutes of Council in Assembly of Jamaica. Message sent up to H.E. from the House.
"The Bill of Revenue, Quitt-rents and some other Bills have had the second reading, and till we have some more Members returned, cannot make a full House to proceed any further." The Grand Court approaching, they desired to be adjourned. H.E. adjourned them accordingly until Sept. 13, 1703. [C.O. 140, 6. p. 522.]
Aug. 28.
West River, Ann Arundell County.
1061. Minutes of Council of Maryland. Letter from George Plater, H.M. Receiver and Naval Officer at Puttuxent, read, acquainting the President that Capt. Josiah Moore, H.M.S. Oxford, who was one of the convoys to the Virginia fleet, had brought into Puttuxent River a sugar prize, and that Mr. Plater on behalf of Capt. Moore desired, in case Col. John Hammond, the Judge, and William Bladen, Registrar of H.M. Court of Vice-Admiralty, could not conveniently come down to Puttuxent in order to condemn the said prize, that a special Commission might be granted appointing some other persons at Puttuxent thereunto, in regard Capt. Moore was indisposed, and his stay very short in this Province. His Honour had replied, Aug. 24, that Col. Hammond thought it reasonable that Capt. Moore or his procurator should exhibit his libel to the Court here, in order to the condemnation of the prize, which will be expedited as soon as desired, if he thinks fit, the said Judge not thinking himself obliged to go down to Puttuxent, no application being made to him or sufficient reason offered by the Commander therefore. "Besides I find that the Commander upon his arrival with his prize by the Act of the 4th and 5th William and Mary is directed to put the prize into the hands of the Governor in plain English words, which you must needs know to be the present Government, the President and Council, till the same be condemned or discharged. Therefore you would do well to advise him to conform himself to that law or any other later of her present Majesty, if you know any such." Signed, Tho. Tench.
Letter from Tho. Tench to Capt. Josiah Moore read. To same effect as above. Concludes "This previous requisite of delivering the prize into the possession of the Governor I have taken care to make easy to you by ordering your friend Mr. Plater, H.M. Receiver, to take the same into his custody on behalf of H.M., unless you think fit to bring her up hither, where to your speedy dispatch in her condemnation my best endeavour shall be contributed," etc.
After which was read Capt. Moore's letters to the President and the Judge of the Court of Vice-Admiralty, desiring that a Court might be appointed for the condemnation of the said prize at Puttuxent, which was answered by a letter in the same sense as above by the President and Council. [C.O. 5, 745. pp. 37–40.]
Aug. 28. 1062. Minutes of Council of the Massachusetts Bay. 5l. paid to Eliakim Hutchinson for his expence towards the recovery of the English prisoners out of the hands of the Indians.
413l. 13s. 7d. paid to Mr. Treasurer for provisions supplied to H.M. Castle, the Forts at Saco and Casco Bay, the Province galley, etc. [C.O. 5, 789. pp. 534, 535.]
Aug. 31. 1063. Journal of Assembly of Barbados. The new Assembly met and re-elected William Holder Speaker. Members returned;
St. Michael's Parish George Peers.
Charles Thomas
St. Peter's Alexander Walker.
Samuel Maynard.
St. Thomas' William Allumby.
George Harper.
St. John's John Leslye.
Christopher Estwick.
Christchurch Phillip Kirton.
Thomas Maxwell.
St. Lucy's Col. Thomas Maycock.
William Terrill.
St. James' William Holder.
Robert Waite.
St. Phillip's Thomas Ince.
Enoch Gretton.
St. Andrew's Robert Morris.
Reynold Alleyne.
St. George's Henry Harding.
Paul Lyte.
St. Joseph's Col. John Holder.
William Grant.
[C.O. 31, 7. pp. 92, 93.]
Aug 31. 1064. Minutes of Council [in Assembly] of Barbados. The Representatives took the oath, except Col. Maycock, who was ill:—
After they had withdrawn, H.E. sent to summon them to attend him at the Council Chamber again, but they were not to be found at their usual place of meeting. [C.O. 31, 8. pp. 62–64.]