America and West Indies: June 1732, 11-20

Pages 156-158

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 39, 1732. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1939.

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June 1732, 11-20

June 13. Whitehall. 261. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Duke of Newcastle. Enclose following to be laid before the Queen. Annexed,
261. i. Same to the Queen, Guardian of the Kingdom and H.M. Lieutenant therein. Representation upon Govr. Worsley's memorial described (v. 9th Feb.). Continue: We have consulted Mr. Fane and have been attended by Mr. Worsley etc. We find the Attorney General in Barbados has power to sue in H.M. name for the recovery of the arrears due from the inhabitants under the abovementioned Act (for supporting the honour and dignity of of the Government, 1722), and Mr. Worsley has informed us that the reason why he declined to bring this matter to a tryal whilst he resided in Barbados was, that if an appeal had been made upon this subject from the decision of the inferior Courts, it must have been heard before him, in which case he would have been both judge and party being interested in the success of the suit for himself as well as the publick. However as the money which remains uncollected, appears to us to be justly due from the defaulters, by virtue of the abovementioned Act, we have no objection why your Majesty may not be graciously pleased to grant the prayer of this petition, and give the necessary directions that H.M. Attorney General at Barbados may proceed therein accordingly. [C O. 29, 15. pp. 292–299.]
June 16. Whitehall. 262. Council of Trade and Plantations to the Committee of the Privy Council. Enclose following (v. 6th June).
262. i. Draft of H.M. Additional Instruction to Governor Johnson. Empowering him to grant 48,000 acres of land in S. Carolina to Jean Pierre Purry, on the conditions proposed 23rd July, 1730, q.v.; and subject to the quit-rents reserved by his Instructions, after the expiration of 10 years from the date of this grant, and on this further condition, that if any of the lands so granted shall not be cultivated within said 10 years, such lands etc. shall then revert to the Crown. [C. O. 5, 401. pp. 41–4.]
June 16. Whitehall. 263. Circular letter from Mr. Popple to the Governors of Plantations. H.M. having been pleased upon the Address of the House of Commons, 25th April, to direct my Lords Commissioners to prepare a further representation to be laid before the House in the next Session of Par Lament on the state of H.M. Colonies and Plantations in America, with respect to any laws made, manufactures set up, and trade carryed on there, which may affect the trade, navigation and manufactures of this Kingdom, etc., they desire you will immediately upon receipt hereof, send them the best and most particular accounts you can of any laws made, manufactures set up, or trade carryed on which may in any way affect the Trade and Navigation and manufactures of this Kingdom, and that you will take it for a constant rule to send my Lords Commissioners annual returns to these Queries. [C.O. 324, 11. p. 308.]
June 16. Jamaica. 264. Governor Hunter to Mr. Popple. About a fortnight ago your cusing Will. Henderson dy'd. As his brother's will was believ'd the cause of his death, his conduct in life was believ'd to be the occasion of his brother's (v. 14th April). His wife being with child and one of his daughters remain in a bad condition as to ev'rything. I know not if she will think fitt to administer to her husband he having made no will. We expect Mr. Lestock ev'ry hour and the next Adml. Stuart sails for Engld. By him I shall send the acts, minutes and journals of last session etc. Our partys are in search of ye rebel slaves without much successe hitherto, they being in all appearance dispers'd and divided into small partys for sustenance, when the weather is better I hope I shall send a better account of them. Signed, Ro. Hunter. Endorsed, Recd. 28th Aug., Read 12th Sept., 1732. Holograph, 1¼ pp. [C.O. 137, 20. ff. 82, 82 v., 87 v.]
June 17. New York. 265. President Van Dam to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Abstract. The province continues in a peaceable state. Has given directions for the reception of Gov. Cosby in the usual manner etc. Signed, Rip Van Dam. Endorsed, Recd. 29th July, 1732, Read 23rd Feb., 1732/3. Addressed. Seal. 1 p. [C O. 5, 1056. ff. 13, 14 v.]
June 17. New York. 266. Same to the Duke of Newcastle. Duplicate of preceding mutatis mutandis. Signed, Rip Van Dam. Endorsed, R. 30th July. Addressed. Seal. Holograph. 1 p. [C O. 5, 1093. ff. 225, 226 v]
June 19. Boston. 267. Governor Belcher to the Duke of Newcastle. In obedience to H.M. I duly communicated to the last Assembly of this Province, as well as to the present, H.M. Additional Instruction to me respecting the support of his Govr. here, and have prest their compliance therewith, all in my power; and I now inclose your Grace the Journal of the present House of Representatives, so far as they are gone, and am sorry to acquaint your Grace, that all His Majesty has done, and all I have laid before them in consequence of His royal orders has been to no purpose, and I think myself oblig'd in my duty to the King to say, I have not the least prospect or expectation, that the King's Instruction for fixing a salary on His Govr. will ever be done here. But they have this session granted my support in the manner they did the last year, as your Grace will find by the inclos'd Act; and I must now again humbly pray for your Grace's favour that I may have the royal leave transmitted me to give my assent to this Act for my support. And I would humbly beg the leave may be general for the future, provided they never grant less than £3000, for in this manner, it is not only giving your Grace a great deal of trouble, but putting me to expence, while I am at same time supporting the honour of the King's Government out of my own estate, and running the risq. of losing the money they grant (in case of my mortality) as they have done by Govr. Burnett's children. I can relye on your Grace's justice and honour in granting this reasonable request, and that I may not be oblig'd to starve in the strict practice of my duty to the King till H.M. in his royal wisdom, may take effectual measures for the more certain support of His Governour. I am with great deference and duty. My Lord Duke, Your Grace's most devoted and most faithfull humble servant, Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, R. 2nd Sept. 4 pp. Enclosed,
267. i. Act of the Massachusets Bay for granting £3000 to Governor Belcher, "to enable him to go on in managing the publick affairs." June 13, 1732. Copy. 1 p. [C.O. 5, 898. ff. 449–451.]
June 19. Boston. 268. Governor Belcher to the Council of Trade and Plantations. Duplicate of preceding, mutatis mutandis. Signed, J. Belcher. Endorsed, Recd. 16th, Read 23rd Aug., 1732. 2¾ pp. Enclosed,
268. i. Duplicate of end. i. preceding. [C.O. 5, 874. ff. 123–124, 126–127, 128 v. (with abstract).]
June 20. Whitehall. 269. Council of Trade and Plantations to Governor Burrington. We have received yor. letters of the 1st of July, and 4th September, 1731, and shall receive H.M. pleasure on such parts of them, wherein his service, or the welfare of the Province are any way concerned. But as to those paragraphs which relate to yor. self and those who have disagreed with yor. measures; we cannot but take notice that they are couched in a very extraordinary stile, particularly that, where speaking of Mr. Ashe's declining to come to England with the Chief Justice you write in the following words; "by which failure of his, Baby Smith will be quite lost, having nothing but a few lies to support his cause, unless he can obtain an instruction from a gentleman in Hanover Square"; of these words we expect an immediate and distinct explanation. [C.O. 5, 323. f. 51 v.]