America and West Indies: December 1730, 1-5

Pages 377-381

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 37, 1730. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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December 1730, 1-5

Dec. 1.
577. Mr. Carkesse to Mr. Popple. In reply to letter of 19th Nov., returns act of Virginia for amending the staple of tobacco etc. Concludes:—"The Commissioners desire to be excused giving their opinion upon acts of Assembly unless they are commanded by the King in Council or the Lords of the Treasury." Signed, Cha. Carkesse. Endorsed, Recd., Read 2nd Dec, 1730. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 1322. ff. 89, 90v.]
Dec. 1.
578. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Belcher, Acknowledge letters of 24th Augt. and 7th Oct. Continue:— We are glad to hear of your safe arrival in your Government. We observe that you are not without hopes that ye Assembly of ye Massachusetts Bay may at last be brought to pay a proper regard to H.M. Instructions relating to yor. salary. But if we are to judge of those hopes, by ye printed votes of that Assembly, which we have reced. from another hand and have already perus'd, we have reason to think them but very ill founded. We shall be very glad to find ourselves mistaken in this particular, but if we are not you know ye duty required of you by your 27th Instruction which we hope you will punctually put in execution. We cannot avoid taking notice by this opportunity, of the expedition said to be intended by you, against ye people settled near Pemaquid and ye fort repair'd there by Col. Dunbar, which has surprized us very much, but it will not be necessary to enlarge upon this subject, since H.M. has been pleas'd to send you his Orders in Council desiring you to abstain etc. [C.O. 5, 916. pp. 398, 399.]
Dec. 3.
Portsmo. in
New Hampshire
in. New
England in
579. Address of the Council and Representatives of New Hampshire to the King. Return thanks for appointing Governor Belcher, "who is so equal to the trust and acceptable to the people." Continue:—It is inexpressible how the first intelligence we had from Whitehall of your Majesty's grace and favour to New England on that score elevated our hopes; and if we are disappointed, it is in this, that his wise, just and unbias'd administration has exceeded our expectations and equall'd our very wishes. The first part he acted here was laying your Majesty's Instructions before us for settling a sallary, and our first part under him was a dutiful and ready complyance therewith; since which, his sedulity, and constant application to the publick affairs of the Goverment for your Majesty's honor and service, and the benefit and advantage of your good subjects of this Province afford us the most pleasing views. His great care and sollicitude for the preservation of the pine trees by his proclamations and strict inquiry after transgressors will in all probability effectually secure them for your Majesty's use, etc. His frequent exhortations for puting our laws against vice and immorality in strict execution back'd and enforc'd by his own most virtuous example we have great reason to hope will be a good means to reclaim the vicious and make virtue and religion flourish amongst us; and while he is exerting his powers as a kind father to this Province his loyalty duty and fidelity to your Majesty are not a little conspicuous in the strictest execution of your Majesty's Commission, and his utmost regard for the Royal prerogative etc., etc. Beg H.M. grace and favour in continuing this poor little loyal Plantation under the present most happy and desirable administration. Signed, Richard Waldron, Secretary of the Council, and Andrew Wiggin, Speaker. 3 pp. [C.O. 5, 10. No. 30.]
Dec. 3.
580. Mr. Popple to Mr. Carkesse. Reply to Dec. 1st. q.v. My Lords Commissioners are sorry to find that any difficulty of this sort should arise in a matter of so much importance to the publick; and the rather because there are many instances both upon the books of your Office, and upon ours, wherein the Commissrs. of the Customs have not scrupled to comply with the like request, of which I send you some instances. Quotes cases of 24th Dec. 1717, 29th March, 1720, and 6th Feb., 1724. [C.O. 5, 1366. pp. 55–57.]
Dec. 4.
581. Council of Trade and Plantations to the King. Offer for confirmation Act of Antigua for cutting off the intail of certain lands formerly of John Bradshaw decd., and settling the same upon Francis Delap, of Antigua, mercht etc. [C.O. 153, 15. p. 65.]
Dec. 5.
582. Governor Belcher to the Duke of Newcastle. Refers to letter announcing arrival. Continues: —I proceeded to this Province and publisht H.M. Commission here the 25th of August last to which H.M. good subjects of this Province paid all imaginable honour and deference and the General Assembly (in conformity to my orders) was conven'd at the time of my coming into the Province, and then enacted some laws, and at their Sessions began the 19th of this month (sic) they past several others all which I now cover to your Grace etc., with what I thought proper to say etc. The first session of the Assembly being but short your Grace will see they did very little business. But at my last meeting them they have gone through several other affairs for H.M. interest, and the good of his people, and as the titles of the Acts contains the substance, purport and meaning of them, I have no remarks to make to your Grace upon them. But I am obliged in justice to the Assembly and the people of New Hampshire, to say that they are ready upon all occasions to do what H.M. may expect from a. good and loyal people; and I hope your Grace will represent 'em in this favourable manner to our most gracious Sovereign. I am now returning to etc. the Massachusetts Bay in order to meet the General Assembly there whom I adjourn'd to the 16th currtt. I directed the Secretary of that Province to forward all the laws past at their last session to their Agent to be deliver'd to your Grace etc. Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, R. Feb. 9. 2½ pp. Enclosed,
582. i. Speech of Governor Belcher to the Assembly of New Hampshire, 28th Aug., 1730. Will favourably represent their obedience to H.M. in setling a salary of 600l. on him for the time of his Government. But suggests that they should accept the amendments of the Council as to paying him in advance and providing for the Lt. Governor, whom he cannot support out of his own salary etc. Copy. 1¼ pp.
582. ii. Act of New Hampshire adjourning the Court of Quarter Sessions until Sept. 15th. 1st Sept., 1730. Copy, ¾ p.
582. iii. Act for emitting 1300l. in bills of credit to be repaid by a tax on polls and estates in 1742. 1st Sept., 1730. Copy. 1 1/8 pp.
582. iv. Act for settling 200l. sterl. or 600l. credit bills per annum on Governor Belcher. "Although it will lye very heavy on H.M. good subjects etc. One moiety to be paid in the spring, and the other in the fall etc. which said sum is in full of H.E.'s salary and expences and for an allowance to be made to the Lt. Governor etc. H.E. is enabled to make a draft for his first half- year's salary as soon as the Treasury is supply'd with mony." 1st Sept. 1730. Copy. 1½ pp.
582. v. Act for adjourning the Court of Quarter Sessions till Dec. 8th. 1st Dec, 1730. Copy. 1 p.
582. vi. Act for removing three of the Courts of General Quarter Sessions from Portsmouth to Exeter, Hampton and Dover. 3rd Dec, 1730. Copy. 1¾ pp.
582. vii. Additional Act to the Act for regulating fees. 3rd Dec, 1730. Copy. 2 pp.
582. viii. Act for emitting 700l. paper bills. 3rd Dec, 1730. Copy. 1 p.
582. ix. Act appointing Commissioners to settle the boundarys between N. Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay. Dec 3, 1730. Copy. 3¼ pp. [C.O. 5, 10. Nos. 30–39.]
Dec. 5.
Portsmouth in
New Hampshire.
583. Governor Belcher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. The 7th of October last I addrest you from Boston; after the Assembly of H.M. province of the Massachusetts Bay, had sat about 7 weeks and gone thorro' the greatest part of the publick affairs: I adjourn'd them to the 16th currtt. and directed the Secretary to transmit the several acts then past to your Lordships etc. On my return I shall forward the compleat journal of that session etc., with a copy of the act past by the House of Representatives, and concurr'd in by H.M. Council respecting the King's Instruction relating to my salary etc. I came into this Province the 19th of last month to meet the General Assembly according to the time to which I had adjourn'd them. They did so little at their last session that I have kept those acts (being but three) to this time and now cover them to your Lordships with what others have been enacted at this session, together with what I thought proper to say to the Assembly at several times for their making the necessary provision for H.M. honour and service and the welfare of the Province. The titles of the several acts contain the substance etc. of them as in preceding. Praises loyalty of the people as in preceding. Concludes:—The Board will find one act for settling the boundaries with the Massachusetts, which he thinks proposed to be done in a very unexceptionable manner, "tho' I must confess I had some difficulty in bringing this matter (so far as it is) to a head. I doubt not but the Assembly of the Massachusetts will follow their good example" etc. Will think himself very happy in bringing this long controversy to a successful issue etc. Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, Recd. 11th Feb., Read 9th June, 1730/1. 3 pp. Enclosed,
583 i. Speech of Governor Belcher to the Council and Assembly of New Hampshire. Portsmouth, 19th Nov., 1730. It is their happiness to live under the protection of the best of Kings and an indulgent father, and they are continually reaping great advantages from the trade with their mother-country. Hopes therefore that they will never be wanting in loyalty and obedience to his Majesty, and will upon all occasions show their dutiful dependance on the Crown of Great Brittain. "This will be the best of means to establish you still more in the King's favour and thereby most effectually promote the prosperity of your country." Recommends them to put in execution the King's commands for settling the boundary with Massachusetts. The Assembly there have shown a cheerful inclination to comply. "Anything you can do for the encouragement of naval stores in this Province will greatly recommend you to the favour of the Crown, and serve your own trade and interest." Recommends a bounty for raising hemp, to which their soil and climate are well adapted. Recommends establishment of fees etc. Endorsed, Recd. 11th Feb., 1730/1. Copy. Certified, Richd. Waldron, Secretary. 2¼ pp.
583. ii. Speech of Same to Same. 28th Nov., 1730. Has directed the Lt. Governor with some members of the Council and Assembly to report what repairs are necessary for Fort William and Mary. Their return shall be laid before them for a grant for that purpose. Recommends Act for regulating the Militia. "I am informed that your grants, deeds and other papers of greatest consequence to the good people of this province lye at present in a rude and undegested manner, and that there is a great necessity of a revise of your laws" etc. Recommends appointment of a suitable person to reduce them to order, and the building of a handsome Court House in Portsmouth. Will issue a proclamation as to the fees they have settled. Returns thanks for settling his salary etc. Endorsed etc. as preceding. Copy. 2 2/3 pp.
583 iii. Governor Belcher's warrant to Lt. Governor Wentworth, Richard Wiberd, John Frost and Theodore Attkinson, to survey Fort William and Mary. Portsmouth, 2nd Dec, 1730. Endorsed etc. as preceding. Copy, ¾ p.
583 iv. Proclamation by Governor Belcher requiring all officers not to demand more than the established fees, etc. Portsmouth, 3rd Dec, 1730. Endorsed etc. as preceding. Copy. 1 p.
583 v. Governor Belcher to the Committee of the 15,000l. loan, requiring them to submit an account to him. Portsmouth, 3rd Dec, 1730. Endorsed etc. as preceding. Copy. ¾ p.
583 vi., vii. Duplicates of Nos. iii, iv preceding.
583 viii. Act of New Hampshire in addition to an act for inspecting and suppressing disorders in licensed houses etc. 2 pp.
583 ix.–xiii. Duplicate of Nos. v–ix preceding. Same endorsement. [C.O. 5, 873. ff. 1–8, 9v.–11v., 13v.– 14v., 16, 16v., 18, 20, 22, 22v., 24–25v., 26v.]