America and West Indies: October 1729, 21-31

Pages 511-515

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 36, 1728-1729. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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October 1729, 21-31

Oct. 23.
948. Order of Committee of Privy Council. Referring back to the Council of Trade and Plantations reports of 21st March and 14th May upon Col. Dunbar's proposal for settling Nova Scotia etc. Their Lordships observing that the first report was made upon a supposition that Irish and Palatine families were all immediately to settle at or near Annapolis and Canco, and the latter that they would settle only between the rivers Kennebeck and St. Croix, and their Lordships being of opinion that it would prove of great service to H.M. and the strengthen- ing his Government in Nova Scotia if settlements were made at both etc., the Lords Commissioners for Trade are to discourse with Mr. Coram and Mr. Hintz about the methods of setling the said familys and to adjust with them the conditions upon which the Palatines are to be encouraged to settle at or near Annapolis and Canco, and the Irish familys to transplant themselves from New England to the lands between the rivers Kennebeck and St. Croix, and to consider of making a due provision for a pastor in each place, and prepare Instructions for the Governor of Nova Scotia for this purpose, it being their Lordships' opinion that all the new settlements to be made in Nova Scotia should be under H.M. Governor of that Province. And they are to insert an article requiring him to supply the Surveyor General of the Woods with 40 men from the garrison of Annapolis for his protection in the woods etc. They are to prepare instructions for the Surveyor General requiring him to set out 200,000 acres of wood within the Province of Nova Scotia for H.M. use. Draughts of these instructions to be presented to this Committee. Set out, A.P.C. III. pp. 187, 188. q.v. Signed, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd., Read 28th Oct., 1729. 2¼ pp. [C.O. 217, 5. ff. 121–122v.]
Oct. 23.
949. Order of Committee of Privy Council. The Lords of the Committee took this day into consideration the petition and report concerning Massachusets Bay (Oct. 3 and 8). They were attended by the petitioners who, having the day before received advices of the death of Governor Burnet, submitted whether it was proper to enter into such parts of their petition as were altogether pursuant against him, they being determined by his death; and that as to the article of complaint against him for refusing to issue warrants for the pay of the Assembly men, they have been informed by the Lords Commissioners of Trade etc. that he had lately redressed that greivance; and therefore petitioners insisted only on laying before their Lordships the following points, as being of a public nature, and affecting the welfare of the Province, vizt., First that Governor Burnet had not concurred with a resolve of the House of Representatives for supply of the Treasury with 20,000 pounds of bills of credit, for the support and defence of the Government, but had refused to consent to any form for supply of the Treasury, but what was practised before the year 1721. Secondly that he had exacted extraordinary and illegall fees on the shipping. As to the first of which Articles it appeared to their Lordships, that the method of supplying the Treasury by way of resolve was very improper, and not warranted by their Charter; no power being thereby given to raise money but by acts of Assembly; it also appeared, that in the wording this resolve, the House of Representatives had reserved to themselves a power of allowing and passing all accounts, before the Governor could issue any money for the payment of them, which their Lordships conceived to be wholly unwarrantable; and the Agents admitting that the method of the House of Representatives ought to be regulated in these two particulars, in the manner hereafter directed, and they engaging to write to the House of Representatives to acquaint them therewith, their Lordships are therefore of opinion, that Instructions should be prepared for the Governor etc., requiring him to take care for the future that no moneys be raised in that Province but by act of Assembly, in which act one or more clauses of appropriation may be inserted, but that the issuing of all moneys so raised, be left to the Governor with the advice of the Councill, according to their Charter; subject nevertheless to a future inquiry of the then present or any other Assembly as to the application of such moneys. That as to the second Article relating to illegall fees exacted upon shipping, it did appear upon the oaths of severall Captains of vessells, that since Governor Burnet's time, a new fee of 12s. had been demanded of every ship for a lett pass, and that instead of 6s. as a register fee for the Governor, 20s. had been demanded; and their Lordships looking upon this, as a matter of very ill consequence, especially as it affects the trading vessells, are therefore of opinion, that instructions should be prepared for the Governor etc. not to exact or demand any other fees than what are legall, or have been customarily taken by the Governors of that Province. And their Lordships taking notice that they had received no advices of the Assembly's having complyed with H.M. Instructions relating to the settlement of a salary on H.M. Governor, for the time of his Government, are pleased to direct the Lords Commissioners of Trade to informe them- selves of the said Agents, what steps have been taken by the said Assembly in complyance with this Instruction, or are intended; and their Lordships are forthwith to report to this Board the full state of this matter, that the same may be laid before His Majesty, for his directions thereupon. Signed, Ja. Vernon. Endorsed, Recd., Read 28th Oct., 1729. 4 pp. [C.O. 5, 870. ff. 281–282v., 284v.]
Oct. 25.
950. Governor Hunter to Mr. Popple. I thank you for ye news of Lynches Island, they could not have made a better purchase for ye publick service cost what it will. I should be glad your cusing Henderson were of ye Council, I can very rarely make a Quorum, by reason of ye remoteness of some and backwardnesse of others. I have nothing to trouble their Losps. with this bout to recommend again our Protestant Bill, upon the approbation of which the future security of this Island depends. P.S. Mr. Delafay will acquaint you wth. our alarm by a Spanish fleet of 20 large ships. I am still in the dark, tho' this prov'd the Flota. Signed, Ro. Hunter. Endorsed, Recd. 3rd, Read 17th Feb., 1729/30. Holograph. 1 p. [C.O. 137, 18. ff. 61, 62v.]
Oct. 25.
951. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Repeats gist of pre- ceding and reference to letter to Delafaye. Signed, Ro. Hunter. Endorsed, R. Feb. 2nd. Holograph. 1 p. Enclosed,
951. i. Extracts of Minutes of Council and Council of War, Jamaica, April 6 and 7, 1729.
951. ii. Extracts from Governor Hunter's letters Jan.–Sept., 1729. [C.O. 137, 53. ff. 180, 181v.–184, 185–190v.]
Oct. 29.
952. Governor Hunter to Mr. Popple. The ship staying after her appointed time, I have an opportunity of adding to the former trouble a copie of His Musketish Maty.'s letters to me, wch. you may communicate to their Losps. He shall have his Commissions in the usual form and what else may keep him in good humour. I have wrote to Mr. Delafay at the instance of ye chiefe folks here some hints relating to ye Bay of Honduras. I durst not offer it directly to their Losps., but leave it to you and him to mention it or let it alone, according as you judge the matter practicable or the season proper and am wth. truth Sr., Your very humble servant, Signed, Ro. Hunter. Endorsed, Recd. 14th March, Read 3rd June, 1730. Holograph, ¾ p. Enclosed,
952. i. Peter, King of the Musketoes, to Governor Hunter. Sandy Bay, Oct. 3, 1729. As there has always been a good understanding between the subjects of H.M. of Great Britain and the inhabitants of my Kingdom etc. congratulates him on his appointment etc. Con- tinues:—Some disorders have happened lately among some of my subjects, inhabiting the outskirts of my Kingdom. The King my Royal Brother lately dying, myself hardly settled on the throne of my ancestors, the Governour also suddenly dying, left the Kingdom in such an unsettled condition as has given some of my people an opportunity to rise in rebellion and commit such outrages as I am ashamed to think of, having robb'd the white people living near them of all they had in the world, nay ev'n of their children, they are at present fled fearing the punishment due to their crimes. But be assured I shall use my utmost endeavours to settle these affairs to the general satis- faction of the white people resideing amongst us, and bring all the offenders to condign punishment etc.; in order to which I desire you should send me Com- missions sign'd with the Great Seal of the Island, as also one for Jn. Bellawy, who I think a proper person to assist me in the office of Governour of the Southern parts of my Dominions, and likewise one for Charles Holby in the office of General of my Forces and overseer of the Northern parts of my Dominions etc. Signed, Peter ye King (his mark). Endorsed as pre- ceding. Copy. 1½ pp. [C.O. 137, 18. ff. 66, 67v.– 68v., 69v.]
[Oct. 31]
953. Minutes of Privy Council. Abstracts of Governor Hunter's letters Jan. 15, July 17 and Aug. 9. Extracts of the two latter were referred to the Council of Trade etc. 2 pp. [C.O. 5, 36. ff. 1, 1v.
[Oct. 31]. 954. A list of Governor Hunter's letters and enclosures, 15th Sept., 1728—6th Sept., 1729. 3 pp. [C.O. 137, 47. No. 16].
Oct. [—].
955. Duke of Newcastle to Governor Hunter. Instructions for entering a noli prosequi in the case of Mr. Donne van if the facts be as stated by him etc. Endorsed, not used. 3¼ pp. [C.O. 137, 47. No. 14].
Oct. [—]. 956. Rough draft of preceding. 1¼ pp. [C.O. 137, 47. No. 14 i.]