America and West Indies: May 1670

Pages 64-68

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 7, 1669-1674. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1889.

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May 1670

May 2.
St. Jago de la
179. Minutes of the Council of Jamaica. Whereas the outlying negroes, commonly called the Vermahaly Negroes, have committed murders, robberies, and other outrages on his Majesty's subjects, and now, lately, have in cold blood basely murdered John Piper, Pallisando Robin, John Townsend, Thomas Mason, and Bloody Dick, inhabitants of Clarendon parish, for the prevention of such mischiefs and the speedy punishment of those perfidious villains, Ordered, that no person travel two miles from his dwelling place without being armed. That all persons be ready with their arms to assist in apprehending or killing said traitorous villains, and that officers and soldiers take every means to do so. That no person give clothes, victuals, or parley with said traitors on pain of being prosecuted as assistors, comforters, and adherers to said rebels, but that contrarywise, they fire at and by all means possible endeavour to destroy them. Rewards of 30l. to be given to whoever shall kill their governor, 20l. for the sergeant-major, and 10l. for every common man, and any servant or slave who shall perform said exploit to have his freedom. The wives and children of said traitors killed or surprised to be the property of those who shall do this good service. Orders for the better drawing forces together for this service. Said orders to be published at the head of every company. Orders sent to Capt. Thomas Price in reference to taking and killing said Varmahaly negroes. 6 1/2 pp. [Col. Entry Bk., No. 34, pp. 189–196.]
May 2.
180. John Style to the Secretary of State. Hopes his last (see ante, No. 138), sent with much difficulty, in Capt. Moseley's ship, to his son in London, came safe to his hands. Amongst his letters formerly sent, was one concerning the actions of the outlying negroes here. What he then wrote has since happened, for, besides the frequent spoils and robberies they have committed, last week six Christian hunters were killed. They were the negroes that have been long out, which of late appear very frequently amongst the old settlements, and may at any time destroy them. Many more negroes have run away from their masters, as appears from the number brought to the prison, for whoever takes any such to the prison receives 20s., if from the north side 40s. Can say nothing with certainty of the number out, but the number of Indians, mulattos, and negroes, to whom the oath of allegiance is never tendered, much exceeds that of those who call themselves Christians, and daily increases. Christians daily decrease. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 29.]
1670 ? 181. Information of John Style. That on the 8th December 1669, the jailor Réné Bailly told Jervase Fletcher, who was committed prisoner, he would lend him a brave book to pass away the time, which he highly commended, in which were several treasonable positions maintained and formerly published by Mr. Prynne in the late rebellion. Heard the jailor maintain by quotations out of the book that the arms of the late rebels were defensive and just, and that they neither committed murder nor treason; and Fletcher told him that the jailor had said that if the King governed not well, it was lawful for the Parliament to raise the Militia. Wrote to the Governor on May 4th 1669, that he had heard of some mischief contriving by the negroes in Guinaboa against the Christians from some runaway servants who were prisoners with him; and on Whitsunday following 16 outlying negroes came to that Settlement, killed and salted hogs, and carried off arms and great store of plantains, the particulars whereof he wrote at large to Sir Will. Morrice. 1 1/2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XX V., No. 30.]
May 5.
182. Governor Sir Thos. Modyford to Sec. Lord Arlington, Searle is still in custody; the inhabitants daily increasing; and himself passionately longing to receive those commands from his Lordship which may give him encouragement and occasion to enlarge himself. Has troubled this despatch with another dis. position of the Spaniards' hostility. Encloses,
182. I. Deposition of Wm. Lane, boatswain of the Amity of Bristol, Wm. Cands, commander, bound from the Maderias to Nevis. About nine weeks past, 35 leagues to Wind ward of Antigua, a Spanish frigate boarded the Amity and took her. The captain's name was Don Francisco, who sent his prize to Carthagena, and put the English ashore at Corasa, showing that Governor his commission, which was from old Spain against the English and French, and not to give quarter to any Jamaicans, or French that belong to Tortuga. Together 1 1/2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., Nos. 24, 24 IV.]
May 6.
183. Warrant to the Duke of York. To cause a small vessel to be prepared for the voyage of Captain Geoffry Pierce to Barbadoes and the Leeward Isles for his Majesty's service. 1/2 p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 25, p. 159 d.]
May 11.
184. Order of the King in Council. Whereas by an order of 26th January last, the petition of Ferdinando Gorges touching his pretensions to the Province of Maine was referred to the Lords Committee for Trade and Plantations, who having examined the witnesses and evidence produced by Ferd. Gorges, were satisfied that the allegations therein were true. But it appearing a matter of state and importance, it is now ordered that it be referred to the Lords Committee for Foreign Affairs; and to that end the papers relating to that business were delivered to Lord Arlington, Principal Secretary of State. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 31.]
May 11.
185. Copy of the above. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 32.]
1670 ? 186. Petition of Francis Cradock, Provost Marshall of Barbadoes to the King and Council. Petitioner has long had a petition (see ante. No. 151) depending before his Majesty and Council, which, without being read, was referred to the Committee for Plantations, who have not done anything therein. Prays that same may be heard, and that Wm. Willoughby and Captain Ferdinando Gorges, who appeared for Lord Willoughby against Petitioner in a matter which now stands referred to the Attorney General, may appear to answer it. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 33.]
May 13. 187. Warrant to the Attorney or Solicitor-General. Upon a surrender by James Hamilton, Groom of the Bedchamber, of the office of Provost Marshall General of Barbadoes, to prepare a Bill containing a grant of said office to Edwin Steed with all profits, to exercise the same by himself or his sufficient deputies during life. 2/3 p. [Dom. Entry Bk., Chas. II., Vol. 33, p. 27; see also ibid, Vol. 21, p. 88.]
May ? 188. Draft of the preceding warrant. 1 p. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No. 34.]
May 17. 189. Minutes of the Council of Barbadoes. They request the Deputy Governor that there be an addition to the number of the Council, and of assistants to the Courts of Chancery; and that the regiments of horse and foot be completed with officers. 1/2 p. [Col. Entry Bk. No. 11, p. 185.]
May 31./June 10.
St. Germain
en Laye.
190. Edict of the King of France forbidding trade to his plantations in America. His Majesty having already ordered the Sieur de Baas, his Lieut.-General in the Isles of America, not to suffer any foreign vessel to traffic there, and having sent a squadron of three ships of war to seize all foreign vessels found in the ports and roads of said islands or in their neighbourhood, and being informed that said prohibitions have not been executed as rigidly as necessary, and that even vessels taken have been repurchased by the proprietors for trifling sums, his Majesty expressly forbids any foreign vessel to enter the ports, or anchor in the roads of said islands, or sail in their neighbourhood, on pain of confiscation, and that none of his subjects have correspondence with them, on pain of confiscation of said merchandise, 500 livres fine for the first offence, and corporal punishment in case of repetition. Ships and merchandizes taken at sea shall be divided, one-tenth to the commander of his Majesty's squadron, another to the captain of the ship that made the prize, a third to the Lieut.-General. and the rest, half for maintenance of the ships, and half to the West Indian Company to be employed in the maintenance of hospitals in the islands; and of prizes made on land, one-third to the informer, another equally divided between the Lieut.-General and the Governor of the island, and the third to said Company for said hospitals. French. Indorsed, "Received from Sir Joseph Williamson the 11th March 1672 at noon. From Mr. Slingsby 31st July 79." 2 1/2 pp. [Col. Papers, Vol. XXV., No.34.*]
May ?
191. Account of the voyage from St. Katherina of the sloop "which we had at Barbados and parted with at sea and did arrive at Key-awah the 23rd May 1670," and passages there by Maurice Mathews who was in her. [Kay-awagh is marked in Sanson's map as above Edisto River in Colleton County.] Traded with the Indians at St. Katherina, the master of the sloop with his mate and Mr. Rivers and four men went ashore, the master taken by Spaniards and put in chains. Were told to yield and submit to the sovereignty of San Domingo, received volleys of musket shot and a cloud of arrows from the Spaniards and Indians. John Hauke, a seaman, shot at them which made all keep behind trees. Had three muskets, but, "not a bullett, till at last we found several upon the deck which reshooting did a little help us." Their sails much damaged, but nobody hit. Weighed anchor and steered along the shore. Four Indians came aboard, who were entertained courteously. They said the place right ashore from thence was Odistach, that there were English at Key-awah, and that a Captain Sheedow would speak with those on hoard the sloop. Afterwards he and Captain Alush (who were at Barbadoes) came on board and said that the English with two ships had been at Port Royal and were now at Key-awah, and promised on the morrow to take them thither. The next morning they sailed for Key-awah, where they found the Bermudian sloop going out fishing which piloted them into Key-awah river. 3 pp. Two copies. Endorsed by John Locke : "Mr. Mathews relation of St. Katherina, Ashley River," and "Mr. Mathews relation Carolina." [Shaftesbury Papers. Section IX., No. 22.]