East Indies: February 1634

Pages 519-528

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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February 1634

Feb. 5–7. 536. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Upon conference with Capt. Wills, ordered that tempered stuff of which there is great want in the Indies be first taken in, and any stowage remaining be filled up with beef and pork. Security approved for calicoes underwrit for by Lewis Roberts. Wm. Holden, M.A., Christchurch, Oxford, recommended for a Minister by Mr. Baker, late Secretary to the late Archbishop of Canterbury; answered at present there is no occasion to make use of him, but referred him to another year. The order that Pursers accounts for fresh victuals be audited by the President and Council in India, and subscribed by the Capt. or Master, or otherwise not allowed, notwithstanding it is very distasteful to Pursers, confirmed. Also another clause in the Sea Commission, that goods prohibited by proclamation and orders of the Company are not to be sold at the mast, but reserved to the Company's use, and the account delivered to the President and Council or brought home to the Company. 30 tons of hemp bought by the Committees at 20s. under the market, and 20 more to be had, the buying whereof was left to said Committees. Consideration of an offer of Smethwyke of 3l. 3s. 4d. per cwt. for all their unrefined saltpetre at two years, to be delivered free at the water side and license for transportation, but it is supposed it will yield 3l. 15s. in Holland, referred to Friday next. Gratuities of 3l. apiece out of the poor box to Edward Balsome and another, who were maimed in the Company's service. On petition of Thomas Kitchin, late Chirurgeon's Mate, and now entertained Chirurgeon of the Blessing, freight remitted on 500 lbs. of drugs, and fined 40s. to the poor box. George Turner, who had served 17 years, entertained Chirurgeon (in margin Purser) of the London. Committees again intreated to conclude with Mr. Riggs concerning his timber offered to be delivered in three years, viz., at 48s. per load for plank, and 37s. for long, knee, and compassed timber, the whole amounting to 1,800 loads; getting such abatement as they think meet. Henry Smith, administrator to John Smith, Purser of the Mary, deceased, to be allowed for a fardel of indigo according to former order. Ordered that Steevens search the William, but that no unnecessary men be kept at work; and that the Hopewell be launched tomorrow. Motion on behalf of Mr. Boothby for payment of the money which he conceived was behind, refused. Petition of Nicholas Brethers, late Chirurgeon of the James, to clear his account and remit freight of his goods; to be fined 20l. for his private trade, freight, and other misdemeanours, and his goods delivered. Committees intreated to view 12 chests of coarse and 6 of fine coral offered to the Company.
Feb. 7. Petition of Mary James for her calicoes; Mr. Ellam to view them and report to the next Court. Consideration of the business to be handled at the general meeting in the afternoon; first to propose the adventuring of 600l., 1,000l., or 1,200l. in the fishing voyage, and next to remonstrate the several overtures made for their saltpetre; opinion of this Court to divide it upon the three voyages and sell it by the candle, and set the price at 3l. 10s. per cwt. Ordered to pay imprest to the two great ship's men, the Blessing being ready to fall down next week to Gravesend. Petition of Giles Waterman for his wages refused, in regard of the suit depending about burning the Charles and Swallow. Mr. Treasurer to offer the Company's jewels in his custody to jewellers for sale. The father of John Vickris, entertained Factor, approved as security for his son. 6 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 270–275.]
Feb. 7. 537. Minutes of a General Quarter Court. Mr. Governor declared that but for conformity to their order, this Court might have been well spared, but seeing they are now met together he had to propound two things to their consideration; first the business of the fishing upon our Narrow Seas, a work undertaken by the Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, and other persons of quality, who hath desired this Company to be interested in the work, which they also understand will be well taken by the King and State, who very much desire this work to be brought to some good perfection; the Court of Committees therefore specially recommend it to them, and the rather that the Eastland and Turkey Companies have each undertaken to adventure 600l., to be paid by 200l. a year for three years. Ordered that this Company will adventure 600l., to be paid by 200l. per annum, provided that, as the Eastland and Turkey Companies, they be permitted to have four of their Committees to be present at their public assemblies, and there to have their free voices and be made acquainted with the passages of this business; whereupon Committees were chosen and intreated to bestow their pains herein and report to this Court. The other business was the disposal of 12,000l. or 13,000l. worth of saltpetre which hath lain long on their hands; several propositions having been argued and disputed, ordered that, provided the whole parcel be underwritten for upon Stock before Wednesday next at 3l. 10s. per cwt. at 3–6 months; otherwise the subscription to be void, and the Court of Committees to have full power to send all or any part into Holland, or to sell in town, as they shall think fit. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 276–278.]
Feb. 12–21. 538. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. On petition of Alexander Burkley, late Mate of the William, and now in the London the freight remitted of 300 lbs. of cubebs and 100 lbs. of sugar. Petition of Wm. Browne, late Steward of the Star, for payment of wages and remission of freight on goods, detained on the unjust aspersion of John Smith late Boatswain of the Palsgrave, who in his driuk affirmed that Browne had embezzled 2 or 300 lbs. of pepper, which he hath since forsworn before three witnesses, and is now run away to Dunkirk with another man's wife; ordered to remit freight, but detain his wages amounting to 70l., until he produce Smith, when the business may receive full examination. Information of Capt. Styles and Mr. Mun that by a note from Henry Smith, the Land Purser, the London and Blessing are in want of almost all kinds of stores and provisions, so as if diligence be not used they will endanger to lose their voyage; the Commanders much blamed for not giving advertisement, but they answered that since Smith's note divers stores and provisions are gone down, and they will use their best endeavours for the lading and timely dispatch of the ships; which the Court specially recommended to their care and to Swanley and Mountney, and ordered that the ships fall down to Gravesend next spring, what provisions shall be wanting to be sent after them, that Swanley send for the pilots to be at Erith on Sunday next, and that the Commanders send up their men to receive their imprest money. Report of the defectiveness of the London's main mast, which is feared to be so great as will not serve the voyage; Swanley of opinion it may serve for one voyage but dares not deliver it confidently, "the water having got in between the fishings." Steevens exceedingly blamed for not discovering the defects sooner, as it is now impossible to provide another mast in time. Finding no remedy but that the ship must either stay at home or proceed with this defective mast; resolved to make her as strong as they can by new fishings, and to send good store of splices to strengthen her and that in time of storms and windy weather the Master be careful not to bear over much sail, and Capt. Wills specially recommended to use all possible care for preservation of said mast. Proposition of Swanley for the buying of five pieces or forged iron ordnance, which he said are now much in use, and more serviceable than cast ordnance, weighing not above 500 lbs., and doing as good execution with less powder; ordered, on advice of Capt. Wills, that for a trial, two be provided for the Admiral and one for the Vice-Admiral. On petition of Thomas Fawkenor, late Boatswain of the William for his wages, ordered that he be fined 10l. seeing he hath wilfully infringed the Company's orders by selling 44 books of calicoes aboard ship, and not bringing them to the Company, the remainder of his wages to be paid. Bond of Richard Langford, late Purser of the William, to be delivered up to be cancelled. Acton's bill of 9l. 14s. 3d. for law causes to be paid. No man having yet underwrit for the saltpetre, and the time expired, the disposure of same deferred till Friday.
Feb. 14. Ordered that imprest money be paid to the London and Blessing's men when the ships arrive at Gravesend. Richard Boothby to receive 51l. 10s. 10d. for supply of his present occasions. Resolved to go through with a bargain of 200 loads of timber, offered by the Earl of Dover's bailiff to be delivered at Stanstead at 28s. per load, whence it may with ease be brought by water to Blackwall for 4s. or 5s. per load; but Mr. Cockayne is desired to endeavour the best he can to beat down the price lower, and Ducy required to be careful to make choice of what is good, and in the well squaring thereof. Notice taken by Mr. Governor of a report of a new East India Company intended to be set up in Scotland by means of some honourable persons, who presume to obtain a grant from his Majesty with ample privileges; resolved not to stir therein until they understand the King hath been moved and given consent for same. Sir Bryan Eyanson, Oliver Cloberry, Richard Wild, and George Page approved as security for calicoes amounting to 1,600l.
Feb. 19. Petition read from Henry Middleton to his Majesty with his Majesty's reference requiring the Company for the friendly ending of the difference concerning the estate of Sir Henry Middleton deceased to nominate two persons and Middleton two; but the Court remembering that this is an ancient business which hath formerly been questioned and settled in Chancery, and that they have a General Release for same, thought fit to make answer to said petition for his Majesty's satisfaction, and ordered their Secretary to search the Court Books for the contract with Sir Henry Middleton. Wm. Hoare desired to attend on Friday next to know whether he will take the place of Agent in Persia, none of the Factors entertained, being fit to supply that place, never having been in India or Persia. Sir Wm. Pitt, and Thomas Saunders approved as sureties for Guy Bath and Philip Saunders, Factors. Gratuity of 40s. beyond his ordinary allowance to be paid to Edward Wilford, employed in refining their saltpetre. Letter read from Mr. Willoughby requesting they would send a Minister next year for Bantam, and to adventure 500l. in the Joint Stock out of his wages; agreed, and thought fit to give him notice by two or three lines to be sent by the Post, that if possible, it may come to his hands before the Coaster's departure from the Downs. Petition of Robert Phipps, Grocer and a Free Brother of the Company insolvent, and no way able to maintain his seven motherless children, in charity to take his son Robert as an apprentice; understanding his son has been bread up at Eton as a scholar, and doth write a good hand, can cipher and cast accounts, are pleased to give him entertainment and appointed he should be brought up under Mountney till next year, when they intend to send him to India. Bill of 5l. 10s. expended by Smith, Messenger of the Admiralty, for arresting Giles Waterman and others, to be paid.
Feb. 21. Offer of Smethwyke to buy their unrefined saltpetre at 3l. 5s. per cent. at 24 months; resolved not to sell it at less than 3l. 10s., and that if betwixt this and next week there come no buyer, Mountney to make it ready for transportation, so a good part be shipped for Amsterdam to Barlow, according to his letters of advice; their secretary to solicit the Lords for transportation of 500 tons; and that which shall be transported to belong to the second voyage. Petition of Francis Peacock, executor of Leonard Collinson, deceased, that in regard Collinson's debts and legacies are more than his estate, they would restore the calicoes and damasks taken from him, also 108 pagodas, 5 fanams, and 1 casbee, disbursed by him for the use of the Company, as appeared by receipt from one Richard Fitch; but the Court answered they cannot do as he desired about the calicoes, having dealt with many others in the same way; that the damasks belonged to Capt. Altham; and that the pagodas are discharged, or they would long since have appeared by letters or accounts from the factory, and therefore wished him to be satisfied and not trouble them further. Chirurgery chests for the ships to be more largely supplied, out of which the wants of the factories of Surat and Persia may be supplied. Hoare expressed his readiness to be entertained again, but in regard he hath been long out of England and but lately returned, and his wife is great with child, he desired respite till Wednesday next, when he will deliver his resolution, and in the meantime that they would clear with him for his last employment; Sambrooke required to make up his accounts and present them at next Court. Mrs. Hatch, wife of Arthur Hatch, who went out Preacher in the Charles, to have 60 pieces of blue calicoes sent by her husband, also 4s. per lb. for 40 lbs. of cloves, the rather that her husband hath lost all the means he carried out by the firing of said ship. His Majesty's letter requiring the providing of Arab and Persian manuscript books read, and Ellam required to take knowledge thereof in the general letters, and send a copy of his Majesty's letter, that their Factors may endeavour their utmost to accomplish what his Majesty requires. The Court declared that their intention is to satisfy Custom and charges for pepper and cloves taken from their servants as private trade over and above the allowance of 6d. per lb. for pepper and 4s. per lb. for cloves; and that such as have not had allowance be satisfied on demand. A parcel of calico lawns not vendible here, but merchantable at Persia, to be sent there. Ordered that Treasurer Bateman deliver to Mr. Acton all decrees, papers, and writings concerning the difference with the executors or administrators of Sir Henry Middleton, to peruse and take counsel upon, the better to answer Henry Middleton's petition to his Majesty against the Company. 14 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 279–292.]
Feb. 21. Surat. 539. President Wm. Methwold and Council to East India Company. Have largely dilated in letters sent by the Dutch who sailed 23rd Dec., and the Royal Mary which departed 1st Feb. Have taken this benefit of unexpected conveyance overland to solicit them again and again to "commiserate yourselves and us in your expeditious care to exonerate the most intolerable burden of your much increased and increasing debt, the particulars whereof have been largely communicated in our more prolix advices," and which will be greatly increased by an improvident act perpetrated, they fear, by their friends in Agra. Our last of last of Jan. enclosed copy of letter from Agra of 9th Dec. 1633, wherein Mr. Fremlen and the rest, in their ample discourse of the great inconvenience introduced into the indigo trade, by the most improvident contract which the Dutch Factors had entered into with the King in erecting that monopoly, whereof they formerly advised, took from them all fear or imagination that they would ever have associated themselves in a bargain which they themselves in many particulars had observed to have been so prejudicial and ridiculous, especially considering that our letter of Nov. 21st might shortly come to their hands, absolutely prohibiting the buying of any indigo at any price until further warrant, arising from a treaty in agitation betwixt the Dutch and us. Howsoever, infatuated by we know not what reasons or persuasions, it seems that Wm. Fremlen has contracted with the Dutch to take a third part of they know not what or how much indigo, which shall be received according to that so much despised bargain with Mannoardas, whereof have no further knowledge than by a joint subscription signed by Wm. Fremlen and Solomon Voorknekt, "wherein they have too officiously agreed upon such conditions as seemed good to their wisdoms," copy whereof, in Dutch, we received from the Dutch Director and enclose. Received 2nd present, from Agra, the King's firmand for liberty of trade in his whole country of Bengala, but restraining their shipping only to the port of Piply; which firmand was sent by a servant dispeeded to Agra with prohibition of 21st Nov., by whom they received not one English syllable, except that the English broker advised theirs here, that Fremlen, much against their advice, had improvidently bought 3,000 mds. of Ryana indigo at 64 rup. per md.; which advice they know not how to reconcile with enclosed agreement, which proportions to the English only a third; find the Dutch's first agreement to be only for 6,000 mds., in which sense Fremlen's should be 2,000 mds., which at that price will amount to 14,400l. sterling, besides charge of carriage and uncertainty of its arrival next year in season to be transported for England, occasioned by the employment of all the camels in the King's progress to Lahore, with the interest of the money till the Company take order for its payment. Have disclaimed and disavowed "this obscure and unexpected bargain," so far as concerns assistance from hence with moneys. Have ordered them to put off their cloth and quicksilver, which will be more than enough, and, dissolving that factory, to repair all of them to Surat, for till our joint resolutions reduce the price of indigo to some more reasonable conditions; it will be a most unnecessary charge to continue a residence there. By this never too much to be blamed bargain, are deprived of a good sum designed for the supply of goods to the southwards, to which purpose had ordered our friends in Ahmedabad to charge the factory at Agra with 50,000 rup. by exchange, which was done, but must now be remitted them again from hence, and they deprived of so much as would have stopped a gap in their vast debt, which they have so little lessened by all that was landed from this last year's fleet, that they have no further credit left, and if fear or discontent should induce their creditors, as formerly done, to fall upon us with one consent in the requiring of their debts, we must pay them in our persons, for all they have in India cannot satisfy the interest that will be due before means can be supplied to discharge the principal. Grieve that these evil times are fallen on them, being enthralled by so many creditors, with whom they are sometimes enforced to comply on bad conditions rather than provoke their discontent. Their former letters by the Dutch and the Mary seemed to assure the Company not to expect next year any indigo, all which is thus strangely crossed. Doubt not their friends in Persia will send copies by different conveyances, so that some will come seasonably enough for the Company to provide, before dispeed of that year's fleet, sufficient means to extinguish this debt, with this parcel of indigo considered. Compute the Mary's arrival to be some time before this comes to hand, to which they must refer for the bulk of their business. Signed by Wm. Methwold, Nath. Mountney, Roger Giffarde, Thomas Chew, and Thos. Turner, with certificate annexed from B. Robinson, Sec., that this was transcribed 27th Feb. in haste, by reason of the vessel's sudden departure, and the Dutch writings formerly sent could not be procured to be truly copied. Endorsed, "rec. overland by Aleppo and Mersellis, 12 May 1635." 3½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1519.]
Feb. 26. 540. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Request of Sir Francis Crane that forasmuch as he finds by the Company's letters that some of his tapestry hangings which he sent to India in 1629 are sold, but no account returned, and some remain unsold; that they would write to the President and Council by their ships now going, that for what is sold he may have his money returned by Bills of Exchange at 6s. 8d. per R., according to agreement, and those remaining unsold may be returned, or put off by barter or exchange, and the commodities, which he propounded might be diamonds, returned to him; further, that a small piece of curious tapestry be sent to Methwold to be wold according to aforesaid conditions; the Court, willing to show respect to gentleman whom his Majesty specially favours, were pleased to condescend to his request, and, therefore, wished him to set down in writing what he would have the Court do, and they would not fail to recommend same to their President to follow his directions. Declaration of Smethwicke that the persons for whom he lately underwrit for 200 tons of unrefined saltpetre were John Kipp and Richaut, whom the Court approved and ordered the time of payment to begin from Lady Day, and the goods to be weighed and delivered. Ordered, on information of a notable abuse by some ill-affected persons in making "a deceitful and counterfeit flat indigo" in and about London, and that great quantities are sold in town at very high rates, that in the time when Sir James Pemberton was Lord Mayor this deceit was practised but depressed by an Act of Common Council, but is now again revived and grown to that excellent art and cunning, that the false can only be discerned from the real in the use. Ordered, that their Secretary draft a petition to his Majesty to be pleased by Royal proclamation to forbid the making and selling of said counterfeit flat indigo, and to confiscate such as should be found in the hands of makers or sellers. Letter read from Mr. Hoare thankfully accepting their proffered employment as Agent in Persia, choosing rather to commit his wife, being great with child, to God and friends, and to expose himself to the hazards of a tedious and dangerous design, than to leave the Company's business destitute of assistance, and desiring them to consider his almost 20 years' service, small wages, his great unusual labours in his last employment at Bantam, his present expense for apparel and provisions to sea, also how costly and chargeable a place Persia will prove, and accordingly proportion his wages that he may live with credit and be able to do them honest and faithful service. He hoped he should deserve 450l. per ann., yet, nevertheless, submitted to the Court, and, being put to the question, was offered 400l., which he willingly accepted, promising to forbear and prevent all private trade, that he will serve five years and have a special care for the collecting and perfecting of their accounts, which, by reason of the mortality of so many of their Agents and Factors are feared to be but in ill condition; Ellam to prepare his instructions in writing. Ordered that the treasure be made ready to be sent down to the ships on Monday next, meantime, the mariners to come up to receive imprest money, that so the ships be dispeeded from Gravesend and take the first fair wind for the Downs. The resolution to send their girdles of lawn to Persia suspended till Friday, against which time Ellam to present a note of their kinds and prices. Mr. Burt, administrator to his son William, late Agent in Persia, to receive 100l. more of his son's estate, but cannot clear with him until the accounts arrive, which are expected by the next ships. Ordered, on request of John Langham, one of the Committees, that his brother Richard, lately entertained a Factor at 100l. per ann. for seven years, that he be accepted as an adventurer in the Third Joint Stock for two-thirds of his wages. On information of Capt. Wills that Thomas Watson shipped Chirurgeon of the London, is such a debauched and distempered man as to be altogether unfit to take that charge, ordered that he be displaced, and George Turner, who had been three voyages in the Company's service, entertained in his room; referred to the Committees to make wages with him. Six trumpeters to be entertained for the London on the motion of Capt. Wills, Gratuity of 20s. out of the poor box to Thomas Birkhead, who was utterly disabled for a time by bruises received at Blackwall, and no sooner cured but pressed into his Majesty's service for the Isle of Rhé voyage, where by a shot he lost both his legs. Sureties accepted for several Factors, viz., for Tho. Leyning, Peter Eldred, grocer; for Edward Pearce, his father water bailiff of the city; for Philip Vaughan, Hugh Day, cooper; and for Tho. Codrington, Mr. Prynn, late Under Sheriff for Middlesex. 6 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 293–298.]
Feb. 541. "Cowle Phirmaund of the King" (of Golconda) for Thos. Joyce, Capt. of the English, and all his people. Said Agent promising to perform what the King shall command to the benefit of his ports of Metchlepatnam, Nisiampatnam, Nisiagapatam, Bimlipatnam, and all others in his kingdom, and that his ships shall bring from Persia and other places commodities and great rarities, touching first at Metchlapatnam and returning thither. The agreement is that they shall be free of all charges and customs, as Jaggand, Ushure, Thrasdarre, Derwazza, Buncca, Banksoll, and all other duties on their goods and horses, and none shall demand anything of them, disturb them, or force them to sell to one or other. Whatever goods, horses, or rarities they bring, first to acquaint the King, that he may have the refusal at their just price, with which if not content they may sell them where they please, and whatever they send up for the King's use, no Aveldar or Governor must stop, but must themselves send it up directly with their account. Friendly correspondence to be held, not to assist the King's enemies, or own the goods of any other merchants to defraud the King of his duties, which if it once appear must forfeit these privileges. In consideration that the King has let go his customs, to give the Governor of Metchlepatam 400 or 500 pagodas, the King also abating him 800 pag. yearly; so that if the Governor make any demands on the English they are to advise the King, the Governor not being to meddle with them, nor they concern themselves with him. "Given in the year 1043, in the month Ramazan." Endorsed, "Recd 20 April 1671 p the Loyal Merchant." 2½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1520.]
Feb. 26. 542. Firman from the King (of Golconda) for Agent Thomas Joyce and the English. To the same effect as the preceding. "Dated on Wednesday the 8th of the blessed month Remzaune in the year of Mahomett 104(3 ?)." With abstract of the Agent's presents, and charges in his journey from Masulipatam to Golconda. Presents, 6,110 pags.; petty gifts, 529; charges of merchandize, 546; diet, 261; servants' wages, 562; total, 8,018 (sic). Endorsed, "R. By the Swan the 15th Augt 1635." 3 pp. [O. C., Vol. XIV., No. 1521.]
Feb. 28. 543. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Request of Mr. Herne, the Counsellor at Law, for a passage in one of their intended ships for India for a kinsman of his, "whose name he doth at present forbear to mention "[in the margin, "Mr. Herne's brother"], who would pay for his diet and not in the least prejudice their trade, being only desirous to go as a traveller, to gain experience at sea, and to see the manner and government of those eastern countries, that he hath refused the offer to be entertained in the service of his Majesty Ambassador for Venice, and with Sir Sackvile Crowe for Constantinople; which the Court willingly condescended to, advising him to hasten his coming to town, as the ships are fallen down to Gravesend already. Motion of Mr. Herne, that the broak of 50l. laid upon his brother-in-law, Adrian Woodward's adventure in the Persia voyage, for not shipping certain pepper, be taken off) and the laying of the same on his adventure in the Third Joint Stock suspended till a day be appointed to hear the difference between him and Mr. Stone. Consideration taken concerning the making of deceitful and corrupt flat indigo, and the draft petition to his Majesty, as also the Act of Council made when Sir James Pemberton was Lord Mayor against same, read; the Court, understanding that great quantities are made and sold at from 18d. to 6s. per lb., and that divers persons of rank and quality in the city are deeply interested therein, thought fit to take further time to resolve what to do, but that some course must be taken to suppress this abuse, or they are like to receive much prejudice in the sale of their indigo; Mr. Stone declared that Capt. Crispe and Mr. Piggott, in St. Clement's Lane, can inform the Company who they are. Tender of a parcel of coral declined. The Committees who formerly valued the calicoes of Mary, wife of Anthony James, intreated at her importunity to consider her request for further allowance. Ordered, on request of Wm. Cooper, that the payments due at several times of 40l. per cent. on 600l. adventure in the first Persia voyage, 30l. per cent. on 900l. second Persia voyage, and 120l. per cent. on 900l. second voyage, amounting to 1,590l., be paid together at 19 months from Christmas. Ordered that Wm. Hoare immediately on landing in Persia possess himself of the place of Agent, but that Gibson be intreated to continue in the country one year longer, that Mr. Hoare may the better instruct himself in the Company's affairs. Ordered that [Henry] Borneford, a Factor who is to put in 300l. stock with the Company, may bring in presently 200l., and have the other 100l. paid out of his wages as they grow due. Hoare's account presented, and ordered to be cleared and his wages and debts paid, and on his motion ordered to allow his wife 100l. per annum out of his wages to be paid half quarterly, the first payment on notice of his arrival in Persia. 5 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 299–303.]