America and West Indies: October 1669

Pages 42-44

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 7, 1669-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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October 1669

Oct. 1.
114. Governor Sir Thos. Modyford to Sec. Lord Arlington. Has lately received his of 11th May, in favour of John Woolley. Since his Lordship referred him to the Lord General's directions touching the privateers of this port, he has corresponded with his Grace about their motions and the powers he gave them, which his Grace in all his returns approved of; and had the same been remembered by his Lordship, be should not in the late debates touching these matters, have been thought so imprudent as he hears he has been. Has sent his son a narrative of that affair, to present his Lordship with, also abstract of the General, the Chancellor, and his Lordship's letters touching the same [see ante No. 103. I.] which he promises himself will once more render him fair in his Lordship's opinion. Endorsed, Rec. Jan. 22, 1669-70. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 88.]
Oct. 2.
115. Sir John Yeamans, Philip Bell, Will. Sharpe, and Sam. Barwicke, to Sec. Sir John Trevor. His Majesty's Commissions empowering them to receive the English part of St. Christopher's, were delivered to them by the Deputy Governor 13th September last, with his Majesty's instructions, and divers orders from the French King to his Ministers; and on the 16th they wrote to the Sieur De la Barre [see ante No. 109] to adjust time and place of meeting. But, being ignorant of any shipping designed or provision made for them, they addressed themselves to the Deputy Governor, who answered that he was not empowered to press or hire any shipping for them. Are not without hopes to receive such further directions as may remove these hindrances and difficulties and satisfy them for the diet of prisoners if necessary, and into whose hands they shall commit the country and forts when sur-surrendered by the French. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV. No. 89.]
Oct. 9.
116. Sir Tobias Bridge to the Lords of the Privy Council. Sends account of the receipt of his Majesty's moiety of the 4 1/2 per cent in obedience to their instructions of 31st July 1668. Is preparing to send the yearly account with the muster rolls; in the interim sends the best computation he can make of the year's revenues. Mr. Johnson begins to make further trouble, notwithstanding their Lordship's orders of the 5th February last. Is making address to the Deputy Governor and Council in order to the King's service; doubts not they will do right. Excessive rains and want of winds have caused the crop to fall out one-third less than formerly. Is indebted to the country for the soldiers' quarters 197,064 lbs., and to Lord Willoughby 113,798 lbs. of sugar for the King's provisions, and if he himself is not relieved it is likely to fall heavy upon him. Annexed,
116. I. The accounts above referred to, estimated in, pounds of sugar, from 14 Oct. 1668 to 6 Oct. 1669. Together, 3 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., Nos. 90, 91.]
Oct. 15.
New York.
117. Samuel Mavericke to Col. Nicolls. Thanks him for his of the 12th July, as also for his favour in procuring from H.R.H. the gift of the house in the Broadway.Beseeches him to proceed in bringing the relief of their poor friends in New England to the issue so much desired by himself and them, and is very sorry Col. Cartwright cannot be with him to assist him. Has sent copies of part of his letter to keep up their drooping spirits; will not trouble him with the sad complaints which frequently come from them, for he knows well in what bondage they live. Believes every particular of what he writ concerning Jno. Scot. The ship, the Good Fame, of New York, was launched 14 days since, and is very strong and handsome, but costly. The house is a handsome fabrick, but wages are so high that it cannot be expected it should come off cheap. The flux, agues, and fevers have much reigned in city and country, but not so many are dead as last year; the like is all New England over, especially about Boston, where have died three special friends of his and well-wishers to New York, Messrs. Downe, Boyse, and Tobias Payne. 1 1/4 p. Printed in New York Documents, III., 185. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 92.]
Oct. 19.
118. Disbursements on the account of Carolina. Total, 35l., which includes 19l. to John Rivers, 10l. to Florence O'Sullivan, 5l. to [Joseph] West, and 1l. to Miller. [Shaftesbury Papers, Section IX., No. 17.]
Oct. 20.
119. Nine Acts passed at a Grand Assembly held at James City, Virginia, by prorogation from 17th Sept. 1668 to 20th Oct. 1669, but the titles only of two of these Acts are given, against which, in the margin, is written, Repealed, Obsolete. Printed in Col. Entry Bks., Nos. 89, 90, 91, see ante Nos. 262, 1842. Col. Cal., 1661-1668. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 88, pp. 73-76.]
Oct. 21.
120. Minutes of a meeting of the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, held at the Cockpit; present, Duke of Albemarle, who was elected the first Palatine of Carolina, Earl of Craven, the first High Constable, Lord Berkeley, the first Chancellor, Lord Ashley, the first Chief Justice, Sir Geo. Carteret, the first Admiral, and Sir Peter Colleton, the first High Steward. In the handwriting of John Locke. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 20, p. 46.]
Oct. 22. 121. Warrant to all Admirals, &c. To permit John Champante Merchant to transport 100 nags or geldings (not exceeding the price of 10l. each) to Barbadoes, to be employed in the sugar works there, on payment of the usual duties and customs. 3/4 p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas II., Vol. 25, p. 129d.]
Oct. ?
122. Warrant to the Attorney-General. To prepare a bill to pass the Great Seal continuing Wm., Lord Willoughby, Capt.-General and Governor-in-Chief of Barbadoes and the Caribbees during his Majesty's pleasure, with all the powers, privileges, &c. contained in the Letters Patent of 3rd Jan. 1667, said three years having nearly expired, and his Majesty not having resolved otherwise to dispose of said government. Draft, with corrections by Williamson. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXIV., No. 93.]
Oct. 27. 123. Copy of preceding Warrant. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 30, p. 174.]