East Indies: January 1631

Pages 109-116

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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January 1631

Jan. 2.
127. William Hoare to the East India Company,"per conveyance of the Dutch." Jan. 2. Encloses copies of letter sent in pinnace Swallow, dispeeded for England 6th Dec. last, and invoice of her lading. Neither the Star and Falcon from Coromandel nor the pinnaces John and Macassar from Jambi yet arrived, but conceives the two former are gone by the Straits of Malacca, to supply Jambi on their way hither, and the latter are detained for the transport of goods up and down the river, the Dove appointed for that service having been through fear of the Portugals dispeeded hither by the Agent by Straits of Sunda. Went through a few days since with Apta Jam, a prime merchant of this place, for 1,000 peculls of pepper at former prize, viz., 5 ryals per pecull, besides custom and other duties, lower than which there is no hope to bring it, nor shall they easily raise it higher; he is to take cloth at price current. Still continue what in their last was advised concerning disposure of their expected ships Star and Great James, the former for England and the other back from Surat, or otherwise as the Company shall have determined, nor will they doubt the Star's seasonable arrival in England, though the middle of March ere she be dispeeded, for the easterly winds will soon clear her the Straits of Sunda, which usually spends much time if sooner dispeeded and labours the ships and people more than half the voyage besides. For effecting which they have, at balance of last year's books, 480 tons; bought in Bantam of Gitting and Apta Jam and not yet received 250 tons, and expected daily from Jambi 80 tons; of which, allotting 300 tons for the Star, the remaining 510 tons, with the investment of the second general voyage and further help of the stock upon occasion, will fully, with an overplus, serve the design of the other either for Surat or England. For returns in December next they may confide on for the Old Stock, besides said 810 tons, 700 tons bought at Jambi, 800 to be bought from a cargazoon of 25,000 Rs. intended shortly, 100 tons cloves expected from Macassar, 60 tons pepper bought at Japara, and 200 Bantam will afford, if means to procure it; which may be augmented by overplus of the 60,000 Rs. desired in specie, of which 40,000 will no more than pay customs and duties, and the Company's debts and charges will be not much more than cleared by the 20,000 remaining. Desires them to appoint meet shipping for transport of these 2,000 tons, their speedy arrival will ease their servants of much care, who are afflicted with apprehension of the hazard wherein the goods remain. Is not yet able to say ought of the second general voyage, but will use his best endeavours for its advance. Heartily desires that the Company may again proceed jointly to supply their business competently, for particular voyages do but produce distraction, and indeed their demur of trade has given the Dutch that opportunity to insinuate themselves into the trade of most places, which their devices and force could never attain, so long as the English had means to be doing with them. Is informed the Dutch mayors have, from notice of the cloves arrived on the Mary, reprehended their General and Council in their last advices for not preventing their purchase at Macassar; to prevent which for the future the Dutch some eight days since dispeeded seven ships with 1,500 soldiers to seize all traders at Amboyna, the Moluccas, or other parts, and to reduce the natives, who in many places are started from them to Bantam. Also about 20 bahar cloves arrived this year, which, though he had not means to buy, he held in hand till the Dutch sent a Factor from Jacatra, who bought them at 70 Rs. per pecul, because they would have them solely to themselves, advising the King to prohibit his subjects from trading any more to those parts, lest they felt the fury of the Dutch forces sent to take all vessels found there without their license. The end of this their action time must manifest, only fears it will much hinder the trade of Macassar this ensuing year. Of English commodities 12 stamells of 20l. per cloth and 20 tons lead yearly will be sufficient for these parts, and some six or eight cases strong waters, also five dozen handsome knives and some muskets for presents; of the strong waters angelica, aniseed, and such that taste sweetish are most desired; those tasting bitter or fiery, or red coloured, being not esteemed; ordinary wooden cases are better than the best. Three of the Dutch fleet dispeeded this year from Holland are not arrived, which continues them hopeful of the Exchange and Speedwell. List of writings sent in this packet No. 1:—Copies of two general letters of 6th December 1630, per Swallow. Copy invoice of Swallow's lading, and bill of lading. Journal parcels specifying errors in general books, letter B. B. General letter of the 2nd January 1630–1. 3 pp. [O. C., Vol. XII., No. 1337.]
Jan. 3. 128. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Four or five barrels of powder stolen from a hoy on her passage down to the Mary at Gravesend; the hoyman to be warned to the Court to be examined. Committees nominated to go down to dispeed away the ships from Gravesend to the Downs; Mr. Swanley ordered to carry down the Exchange from Erith; the 100 bales of cloth to be sent aboard with all convenience; Mr. Perry and the Remembrancer to give notice thereof to Lord Denbigh, and desire a list of his retainers that are to wait on him in this voyage. Mr. Colthurst directed to look out some scarlet cloths of the best and some purples, for the Committees for presents to make choice of. Some fowling pieces also to be bought for presents, and dogs; and it being remembered that of late years dogs had been provided but refused by the Commanders of the ships, when themselves carried dogs to make profit of, it was ordered that henceforth neither Commanders nor any others carry any dogs to the Indies but those put aboard by the Company. Overplus of white wine to be sold, and two brass sakers bought for the Speedwell, in exchange for old brass bases at Blackwall. 2 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 137, 138.]
Jan. 3.
129. Wm. Hoare to the East India Company," per Dutch conveyance." After his advice of yesterday was delivered to the Dutch Factor for conveyance to Batavia, a boat with 21 of the Company's servants arrived with tidings of pinnace John lost on Jambi bar, with 715 peculs pepper, weighed by William Flint, amounting to 4,300 Rs. of 8, four iron minion and four brass falcons and falconets, and all her provisions, and of the junk Macassar fallen to pieces ashore in trimming through rottenness. An unusual current from the river with contrary winds helped forward by the preposterous desire of her young master, Jeremy Harrison, who to appear diligent extremely overladed her; the bill of lading seems a mystery, for in Feb. last she came full laden with but 400 peculs. The junk Macassar was bought and repaired by Malachi Martin without order at Macassar, and divers can say she was then utterly past service, whose cost will be made good by Martin. Refers them for further relation to enclosed writings; is much grieved to consider how the unexpected loss of these vessels will frustrate or alter his designs to their exceeding prejudice, yet will continue their purpose of relading the Star for England if she may be spared. Another damage through unwonted rising of the land waters has befallen the pepper bought and housed at Jambi, of which they advise 500 peculs have taken wet. Hopes they will be careful to re-cure it and mitigate the loss; they importune relief, which being unable to help adds to his misery. Desires the supply of shipping, seamen, merchants, and ryals, to clear custom and pay debts, may not be scanted, and then the Company need not doubt to send 2,500 tons of shipping for the Joint Stock only, for less will not be sufficient. Encloses the balance of the Jambi books and copy of their letters, &c. List of writings in this packet No. 2:—General letter to the Company of 3rd Jan. 1630–1. Copies Jambi general letters of 8th and 19th Dec. 1630. Copy balance Jambi accounts of 25th Nov. 1630. Copy relation and consultation of 15th Dec. 1630. Seamen's relation and opinions of pinnace John's wreck. 2 pp. [O. C., Vol. XII., No. 1337.]
Jan. 5. 130. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Letter read from Henry Smith, Land Purser on the Exchange, complaining against Job Medley, Purser's Mate, Thomas Horne, Steward, and Michael Lyon, Cooper's Mate, of said ship, for breaking up her scuttle and going into the hold late in the night, as is supposed for the secret conveyance of their private trade into the hold; Medley examined and suspended till Horne and Lyon be examined on Friday next. On serious consideration of the 2nd and 7th Articles of the Treaty now published concerning the League with Spain, and conceiving that the words do not warrant a free commerce in the East Indies with the Portugal, resolved that their Commanders proceed against the Portugals both offensively and defensively as heretofore, and that the like Commissions be given them as they had in other voyages. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 139, 140.]
Jan. 6. 131. Robert Lucas to Mr. Suffeylde, Merchant, at Surat. Intreats him to stand his friend in getting some money due to him from one Ragu, who has played the rogue in keeping both goods and money. He received 1,500 mamoodes and has returned in goods and money but 1,359; thinks his excuse will be that last year he bought for Lucas 30 maunds of small gumlac for Gombroon which should have been in sticks, so that he was fain to bring it all back and made Ragu pay 100 mamoodes. Ragu has sent to say he knows him not, but doubts not he shall know Suffeylde and feel him too. On the other side he may see the account of various items received amounting to 1,359 odd, leaving 140 odd still due. Endorsed, "1630." 2 pp. [O. C., Vol. XII., 1338.]
Jan. 7. 132. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Resolved, on the advice of Counsel, to waive the bill intended to be put into the Chancery against Capt. Slade; nevertheless he was required to set down in writing an account of all private trade for himself and others in the Blessing both to Surat and to Bantam, and to whom consigned, which he promised to perform and subscribe his name thereunto. Two pipes of white wine to be put on board both the Mary and Exchange more than the former proportion. The complaints against Job Medley and others for breaking open the scuttle of the Exchange examined, and finding no just cause to punish them, they were to repair again aboard their ship and return to their charges. On report of Mr. Treasurer that he had paid 1,000l. for this third voyage out of the Old Stock, and that some adventurers were behind with their Midsummer payments. Ordered that so soon as he should present their names they should be warned to make payment, or the Court would disfranchise them according to the tenour of their Patent. On private information that Mr. Coggins gave in the Indies for one diamond 30,000 Rs. of 8, ordered, that Mr. Acton have notice to insert this particular amongst the charges against him before the bill be engrossed and exhibited into the Chancery. Petition of Haughton, the Company's Brewer, for an increase of price for beer for the ships outward bound, in regard that since his contract malt had so exceedingly risen, to be considered when he had performed his bargain. Ordered that the foreign gold remaining with Mr. Treasurer for the account of the third voyage be packed up and sent aboard the Mary for Surat. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 139–142.]
Jan. 8.
Swally Road.
133. James Bickford to Edward Sherburne, Secretary to the East India Company, at his house in Gt. St. Helens. Have had a most prosperous passage out of England, and about 20th Sept. arrived on the coast of Surat, where they were waited upon by about 40 frigates of war, wherein the Viceroy's son of Goa went as a voluntary, with many other Cavalieros, Portugals who thought to get honour upon the English. Their stratagem was fire which had been seven years in making, and was wondrous artificial and fearful to behold, for it burnt under water, being in four vessells fired on their ships, which by the diligence of the English Commanders were so well prevented that with little trouble and less hurt to our people they were towed ashore where they consumed themselves to ashes. A few days after the Portugals made a bravado ashore with 180 men, whom our Commanders with 150 men encountered, and beat back to their frigates, followed them into the sea, knocked them down with the stocks of muskets, and killed by estimation near upon 100 and took 20 and odd prisoners, who remain in irons aboard the ships. The 27th Sept. the President and Messrs. Hopkinson, Hall, Banggam, Smyth, Secretary, and himself went ashore on Swally Sands, and thence to Surat with Messrs. Skibbowe and Barbar who came to meet them. Found business very well carried, and all our people in good health, only a most miserable mortality amongst the natives, who with Jacob's sons with their whole families daily travel into foreign parts to seek bread; and for want of last year's rains is so much augmented that the poor people lie along the streets and highways, a woeful spectacle, dying and dead in great numbers. Has invested Sherburne's money with some addition in Baftaes, which he has sent per Capt. John Bickley, as per inclosed invoice. 1½ pp. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 89.]
Jan. 12–19. 134. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. On consideration of the petition of Mr. Jesson concerning the Company's suit in the Exchequer Court against Mr. Warner who detained petitioner's goods and monies to secure himself against the Company's suit; resolved to proceed legally against Warner unless he submit himself to the Company and desire to compose the difference in a friendly manner. Ordered that Mr. Acton be paid besides his bill of 18l. 14s. for law causes, 20 nobles for his extraordinary pains in drawing the two bills intended to be exhibited into the Chancery against Messrs. Muschamp, Bix, and Coggins, and against Capt. Slade. A declaration presented by Capt. Slade, according to an order of the last Court, not only of his own private trade, but of such as he carried for Messrs. Wylde, Page, and Muschamp from Surat to Bantam in the Blessing; which Mr. Acton was required to show to Counsel, and advise whether anything more might be collected thence fit to be inserted in the bill. Concerning Mr. Brinley's contract for aloes succatrina. Dudgen, one of the Company's porters, dismissed their service for refusing to obey Mr. Cobb and for striking him.
Jan. 14. Report of Mr. Governor that he and others having attended Lord Dorchester to be satisfied whether the peace with Spain extended to a league with the Portugals in the Indies; his Lordship answered that he conceived not, the Articles being no other than in 1604, but there was an expectation on the coming over of the Commissioners for the King of Spain and Arch-Duchess to obtain an accommodation thereof; nevertheless for this voyage he advised them as formerly to stand as well on the defensive as offensive against the Portugals. On consideration of the motion made in the last Court concerning the adventurers that are behind in their payments to the second and third voyages, ordered that they bring in their moneys by Wednesday next, and if they do not make good their subscriptions within 20 days, the Court will disfranchise them. Ordered that two chests of coral just arrived from Marseilles be entered in the Custom House, and hastened down to the ships. Motion of Capt. Slade for recompense in respect of 21 bales of cinnamon pretended to be his due upon the taking of the cinnamon prize, rejected, as there was nothing due to him by the Law of Oleron, more than the Captain's arms. Ordered, on complaint of Mr. Brinley of his hard bargain for aloes succatrina amounting to 1,636l., to abate 36l., and that his time of payment should not begin till this day. Walter Ambler required to bring to the Court tomorrow one of the farmers' deputies who had informed him of 60 barrels of quicksilver bought by Capt. Hall, conveyed into a hoy, and put aboard the Company's ships as is supposed; and Capt. Hall also to have notice to be present. Said Ambler appointed land Purser to the London while lading, the better to prevent private trade being brought aboard. Ordered to remit to Messrs. Dikes and Ferris half of the 10l. they were to give for the use of the Company's powder mills; also that 500l. be paid to Mistress Greeneway over and above the 1,000l. already received by her on account of her contract for biscuit.
Jan. 17. After "some dispute and consultation" on a motion for uniting in one Joint Stock the three particular voyages as a business which would be much better for the adventurers; resolved not to alter the course they were now in, at least till it should please God to send the return of their first voyage. Thirty shillings allowed to Henry Askwith, officer for recovering debts of runaways, to be defalted out of moneys next recovered from any runaway, toward his charges upon arresting a runaway's surety, who afterwards appearing to be the King's servant complained to the Lord Chamberlain, and Askwith to make peace was forced to satisfy his charges. Mr. Fall, entertained as a Factor for Persia, gratified with 5l. for his extraordinary pains in the counting-house.
Jan. 19. Mr. Mountney ordered to deliver to Collins, the Company's powder maker, 600 lb. of saltpetre and 100l., to enable him to keep the mills in continual work. Complaint of Sheriff Abdy that contrary to their orders and custom Mr. Woodall, their surgeon, had sent away the surgeons chests for the Mary, Exchange, and Speedwell without being viewed; he protested it was occasioned only by the shortness of time, and that he would be more careful hereafter. Four demiculverins of iron sold to Capt. Beamond at 13s. per cent. at six months' time. Two chests of coral contracted for with Saml. Vassell at 12s. 6d. per lb., in the Custom House to be sent with all speed to the Downs to the Mary or Exchange. Ordered that notice be given the adventurers who are behind in their payments in the second and third voyages by ticket left at their houses to bring in their moneys, which if refused the Court will proceed against them according to the tenour of their Charter. Request of Lady Sands "one of their number" to be struck out of the book, in regard her husband's estate falls short, granted. One hundred nobles, to be presented in a piece of plate, to Mr. Misselden, who had written many letters and taken some pains in instructing his Majesty's Ambassador in the Amboyna business. 10 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 143–152.]
Jan. 21–24. 135. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Tender by Mary Fagg of 80l. to compose her difference with the Company concerning a parcel of the Moon's pepper for which there is a suit depending in the Exchequer; the Court desiring to show Mrs. Fagg some respect for having so freely referred herself to the Court, remitted 20l. Motion to send away the Palsgrave, to be ready in a few days, without waiting for the London, which could not be fitted for four or five weeks, approved but not determined by reason of Mr. Governor's absence. Richard Hopkins entertained Chief Mate in the London under Mr. Alnutt at 4l. per month. Complaint of Mr. Chambre against the coopers for culling out the best of his pipe-staves and refusing the rest, contrary to contract, referred to Messrs. Spurstowe and Mustard.
Jan. 24. The resolution for the speedy sending away of the Palsgrave confirmed, and Capt. Hall's request granted for 10 tons more water in regard the ship goes so empty. On request of Capt. Hall for a butt of canary for his own provision as formerly and not two half hhds., the Court were content to allow him the freight of two tuns more wine than formerly ordered, in regard the ship goes empty. Ordnance to be removed from the ship yard, as it hinders Capt. Mason's work, the honeycombed ordnance to be set at 9l. per ton, if any please to buy; Alderman Garway intreated to confer with Mr. Burlamachi about them. Motion of Mr. Skinner, that whereas Mr. Trotter, his son Wiseman and himself were indebted to the Company 800l. for goods bought and 400l. interest, that said interest be remitted because Wiseman proved insolvent, refused in regard of the precedent, and that 97l. 7s. 9d. payable two years hence for the 16th division could not be paid unless meantime Wiseman released the adventure. 4½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 153–157.]
Jan. 24.
Agra Tisserapore.
136. Peter Mundy to Crispin Blagden, merchant, at Mogul-Kaseray. These are only to enclose Blagden's jewel which Signor Gaspar sent this afternoon without word of anything due to him for making. ½ p. [O. C., Vol. XII., No. 1339.]
Jan. 26–28. 137. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Mr. Acton's bill of law charges to be paid. Motion on behalf of Mr. Warner that his differences with the Company might be accorded, and the suit in the Exchequer proceed no further. Mr. Acton to confer with the Attorney-General and Mr. Clarke, their Counsel, as to what was fit for the Company to do. Request of Mr. Bell concerning the delivery of certain parcels of stony pepper, dust of wet cloves, and garble of cinnamon, bought by him at a Court of Sales 18th June last. Ordered, that Thomas Carpenter, who received "such a hurt at Jacatra as hath made him a broken man," have 10s. out of the poor's box, and be admitted to the Hospital at Blackwall with allowance of 2s. per week; and that Mr. Woodall do his best for his recovery. Wm. Baker, who had served the Dutch seven years in Molluccas, Amboyna, and the siege of Jacatra, entertained Quarter Gunner in the London, with promise to recommend him to the President at Bantam for better employment, should he deserve it. Suit of John Kingston, Purser of the London, for delivery of 150 lb. cloves, and debts due to him from the Company, deferred, and John Boulter who charged him with conveying divers goods ashore at "Margarett" warned to attend. The bill against Messrs. Bix, Muschamp, and Coggins presented engrossed, and ordered to be forthwith exhibited in Chancery, and the parties subpoenaed to answer the same.
Jan. 28. Resolved, "for some special reasons," that the General Quarter Court be deferred to this day fortnight. James Gibson, hurt in the hand when the Reformation was in fight with the French to have a further 10s. out of the poor box. Mr. Burnell to be admitted an adventurer in the room of Lady Sands. Mr. Horewood's offer for making good Sir Edward Horewood's subscriptions in the third voyage accepted. 4 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 157–161.]