East Indies: June 1632

Pages 266-267

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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June 1632

June 5.
Aboard the Royal James.
275. Consultation by Jno. Skibbowe, John Banggam, John White, Rich. Barry, and Anth. James. Whereas George Becke, made Boatswain's Mate by the late Capt. Morton and since displaced for his misgovernment and unseemly language in his drunken fits, yet restored in hope of his amendment. But neglecting all admonitions hath abused John Smith and Edmund Wheateley, Boatswain's Mates, with hateful and detestable names; ordered that George Becke publicly ask them forgiveness, and be dismissed from his command of other men, being far unable to govern himself.½ p. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1433.]
June 15.
Star Chamber.
276. Order of the Privy Council. Whereas his Majesty gave license to the East India Company to make powder for their own use only, and the Board hath been informed that contrary to the intent of said grant the Company make greater quantities, and vend the same to others, to the great prejudice of his Majesty, and frustrating of the late contract with Mr. Evelyn, his Majesty's Agent, for the sole making and providing of powder within this kingdom; ordered that Mr. Attorney-General examine the validity of said Letters Patents and the means and manner of obtaining same, and certify his opinion thereon; that meantime the Company be required to forbear making or vending any more powder; and that Collins, employed by the Company in making powder, be sent for to attend the Board on Wednesday afternoon next. 1½ pp. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 100.]
June 15. 277. Minutes of a General Quarter Court of the East India Company. Present: Sir Morris Abbott, Governor; Ald. Clitherow, Deputy; Lord Say and Sele; Lord Maltravers; Lord Lovelace; Sir Francis Crane; Sir John Wolstenholme; Sir Hugh Hammersley; Sir Edward Wardour; Aldermen Parkhurst and Abdi; and Mr. Treasurer Bateman. Relation by Mr. Governor of what had formerly passed before the Lords between the Company and Mr. Smethwike, and that on his own complaint against the Company he was committed, and on submission again discharged; which submission being read, Smethwike declared he was forced to set his hand to that submission before he could be enlarged, which he delivered with such action and in such manner that one of the Generality observed him therein to slight the authority of the Council Board, and to lay an imputation of injustice upon the Lords, as though there were no cause for his commitment or for his submission, but that their Lordships constrained him thereunto. 1 p. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 101.]
June 30.
Aboard the Royal James.
278. Consultation by Jno. Banggam, John White, Rich. Barry, Anth. James, Edw. Hall, and Francis Preston. Ordered that Gabriel Kennicott, for his drunken and unruly carriage, and for depraving and abusing the Commander and his Council of injustice in all their actions, afore the ship's company, be committed to the irons, there to remain till they see better hopes of his future carriage.½ p. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1435.]
June 30.
Ship. Palsgrave, in the Downs.
279. Capt. John Hall to the East India Company. Sailed out of Bantam Road 28th December. Arrived in the Bay of Saldanha 4th March, and sailed 14th. Anchored at St. Helena 1st April, and sailed 9th. Had sight of the Island of Flowers 15th June, and of Scilly 27th; and arrived safely in the Downs 30th June, with all their men in good health. Refers to the Purser's relation, the time requiring haste. 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1436.]