America and West Indies: March 1705, 21-24

Pages 452-456

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 22, 1704-1705. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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March 1705, 21-24

March 21.
966. Lt. Governor Usher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. As to state of this H.M. Province, humbly referr to H.E. Col. Romer hath repaired the Fort, it is in a condition to receive an enemy. H.E. has put Major Walton Commander of the Fort, a person well qualified; there is great want of stores and men for the Fort. This winter H.E. sent about 300 soldiers above 200 miles in the countrey, to make discoverye of the enemy at their headquarters, many dayes marched in the snow, above 4ft. deep, when came to said place found it deserted, mett with a very large fort and very good Church, 60ft. long, all which they demolished; meeting with noe enemy they returned; the thing of great advantage to the country; the many repulses which the Enemy hath mett with by H.E. so discouraged them that all this winter have had no account of them, when formerly the greatest mischiefe they did was in the winter. H.E. designed now to be in the Province, but going by water met with a great storme; to save their lives forced to cutt all their masts, was six dayes on the sea before did gett a harbour; meeting with such a fateague and being ill, returned again to Boston. I hope H.E. by this conveyance will represent to your Lordships the hardshipps I have mett with in being these 15 years out [of] my estate, 1,038l. 18s. 1d. H.E. with much difficultye did gett my accounts referred to a Committee appointed by both Houses, who made their report, haveing considered objections by former Committees and my answer, reported above-said summe due for ballance, onely desireing may be explained how the mony paid for Sir Edmund Andrews [sic] sallary did arise, my answer gave in writeing to both Houses, when read, H.E. demanded of both Houses if they had any further to ask for satisfaction as to the accounts. Answered no; I then withdrew. Notwithstanding my accounts hath been strictly examin'd by several Committees and reportes made, I cannott obtaine an Order from the Government for payment thereof. Sir Edmund Andrews being the King's Governor, his sallary appointed by the King, hope my estate must not pay his sallary. I herewith send my answer to former Committee's exceptions to the accounts, and my answer to their report, onely wants your allowance and positive orders to Government for payment of ballance, which will be complyed with, a deare Treasureshipp. I have desired one Mr. Newton to represent the matter to your Lordships. By reason of H.E. absence (weighty matters in other Government) I have been here summer and winter, hath been moved to Assembly to raise mony, for support of the Lt. Governour, they refused, seeing noe provision will be made for my support, shall returne to Boston, and there stay, untill I receive your Lordships' or Excellency's orders, any which shall be obeyed; when Mr. Partridge was in the Government he had 800l. etc. Formerly [I] was four years in Government, never had one penny; now above one year and one half, and cannot obtain any thing. Hope H.M. will take care to support her officers, if Province be not able; add but Boston, Rhode Island and Connecticut to this H.M. Government, by it better able to support and defend the same. The Council hath desired me to lay before your Lordships the Province, according to their uttermost abillitye, repaired H.M. Fort, do humbly pray your favour to lay before H.M. she would be pleased to grant 100 barrells of powder, and 100 small arms, with ammunition, and to send 40 men for the Fort, to be in H.M. pay. Signed, John Usher. Endorsed, Recd. June 25, 1706. Read 28 March, 1707. Addressed. 1¼ pp. Enclosed,
966. i. Lt. Governor and Council of New Hampshire to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Having considered H.M. commands about reforming H.M. Fort William and Mary at Newcastle, we humbly represent that wee have exerted the utmost of our power in erecting and maintaining a fortification upon the Great Island (alias Newcastle) at the mouth of Piscataqua River, which at this juncture of time is in a very good posture of defence, etc., but wee are very much wanting of powder and ammunition, and by reason of our poverty and the Indian warr, rendered very uncapable of supplying ourselves; we are in great need of 40 souldjers to be kept constantly at said Fort, but not capable of maintaining them at our own charge, being reduced to the depth of poverty, and by the loss of our men with the salvages extremely weakned, which we humbly pray your Lordps. to represent to H.M. etc. Endorsed as preceding. 1 p.
966. ii. Minutes of Council and Assembly of the Massachusetts Bay, June 28, Nov. 3 and 9, 1704. Report upon Mr. Usher's Accounts. Same endorsement. 2½ pp.
966. iii.–v. Mr. Usher's Answers to exceptions made against the Accounts of John Usher, late Treasurer. June 28, 1704. Same endorsement. 4½ pp. [C.O. 5, 864. Nos. 166–171; and (without enclosures) 5, 912. pp. 330–334.]
March 21.
Crotchett Fryers, London.
967. S. Merrett to [? Mr. Secretary Hedges]. In obedience to H.M. commands, I humbly lay before your Honour my oppinion for reducing the Fort of Placentia, the only Fort the French have in Newfoundland, the consequence of which will be the total ruin of their fishery. I humbly offer that 3 to 500 souldiers may be sent thither about the middle of July next under Capt. Lloyd, and that in case not above 300 souldiers be sent, he may have a power to take some of the inhabitants or their servants in the winter-time, when the fishery is over with them, and that during the time they are in service, they may be subsisted as the soldiers, for as that country admitts of no horse or water carriage, being full of woods and lakes, the men must carry the ammunition and provisions. When that place is reduced, proposes that a garrison and settlement be made there. Proposes that the souldiers, who are to relieve the garrison now [at St. Johns], may sail by May 20, whereby the enemy may have no umbrage of a greater force comeing this year; and that the pretence of their design may be for Quebec etc. Signed, Solomon Merrett. Endorsed with memoranda of contents and queries for estimates [by ? Sir Charles Hedges]. 1½ pp. [C.O. 194, 22. Nos. 15, and (duplicate) 15.i.]
March 22.
968. Governor Dudley to W. Popple. Refers to plans as March 10, and to enclosure, wherein Col. Romer "sets down 59 pieces of Ordnance of several sorts necessary. With which, if it were H.M. pleasure to send two able master gunners upon the English establishment, one for the Castle at this place, and the other for Piscataqua, it would be a very great favour." Signed, J. Dudley. P.S.—The 300 men (mentioned March 10) are returned from Noridgewock, the headquarters of the Eastern Indians; found the place deserted ever since Harvest last and their corne standing; they destroyed the fort, in which they found a large Church and School-house, and lodgeing for a couple of fryers, besides the houses for the inhabitants. Endorsed, Recd. June 25, Read Dec. 11, 1705. 1 p. Enclosed,
968. i. Col. Romer's Account of the Ordnance in the Forts of New England and what is wanting there. April 29, 1704. (Castle Island: North and South batteries of Boston: Salem Fort: Marblehead: Fort Wm. and Mary, on Pisquataqua River: and Cascobay). Signed, Wolfgang Romer. 1 large p. Endorsed as preceding. [C.O. 5, 863. Nos. 133, 133.i.; and (without enclosure) 5, 912. pp. 16, 17.]
March 22.
969. Lt. Governor Johnson to the Council of Trade and Plantations. After the death of Sir W. Matthew, I believe by the carelessness of his servants several papers were lost, but what papers I have received I shall in all particulars observe etc. I shall by the next packet send the books of Acts from the several Islands, as well generall as particular, having taken all care immaginable in getting them ready, goeing from Island to Island to forward them, and have them transcribed for your Lordships as also the accompts of importation and exportation, with the lists as to the encrease and decrease of the inhabitants, and how many are able to bear arms. I shall likewise send the transcripts of all Journalls and other proceedings of all the Assemblies of these Islands with a duplicate of the Agreement with the French Governour of Martinique. They had of the English 200 or 300 prisoners, severall of them gentlemen of these Islands, and wee had of the French 49. I am credibly informed that there is at least 36 privateers to the windward of these Islands and Barbados, insomuch that it is morally impossible for any ship to escape them comming this way. I doe desire your Lordships would lay before H.M. the conveniency of a light vessell to attend the men of warr, the French vessells, when chased by the men of war, get into some creek being so neare theire owne Island that there is danger in looseing H.M. ships, if we persue them to near. Whereas if such a light vessell might be sent out, wee should soe annoye the enemie, that none of them would appear and wee could in 24 hours clean so small a vessell, and a man of warr cannot be claned under 4 or 5 weeks, which is a great charge, and they are soone foul. As concerning the cause of Mr. Vanbell, I cannot as yet find any minute or proceedings in any record here, but shall make further search to send your Lordships an accompt per next. The Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer are all open, and that the true currency of justice may take place, Sir W. Matthew in his life having taken that especiall care to chuse such able and sufficient gentlemen to act in every the respective stations as Cheife Justice and Justices Assistance, which I shall continue still, and in consideration of the loss of time in theire owne Plantations, and the expences in attending in the said Courts, the Councill and Assembly of this Island have drawn a small docquett of fees to deffray the charges into an Act, which will come to your Lordships per next. I return your Lordships my most hearty thanks for your care in having the Lieut. Government of Nevis confirmed upon me, etc. Endorsed, Recd. July 17, Read Aug. 10, 1705. 1¾ pp. [C.O. 152, 6. No. 16; and 153, 9. pp. 243–246.]
March 22.
970. Lt. Governor Johnson to [? Mr. Secretary Hedges]. Repeats part of preceding. Orders regarding the Admiralty Courts, prizes and Spanish trade shall be strictly observed etc. I have erected and repaired several forts and platforms, but we have a very small quantity of guns to mount in them, and they are such as wee are forced to burn in merchant ships, for in all these Islands there is but three 24 pounders and 5 or 6 18 pounders; all the rest not above 6 or 9. Prays that H.M. may send a sufficient number of 24, 18 and 12 pounders. 40 to each Island I believe would be sufficient, and two mortars, bombs, balls and carriages with all other utensils suitable to such a quantity. At the request of the Lt. Gov., Council and Assembly of Antigua, I am going up to finish several works that have been a doing a long time, and I have obliged myselfe to have them finished in 6 months, etc. Signed, Jon. Johnson. Endorsed, R. Aug. 6, 1705. 2½ pp. [C.O. 184, 1. Nos. 2, and (duplicate) 3.]
March 22. 971. (1) Deposition of T. Foulerton, as to the high character of Col. Abel Alleyn, Col. James Colleton and Col. Joseph Pickering in Barbados. Signed, Tho. Foulerton.
(2) Similar Deposition of R. Bate. Signed, Rich. Bate. The whole endorsed, Recd. Read March 23, 1704/5. 2 pp. [C.O. 28, 7. Nos. 140, 141.]
[March 23.] 972. Affidavits, signed by William Terrill, Jno. Kirton, Roger Webb, Wm. Griffith, E. Bedingfield, and Tho. Maycock, and a testimonial by R. Grey (Lord Grey) as to the integrity of the Four Suspended Councillors of Barbados, George Lillington etc. The whole endorsed, Recd. Read March 23, 1704/5. 7 pp. [C.O. 28, 7. Nos. 142–148.]
March 24.
Office of Ordnance.
973. Board of Ordnance to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Mr. Bell, H.M. Engineer at Jamaica, died in Dec. Enquire whether it is absolutely necessary to send another Engineer. Signed, Granville, Wm. Bridges, C. Musgrave, Ja. Craggs. Endorsed, Recd. Read March 26, 1705. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 7. No. 5; and 138, 11. pp. 386, 387.]