America and West Indies: March 1708, 12-19

Pages 701-708

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 23, 1706-1708. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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March 1708, 12-19

March 12.
1390. W. Popple, jr., to Mr. Solicitor General. Encloses petition of James Whitchurch etc. [see Jan. 26, 1708] with copy of an Act of Jamaica, 1698, for confirming and securing titles to estates (confirmed 1700) and Governor Handasyd's Instructions touching escheats etc. The Council of Trade and Plantations desire your opinion, whether the limitation of five years' possession, mentioned in the foresaid Act, do's bind the Crown, upon which the petitioners' claim seems to depend. I also enclose a clause in an Act of Jamaica for the prevention of Law Suits, which relates to escheats. [C.O. 138, 12. pp. 228, 229.]
[March 12.] 1391. Sir John Bennett to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Reply to E. Jones' suggestion that Lt. Governor Bennett suspended him for the sake of the profits of his offices etc. Lt. Governor Bennett affirms that he never did call the Secretary to accompt of the Registers or fees of his Office nor for the land he holds as Secretary, during Jones' suspension, nor since. Greatbatch was not made Deputy Provost Marshall untill after the death of Rawlins, who was Jones' Deputy at the time of his suspension. Greatbatch had all the fees and perquisites of that office, which are very inconsiderable, and two shares of land allowed him for keeping a horse and executing that office, and all he accompted with the Governor was for the rent he had received of four other shares of land allowed Jones as Sheriff. Bennett gave this Board an account of that money after Jones' suspension was taken off, and desired their direction whether he should pay it to Jones or not, but before he could have an answer, Jones arrested Greatbatch and filed a declaration against him, and would not stay for their Lordships' order therein, which he concludes was the reason he never had their Lordships' command, and therefore left it to be directed by law. All the money in his hands of the rent of the Sheriff's land amounts to about 40l. Captain Jones' offices may be worth about 200l. per annum, Bermuda money, besides the six shares of land allowed him, and therefore he hopes this Board cannot think he suspended Jones with any design of making any advantages of his offices, especially as he was suspended immediately after the Governor's arrival, on articles exhibited by the Assembly for crimes before his arrival. Greatbatch is dead. He was at sea when that plea was put in for him. The Governor never received sixpence of any other profits of any of his offices, and knows nothing of them. As to the allegation, on the hearing, that he makes Judges and Justices, and thereby might influence the election of Members of the Assembly, he says that the Assembly that addressed for [Jones'] suspension were chosen upon his first arrival before he knew them or any on the Island, and the Council are made here by the Queen, and he never makes any Judge, Justice or Officer in the Government but what were first recommended to him by the Council, as his Instructions require. To shew that he never put in or put out to serve any turne, he never turn'd any out of their Civill or Military Commission, but one Capt. Stone, who was Justice of the Peace, for reasons approved by the Board, he believes, he never hearing to the contrary. He never did concern himself in any of the elections, nor directed or insinuated to any of the Justices to put up any persons for the election. As to Jones' pretences of having petitioned him to have his witnesses examined, and that no Justice would take affidavits, he says he does not remember nor beleive any such petition was delivered to him, etc. Signed, Jo. Bennett. Endorsed, Recd. Read March 12, 1707/8. 1¼ pp. Enclosed,
1391. i. Certificate by Charles Minors. Lt. Governor Bennett never demanded or received the rents or profits of the Office of Secretary during Mr. Jones' suspension, etc. Signed, Cha. Minors, Depty. Secry. Sealed. 1 p. [C.O. 37, 8. Nos. 47, 47.i.; and (without enclosure) 38, 6. pp. 327–332.]
[March 12.] 1392. (a) Copy of Governor Crowe's Warrant for the arrest of William Bushell, Master of the Laurel, for taking out of one of the boats of H.M.S. Crown, a seaman impressed from his ship in accordance with the Governor's warrant. Barbados, Aug. 6, 1707.
(b) Copy of W. Bushell's petition to Governor Crowe. He had not seen H.E. Order, but went on board the Crown to show H.R.H. order for the protection of his seamen. Whereupon the Lieutenant knocked off his wig and ordered him off the ship, then followed him to his ship and seized him and 4 of his seamen, etc.
(c) Copy of Governor Crowe's Warrant for the discharge of Capt. Bushell. Aug. 8, 1707. Signed, Tho. Wright, D.P.M. Endorsed, Recd. (from Mr. Johnson, M.P. for Leverpool) 12th, Read 25th March, 1707/8 3 pp. [C.O. 28, 11. No. 2.]
March 12.
1393. W. Popple, jr., to Mr. Burchett. The Council of Trade and Plantations transmit the usual Heads of Enquiry with some additional Instructions, humbly submitted by them to H.R.H., the Lord High Admiral, to be given in charge to the Commodore of the Newfoundland squadron, unto which their Lordships pray they may receive answers from the Commodore, and particularly to such of the Instructions as relate to the provisions. Annexed,
1393. i. Heads of Enquiry relating to the Trade and Fishery of Newfoundland. Nos. 1–30 are the same as those given to Capt. Underdown and answered by him Nov. 28, 1707. Nos. 31–34 correspond to Nos. 33, 38, 41 and 42. The others are omitted. The Additional Instructions are the same, except No. 1, which is altered to "You are, upon your arrival, to take care as far as in you lies, that the most effectual methods be taken for remedying the said irregularities and mischiefs, as likewise that those others formerly complain'd of, be not again practised"; and No. 4 concludes:—But whereas the Commodores for these two last years have not return'd any such account of the said 8 men's provisions, nor of the disposal of the rest, but only a bare account of what provisions were remaining at the time of their surveys, you will find hereunto annex'd a state of the provisions drawn from the surveys made by Order of Commodore Underdown, Sept. 20, 1706 and June 28, 1707. And you are therefore upon your arrival to inspect the whole stores and provisions, as well what shal be remaining as those sent this year, both in regard to their quantity and quality or goodness, and to return to the Council of Trade and Plantations a particular account of the disposal of the stores sent in 1705, 1706, 1707; as also of the abovesaid 8 gunners' provisions, and of what shal be remaining at the time of your departure. (5) You are to inspect the stores of war, and to return an account thereof to the Council of Trade, as likewise of what further stores are necessary to be sent. (6) To pass the soldiers in muster, with the assistance of the Commander in Chief, etc., and (7) to examine what men have been inlisted into the company in Newfoundland, and whether they were men belonging to ships, or inhabitants, and you are to return an account thereof to the Council of Trade. Your answer to the state of the Fishery is to be reduced into a scheme. Annexed,
1393. ii. State of the Provisions at Newfoundland, as surveyed by Capt. Underdown.
1393. iii. Scheme of the Fishery as returned in 1702. [C.O. 195, 5. pp. 1–19.]
March 12.
Admiralty Office.
1394. Mr. Burchett to Mr. Popple. H.M.S. Warwick and Valure, now at Spithead, are under orders to proceed forthwith to Newfoundland, to convoy the trade bound thither. The Faulkland is intended to be suddenly sent to Lisbone to convoy the salt ships from thence to Newfoundland, and another fourth and sixth rate man of warr are to sayle from Spithead May 4th, with the sack ships. The Looe, now at Milford, is appointed to convoy the trade from Bristoll Channell to Newfoundland. Signed, J. Burchett. Endorsed, Recd. 13th, Read 15th March, 1707/8. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 194, 4. No. 60; and 195, 5. p. 20.]
March 13.
1395. Mr. Bridger to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I have one munite, the wind being out of the way, further to informe your Lordshipps, that is the exportation hence of Naval Stores in this fleet vizt.:—
Tar in barrells 2190
Pitch in do. 2275
Rozin in do. 68
Tirpentine in do. 1924
Total 6457 barrels=2900 less than last year.
The decrease is owing to (1), The Navy's not paying the premiums according to the Act of Parliament. That has so discouraged all people here from buying any of those stores, that they rather chouse to send other goods, tho to a greater loss when in England very offten, etc. (2) The planters are entred so far into the making theire own woollens, that not one in 40 but wares his own carding, spining, etc. Repeats part of March 9. They are so fond of theire own ways and thoughts, that nothing can draw them of, but that which must tend to theire present advantage. My saying that they may by making tar etc. get money enough to buy 2 coats in the time they are carding, spining etc. to make one, they will not believe unless they see it tryed before theire faces. I know but one or 2 ways to avoide it, one by appointing me a summe, as March 9. The other is by erecting or incorporating a boody of people to sett on this affaire heartiely, etc. If the growing trade of woollens be noway prevented in its growth England must loose the woollen export to all this part of America. I have a perfect knowledge of all these parts, and designed to have been at New Yorke etc. the insuing summer but cannot unless allowed for travailing expenses etc. New Yorke I know, and upon Huddson's River there is pitch pine enough to supply England with tar, etc., ware the inhabitants instructed. And Connetticutte River I well know where any quantity might be made, if they ware instructed, and many other places, to farr of for my charge etc. Since my being in Boston here have come to me severall contrey people out of the woods, wch. has informed me that they know of a great many men that are loggers that has cutt masts and have done so many years, and will make a very great discovery to me. Prays that the seized masts may not be released, as March 9. If I am cast in either of the cases referred to March 9 I am advised to appeall to the next Court and then to H.M., for nothing else will do it so effectually etc. Signed, J. Bridger. Endorsed, Recd. 28th, Read 29th June, 1708. 3 pp. [C.O. 5, 864. No. 224; and 5, 912. pp. 130–135.]
March 13.
St. Christophers.
1396. Governor Parke to the Council of Trade and Plantations. I here send your Ldpps. the Address of Nevis, wch. I desire your Ldpps. may be delivered to the Queen. Refers to enclosures. The first list that was sent me from Montserrat the French took, notwithstanding I gave all the caution I could to distroy all publick letters; in the Packett all are thrown overboard in any danger; but by other vessells, the Masters' thoughts are imployed in defending their vessells or takeing care of what belongs to themselves. Col. Wm. Buttler desires to be excused serving as one of the Council of Nevis being old. Mr. Smergin, another of the Council of Nevis, is dead; I formerly writ to your Ldpps. that Col. Burt was dead, and Col. Tho. Buttler refused to take the oathes; there is therefore but barely enough to make a Council; your Ldpps. has a list of the most eminent freeholders and inhabitants; tis equall to me who are of the Council, 'tis very differant in these small Islands to what it is in Barbados, and I am forced to Court men to be of the Council and to be Justices of the Peace and Militia Officers. Signed, Daniel Parke. Endorsed, Recd. May 26, Read June 22, 1708. Holograph. 2 pp. Enclosed,
1396. i. Address of the Governor, Lt. Governor, Council and Assembly of Nevis to the Queen. March 11, 1708. Return thanks to H.M. for commending their plight to Parliament and for the Commission of Enquiry appointed. Mr. Christopher Rhodes has discharged his trust with zeal, etc. The late Hurricane has blown down most of the few houses left by the enemy and in a manner destroyed the whole production of the country. If your Majesty shall vouchsafe us a seasonable releif, we doubt not but in few years to recover our former state etc. Signed, Daniel Parke, W. Hamilton, Danl. Smith, Richd. Abbott, J. Bevon, Lawrce. Brodbelt, James Milliken. Tho. Goare, Speaker, Michll. Williams, Tho. Bridgwater, Ed. Parris, Mich. Smith, Rob. Eleis, Josa. Hobson, Samuel Browne, Ja. Symonds, James Browne, Solomon Izrael, Wm. Kitt. Endorsed, Recd. May 26, 1708. 2¾ pp.
1396. ii. List of persons to supply vacancies in the Council of St. Christophers:—Jedediah Hutchinson, James Biskitt, Francis Phipps, John Bourryan, John Peteres, Wm. Woodropp, Clement Crook, Rowland Davis, Joseph Esteridge, Benjamin Esteridge. Same endorsement. ½ p.
1396. iii. List of persons to supply vacancies in the Council of Nevis:—Thomas Goar, Speaker, Lt. Col. Robt. Eleis, Major Michael Smith, Major Jno. Richardson, Major Mich. Williams, Capt. Jno. Thornton, Capt. Jos. Simmonds, James Simmonds, Capt. Tho. Bridgewatter, Lt. Col. Edward Parrise. Same endorsement. ½ p.
1396. iv. List of Inhabitants of St. Christophers. Jan. 2nd, 1707/8. Totals: Masters and Mistresses (names and ages given), 331. White men in their families, 396; white women, 396; boys, 326; girls, 298. Slaves, men, 932; women, 1,089; boys, 446; girls, 394. And see following. Same endorsement. 8 large pp.
1396. v. List of Inhabitants of Trinity and Palmetto Point (St. Kitts). Feb. 8, 1707/8. Masters and Mistresses (names and ages given), 46. White men in their families, 66; women, 66; boys, 69; girls, 53. Mullatoes, men, 3; women, 3. Negroes, men, 140; women, 148; boys, 88; girls, 51. Same endorsement. 1 p.
1396. vi. List of Inhabitants of Nevis. Masters and Mistresses (names given):—352. White men in their families, 529; women, 575; Black males, 1,775; females, 1,901. Same endorsement. 7 large pp.
1396. vii. Number of Inhabitants of Montseratt, Jan. 29, 1707/8. White men, 516; women, 422; boys, 324; girls, 283. Black men, 1,113; women, 1,265; boys, 575; girls, 617. Same endorsement. ½ p.
1396. viii. Account of ordnance and stores of war in Nevis, Dec. 15, 1707. Signed, James Milliken. Same endorsement. 1 p.
1396. ix. Account of ordnance and stores of war in Montserrat, Jan. 29, 1707/8. Signed, Antho. Hodges. Same endorsement. 1 p. [C.O. 152, 7. Nos. 47, 47.i.–ix.; and (without enclosures) 153, 10. pp. 173–178.]
March 15.
1397. Lt. Governor Usher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Recommends Mr. Mentzis (March 6). As for N. Hampshire Governmtt., ye Crown 1/5 of all thatt shall be made as per agremtt. with Mason, besides the greatt waste of trees fitt for H.M. service, the Towns are divideing all lands in comon to perticular persons, soe claimeing all as private persons' rightt. As to Province Main and soe Eastward, all in the Crown, humbly offer if H.M. should reduce St. John and Port Roiall to Crown, may be of service, to preserve to H.M. a partt of all cole mines, wch. may be in time of greatt vallew. Certain setleing Eastern partts of greatt advantage to ye Crown, and humbly conceive nothing better then by ye Scotch. As for Mentzis, I have these 15 years been acquainted with him, ever found true and faithful, do humbly recommend him to your Lordships for information of state of whole country. Signed, John Usher. Endorsed, Recd. May 26, Read June 3, 1708. Holograph. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 864. No. 200; and 5, 912. pp. 403, 404.]
March 16. 1398. Merchants trading to Virginia and Maryland to the Council of Trade and Plantations. By several laws lately made in Virginia and Maryland, relating to the size of tobacco hogsheads and tunnage, the ships formerly built are become in a great measure useless for that trade. By a law of Maryland, 1707, masters of ships are to give bond of 200l. sterl. not to squeeze, cutt or crop any hhd. or caske taken upon freight into their ships, without having any regard in said law to any particular size of any such hhd. or cask, upon the penalty of 3l. sterl., which we think very unreasonable, in regard by this Law they may make their casks what size they please, and the ships be obliged to take them in upon freight, neither indeed are the hhds. to be brought with safety home without making use of handscrews or other engines to squeeze and make the cask fast and stow close, notwithstanding the Laws already for the size of tobacco hhds. in these Governments are now much larger than should be, whereby our ships cannot bring home so many hhds. by one fifth of what they used to do, without any more tobacco therein than formerly, to the great prejudice of H.M. Revenue and the concerned in ships for this trade. Pray that these laws may be repealed. Signed, Micajah Perry, and 13 others. Endorsed, Recd. Read March 16, 1707/8. Enclosed,
1398. i. Reasons for altering the excessive size of casks in Virginia and Maryland, and taking off unreasonable penalties made by their late law in Maryland. Ships are made uncapable of carrying by above 1/5th what they did before. Propose that all hhds. should be stated at 28 in. by the head, and staves 46 in. long. The penalties to be equal for all parties (the maker of casks, etc.). Conceding to so great a tunnage, beyond all other trades, petitioners hope they may have it so regulated. Trade at present is only carried on in hopes of redress. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 716. Nos. 47, 47.i.; and 5, 727. pp. 32–37.]
March 18.
1399. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Sunderland. Upon the petition of M. Plowman, repeat representation of Dec. 21 1704 q.v. [C.O. 5 1121 p. 119.]
March 19.
1400. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Earl of Sunderland. State case of Stephen Duport as Feb. 18 etc. It appears that he has been a very great sufferer, even to the almost utter ruin of himself and family. He has been for many years known to this Board, and as Agent for St. Xtophers has on all occasions appear'd very zealous for H.M. service and very hearty and affectionate to H.M. Government. We are therefore of opinion that he is a fit object of H.M. compassion and favour in such manner as H.M. shall think fit. [C.O. 153, 10. pp. 135–139.]