America and West Indies: March 1724, 21-31

Pages 71-76

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 34, 1724-1725. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

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March 1724, 21-31

March 22.
98. Col. Earle to Mr. Delafaye. Requests him to despatch the business of Mr. Haggatt. Signed, Jos. Earle. Holograph. Addressed. 1 p. Enclosed,
98. i. Memorandum. Mr. Othniel Haggatt of Barbados recommended to the Duke of Newcastle for the Council of Barbados by the Honble. Mr. Pelham and Col. Jos. Erle, Slip. [C.O. 28, 39. Nos. 18, 18. i.]
March 23. 99. Mr. Shelton to Mr. Popple. Asks for time, owing to illness, for bringing the Lords Proprietors' answer to the Act of S. Carolina for vesting the Governor's house etc. Signed, R. Shelton. Endorsed, Recd. Read 25th March, 1724. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 359. ff. 9, 10?.]
March 24.
100. Governor Hart to Lord Carteret. Encloses duplicates of 3rd and 11th Dec., being apprehensive the ship by which they went might be lost in the bad weather etc. Continues as No. 102, in relation to trials of pirates, Lowe, and bad prospects of sugar crop. Signed, Jo. Hart. Endorsed, Rd. May 29. 3 pp. Enclosed,
100. i.–iii. Duplicates of Nos. 102 i–iii. [C.O. 152, 42. Nos. 128–130A.]
March 25. 101. Petty Expenses of the Board of Trade, Christmas 1723–Lady Day, 1724. £75 8s. 4d. Details include, 3 dozen tallow candles, £l; Paid for removing the Books, presses etc. from the old Office to the new, £10 195. 6d.; paid for porteridge, coach hire and wateridge, £4 10s. etc. ?. Journal of Council. [C.O. 388, 78. ff. 87, 91–92?., 95, 96?.]
March 25.
102. Governor Hart to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Refers to letters of March 11th and 16th and asks for replies thereto. Continues:—On my arrival in this Island, I found sixteen prisoners committed for piracy, who were taken by Walter Moor Master of the sloop Eagle on the 5th of Oct. past on the Island of Blanco in the latitude of 12. Refers to deposition encl. i. Continues:—On 11th March I held a Court of Admiralty at the town of Old Road in this Island, for the tryal of the said pirates, two of which were in a seperate indictment, vizt., Robert Corp and Henry Winn for deserting the ship Princess galley; and for joyning with the pirates and being aiding and assisting to rob the said ship; for which they were found guilty etc. Refers to encl. ii. Continues:—The other fourteen were indicted at the same time for robing the ship Princess gally; and eleven of them were found guilty, the other three not guilty. Refers to encl. iii. Continues:—Two more have been since pardon'd (vizt. Henry Winn and Henry Watson) at the intercession of the Judges of the Court; they having given sufficient testimony since their tryal, and by the confession of Nicholas Lewis, Quarter Master of the said pirates just before his execution, that he himself had forced both these men, and that they never acted in concert with the pirates; and particularly that he had whip't Watson twenty six times, but could not prevail with him to sign their articles. The other eleven condemned pirates mention'd, were executed the 20th of this instant, and behaved themselves with greater marks of sorrow and contrition than is usually found amongst those wretched sett of people. I do not hear that there are any more pirates, except a ship commanded by one Lowe with about fifty pirates in his crew; the most of the pirates latly executed here were formerly with him, and the above named Nicholas Lewis was his Quarter Master and gave a most terrible relation of his barbarity and bloodthirsty temper; and that particularly in the Bay of Honduras he murder'd forty five Spaniards in cold blood about twelve months past; and that some time before, he took a Portugueze ship bound home from Brazil; the Master of which had hung eleven thousand moydores of gold in a bag out of the cabbin window, and as soon as he was taken by the said Lowe, cutt the rope and lett them drop into the sea; for which Lowe cutt off the said Masters lipps and broyl'd them before his face, and afterwards murder'd the whole crew being thirty two persons. This Lowe is notorious also for his cruelty even to the subjects of the British Nation; and as a greater-monster never infested the seas, I submit it to your Lordships superior judgment, whether it ought not to be recommended to H.M. that a Proclamation be issued, even with pardon to his accomplices, offering an ample reward to such as shou'd bring him in alive or dead. The sloop that was taken in which the pirates were, together with the cargo vizt. 52 ounces of gold dust and nine negroes have been since condemned to H.M. use, by the Judge of the Admiralty of this island, and put into the hands of the Receiver of the casual Revenue here. Encloses an Act for the continuing and carrying on the fortifications of Brimstone Hill etc. dated the 15th of Oct. past, but never sent to me by the Clerk of the Council till my late arrival here; and as I had formerly the honour to explain the usefullness of that fortification to your Lordships, and as this Act only continues former Acts for the carrying on that work, I presume I need not explain further upon it. Encloses Act to prevent the casting or unlading any ballast or rubbish in the havens roads or creecks of this Island which has already very much damaged them, and the title of this Act carrying it's own exposition with it, I need not give your Lordships more trouble on this head. I have not further to observe to your Lordships relating to the Islands of this Government, But that it is the universal complaint of the Planters in the cutting of their canes, that they shall not make above one half the crop they usually did, from the prejudice they received by the hurricane in September last. Signed, Jo. Hart. Endorsed, Reed. 1st June, Read 19th Sept., 1724. 5 pp. Enclosed,
102. i. Deposition of Walter Moor. St. Christophers. Master of the Sloop Eagle On 15th Oct., 1723, on his way to the Spanish coast, he surprised a pirate sloop careened on the Island of Blancko, engaged her and captured 24 of the crew. Upon his information, the Governor of Comena sent and took off the rest, except the pirate Captain George Lowther, who shot himself etc. Signed, Walter Moor. Endorsed, Reed. 1st June, 1724. 1 1/2 pp.
102. ii. Trial of Robert Corp and Henry Winn for piracy etc, St. Christophers, 11th March, 1724. Referred to supra. Endorsed, Reed. 1st June, 1724. 1 large p
102. iii. Trial of 14 pirates in St. Christophers, 11th March, 1724. Referred to supra. 3 large pp. [C.O. 152, 14. ff. 285–287, 288?,–289?., 290?.–292, 293, 293a., 293?.]
March 27.
103. Mr. Popple to Governor Worseley. The Council of Trade and Plantations having received H.M. Orders to make a Representation upon the general state of his Islands in America, remind you of their letter of 13th June last wherein they sent you several queries (copy inclosed), and desire your particular answer as soon as possibly you can, and also inform their Lordships, what Islands there are under your Government unsettled? What is their soil and natural produce? What are they capable of producing if improv'd? N.B.—A like letter was writ to Governor Hart and Governor Phenney. Annexed,
103. i. Queries referred to in preceding. What is the trade of the Island under your Government; the number of shipping belonging thereto, their tonnage and the number of seafareing men, with their respective increase or diminution? (2). What quantity and sorts of British manufactures do the inhabitants annually take from hence? (3). What trade has the Island with any foreign Plantations, or any part of Europe besides Great Britain? How is that trade carried on? What commodities do the people send to or receive from foreign Plantations? (4). What methods are there used to prevent illegal trade, and are the same effectual? (5) What is the natural produce of the Island, are there any, and what manufactures? (6) What mines are there? (7) What may be the annual produce of the commodities of the Island? (8) What is the number of the inhabitants whites and blacks? (9) Are the inhabitants increas'd or decreas'd of late, and for what reasons? (10) What is the number of the Militia? (11) What forts and places of defence are there within your Government, and in what condition? (12) What is the strength of your neighbours? (13) What effect have the French Settlements upon H.M. Island under your Government? (14) What is the Revenue arising within your Government, and how is it appropriated? (15) What number of acres of land are there already granted from the Crown (these words omitted to Governor Phenney) and cultivated in each parish etc? What the quit rent reserved thereupon, and what number of acres may there by computation remain untaken up or uncultivated? (16) What are the ordinary and extraordinary expences of your Government? (17) What are the establishments, civil and military, and what Officers hold by patent immediately from the Crown? It is desired that an annual return may be made to these queries, that the Board may from time to time be appriz'd of any alterations that may happen in the circumstances of your Government. [C.O. 324, 11. pp. 10–14.]
March 28.
104. Address of General Assembly of S. Carolina to the King. H.E. having been pleased to communicate to us your Majesty's most gracious Speech to your Parliament of the 9th of January etc. congratulate H.M. upon his safe and happy return, and the failure of rebellious subjects to introduce Popery and slavery into his Dominions etc. Endorsed, Presented to H.M. by His Grace the D. of N. etc. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 382. No. 36].
March 28. 105. Mr. West to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Report upon Act of Bermuda to supply the deficiency of several funds etc. There is a distinction made between the inhabitants and strangers, the inhabitants being to pay after the rate of 40s. per cent, and strangers £4 p.c. It has been represented to me as a reason for it, that the inhabitants are obliged very often upon any intelligence of pyrates to be three or four days under arms at once, and very often obliged to fitt out after them to sea, all which is a very great expence to them and strangers not liable to. Submits it to their Lordships' judgment etc. Has no objection to the 3 other Acts submitted to him. Signed, Richd. West. Endorsed, Reed. 28th March, Read 19th May, 1724. 1 3/4 pp. [C.O. 37, 11. ff 95, 95?, 96?.]
March 29.
106. Governor Nicholson to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Encloses duplicate of 12th March etc. Will transmit journals by Col. Fenwick, one of the Assembly, who designs for Great Brittain shortly etc. Continues:—Our Assembly broke up late last night and are prorogued to 12th May. The ship being under sail I am obliged to send this down after them etc. Signed, Fr. Nicholson. Endorsed, Reed. 26th May, Read 24th Oct., 1724. 1 p. Enclosed,
106. i. Account of bills received and burnt in pursuance of the Bank Act. (£2231 5s.) Signed, Char. Hart, Andrew Allen. Same endorsement. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 359. ff 181, 182?., 183, 184?.]
March 30.
107. Mr. Attorney and Mr. Solicitor General to the Council of Trade and Plantations. In order to complete their report on the Acts of Jamaica, desire records relating to the Acts passed by Governor Doiley, 1660 etc. Signed, P. Yorke, C. Wearg. Endorsed, Recd. Read 31st March, 1724. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 14. ff. 273, 274?.]
March 31.
108. Mr. Popple to Mr. Attorney and Mr. Sollicitor General. Sends volume of Jamaica Laws as requested in preceding. [C.O. 138, 16. p. 464.]
March 31.
109. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor the Duke of Portland. Acknowledge letters of 25th July, 14th Oct. and 7th Dec. last. Continue: We have also receiv'd the copies of what your Grace has writ to the Lord Carteret and to the Lords of the Admiralty, in relation to Captain Lawes, and the Spaniards having protected the pirate ship Cassandra, and don't doubt but that your Grace will receive the necessary directions upon this head. Ask for speedy reply to enclosed Queries, ?. supra, 27th March, and for a report upon the complaint of Isaac Miranda and Ferdinand da Costa, ?. 26th May, 1723. Conclude: We are oblig'd to your Grace for the several accounts you have already sent, and as soon as we shall have receiv'd the state of the affairs in your Government, as promis'd 7th Dec, we shall write to you more at large. Congratulate him upon his recovery etc. [C.O. 138, 16. pp. 465, 466.]
March 31,
110. Same to the King. Recommend for confirmation Act of Barbadoes for the solemn affirmation of Quakers etc. [C.O. 29, 14. p. 393.]
March 31.
111. Mr. Popple to Mr. Burchett. In reply to 5th March encloses following. Annexed,
111. i. Heads of Enquiry relating to the Newfoundland Fishery, for Commodore Bouler. As usual. [C.O. 195, 7. pp. 102–131.]