America and West Indies: January 1704, 17-31

Pages 16-25

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 22, 1704-1705. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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January 1704, 17-31

Jan. 17.
29. Governor Codrington to [? the Earl of Peterborough]. I give your Lordsp. my most humble thanks for ye assurance of a furlow tho I find by my last from Mr. Blathwait I am not so soon to have ye advantage of it as I coud have wisht. 'Twill not be proper for a man of a broken constitution to leave this part of ye world unles it be early in ye Spring, and therefore I have put of my voyage till ye beginning of ye next year, or if it be H.M. pleasure and my health will permit me, am willing to serve H.M. during ye war in this part, tho' it be very uncomfortable and not at all advantagious, but I have a very considerable interest here, wch. I wd. willingly defend, and I may say without vanity, since I have had ye experience of it, yt. ye people will doe their duty more cheerfully when I am at ye head of them than under any one else. I shall endeavour, and indeed 'tis my dayly task to perswade our Planters from going of, for we are very weak and lyable to continuall insults. I shall also make them sensible of H.M. great goodnes in designing us a Fleet, and hope they will not be wanting in taking due care of themselves, tho' really fear and uncertainty make them half mad, and I find I have need of all ye addres and circumspection imaginable to manage their caprice (?), and unite them in proper measures for their common good. I humbly hope, my Lord, there will be noe successor thought of for me till I have had ye honour of kissing H.M. hands, as an affront yt. I most humbly beg leave to say my faithfull, zealous and expensive services have not deserved. Signed, Chr. Codrington. Endorsed, R. April 7, 1704, from ye E. of Peterboro'. Holograph. 2 pp. [C.O. 7, 1. No. 4.]
Jan. 17.
30. W. Popple, Jr. to Josiah Burchett. Your letter of the 14th instant has been laid before the Council of Trade and Plantations who thereupon desire to be informed what convoys and guard ships H.R.H. has been pleased to appoint for each Trade and Plantations, and at what times they will be ready to sayle, which will be of use to their Lordships in their proceedings with the Merchants here, and in directions they are to give to the Governours of the said Plantations. [C.O. 324, 8. p. 325.]
Jan. 17.
Admiralty Office.
31. Mr. Burchet to Mr. Popple. Jr. In reply to preceding. All possible care will bee taken for such convoys to the severall forreign Trades, and for guarding the Plantations, as other necessary services will admit of, as also in the getting them ready to proceed at the times the Merchants themselves desire or as near the same as possibly may be. Signed, J. Burchett. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 17, 170¾. 1 p. [C.O. 323, 5. No. 35; and 324, 8. p. 326.]
Jan. 18.
32. W. Popple, Jr., to W. Lowndes. In answer to yours of the 8th, the Council of Trade transmit abstracts of letters. Their Lordships have likewise severall intercepted French letters written from St. Thomas to some French and Spanish Merchants at St. Domingo which confirm a correspondence and trade held between those of St. Thomas and the French and Spanish Plantations. [C.O. 324, 8. pp. 327, 328.]
Jan. 19.
33. Governor Codrington to [? William Blathwayt]. Col. Whetham is very much startled by having heard His [sic] Majesty is endeavouring to put some officers upon him and these not ye best in the Regiment. 'Tis his ambition to have a very good Regiment and well officered, an advantage it very much wanted when he came to it. I am sure he will recommend none but men of merit and such as have distinguished themselves in ye service here, etc. Signed, Chr. Codrington. Endorsed, R. April 11, 1704. Holograph. 2 pp. [C.O. 7, 1. No. 5.]
Jan. 19.
34. Lt. Gov. Usher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. My occasions calling me to Boston, did put Capt. Walton to be Commander of H.M. fort, whose ability and loyalty is well known. I find Mr. Hincks refuses to deliver the stores, hope things will be rectified, to speak to Col. Dudley of Hincks on [? or] others though never soe unfitt for places of trust availes nothing; I see no reason for it, but the grant of 160l. a year while he is Governor. I hope Hincks, Vaughan and Walderen will be called to account for seizing the government formerly; if be, will make the whole country afraid to oppose authority from the Crown and in truth there is talk of seizing Gov. Dudley, my study shall be to serve H.M. and endeavour prosperity of the place. Mr. Partridge having had 867l. out of Treasury, Vaughan 527l., all which humbly think ought to be repaid; if be, hope H.M. will consider my four years former faithfull service, and order me money out thereof; for have not been at less expence and charge then 800l. or 900l. out of my own estate besides expence of time; had my habitation been in New Hampshire, and followed trade as my successor did, judge might have salved myself. I have desired of Col. Dudley in case he has any Instructions or Orders from Whitehall (besides those he had with his Commission) to give them me, answered he had none, I find I am to be kept in ignorance as to anything relating to the place or any particular person, he endeavouring to favour them all that he can. I find Mr. Partridge could suspend Mr. Jeffery from being of the Councill, dismiss Mr. Sheafe from Navall Office, and one Mr. Armstrong put in by my Lord Bellomont, and in there stead make one Adkinson, a great owner and trader in shipping, Navall Officer, all this well allowed of; now myself with the Queen's Commission must remove none, supply noe vacant places, and grant no Commissions by itt, have noe power by my Commission; a Commission for Mr. Walderen to be Major hath been writt and sealed these six months, he will not accept. I have desired a Commission for Major Smith to be Major, that denied, all because would not offend Waldren and Partridge, so they two at present govern: I think in case Col. Dudley be absent my Commission gives me power to put out and put in, if just cause, the which I am accountable for and thank God never did remove any but really for service of the Crown and soe fell out those persons, who I had particular respect for, on account of private friendship, were the persons displaced; it's neither freind nor money, ever shall byas me to act otherwise than I apprehend just and right. Signed, John Usher. Endorsed, Recd. April 29, Read May 8, 1704. Addressed. Sealed. Holograph. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 863. No. 75; and 5, 911. pp. 281–283.]
Jan. 19.
Charles Town.
35. Lt. Gov. Usher to W. Popple. I acknowledge when in England I was obliged to yourself and son for many favours; when I arrived in New England found them involved in a barbarous Indian war the like never known, a country divided, Indians carrying all before them, account of particulars you will have from living hands. As to Col. Dudley, a mistery to me, all in New Hampshire against Crown Government in places of trust and power, doe what they please, fear mony blindes the eyes, and in Boston Government there, Col. Dudley and people at such variance, fear he will be seized, the country universally against him and I do not find one man gives him a good word, if we have not a change by having a new Governor, we shall in a short time be ruined, and the onely place exposed to ruin is the East-ward, whence H.M. has her Navall Stores. As to supplying H.M. with Navall Stores, all Europe may be supplyed with rozin, pitch, tar, hemp and timber, if were not disturbed by an Indian enemy; province Hampshire and province Main are the only places in the country, that H.M. may command in part. I served the King 4 years as Lieutenant Governor, never had one penny allowed or paid for all my time and expences, Mr. Partridge succeeded me, he hath taken out of the Revenue 867l., under notion of disbursments, and no account for one penny, hope he will be ordered repay the mony; all his time the greatest trader, and his vessells load and unload without legall entryes, judge because of irregular trade Col. Dudley and he as one. Repeats part of preceding. I am informed he demanded the Bookes Records, but to please Waldren etc. he overlook'd it and do say Col. Dudley will not press anything to effect that Partridge and Waldron is not for etc. Pray God we had either Sir Ed. Andros or Col. Nicholson or any one that is a person of honour, for mony does great things, and mony is that which is cheifly minded, of my own knowledge, affirme New Hampshire for 12 years never in soe bad a condition as when I arrived; though will say also in spring next there is a designe to doe something to the fort, but all this time omitted a mistery. I am informed Mr. Hincks keeps the 20 barrels powder for money due, I shall returne thither and hope to see things better, in a word, Col. Dudley dare not disoblige him or any other for fear his 160l. be not paid, some one ought to be made an example for such great irregularities, hope Hincks will, if Hinks was my father, knowing his unfitness, should not suffer him to continue in the fort, there was an Assembly like good men desired to know what was become of the mony raised, then dismiss'd, an Assembly new called, they raised mony and allowed all accounts, some mony misapplyed, judged to be all well, and over, but hope will be called over and Partridge and others made to repay. I am now in the 5th year of being Lieutenant Governor New Hampshire, hope care will be taken that I may have some allowance. I have desired my friend Mr. John Jue, to wait on you, as to that matter, crave your favour therein; I dare be bold to say none ever served more faithfully than myself as I was capable, and I think to serve about 5 years and never the vallue of one penny for my time and expences, very hard, if Partridge's mony be ordered to me, I think my due. Signed, John Usher. P.S.— One Col. Hobby, a person of best estate here, judge will inform of all things in these parts. Endorsed, etc., as preceding. Holograph. 1¾ pp. [C.O. 5, 863. No. 76; and 5, 911. pp. 284–288.]
[Jan. 20.] 36. Estimate of the Exports from Jamaica to England.
15,000 hhds. of sugar, selling here for 25l. per hhd 375,000
250,000lb. of indigo at 7s. 6d. per lb 93,750
200,000lb. of cotton at 12d. per lb 10,000
15,000cwt. of ginger at 75s 56,250
200,000lb. of piemento at 20d. per lb 15,000
1,500 tons of logwood at 15l. per ton 22,500
300 tons of fustick at 9l. per ton 2,700
Cocoa, hides, sarsaparilla, stock fish and nicoarago wood, lignum vita, turtle shell, lime juice, anatto, etc. will produce in England at least 25,000
These commodities may be increased to at least 5 times this value, if there were a sufficient number of white men to carry on the planting.
When we were at peace with Spain there was yearly brought from that Island in gold, pieces of eight and bullion at least to the value of £200,000
which was all purchased with merchandize sent from hence, and most of it the manufactures of England. There is yearly transported from Jamaica to our Northern Plantations in America in rum and molasses at least to the value of 20,000l. Signed, Batho. Gracedieu, Edm. Edlyne and 28 others. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 20, 170¾. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 6. No. 34; and 138, 11. pp. 107, 108.]
[Jan. 20.] 37. Notes on the lands and produce of Jamaica abstracted from documents calendared supra, including preceding return. No date or signature. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 137, 6. No. 35.]
Jan. 20. 38. John Champante to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I humbly presume to lay once more before your Lordships, the miserable condition that Mr. Nanfan, the late Lieut. Governour of New Yorke, is now in; etc. [See previous volume, C.S.P.] My Lord Cornbury's Agents having received the subsistence for the said four months and a half, I humbly conceive it but just that the like summe should be recoup'd out of the growing subsistence, which may be done without any prejudice to H.M. service, the same being to be made good by the said four months and a half's subsistence which has been for this long while in his Lordship's hands, there being no objection to be made to this but what I have fully answered. I have orders from Mr. Nanfan to desire the favour of your Lordships' representation to H.M. for H.M. gracious protection and commands to come to England, in order to answer here, where he knows he shall meet with nothing but justice, any objection which may be made to his administration. The unusual hardships he is under has so much impaired his health that his life in all probability will be soon in danger, if your Lordships' goodness don't interpose in his behalf. Signed, J. Champante. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 1, 170¾. 1 large p. [C.O. 5, 1048. No. 74; and 5, 1120. pp. 30–32.]
Jan. 20. 39. J. Warters to [? Mr. Popple]. Enclosing following extracts. There are many other letters from the Agents with complaints of difficultys and discouragements they meet with in appearing for the Lord Admiral's rights. I hope it will be thought necessary that some general letter or order be procured to the Governors to give them due encouragement in future etc. Signed, J. Warters. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 20. 1 p. Enclosed,
39. i. Extract of letter from Antigua. (1) At a Court of Admiralty, Aug. 19, 1702, a sloop, the Diligent of Mary Gallant, taken by the Seaflower of Barbadoes, Capt. Pied, near Martineco. No lading appeared here, if any, it was taken by said Commander out of the sloop, which lies sunk in the harbour of St. John's, unsold. His Commission is from Lt. Gen. Farmer, then Governor of Barbados. (2) The Mary of Martineco taken, also in July by Capt. Pied, near Guardeloop, and also sunk; said to be worth a very considerable value in goods, money and negroes, sold and shared by him and his Company. (3) The Margaret of Martineco, taken near Dominico by Capt. Hillary Roe, in the Margaret and Anne of Barbadoes, under the same Commission, without any lading that appeared, wch. sloop he and company sold here and shared the money. (4) Another sloop similarly taken by the same and similarly treated. (5) Capt. John Smith of the Dispatch of Barbados, with a similar Commission, shared with his Company the goods of the Diligent of St. Xphers, said to be worth 3,000l. (6) Capt. John Gill, of the Marygold of Barbados, with a similar Commission, took the Jean of Bordeaux and divided the proceeds of her cargo of claret and brandy with his crew (7) as also the goods of the Fortune of Martineco. (8) Capt. Vallentine Norris, of the Weymouth of Antigua, with a Commission from Governor Codrington, took two small shallops, which were sold here and divided as is usual for privateers. Neither had any lading. 3 pp.
39. ii. Extract from the Agent's letter, Barbados, Aug. 10, 1703. Mention is made of 3 barkes taken off Newfoundland and brought in to Barbadoes by Capt. John Halsey. Vessels and cargoes came to about 1,800l. The Lord Admiral's tenths being demanded, was refused. Mention is made of 400l. in the Governor's hands recd. of the Provost Marshall, which had lain there some time for the Admiral's tenths. ½ p.
39. iii. Extract from the Agent's letter, Bermudas. About a month ago a great French ship, belonging to the fleet of store ships sent to the Havana to supply M. Chateneaux (Châteaurenault) in their return for France came upon the rocks here. Said to be worth at least 10,000l. The Governour will not permit any person to speak with the crew lest they should discover what was aboard. The ship I take to be a perquisite of the Lord High Admiral, however the Governour has taken the whole into his possession, and is disposing of the rigging etc. as fast as he can. There was another ship on the rocks, but cast over ten guns and about 50 tons of logwood, wch. is likewise since taken up, and got off. 11/8 pp. [C.O. 323, 5. Nos. 36, 36.i.–iii.]
Jan. 21.
40. W. Popple to J. Walters [sic]. In reply to preceding, the Council of Trade and Plantations desire you that they may have a copy of the Order of Council declaratory of all the Admiral's rights, which you promised them Dec. 20. [C.O. 324, 8. p. 329.]
[Jan. 24.] 41. Edward Jones to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Copy of the Articles exhibited against him, with his answers. [The articles are abstracted Cal. 1701, No. 797.ii. Replies.] (1) There is no necessity. (2) and (3) Demands particular instances. (4) Refers to the warrant he has ready to produce. (5) Untrue, and demands proof. (6) Never made such oath, but doubts not that Mr. Smith did escape from his deputy, John Rawlin. (7) His answer to the Grand Jury was that White held him and Smith beat him, but the Jury would not find the Bill, nor a new one, so altered. (8) Refers to warrants ready to be produced. (9) Demands particulars. (10) His just fee. (11) He served two executions upon Col. White in obedience to said process. He believes Nelson was then Chief Justice and had full jurisdiction; in any case he conceives that, as an officer, he could not dispute the validity of the said process. (12) He took 25s., his just fee, from Mr. Dickinson. (13) Refers to the warrants in his custody. He did nothing illegal in executing them. (14 and 15) Too general and uncertain to answer. (16) The constant allowance of powder in time of peace was and is a barrel for firing a gun upon sight of a ship to give notice to the country, and when expended to be supplied with another, which was constantly done, and Jones never heard any complaint of want of powder. (17) He was compelled thereto by the Governor, and has usually been done by his predecessors. (18) Untrue; demands proof. (19) Refers to the warrant ready to be produced. Jones is wholly uncapable of making any other answer than above, being refused by the Governor, Council and Assembly any hearing, or so much as knowing his accusers' names, altho' he made several applications etc. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 24, 170¾. 7¼ pp. [C.O. 37, 6. No. 9.]
Jan. 24.
42. W. Popple to Mr. Warr. The Council of Trade and Plantations desire you to lay before the Earl of Nottingham their opinion that the letters relating to trading with the Spaniards be only writ to the Lord Cornbury, Col. Dudley, Sir B. Granville, Col. Handasyde, and the Governour of the Leeward Islands. [C.O. 324, 8. p. 330.]
[Jan. 25.] 43. Remarks and Enquiries by Col. Mathew on his Instructions for the Government of the Leeward Islands. Endorsed, Recd. Jan. 25, 170¾. 2½ pp. Annexed,
43. i. Replies to above [? by Mr. Popple]. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 5. Nos. 45, 45.i.]
[Jan. 25.] 44. List of Stores of War desired by Col. Mathew for the Leeward Islands. Endorsed, Recd. Jan. 25, Read Feb. 2, 170¾. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 5. No. 46.]
Jan. 26.
45. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Queen. Report upon Prizes in the Plantations etc.:—The Courts of Admiralty there are constituted under the Seal of the Admiralty in England, the powers of erecting Courts of Admiralty by virtue of your Majesties immediate Commission to your Governours having been lately by your Majesty's special direction set aside, so that they are now wholly under the direction of the Lord High Admiral and such as are commissioned by him in each Plantation; and your Majesties Governours as such may not intermeddle in those matters, nor doe they act therein otherwise than as Vice-Admirals, subject only to the Orders of the Admiralty. We are therefore humbly of opinion, that for redressing of abuses in those Courts, and for the more regular disposition of the proceed of Prizes, H.R.H. be pleased to give orders to his Vice-Admirals, Judges of Admiralty and other officers concerned in those Courts, that they do proceed in all cases before them according to such Instructions as H.R.H. shall think fit to give them, and to your Majesties Declaration for the encouragement of your Majesties ships of war and privateers with relation to prizes. And we further humbly offer that your Majesty doe repeat your Royal orders to your Governours that they accordingly be obedient to ye orders of H.R.H. as Lord High Admiral of the Plantations, and that all persons whatsoever in the Plantations whom it may concern be aiding and assisting in the recovery of H.R.H. dues in cases of prizes and in maintaining the rights of the Admiralty. [C.O. 324, 8. pp. 331–333.]
[Jan. 26.] 46. Copy of Order of King in Council, March 6, 1665/6, declaring the rights and dues of the Lord High Admiral. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 26, 170¾. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 323, 5. No. 37; and 324, 8. pp. 334–336.]
Jan. 26. 47. W. Bridges to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Signed, Wm. Bridges. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 2, 170¾. 1 p. Enclosing,
47. i. Petition of Rowld. Tryon, on behalf of Robt. Stewart, Register and Clerk of the Crown of Barbadoes, for licence to come off the Island for one year for recovery of his health. ½ p. [C.O. 28, 7. Nos. 13, 13.i.; and (without enclosure) 29, 8. p. 375.]
[Jan. 27.] 48. Some Proprietors of New Jersey to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Acknowledge their Lordships' favour in giving them notice of Mr. Dockwra's recommending Peter Sonman and Daniel Cox to fill up the vacancy in the Council there. Such a proceeding without first consulting them, whose interest in it is so much superior to his own is a great presumption and injustice, etc. Mr. Sonman became a bankrupt about 4 years since, and compounded his debts for 7s. 6d. in the £., which he has not yet paid etc. For these reasons, they have refused to admit Mr. Sonmans to be their Agent, as Mr. Dockwra has falsely insinuated. Daniel Cox has no other pretence to any lands in those provinces than wt. he makes by late conveyances from his father, Dr. Cox, who many years since sold all his lands and title there to some of the said Proprietors; and if before the determination of the Proprietors' Right in a course of Justice (to which they intend to resort) your Lordships should place Mr. Cox in the Council, it may give a credit to his presence amongst the inhabitants there, and raise a prejudice in them against the Proprietors' right, which they are assured your Lordships would not so much as accidentally contribute to. The Proprietors have heard that Mr. Cox, being lately in New Jersey, has encouraged a faction of the meaner people to oppose and subvert that part of the Constitution lately established by your Lordships, which relates to the Election of the Assembly, etc. [See letters of Lord Cornbury Jan. 14, and Col. Quary, Dec., '03.] By representing the qualification of 1,000 acres etc., intended as an encouragement to such as are able to cultivate the land, etc., Mr. Cox, Col. Quary and some other men of sinister designs have insinuated that this is an infringement of the natural right of the Inhabitants and tends to enslave them. By this plausible artifice he has obteined so much credit to his own pretences, as to procure payment to himself of moneys for which the Proprietors' Agent had sold lands they bought of his father. If he be countenanced by your Lordships with any character within that Province, he may be capable not only of depriving them of more of their lands, but of bringing the country into such confusion as will occasion most of the wealthier inhabitants to forsake that Province, as many of them have declared their resolution to doe, if that security [the 1,000 acres qualification] be taken from them. These Proprietors are likewise informed that purchases of lands from the Indians without the Proprietors' consent are encouraged, or at least connived at by persons of authority there, which is not only directly repugnant to your Lordships' orders, and an usurpation of the Proprietors' Right, but an invasion of the Queen's Prerogative. Pray their Lordships to give effectual Instructions to the Governor of New Jersey to preserve all the articles of the late Constitution etc. Signed, Tho. Lane, Paul Docminique, Robt. Michel, E. Richier, Jno. Bridges, Obadiah Burnett, John Whiting, Fra. Michel, Jos. Brooke, Joh [?]. Endorsed, Recd. Read Jan. 27, 170¾. 2½ large pp. Torn. [C.O. 5, 970. No. 16.]
Jan. 28. 49. Draught of a Circular Letter from the Earl of Nottingham to several Governors of Plantations, relating to trade with the Spaniards. This letter was recast: see Feb. 18. [C.O. 324, 8. pp. 337–340.]
Jan. 28.
50. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Nottingham. We have perused the draught of preceding. As to the trade with the Spaniards we have prepared letters vizt. to the Governours of Barbadoes, Leeward Islands, Jamaica, Bermuda, New England and New York, it being not necessary, as we conceive, to send any to H.M. Governours of Virginia and Maryland; and as to the Proprietary and Charter Governments, we likewise conceive it not proper to give them any incouragement to trade with the Spaniards, since it would too much authorize their carrying on irregular trade under that collour. And as to the provisions supposed to be furnished from our Northern Plantations to the French, and particularly by the way of Curacao and St. Thomas, for preventing of which it is directed by your Lordship's letter that bonds be taken, we are of opinion that if your Lordship think it necessary to be done, it will be most proper that the directions doe issue from the Commissioners of the Customes to their under officers, by whom we doe foresee objections may be made that the requiring and exacting of such bonds is not warranted by law, and is a burthen upon trade, the Acts of Trade and Navigation providing in what cases bonds shall be given, which is not in the present case. Autographs. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 3. No. 10; and 324, 8. pp. 341, 342.]
Jan. 28.
St. James's.
51. Order of Queen in Council. Approving Representation of Jan. 13, and repealing Act of Rhode Island accordingly. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 3, 170¾. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 5, 1262. No. 64; and 5, 1290. pp. 422, 423.]
Jan. 28.
St. James's.
52. Order of Queen in Council. Approving Representation of Jan. 13 and ordering the Lords Commissioners of Trade to prepare the draught of a letter for H.M. approbation to be sent from H.M. to the Governor and Company of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 3, 170¾. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 1262. No. 65; and 5, 1290. pp. 424, 425.]
Jan. 28.
St. James's.
53. Order of Queen in Council. Approving Representation of Jan. 26, and ordering that H.R.H. the Lord High Admiral be desired to give the necessary Orders to his Vice-Admirals, etc., as proposed, and that the Council of Trade prepare the draught of a letter to be sent to H.M. Governors for H.M. approbation accordingly. Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 3, 170¾. 2 pp. [C.O. 323, 5. No. 38; and 324, 8. pp. 343–345.]
Jan. 28.
St. James's.
54. Order of Queen in Council. Approving Representation of Jan. 14 concerning the 4½ p.c. in St. Kitts, and ordering accordingly. [Cf. Acts of Privy Council, II, No. 914.] Signed, John Povey. Endorsed, Recd. Read Feb. 3, 170¾. 2 pp. [C.O. 152, 5. No. 47; and 153, 8. pp. 240–243.]