East Indies: June 1631

Pages 164-172

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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June 1631

June 3. 188. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Mr. Acton's bill for law charges amounting to 41l. 8s. 6d. to be paid. Resolved on Thursday next to go down to the yard at Blackwall to give order that the provisions for repairing their ships now intended to be set forth be forthwith provided. Ordered that letters be written to Lionel Wake and John Corham for Antwerp, and Henry Whittarre for Amsterdam to pay bills charged upon them by the Guidanis (Guadagnis) for coral to the value of 10,000 ducats, and charge the Company therewith; Mr. Governor and Ald. Garway desired to do the like if the bills are returned for London. Proposition of Burlamachi to buy all the Company's pepper now returned in the Charles and Jonas at 16d. per lb. for the dry and 15d. for the mouldy, answered they would contract with him at 17d. and 16d., on approved security. Petition of Mr. Moreton of Sandwich and his partners concerning their private trade out of the Charles and Jonas; they were directed to set down more exactly the goods they bought; of whom; the price paid and received; when, where, and to whom sold; and the quantity and quality. Geo. Page charged by Lloyd, Purser of the Charles, and his mate George Gosnell, to have had aboard over and above what he confessed, which Page utterly denied saying they were Mr. Wylde's, and requested delivery of his trunks of apparel and other trifles; which the Court referred to the Committee to deliver what they should think fit on paying freight. Petition recommended by Sir Francis Godolphin in behalf of four poor widows, who lost their husbands in a storm near Scilly coming ashore from the Jonas, delivered to Job Harby, who was going to those parts to report to the Court. Friday afternoon next appointed for examining the complaints against Mr. Clement, against which time he and Mr. Wylde to be warned to attend. Ordered that the rate of 8s. per dollar, for 246 dollars charged on Mr. Bruen's account for a parcel of sandal wood which he sold in India without order of the President and Council, and proved a bad debt, be reduced to 5s. per dollar. Ordered that Mr. Sambrooke prepare warrants for payment of 67l. 10s. 6d. given by Mr. Wylde, Capt. Weddell, and others of the Charles' company for charitable uses. 3½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 267–270.]
June (?) 189. George Page to the East India Company. Agreeing with their injunction he has collected from his papers and truly set down all the (private) trade he used in India, and the sums sent in each voyage and adventure which he made. In the ships Eagle, Anne, Christopher, Palsgrave with Wylde and Muschamp, in the Blessing by Capt. Slade, with Wylde and Muschamp and John Norris within the Mary and in the Jonas in her last voyage to Bantam with Muschamp and Malachi Martin. "Thus have I sincerely delivered you the very true and total sum of all my private commerce, submitting myself and it to your approved favors and clemency to offenders in this kind." Endorsed," Mr. Page his paper of private trade presented by himself in Court." 1½ pp. [East Indies, Vol. 4, No. 96.]
June 8. 190. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. John Spiller, the Company's beadle, required to entreat Lord Say and Sele's presence on Friday next at the hearing of Mr. Wylde's complaints against Mr. Clement. Directions to deliver to Mr. Page his carpets, apparel, linen, and other things not merchandise on paying freight. Petition of Hugh, executor of his brother Robt. Tottell, who went out Factor in the first Persia voyage and died in the Indies, for payment of 50l. out of the 350l. paid by testator into the Company's cash at Surat; but the Court understanding that testator carried a great quantity of quicksilver, the Company's commodity, for private trade, by which he raised said estate, contrary to his bond which is now forfeited, thought fit to detain said money until return of the ships of that voyage. Offer of Burlamachi for the whole parcel of Malabar pepper brought home in the Charles and Jonas at 16d. per lb. for the mouldy and 17d. per lb. for the dry, amounting to between 30,000l. and 35,000l., approved. Heriott Washborne's security for the sugar sold to him, approved. Request of Mr. Benningfield on behalf of Mr. Cordell, executor to Giles Martyn deceased, to relinquish Martyn's bargain of cotton yarn, but the Court being not full wished Mr. Cordell to come in person. Offer of 170l. for four emeralds which cost the Company 230l., but they could never get the price now offered so the sale left to Mr. Treasurer and Mr. Spurstowe. The securities of John Holloway and his brother, and of Thos. Smethwicke and Davies for the calicoes accepted. Robt. Strancke elected in place of Mr. Colthurst for overseeing, dyeing, and dressing cloths and kersies to be sent this year for Persia and the Indies, and to be recompensed according to his diligence and care in the business. Motion on behalf of Wm. Gibson, Factor in Persia, for delivery of 100 lbs. weight of raw silk sent to his sister and for increase of his salary, to be considered two months hence. Note presented by Daniel Freind, one of the Sandwich men, of the particulars of goods out of the Charles and Jonas, returned to perfect; he confessed he had 400 books of calicoes still at Sandwich, which he promised to bring up into the Company's warehouse before Wednesday next when the Company will proceed to a resolution. Opinion of Mr. Acton that it would much prejudice the Company's course at law to listen to the motion on behalf of Gabriel Hawley by his brother to refer their differences to arbitrators. 5½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 270–275.]
June 9–10. 191. Minutes of a meeting of a Committee of the East India Company at Blackwall. The little new dock and wharf to be dug 1 and 2 feet deeper and gates to be fitted, the brick wall not to be repaired till the Company have concluded with Lord Wentworth. Coopers to make cask for the ensuing voyage. Offer of Capt. Mason to serve the Company with masts made of one tree, but the Committee are of opinion that made masts for main masts were more secure, but for foremasts one tree might serve well; Mr. Kirby to confer with Capt. Mason. The smiths' prices for the ironwork to be reduced, the price of iron and coals having fallen. Concerning the sale of divers stores, cracked and unserviceable ordnance 50s. per ton offered for, and if cracked only at the muzzle 3l. 10s.; 6d. per lb. offered for the brass sheavers; the old clock from Dept-ford to be kept awhile, as there may be occasion to use it at the new almshouse. To provide 30 new buckets. Ordered, that in future before returned ships are brought into dock, the cabins be carefully taken down and laid aside to be used again, great spoil having usually been made by tearing them down and laying them carelessly up and down. The great expense of powder in the Charles and Jonas referred to Mr. Mountney to examine, notwithstanding the pretence of the Commanders that they had delivered quantities to the Dutch, the Great James, and other ships, the Committee thinking fit to allow moderate salutations. On motion of the Clerk of the Yard, ordered that the Husband of the Company and the Storekeeper at the Custom House send the prime cost of, at same time as the provisions into the Yard, so that valuation be made of the stores and provisions for each ship. Concerning provisions of cordage, 38s. per cwt. demanded for "stoaved" cordage; Mr. Ducy to provide needful timber, plank, &c. either at Shoreham, or where else he can have the same best cheap. On information of Capt. Weddell, resolved to send more tar and less tempered stuff, the tar preserving masts and rigging far better, and that casks be made stronger than heretofore; on arrival of any ship at Surat she shall be primed with the first opportunity. Mr. Mountney to call for debts due-for provisions lent to the King and otherwise. Opinion of Capt. Weddell that it would be very necessary to prevent the fireing of the Company's ships at Surat yearly practised by the Portugals, to carry in every ship a foremast to make a boom of, which would be very useful to take up fireworks that may endanger the ship. The anchor smith to be furnished with iron for 300 or 400 bolts aforehand. Proposition to furnish the ships to the northward with granadoes, petars for ships' sides, floating petars to fire ships, and tempered stuff to pay the ships with, to make them fire free, left to consideration. Ordered that bulkheads be made on the orlops of every ship going to the Indies, for prevention of private trade and to gain freight to the Company. A great Bible to be bought by Mr. Fotherby for the use of the almsmen at Blackwall, and that one of the six almsmen read prayers morning and evening, and any working in the yard be allowed 6d. per day over and above the 2s. 6d. per week formerly appointed for their maintenance.
June 10. Motion of Sir Wm. Russell on behalf of Capt. Weddell, to appoint a day to make an end with him for his last voyage, to be employed for another voyage, and to be admitted a free brother of the Company, and suffered to put in a stock; it was thought time to consider these two last requests two months hence; day appointed to examine the first business, meantime 200l. ordered him on account of his wages. Capt. Wylde made known he was sent by his father-in-law, Capt. Leate, who was at the point of death, to make a last request, viz., that the Court would remit 218l. charged him for interest over and above the 300l. lately remitted him for the bad bargain of Benjamin, and accept his 14th division, being 250l. due at Christmas in satisfaction of a debt by bill of 220l., which will clear all accounts between him and the Company, and much quiet his mind before his departure out of this world, which is hourly expected; the Court satisfied that it was a very hard bargain to him by the affirmation of Sir Thos. Roe, who was an eye witness at Constantinople, that part of it was mere trash, was induced to remit the 218l. for that reason, howbeit he might deserve some favour as an ancient Committee who had done the Company good service; the Court also willingly accepted his other request, willing Mr. Handson immediately to accompany Capt. Wylde and declare as much to Mr. Leate, to whom they desired to be recommended, and that they prayed to God to strengthen him in this his sickness, and to give him a happy and joyful departure. Instruction to Mr. Ellam to write overland to Mr. Burt in Persia and give him notice of the Company's resolution to send three good ships for Surat and Persia this next year with 1,000 cloths, and other fitting merchandises, and to intreat him to continue there a year or two longer after his contracted time, as an encouragement to which they have voluntarily increased his salary 100l. per annum, to commence the year after his last augmentation. Offer of Burlamachi for 80 bales of silk brought home in the Charles at 25s. per lb. at 30 months' time to be accepted if he would pay that price at 24 months' time from midsummer next' with two months over. Eight pounds four shillings and threepence to be paid for Mr. Governor and the Committees' dinner yesterday at Blackwall and other expenses. Wages of Jeremy Huddle who was taken by the Portugals and after his escape remained three and a half years in the Mary and Jonas to be paid. Capt. Swanley and Tho. Turner, Purser, to have 25 baggs of long pepper brought home by them in the Jonas, paying freight; George Bruen to be paid 100l. on account of his wages.
N.B.—Minutes of a meeting of the Standing and Mixed Committees on Mr. Cordell's free offer to pay 300l. at 3 and 6 months; ordered that he be absolutely discharged from the contract made by Giles Martyn, for whom he is executor, for a parcel of cotton yarn bought at the Court of Sales 18th May last. 7½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 276–283.]
June 15. 192. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Bill of charges expended by John Tyson, waiter of the Custom House in his journey to Sandwich, Deal, and along the coast to look after private trade to be paid. Gratuity to John Lynsey, formerly hurt in the Mary by the fall of a brass sheaver. The General Quarter Court to be held on 29th inst., and the Court of Election the Friday following. Petition of Nicholas Skinner, cutler, and Richard Wiseman, his son-in-law, in reference to a debt of Wiseman's to the Company; to be taken into further consideration. John Streethay's bond to be cancelled, his executor having cleared his account with the Company. Gregory Clement to peruse letters and consultations for clearing his account before the Auditors. Gratuity to Meazy, a waiter of the Custom House, for going to Blackwall and breaking open the Waterman's house that refused to deliver the 42 parcels of private trade he had there. Gratuity to Robt. Greenwood, a poor old lame man, that had wrought in the Company's works 17 years; also to Joyce, wife of Matthew Smith, in the London. Committee of the Generality to be called together on occasion of a petition of Geo. Muschamp to the Lord Keeper, and by him underwritten to be shown to the Company, to have his goods in the Company's hands, putting in good security for what should in the Court of Chancery be decreed against him in the suit now depending, some of the Generality of opinion that the goods were the Company's, a Committee appointed to instruct Counsel to show cause why they should not be delivered. Boatswain Ingram to be paid his bill of charges for boat hire at Deptford, Blackwall, Woolwich, and Erith for a year, amounting to 5l. 2s. 2d. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 283–286.]
June 17.
Royal James.
193. Consultation held aboard the Royal James. Having given warning to all the ship's company to keep careful watch with threatening of severe punishment to the offenders, "but such is the perverse nature of idle persons that no threats can deter them unless they feelingly apprehend the punishment due to such delinquents," and Quartermaster. James Gibson having so much slighted the prescribed order that it hath been his accustomed use to sleep in his watch, whose example others imitating would be the overthrow of ship and goods; ordered that said James Gibson be brought to the capstan and have a basket with 100 weight of shot hung about his neck so long as the Commander and Master shall think fitting, and till he be sorry for his offence. Signed by John Skibbowe, Rich. Barry, Mat. Morton, Thos. Beaumont, and John White. ½ p. [O. C., Vol. XIII., No. 1360.]
June 17. 194. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Petition of Thomas Carpenter, one of the Company's poor almsmen at Poplar, for an allowance of 2s. 6d. per week like the rest, instead of 2s., granted. Offer of the Earl of Bristol of 50l. a piece for their two long Persia carpets, and 8l. each for two silk chequered quilts, accepted; also of Sir Thos. Mettam, an executor of Mr. Crawshawe deceased, for two quilts at the same price. Security of Rich. Peate and others for calicoes approved. 180 lb. of long pepper sent in the Charles by Arthur Suffeylde and George Goldington as a token to six of their brothers and sisters to be delivered on paying freight. Ordered, that no cloth be bought but by consent of all the Committee, the clothiers taking advantage of their buying apart to raise the price. Woodall's bill of 3l. 3s. 4d. for diet and cure of Wm. Tygin, who received a hurt in the Mary by a fall of a piece of ordnance, to be paid, and 40s. given to Tygin to defray his charges into his country dwelling in Cornwall. Petition of Geo. Muschamp with the Lord Keeper's references read (see ante, No. 192), together with the reasons drawn against it by Mr. Acton, and because this is a business of great consequence, a committee is appointed to accompany Mr. Acton this afternoon with said petition and reasons, to instruct Counsel to show cause on Saturday next against the petition. Overture of Burlamachi to contract for the 80 bales of silk returned on account of the Old Stock with other parcels, deferred. On information that Capt. Weddell at his last entertainment put five Factors ashore in Persia, and that Capt. Swanley took into his ship one Egglesfield notwithstanding he had been three times refused to be entertained by the Court, resolved to question them both before they be cleared, and that hereafter the Captains be allowed but one man a piece to attend them. The want of Spanish iron for the ships now intended to be repaired, to be provided. Committee intreated to view the goods in the Company's warehouse belonging to their Factors, Commanders, and mariners, and deliver to them such as they find fit, not being silk, calicoes, or indigo, on paying freight, and where they find anything of small value sent for tokens without freight. Petition of John Elsmore and Francis Lloyd, Master and Purser of the Charles, being creditors to a Bannian at Surat for money lent, they could procure no other satisfaction but 360 pieces of calicoes, 20 parcels of turmerick, and six bales of cotton yarn, which goods will no ways give them satisfaction, and if they pay freight, they will lose half their principal; pray that the freight be remitted or the goods be taken giving them two and a half for one; the Court utterly refused, but ordered delivery of the turmerick and cotton yarn on paying freight. Letter read from Mr. Friend of Sandwich, that he had sent up the 400 books of calicoes to their warehouse (see ante, No. 190), which he and his partners freely submitted to the Court to dispose of, only they desire that their long pepper and other drugs be delivered on paying freight; the Court, observing their fair dealings, induced to consent, excepting as to silk, calicoes, and indigo; but order suspended till Wednesday, when Mr. Friend will be a suitor in person. Offer of Mr. Bownest to furnish the Company with a good quantity of Rs. from Spain at 4s. 1d. per Rs., provided the Company bear the adventure by sea, referred. Gratuity of 40l. to Mr. Acton, their Solicitor, in consideration of the great pains and extraordinary care he daily takes in their law causes by means whereof he is occasioned oftentimes to put by many gainful and beneficial businesses. Committee intreated to agree with the workmen for building the Company's stonehouse at the stonewharf, Deptford, and to direct the work. Gratuity of 20 nobles to Mr. Francklyn and John Mesey, two of the waiters of the Custom House, for discovering and bringing into the Company's warehouse eight barrels of indigo secretly taken out of the Charles and Jonas. The wages of Wm. Heath, stayed on a suggestion that he had brought home private trade, to be paid, as it appeared he brought home nothing of value. 5 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 286–291.]
June 22. 195. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Offer of 1,200l. by the Court for a ship of 250 tons newly built at Woodbridge, and fit for the Company's service on the coast of Coromandel, but finding the owner resolved not to abate anything of his price of 1,400l. they refused to have any further treaty with him. Acton's bill of 21l. 11s. 2d. for law charges to be paid. Request of Mr. Richards, of Canterbury, one of those that bought great quantities of private trade, to enjoy his bargain and sell the goods, being 16 cwt. indigo, 2 bales calicoes, and 3 cwt. green ginger; but the Court wished him to bring them into their warehouse, till when they could say nothing to him. Wm. Taylor, mate of the Charles, to have freight free, 46 pieces of calicoes which were so exceedingly damnified as to be of little worth. Security of Messrs. Brockendon, Harris, and Tue [? Chewe] for calicoes referred for enquiry. The Sandwich men to have their drugs and such like commodities on paying freight. The Court observing how they were daily importuned made this general order, that all drugs, long pepper, green ginger, &c., except silk, indigo, and calicoes be delivered to the owners on paying freight. On information that the Lord Keeper had ordered the Company to deliver to Muschamp the moiety of his goods and wages, the Court after due consideration, of opinion that it became them in duty to obey the Lord Keeper's order, considering that they will still have remaining in their hands to the value of 1,700l. and though they part with so much of his estate it is on good caution to be given by him to abide the Lord Keeper's order on hearing the cause. Petition of Mr. Bix for assistance, in regard of his long suffering and extraordinary charges by reason of the Company's suit against him in Chancery, it being 19 months since he came to England, in which time he had expended 300l., and except a parcel of diamonds which is at this time a dead commodity, he had not wherewith to supply his present occasions, and therefore he besought the Court to order delivery of his silk for the maintenance of himself, his wife, and family; the Court consented on this caution to deposit with Mr. Treasurer the value thereof in diamonds, to be "praysed" by Mr. Harman or any other jeweller Mr. Treasurer shall think fit. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 291–293.]
June 29. 196. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Committee intreated to join with Mr. Kerby in buying a ship of 250 tons to be sent this year for the coast of Coromandel. The Court ordered delivery to Mr. Muschamp according to the Lord Keeper's order, of the diamond ring and other goods and money, reserving 1,400l. with 288l. returned in their books in the names of men not yet returned from the Indies; and Wm. Methwold and Thomas Joanes accepted as his security to stand to the order of the Court of Chancery on hearing the cause. The interrogatories to be administered to the witnesses in the cause against Muschamp, Bix, and Coggins, to be read, allowed and preferred with all expedition. On request of Gregory Clement, ordered that the Auditors make collections of the particular complaints and accusations against him and deliver same to him. Suit of Mr. Stevens for payment of his salary from Christmas last and increase of same; ordered that he be paid 60l. for the half year ended at midsummer last, but the Court would not hearken to the augmentation of his salary. Concerning repairs to the Dolphin. Ordered that a bond for 88l. given by Capt. Batten to Richard Copps for a parcel of indigo bought by him out of the Charles be discharged, said indigo being in the Company's warehouse. John Brockendon, Thos. Chewe, and Edward Harris accepted as security for a 32nd part of the Company's partido of calicoes. Gratuity of 40s. out of the poor's box to John Perier, a poor French minister, who in the late wars of France being a Protestant, was forced to leave his country and estate to the value of 8,000 croweres (? crowns) and to fly with his wife into England.
Minutes of a General Court. Relation of Mr. Governor that the Court of Committees had been careful in giving directions for the speedy preparation of the two ships and a pinnace ordered by last Court to be sent out this year for the account of the Old Stock, and as the charge will be small for a third ship in regard the ship is their own, he doubted not but this Court would confirm and ratify the same without putting it to the question, which they did. One of the Generality then took occasion to except against those that dislike these Quarter Courts, which he is of opinion are fit to be continued as they are to good purpose to debate their affairs and make known their grievances, admiring at those who amongst themselves can be free enough of their speech, but being here are silent, intimating to the Court that the Generality are aggrieved at the gratifications yearly given to the Governor, Deputy, and Committees, as being too great a burden for a losing trade; and therefore advising that this charge be abated, and the number of 24 Committees reduced, being of opinion that there were great adventurers who out of mere love and good affection would undertake to perform those places without expecting any gratification or reward. To which Mr. Governor answered that the motion was very improperly made at this time, for if they approved not his carriage as Governor, and that of the Committees, it was in their power to choose others at the next election on Friday next; moreover, Mr. Governor reminded the Court that he had not made suit at any time to be continued Governor, but it was their own choice and in the year of his being sheriff he had laboured to be eased of this burden, but could not; that his gratification was not half what they had formerly given to some others that preceded him, and he plainly declared that they must not expect to have his pains and labour, to the neglect of his own affairs, for less than what he had received these four years. That as for reducing the number of the Committees, the King's Letters Patents directed the manner of their Government, which it was not in their power to alter without his Majesty's leave; and as for those that are supposed would be found to supply the place of Committees gratis, Mr. Governor declared that if such men be chosen his resolution was to get his estate out of their hands as soon as he could, having just cause of jealousy that those men have some further end than the good of the Company. Divers of the Committees concurred, scorning to sue for their reward, and so left this business to be determined by the Generality. Statement by Mr. Governor, after debate, concerning the cause in Chancery against the Company's Factors, and the delivery of a moiety of Muschamp's estate on security, leaving nevertheless 1,700l. in their custody; that it was not by reason of their slow proceedings with him, but because of the length of their bill and the Defendant's answers which contained 700 sheets of paper, and the Lord Keeper was fully satisfied there had been as much care and diligence as the manner of the proceedings in that Court will permit. Imputation by one of the Generality on the Governor, Deputy, and Committees that the trade of Persia which now appeared equal to the best trade in India had been no better followed, laying the fault principally on there being so many Turkey merchants on the Committees; answered that the trade had been wisely managed as is described and that Mr. Burt had obtained from the King of Persia a contract whereby the Company now pay only a third in money and the other three parts in goods at good rates, which has much advanced the trade; and for the Turkey merchants being Committees, they had at all times given their best furtherance to the Persia trade, not only by conveyance of the Company's letters overland, but by their great adventures without which the trade might long since have failed; and therefore they conceived themselves much wronged by those unjust aspersions. 7 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 294–300.]