East Indies: April 1632

Pages 260-261

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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April 1632

Apr. 24.
269. "Extracts out of the Surat letter." Jos. Hopkinson, Nat. Moutney, Nath. Wick, and Thos. Joyce to the East India Company. The ordering of Gombroon to be our first port. Baroon thought to be a port for small vessels only. Mary and Exchange intended to be employed upon freight to Masulipatam, and thence to Persia The Speedwell to Sumatra. Indigo of Agra more plentiful than Cirques. Cirques indigo 22 and 19 rup. No hope to procure any calicoes until, &c., these sent would yield 40 per cent. profit. Gumlac upon sticks (?) not above 100 ma. in town, priced 15 mam. the ma.; therefore dare not meddle with any. Sugar extreme dear. Pepper, Acheen, a parcel in town, but not under 17 mam. An overture for peace between the Portugals and English in the Indies, but took none effect; worthy good consideration and furtherance, for it would be very beneficial. The Earl of Denbigh's entertainment with the Mogul; he purposes to go in the Mary whither she goes. Downes, Sherbourne, and Sprott dead; Barnaby and Allen employed for Sumatra; Quailes' Lieut., John Robinson, entertained at 20l. a year; Hunter accepted and employed for Ahmedabad; the freight from Surat to Gombroon but 1,300l. Disposes of the Mary's goods and moneys; what landed at Surat. The Governor of Surat abuses us. One cloth utterly rotten. Four chests coral sold to profit. Gold yields some profit. Ryalls disposed: some paid our creditor, Virgee Vora. Lead intended to be sent to the coast in the Mary. Send no more lead in great, but in small pigs of ¾ cwt.; this Governor will let no man buy it, and will give what he pleases. Quicksilver sent to Agra. John Leachland retained. Twelve hundred ffs. Agra indigo ordained to be bought. Amber beads of good hope, but rough. Amber hopeless. Some sword blades found bad. Presents: sword blades, knives, strong waters. Coral, 18 chests sold, 18 remaining. Last year's cloths were sold to the Governor by a bribe, 2,000 rup., but were fain to allow him two yards upon a cloth. Twenty cloths and 75 perpetuanas of the James's fleet yet unsold. Send no perpetuanas. Amber beads sold at 27s. the lb. Were forced to buy the mariners' private trade from Persia at 25 per cent. profit, which private trade must be remedied at home. Sir Fras. Crane's tapestry. Jno. Willoughby discommended. The King being at Brampore has taken up 800 camels of ours. The Company must prevent the coming out of such as Capt. Quaile, look to the security he has given the King. Capt. Quaile, under the name of Robin Goodfellow, has robbed a Malabar that had their pass, for which we have been impleaded, and paid 100l. Our convoys of moneys and goods have run through many dangers this year; 34 bales were surprised, whereof most were rescued, but John Germant, our armourer, slain. Good quantities of stuff for repairs desired to be laid into every ship, for the ships belonging to one voyage will not willingly supply the wants of the other. Wine desired for the factories. Edw. Heynes recovered of his dangerous sickness. The accounts of the first and second voyage, balanced, sent from Persia, but cannot have them copied out to send away till the James come. Send the accounts of Armagon, though not entered in their books, nor some expenses allowed. Letters received from Geo. Quipp from Acheen, accusing Woolman of poisoning. The brown dutties are full yard broad and 12 yards long; could not get them white. One hundred bales of cotton yarn and 150 bags wheat intercepted by the Rashbootes (? Rajpoots). 1½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1428.]