East Indies: July 1631

Pages 172-177

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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July 1631

July 1. 197. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Warrant signed for delivery to Burlamachi of 10,000l. worth of pepper upon his late contract. Securities accepted for two partidoes, each of a 32nd part of their calicoes; and delivery ordered. Gratuity of 100 marks to their Secretary, Edward Sherburne, for his extraordinary pains for the year past, as well in town as at Court in attending the Lords and soliciting the Company's business; also of 30l. to Mr. Cappur and 20l. to Richard Swinglehurst for extraordinary services for two years past. Delivery ordered to Mrs. Bell on giving 40s. to the poor's box in respect of freight of a pintado hanging found amongst the goods of Thomas Mills, Factor, deceased, she having sent him 30l. for the buying of the same for fitting a gallery or room in her house. Offer of Capt. Andrewes for a remain of 30 satin quilts, divers defective, of 6l. a piece, accepted. Thomas Aldworth, who had served 14 years in the Indies, to have his wages paid and 32 pieces of calicoes and two quilts delivered to him on paying freight. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XII., 301–303.]
July 14.
Aboard the Royal James, Sumatra.
198. John Skibbowe, John Banggam, Mat. Morton, John Roberts, Thos. Beaumount, John White, and Andrew Warden, to the Agent and Council at Bantam. Departed from Swally 27th April, the James and Blessing bound for Bantam and the William for the coast of Coromandel. Their so late departure occasioned by the fleets' late departure from Persia, and the backwardness of the bringing down of their goods from Ahmedabad and Cambaya by reason of the famine and mortality in those parts. Have met with contrary winds and been hovering off the Straits' mouth these eight days, and finding provisions run short, not having above ten days victuals, have sent their barge with Barry, Purser of the James, and James the Mate. Pray them to make no delay in dispeeding them provisions, otherwise will be forced to go for Selebar. Hope they have made provision of their lading, according to former orders from the President and Council to the coast of Coromandel, that their stay may be short. Have a cargazoon of about 40,000 Rs. of 8 for their factory. 1¼ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIII., No. 1362.]
July 14.
Royal James.
199. Consultation held aboard the Royal James. Ordered that no man be permitted to send any private letters by the barge to be sent for Bantam thereby to prevent any sinister advice to Mr. Willoughby, &c., which might impede their present employment. Signed by John Skibbowe, John Banggam, Mat. Morton, and John Roberts. 2 pp. [O. C., Vol. XIII., No. 1361.]
July 25.
200. George Willoughby and Council to John Skibbowe and Council aboard the Royal James. Received theirs of 14th on 24th by the barge which much rejoices them as they were in doubt of their safety. Could have wished their advices had been sent, or at least copy of their invoice whereby they might in the interim of their arrival have made more provision of pepper, and been readier for their departure. According to former advices received on Coromandel from the President and Council had in readiness pepper sufficient to have the full of their "requires," but have since received, contrary to expectations, from the Cape by the Dutch copy of a letter from the Company of 20th Nov. 1630, sent on the Hopewell bound for Coromandel on account of the third general voyage, which they expect here in two months, advising that on advice from hence by the London of 2,000 tons pepper here remaining for account of the Second Joint Stock they had prepared to send in March following the Palsgrave and London to fetch the same, which they expect in Sept., and may carry 1,600 tons, being all they have at present in readiness, whereof 800 tons at Bantam and 800 at Jambi; the second general voyage's cargazoone not being yet invested, whereof the Star carried 27,000 Rs. to Jambi, and the rest remains for transport to Macassar, &c.; for that account 100 tons pepper is all they have in readiness. This direction from England has frustrated all their expectations of lading their pepper for Surat, for here is but so much as will lade the Palsgrave, it is conceived the Second Joint Stock may not without great prejudice spare any by way of loan to the second general voyage, because seeing they bring no moneys to help put off their goods here for pepper it is to be doubted that the second voyage will not have pepper here timely to repay the same for dispeed for England. Could wish some remedy, but as they know not their advices nor their commission, cnnnot enlarge thereon, but must refer it to their consideration and to their own joint determination on their arrival. In case they should want an interpreter have sent a black named Janga (supposing they are at Selebar), and dispeed with all haste the pinnace Dove which was intended this evening for Batavia, with letters for Surat, with provisions of arrack, sugar, rice, and lamp oil, and as much water as they had cask for. Rice is here very scarce, pray them to reserve all empty casks for this place, cannot receive in any more arrack till they do return them. Send copies of the letter they intended to have sent to Batavia for Surat and of their last, and of the Company's letter. Pray them return the Dove so soon as she has discharged the provisions, she being appointed for Macassar to follow the clove trade and sell some goods by the way. The Dutch have nine ships ready to depart for Surat within these 15 days. Signed by G. Willoughby, Will. Hoare, Ant. Vernworthy, Lawrence Henly, Christopher Reade, John Russell, and William Matthewe. Endorsed, "Received the 2nd August per the James hir barge." Enclose:
200. I. G. Willoughby and Council at Bantam to the President and Council at Surat. Refer to their last of 25th May and 15th June. The last from the President and Council was received by the agent at Pettapoli, as formerly advised. This place, by reason of the Materans intended warring therewith, is at present very barren of trade, the people planting rice instead of pepper, whereby the trade will hardly be so large as advised, unless pepper trees are replanted, which must have three years' growth. Have bought 1,000 pecul old Bantam pepper at 2 Rs. money and 3¼ in cloth per pecul, and are on terms for 800 peculs more. The free traders from Batavia daily spoil the market here of cloth, so that they have not taken 200 Rs. of cloth these four months, the price being very base of many sorts, not yielding upwards of 50 per cent, profit. Surat goods this year would have come to a great market, because neither English nor Dutch had any come last year, so that these parts are destitute of India clothing, which will be some hindrance to their Macassar investments. The moneys of the second general voyage grow low; two of the four chests of Rs. the Star brought were sent by her to Jambi, and the rest has been part spent on a small parcel of cloves, some pepper, and in general charges of the factory, whereof the Second Joint Stock has not money at present to pay its part; and if the third voyage bring no money, as per the instructions sent forth on the Hopewell appears likely, will be very destitute of money. The Great James, &c. (sic) are not yet arrived, and are not now expected until the latter end of the year, which gives them some cause of wonder in regard of the intended returns by them. Have sent Mr. Vernworthy with powder and great shot, here useless, on the Dove to Batavia, to see if the Dutch Company will give it transport to Surat, as they promised last year; and have charged it to Surat factory on the account of the Second Joint Stock. Might have sent a small vessel with the Dutch ships, laden with pepper and sugar, but by the following disposure of their ships they will perceive in what want they are. Pinnace Jude is fitting for Jambi, to help lade the Star and transport pepper hither. At Jambi the Company have sustained a great loss by fire on account of the Second Joint Stock and something on account of the second general voyage. Roger Browne, the bearer of the Factors' advice, says the fire consumed 140 bales cloth, estimated at 20,000 Rs. prime cost, besides the likelihood of desperate debts from the Chinese whose houses were burnt. Have sent Lawrence Henly on the Jude as supervisor to examine that accident of fire at Jambi, and to help perfect the Company's accounts there. Have no Factors to supply that place or Macassar, whose principals desire to return for their country, but must attend supply from England. Are forced to lay up the ships (or rather wrecks) Abigail and Christopher, and land their lading. The Falcon rides in the road laden with part of the Christopher's pepper and Dove's cloves, &c. until ships arrive to lighten her, and is past hope of any further service except the river of Jambi, and for that must have some trimming. Send copy of advice received from Macassar concerning the quantity of cloves this year to be expected; for the timely supplying of which place and continuing of the Company's repute there, intend to send the Dove on her return from Batavia, though against the monsoon, that she may attain that place before the Dane, and in her the remains of the second general voyage's cloth, amounting to prime cost 24,000 Rs., whereof they have appointed 5,000 ryals for Japara to procure Rs. of 8, if possible, for Bantam and gold for Macassar, where it is a good commodity. Have appointed Jno. Russell chief for Japara, and Wm. Matthew to be his second, till further order, whom they intend for Macassar by the Hopewell. The remains of the goods of the Second Joint Stock, amounting to 3,155 Rs., returned on the Falcon from Japara, are appointed to be sent on the Jude for Jambi, and may produce 1,000 pec. pepper. Hope this year to send for England all the remains of the Second Joint Stock except some small matters at Macassar and Jambi, of which there is ready here 7,400 pec. pepper and 400 more expected, and 100 bahar of cloves, which will make 800 and odd tons; in Jambi are ready 800 tons and 100 more expected, besides what may be recoverable for debts; whereof suppose the two ships expected from England to lade 1,600 tons, the remain being 150 tons. Compute the Star's cargazoone brought from Coromandel for account of the second general voyage to produce 80 tons cloves and 900 tons pepper, whereof 200 here and 700 at Jambi, of which they intend to dispeed 350 in November in the Star with the Palsgrave for England. The London must go to Jambi for her lading, whose soonest dispeed will be in Feb. Have no means for the transport of the rest of the second general voyage's tonnage, being 650 tons. Intreat them to send their greatest ship, for they will have of the second and third voyages and Second Joint Stock sufficient to lade her directly from hence for England next year in seasonable time. Have sent them by the Dutch ship a parcel of camphor, bought by Andrew Coggins at Macassar for the Second Joint Stock, and sent to Coromandel, but returned and here unvendible, but they suppose a good commodity at Surat, for which have made their factory debtor for Rs. 1,902. 09½d. Have sent away by the Dutch ships Recondass, Bannian, formerly entertained by Mr. Muschampe, for reasons alleged in consultation; he proposes to himself an estate here, which Coja Alley Nayhas says is but a fiction to cause his detention or return, but as their reasons are urgent to clear this place of him, so are confident the President and Council will not suffer any of his caste to trouble their ships or trade here; with his proposed estate he has left his companion, whom they will have nothing to do with further than next year to clear this place of him, because his creditors shall have no cause to pretend anything against the Company either for his employment or detention. Have discharged the 9,461 Rs. odd for which they made the Surat factory debtor for the remains left at Armagon, in regard their masters having appointed the coast Coromandel to account with this factory, and intend to pass the bills of exchange, for the remains of the Second Joint Stock transported on that coast to the second general voyage, being 4,414 Rs. commodities and 1,996 Rs. general stores and moveables, whose particulars they again send, from hence for England. Send list of Factors, mariners, and stores remaining in these parts. Intend to provide against next year as much sugar as they can for Persia, as recommended. Understand by a Musteezo of long residence in Jambi, named Francisco Pinto, that store of gold is yearly procurable in Jambi, to the value of 10,000 or 15,000 Rs., for coarse Indian clothing and long cloth, &c. of Coromandel, so doubt not to procure good quantities of gold there and on the coasts of Sumatra and Java, when they have a year's supply of goods beforehand. Are in great want of two or three small vessels for Jambi, Macassar, and Japara, for of four pinnaces employed last year have but the Dove and Jude, and they of no long endurance; therefore if any frigates are surprised from the Portugal, they will do good service here. Send, according to former requiries, the accounts of last year's business on the coast of Coromandel, viz., the Star's investments for the second general voyage, and the accounts of the Second Joint Stock, as also a list of all Factors, mariners, and stores in those parts; with the general accounts of this factory, whereby they may perceive what remains the Second Joint Stock has in these parts, deducting the loss at Jambi. Are indebted to the Dutch Company for Second Joint Stock Rs. 3,165, which they have not moneys to satisfy; would have given them bills on Surat had their ships arrived, but have deferred them until the arrival of ships from England. News: Understand that the Materam intends not to stir towards these parts till next year, being animated thereto by the late Portugal Ambassador, who intends war only against Batavia, to which purpose he has sent an Ambassador to the King of Macassar. The Dutch have sent an Ambassador to the King of Acheen and to Jamby Pattany, now protector over Pahang and Johore, &c, to endeavour a peace between them and joint war against all Portugals, especially Malacca, promising to help with shipping the King of Acheen's newly revived intent against Malacca. By which politic proceedings it is to be doubted they, in this our demur of trade, will insinuate themselves so much into those Kings' favours as may engross near all the pepper trade to themselves. Understand the reason of the Dutch fleet's late departure for Surat, has been their doubt of the Portugal's forces, advice whereof they have attended from Coast Coromandel. Endorsed, "1631. Copy of a letter from the Agent & Council at Bantam to the President & Council at Surat, without date. Recd aboard the Royal James the 2nd August per the Barge." Together, 10½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIII., Nos. 1363 and 1364.]