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Pages 320-321

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 44, 1738. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1969.

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Lacy (Lacey), Roger, settler in Ga., 314,
-, -,-, account of, 226i,
-, -,-, brother of, 369,
-, -,-, death of, 427,
-, -,-, neglects plantation, 369,
-, -,-, wife and widow of, 369, 427.

Lade, Sir John, pays for servant in Ga., 316, 406, 541.

Ladoon, Francis, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Laffite, Peter, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lamb, Capt. John, letter from L.I. by, 295.

land grants, see under Fairfax; Georgia; Maryland; New Hampshire; New York; N.
-, Carolina; Northern Neck; N. Scotia; Pennsylvania; S. Carolina; Virginia.

Lane, Chief Justice of N.Y., examination before, 269iii.

Lane, John, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lang, H., of London, m., 47.

Lansing, Johannis, jnr., commnr. of N.Y. for Indian affairs, 445i.

La Nuestra Senora alias La Venus, Bernardo de Espinosa, Spanish ship, taken by British and released, 465, 497i.

La Pointe la Chevelure (Crown Point), French fort at, 268iii, and see Crown Point.

L'Apostre, Henry, Trustee for Ga. and Common Councilman, 263, 316, pp. 2867.

Lardant, James, g. in S.C., p. 282.

L'Arnage, Lieut.Governor of St. Domingue, 417. 447.
-, -, letter from, 447i,
-, -, letter to, 417ii.

Larney, Lucy, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Laroche, James, of Bristol, m., 47.

Laroche, John, Trustee for Ga. and Common Councilman, pp. 2867,
-, -, letter and petition signed by, 1789.

La Venus, see La Nuestra Senora.

Lawes, Holliday, grant of land in Ga. to, 182, 184.

Lawes, Temple, Cllr. of Jamaica, 12, 26, 196, 203.

Lawford, Samuel, of Bahamas, 88, 116.

Leacock, John, in Antigua, 189i.

Lean, Abraham de, see De Lyon.

Le Beauf, Jerome, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lee, Commodore [Fitzroy Henry], R.N., governor of N.F.L., 148.

Lee, Peter, recommended to be Cllr. of Montserrat, 534iii.

-, -, (see principally under Antigua; Montserrat; Nevis; St. Christopher's;
-, -, acts
-, -,-, ascertaining value of foreign coins (1694), 547.
-, -, councils
-, -,-, list of members, expected regularly, 404, 520.
-, -, currency, 420iv, 547,
-, -, governor, instruction to, 65, and see Mathew, W.,
-, -, military and naval matters
-, -,-, cost of regiment in, 420iv.
-, -, officers
-, -,-, Solicitor-General, see Spooner, J.

Lejau, Francis, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Le Mercier, Andrew, pastor of French church at Boston and projector of settlement on I. of Sables, 138, 138ii,
-, -, letter from, 138i,
-, -, petition of, 138iii.

Leogane (Leogan, Leoganne), St. Domingue,
-, -, British ship condemned at, 417, 417i, 417iii, 447iii,
-, -, British prisoners at, 417i, 417iii.

Leslie, Charles, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Leture, Francis, mate of Rebecca, protest by (1732), 78iii.

Leutkirch, Germany, settlers for Ga. invited from, 517.

Leverett, Thomas, patent to (1629), respecting N. Scotia, 485.

Lewis's Explanation of Church Catechism, used in Ga., 539.

Liebrach, Germany, settlers for Ga., invited from, 517.

Lier, John Rodolph, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lightfoot, John, recommended to be Cllr. of Antigua, 534iii.

Lightfoot, for and in Ga., 3, 270.

Limerick, John, Viscount, Trustee for Ga., p. 287.

Lindau, Germany, settlers for Ga. requested from, 517, 540.

Linden, John, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Linning, John, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lisbon, Portugal, 389,
-, -,-, letters dated from, 4989.

Litherland, Edward, of Liverpool, m., 47.

Litherland, Nathaniel, of Liverpool, m., 47.

Little Pedee [Pee Dee] River, S.C., land grants on, p. 281.

-, -,-, merchants, petition against Act of Jamaica, 47,
-, -,-, opinion in, of Plantation coinage, 304,
-, -,-, opposition in, to Act of S.C., 332,
-, -,-, ship of, seized by French, see Elizabeth.

Livingston, Philip, Cllr. of N.Y.,
-, -,-, commnr. for R.I.Mass, boundary, 549,
-, -,-, commnr. of N.Y. for Indian affairs, 445i.

Lobb, Richard, debt due to, in Ga., 391.

Locke, John, misinterpretation of his views on money, 31.

Logie, Andrew, grant of land in Ga. to, 182, 184.

Logwood, in Campeachy Bay, British rights to, 114, 114i.

-, -,-, Act of S.C., opposed in, 49, 339,
-, -,-, merchants petition against Act of Jamaica, 47,
-, -,-, proposal for Plantation coinage approved in, 304.

London, Bishop of, see Gibson, E.

London Gazette, advertisement in, concerning Ga., 124, 228, 282, 394.

London Merchant, passengers for Ga. by (1735), 216.

Long, James, of Jamaica, proposed for commission in independent company, 331, 518.

Long Island, N.Y., 268ii (p. 133).

Lord Chancellor of England, accounts of Georgia Soc. to be presented to, 39, and see Yorke.

Lothrop, Colonel, in Mass, militia, 41 iv.

Lougher, Richard, of Bristol, m., 47.

Lougher, William, of Bristol, m., 47.

Louis XIV, King of France, grant of Louisiana trade by, 243ii (p. 109).

-, -,-, communications of, endangered by Choctaws, 359,
-, -,-, grant of trade of (1713), 243ii (p. 109),
-, -,-, supposed grant of, by Charles I, 243 (p. 97).

Lower Creek Indians, see Creek.

Loyal Betty (Loyal Isabel), George Waine master, taken by Spaniards and released, 497i, 566i.

Loyal Charles, Capt. Benjamin Way, taken by Spaniards, 54iii, 60, 247i.

Loyer, Adrian, of Savannah, Ga., 548.

Lucas, George, Cllr. of Antigua, absent, 534iii.

Lupton, Miss, to pay for servants in Ga., 406.

Lush, John, master of Georgia, examination of, 269iv.

Lyde, son-in-law of Governor Belcher, clerk of Common Pleas, Mass., seeks to be naval officer, Boston, 1.

Lyell, Fenwick, recommended to be Cllr. of N.J., 150i.

Lyford, Capt. William, in S.C., 146,
-, -, Affidavit of, 158ii, 159ii, 166, 205i,
-, -,-, mentioned, 159,
-, -, examination of, 273iii.

Lynch, Dominick, merchant of Barbados,
-, -, declaration by, 132i, 26iii,
-, -, sloop of, taken by French, 132.

Lynch, Col. Thomas, g. in S.C., p. 282.

Lynch, merchant at Gibraltar, 134i.

Lyon, Abraham, see De ,
-, -, Henry, of Antigua,
-, -, evidence of, 202,
-, -, recommended to be Cllr., 534iii.

Lyttelton, Sir Thomas, 450.