America and West Indies: January 1725, 1-15

Pages 299-302

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 34, 1724-1725. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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January 1725, 1-15

Jan. 1.
New York in America.
453. R. Bradley to [? the Duke of Newcastle]. May it please your Grace to accept from a stranger so small a present as a dozen of American partridges, which I have sent by the bearer etc. etc. 'Tis my great misfortune not to be known to your Grace etc., but my very good Lord Bp. of Durham will give your Grace no very disagreeable character of me etc. Heartily wishing your Grace a happy new year, and very many of them and that H.M. may allways be blessed with so able and faithfull Ministers as your Grace etc. Dated 1 Jan.1724. But see 11th March, 1725. Signed, R. Bradley. 2 pp.[C.O. 5, 1092. No. 28.]
Jan. 2.
New York.
454. Governor Burnet to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Has appointed Robert Lettice Hooper to succeed William Trent, Chief Justice of New Jersey, who is dead, etc. Set out, N. J. Archives, 1st Ser. V. 97. Signed, W. Burnet. Endorsed, Recd. 24th Feb. 1724/5. Read June 23, 1726. 1 p.[C.O. 5, 972. ff. 103, 106?.]
Jan. 2.
New York.
455. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Prays H.M. confirmation of his appointment of Robert Lettice Hooper etc. as preceding. Signed, W. Burnet. Endorsed, R. 23rd Feb. 1 p.[C.O. 5, 1092. No. 36.]
Jan. 4. 456. Mr. West to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Has no objection to the Act of Pennsylvania prescribing the forms of declaration etc. Signed, Richd. West. Endorsed, Recd. Read 8th Jan., 1724/5 1/2 p. [C.O. 5, 1266. ff. 154,155?.]
Jan. 6. 457. Robert Armstrong to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Replies to complaints against him. Richard Sharp, who falsely accuses him of being a noted Irish Jacobite, is a profligate quack doctor against whom he obtained damages. Capt. Ellis Husk has prompted the other complaints against him in revenge for his having twice prosecuted him for illegally cutting down trees, etc. Signed, Robert Armstrong. Endorsed, Reed. 12th Jan., Read 25th Feb., 1724/5. 6 3/4 pp. [C.O.5, 869. ff. 76–79?.]
Jan. 8 458. Mr. West to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Reply to 24th Nov., 1724. I am of opinion that a Governor cannot by law vote as a Councillor in the passing of bills when the Councill sitts in their Legislative capacity. Signed, Richd. West. Endorsed, Recd. 12th Jan., Read 18th Feb., 172 4/5. 3/4 p. Printed, N.C. Col. Rec. II, 558. [C.O. 323, 8. No. 61.]
Jan. 9.
459. Mr. Godin to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Refers to his Memorial, 16th Dec. 1716, etc. The objection to our own tar arose because, notwithstanding the debts of the Navy are still unprovided for, the bounty money multiplied so fast by vast importations as to amount to £50,000 a year. He has a project of a law which would reduce this to £25,000whilst fully encouraging the Colonies etc. Signed, Stephen Godin. Endorsed, Recd. 12th, Read 15th Jan., 1724/5. 2 pp.[C.O. 323, 8. No. 56.]
[Jan. 12.] 460. Memorial by several merchants in answer to questions concerning tar in the Plantations. The prescribed method is impracticable (?. 11th Dec, 1724). The quality is as good as Stockholm. Without a bounty, it will cease to be imported, the difference in freight being 5s. pr. barrel, and labour in the East Country or Sweden not above 1/3rd the price of labour in the Plantations. About 12,000 tuns of shipping is employed yearly in importing tar from the Plantations. The price here is regulated by the quantity of Plantation tar at market. Refer to the former Swedish monopoly etc. Endorsed, Recd,(from Mr. Carey), Read 12th Jan., 1724/5. 2 pp. [C.O. 323,8. No. 53.]
[Jan. 12.] 461. Reasons for continuing the bounty on pitch, tar and turpentine from the Plantations etc. Endorsed, Reed, (from Col. Johnson), Read 12th Jan. 1724/5. 3 1/8 pp. [C.O. 323, 8.No. 54.]
Jan. 12.
462. Mr. Popple to the Commissioners of H.M. Navy. Encloses petition of merchants (Dec. 11th, 1724) as to methods of making tar, and desires their opinion how far it may be proper to continue premiums upon Naval Stores, and in what proportion. [C.O. 324, 11. pp. 20, 21.]
Jan. 13.
463. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Duke of Newcastle. Enclose following to be laid before H.M. Annexed
463. i. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Summarize evidence upon claims of John Burnet and Jeremiah Brown to land in St. Christophers, and offer their opinion "that the persons under whom Mr. Brown claims having continued in possession of the premises about nine years, and having during that time cultivated the same, Brown seems entituled to your Majesty's favour preferable to Mr. Burnet, who only obtained a grant thereof for three years, and who does not appear either to have possessed or improved the same." (?. A.P.C. III. No. 78.) [C.O. 153, 14. pp. 177–184.]
Jan. 14.
464. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Recommend for confirmation Act of Pennsylvania prescribing the forms of declaration, etc. [C.O. 5, 1293. p. 341.]
Jan. 14.
465. Address of Council of S. Carolina to the King. On Governor Nicholson's departure on leave, thanking H.M. for appointing "a Gentleman of so much experience so conversant in business," and refer to his signal services to the Province and pious donations to their several Churches and his other remarkable acts of charity and piety. Hope for his speedy return. Will support Arthur Middleton, their President, to whom H.E. has left all matters according to H.M. Instructions, in forwarding H.M. interest and service etc. Signed, Ra. Izzard, James Kinlock, Wm. Bull, J. Skene, Benja. Schenckingh, Charles Hart, William Gibbon. 1 large p. [C.O. 5, 383. Nos. 6; and (duplicate) 7.]
Jan. 15.
Navy Office.
466. Navy Board to Mr. Popple. Enclose their reply to the Treasury upon the same Memorial as that submitted to them by the Council of Trade and Plantations, (?. 11th Dec. 1724) etc. Conclude: We are humbly of opinion that the following premiums upon Naval Stores may be sufficient reward, after taking off the duty from them, as is already taken off from hemp and timber:—Tar from prepared trees £3 pr. ton; made in the common way, £l 10s for 3 years and no longer; pitch, £l; masts 14s.; rozin and turpentine taking off the duty alone. All these premiums should continue for 10 years etc. The reducing the premiums we are perswaded will cause the merchants and planters in the Collonies to be more industrious and carefull in preparing and sending over such stores as are good in their kind, that they may not be disappointed in the sale of them etc. 7 signatures. Endorsed, Recd. 16th, Read 21st Jan., 1724/5. 2 pp. Enclosed,
466. i. Same to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury. Navy Office, 13th Jan., 1724(5). (?. preceding). The method prescribed for making tar was proposed by this Board to the House of Commons as being that pursued in the East Country, because the tar produced in the Plantations continued to be inferior. Mr. Bridger, then Surveyor General of H.M. Woods in New England, informed us that he had made some tar from trees so prepared in New England which was approved by the Officers of H.M. Yard at Woolwich as little inferiour, if not equall to East Country tarr etc. Propose that proof made before the several Governors and Councils should be produced to their Lordships that the prescribed method of making tar (from prepared green trees) has been sufficiently tried and found wanting etc. Copy. 3 1/2 pp. [C.O. 323, 8. Nos. 57, 57. i.]
Jan. 15.
467. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Lords Commissioners of the Treasury. Enclose Office accounts, Midsummer to Christmas, 1724. There was then six months salary due to the Secretary and other Officers etc. Accounts, certified, annexed. [C.O. 389, 37. pp. 245–248.]