East Indies: March 1634

Pages 528-533

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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March 1634

Mar. 5–7. 544. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Wm. Philipps, tailor in Fleet Street, allowed as security for Richard Fisher, Purser's Mate of the Hopewell; Wm. Heywood, Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury, for his brother, Hercules Heywood, Purser's. Mate of the Blessing; Peter Martin, Merchant, of Exeter, for his brother, Malachi Martin; Zachary Fowler, gold wire drawer, Redcross Street, for Theodore Holditch, "preacher for this present fleet"; Daniel Breton, linendraper, in Newgate Market, for his brother, Francis Breton, Factor for Persia; Richard Aldington, for his son, Abraham Aldington; and Wm. Chapman, mercer, of Bath, for his son, Henry Chapman, and in regard he puts in 300l. adventure for his son, the Court condescended that his bond for his son should be but 200l. Acton's bill of 8l. 10s. for law causes to be paid. Consideration again taken of the abuse in making and selling of counterfeit flat indigo, and having gotten several samples, the Court thought fit, for better justification of their complaint to the State, first to have the opinion of the warden of the dyers, and having conference with Mr. Clarke, the dyer, he promised by Friday to find out a thread dyer that should make trial of the several sorts and inform the Court of their value, that if they complain to the State they may proceed upon a just ground. Resolved to send a barrel of cochineal for trial in India, to be sent down before the ships leave Gravesend. The Auditors and Accountants to search out the cause of the difference between their late estimate of the goods returned home and the sale, and to present same for the Court's satisfaction. Permission given to Thomas Wheatley to send in the ships now bound for Surat six fowling pieces, which, by direction of the King of Macassar, he has caused to be made for him according to a model or pattern given him by that King at his coming from thence. Capt. Wills allowed to carry as his attendant Richard Moyle, a youth who writes a fair hand, and referred to the Committees for Mariners for his wages. Petition of John Neesing, sometime burgher and councillor of Magdeburg, on behalf of himself, children, and kindred and friends, who at that bloody and barbarous massacre lost their whole estates, but escaped after many wounds; 5l. bestowed upon him. Motion of Sir Francis Crane in writing, concerning the bartering of his tapestry hangings sent to India in 1629 for diamonds or other commodities not prejudicial to the Company, in case they be not already sold, read and ordered to be sent to Methwold, and recommended in their general letters. Ordered that the bonds of Messrs. Hoare, Malachi Martin, and Barry for their last voyage be delivered up to be cancelled; and that two months' pay yearly of Barry's wages be paid to his grandmother. Letter read from Mr. Boothby, desiring order to President Methwold to send home by first passage, a true account of his engagements to the Company, as had been promised him by Methwold and Chewe, as also formerly by Skibbowe and Rastell, to whom he gave notice of all his estate in India, that speedy performance may be made to the Company of what shall be found due; which was held reasonable and ordered to be inserted in their general letters.
Mar. 7. Mr. Governor informed Sir John Wolstenholme that they had sold all their unrefined saltpetre, and obtained warrant from the Lords for transporting thereof, and therefore desired that he and the rest of the Farmers would accept a moderate custom for such as had been in the land above 13 months; which he conceived reasonable and promised to confer with the rest of the Farmers, and give such allowance as they do to other men in the like case. Edward, son of Edward Abbott, Turkey Merchant, deceased, appointed attendant on Mr. Hoare, on the motion of Sir John Wolstenholme from Sir Paul Pinder. Offer of Humphry Fox of 160 butts of canary wine and the rest in money for all their refined saltpetre; also of Alderman Andrewes of 5l. per cent. for said saltpetre, referred to further consideration. Remembering the good service of Capt. Wills in the fight against the Portugals on Swally Sands and that they had already conferred 20 marks in plate upon Capt. Morris for the like service, ordered that 20 marks in plate such as he should make choice of, be presented to Capt. Wills with the Company's arms graven thereon. His request for paymentof his share of moneys arising from the sale of goods belonging to him and Rich. [? Arthur] Suffeylde seized at Bantam by Hoare as private trade, to be considered when the accounts are returned. Robert Freeman recommended by Sir William Courteen to be again employed, absolutely rejected, as he is "no artist" but only fit for a foremast man. Report of Clarke, Coulson, and others of the Company of Dyers, that they find they cannot make trial of the counterfeit flat indigo to purpose, without having 20 lbs. of the worser sort and 8 lbs. or 10 lbs. of the better; Blunt required to get such a proportion, and give it to Messrs. Blinkinsopp and Tanner, silk dyers, to make trial and report to the Court. Gratuity of 20s. out of the poor box to John Stone, who had his leg shivered in taking goods out of the lighter into the Blessing at Erith, and Woodall ordered to endeavour his best to cure him. Malachi Martin admitted to carry over for his own use and the gratifying of some friends at Macassar, a pipe of canary wine upon promise not to employ same as private trade. Richard Wylde allowed as security for Henry Borneford, Factor, and his bond to be but 200l. in regard he put in 300l. stock with the Company; Thomas Payne also approved as security for Ambrose Taylor. 7 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 304–310.]
Mar. 8.
Wallingford House.
545. Lords of the Admiralty to the Governor and Committee of the East India Company. Understand that there is in their hands a great quantity of saltpetre, which they pray and require them not to dispose of or embark it until further order, as they tender the good of his Majesty's service. ¼ p. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCXXVIII., fol. 125.]
Mar 12–14. 546. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Understanding that certain Grocers intend tomorrow to petition the Court of Aldermen about the abuse in making of counterfeit flat indigo, as a business more proper for that Court to complain of to the State, than for this Company, the Court thought fit to refer same wholly to that Court to appoint three or four to attend the Lords, that some speedy course be taken for suppressing this notorious abuse. Gratuity of 40s. to John Woodfall, a poor aged man who received a hurt in the Morris by the fall of a piece of top timber on his back. Bill of Edward Chambers, Master of the Company's barge, of 3l. 9s. for carrying down the Committees to Gravesend and back, to be paid. Mr. Governor acquainted Peter Richaut that since the sale to him and Mr. Kipp of their unrefined saltpetre, they had received warrant from the Lords for stay thereof, who notwithstanding all they could allege for the freeing thereof, had suspended their resolutions till Saturday; therefore desired he would have patience for three or four days, and use his own endeavours to the Lords for recalling their warrant. On the earnest suit of Mr. Palmer, father-in-law of John Strongitharme, Steward of the Speedwell, ordered that Ellam in the General Letters write to the President at Surat for sending home Strongitharme in the first ships. Bill of 12l. 4s. 2d. for fees and moneys disbursed by Williamson, their Proctor in the Admiralty, in the cause of Giles Waterman and others, to be paid.
Mar. 14. Order to Ducy to provide timber for repairing the James and William, whereof the William is already in dock and the James to be brought in the next spring, and that Steevens forthwith set workmen upon them. Mr. Governor and others, being to attend the Lord Treasurer tomorrow morning, intreated to acquaint him with the making of the counterfeit flat indigo and receive his directions for suppressing same; and Mr. Deputy and others to wait on the Lords for their resolutions as to shipping out their saltpetre sold to Mr. Richaut and Mr. Kipp. Resolved to send a good quantity of defective powder returned in their ships to their powder mills to be new made, the Court being of opinion that though the State hath restrained them from making powder, their intention is not to hinder them from mending it; Collins to be forthwith sent for, for directions herein. To take into consideration on Wednesday the great want of weight in their indigo, comparing the invoice with the receipts and issues; Blount to have notice to come prepared to give account. On consideration of the private trade of Francis Stockton, late Purser of the Blessing, resolved to reserve his two bales of silk, conceiving them to be their own goods, until they hear the truth from Persia, and to deduct out of his wages 60l. for freight of calicoes, long since sold, and other goods, and a fine of 20 nobles to the poor for keeping a house ashore at Gombroon for private trade; and thereupon his accounts to be cleared and his other goods delivered. 4 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 311–315.]
Mar. 19.
Mincing Lane.
547. Officers of the Navy to Lords of the Admiralty. Have made inquiry what hemp, cordage, or yarn is remaining in the hands of merchants about the city, and have sent particulars. If their Lordships order it to be taken for his Majesty's use they will bargain for it, otherwise restraining the sale will prove prejudicial to the merchants. Enclosed, Particulars above referred to. "Hemp and yarn of the East India Company 130 tons." Extract, [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLXIII., No. 11.]
Mar. 19. 548. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Mountney to search in whose name a parcel of coral is entered in the Custom House to be sent into Spain, reported to be laden aboard one of their ships for Surat. Report of Mr. Governor that the Lord Treasurer had given leave to the Company to ship out 100 tons of the saltpetre sold to Messrs. Richaut and Kipp; but he conceived it would not be so proper to prohibit the making of deceitful indigo by proclamation, but wished for a note of the names of the makers that Mr. Attorney might proceed against them in the Star Chamber, which note is since delivered to his Lordship. Report of Mr. Harvey that he hath weighed all the merchantable pepper, and found in three bags 40 lbs. of rice, for which he hath received the like weight in pepper; desiring that if there be any rice in other bags, he might have allowance for same; as also for 76 bags received wet, intreating that some might be appointed to view it; ordered that each of his partners be principal debtor in the Company's books and bills for so much pepper as he hath received. Ordered that Mountney first view the powder before it be sent to the mills to be amended, it being reported that the greatest part is good if screened, and that the rest may be amended for half the cost formerly paid. Bowen ordered to go down to Gravesend to clear the ships, that they be not stayed in the Downs but take the benefit of the first fair wind. 2 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 315–316.]
Mar. 21.
The Bonadventure in the Hope.
549. Sir Richard Plumleighe to Edw. Nicholas, Secretary to the Admiralty. The East India fleet is in the same predicament with himself, and lies still wind-bound at Gravesend. [Extract, Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLXIII., No. 23.]
Mar. 21. 550. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Resolved on consideration of Daniel Harvy's motion touching 76 bags of wet pepper, that it shall be in his choice to refuse or accept them, but in no way to condescend to any abatement of price. Request of the brother of Thomas Rosse, Factor, deceased, that the Company would detain his estate and pay it to none other but himself, in regard he purposeth to revoke the letters of administration taken out by Mr. Wardall and to procure them in his own name, and in the meantime to admit him to the sight of his brother's accounts; answered that they are expected by next ships but he must first revoke Wardall's administration. Letter read from Walter Mountford endeavouring by deep and solemn protestations to satisfy the Court of his innocency and to vindicate his reputation concerning the two bales of silk; but understanding that this letter came by the hands of his wife, the Court told her that until he came in person they could return no answer. Alderman Garwaie and Wm. Garwaie allowed security by the balloting box for 300 bags of pepper bought by Daniel Harvy and Partners. Gratuity of 20s. in charity to the wife of Anthony Noakes, one of their poor almsmen at Poplar, lately deceased, to bury him. Petition of Richard Harrison, late Purser of the Star, to be remitted freight of his goods; half freight remitted. Thomas Housman, who received a grievous wound in the head by a fall into the hold of the London, and had lately bestowed upon him 3l.; to have 40s. more towards his cure. Bill of Edward Collins for 8l. 10s. 8d. for work done at the powder mills to be paid. Fotherby ordered to give directions for the dusting and sifting of 100 barrels of old powder at Blackwall for Alderman Andrewes in part of his 200 barrels bought at 4l. Payment ordered of the estate of John Reeve, Factor, deceased, being 385l. 14s. 3d. to Capt. Crispe, his executor, deducting only 30l. as a fine for his private trade. Hoare recommended Ralph Salterley, his kinsman, lately come out of France, for a Factor; the Court upon sight of the young man, wished him to repair to them when they make their next election. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 317–319.]
Mar. 21. 551. Protestation of Walter Mountford to the East India Company. There are three darts which pierce deeply; the first hath undeservedly wounded his reputation; the second hath unjustly weakened him in his means; and the last only remains, which if thrown may as unjustly take away his life, which he so little esteems that he had rather look death in the face in whatsoever shape, than live contumeliously and in want. If their Worships are resolved to make him the butt of their indignation then is he of all men most miserable; yet beseeches leave to speak thus much for himself. His soul is as dear to him and he rates it at as high a price as the soul of a monarch; the same Jesus died for him, which suffered for the sins of the whole world; the same sacraments do properly appertain to him, by which all the faithful are ingrafted into Christ; and here he solemnly protests on the bended knees of his soul, that he never wronged their Worships in an ounce of silk in his life, nor ever knew of the alteration of those two bales, so basely and villainously abused, and so unjustly laid to his charge, and in this professed truth, as he hopes to participate in that holy mystery of the body and blood of his most precious Redeemer this blessed time, will he constantly live and die. Endorsed, "Read and referred till he come to Court." 1 p. [East Indies, Vol. IV., No. 113.]
Mar. 26. 552. Court Minutes, E, I. Co. Messrs. Artson and Robt. De la Barre allowed by the balloting box as security for 100 tons of saltpetre bought by Messrs. Peter Richaut and Kipp. Gratuity of 10s. out of the poor box "for her present comfort" to Jane Wright, a poor aged woman, aged 72, whose husband died in the Company's service 17 years' since. Edward Abbott, appointed an attendant on Mr. Hoare, allowed 20l. per annum salary and 5l. rising in regard of his abilities, and the recommendation of Sir Paul Pinder. Fotherby to dust and sift 100 barrels of their old powder at Blackwall, and deliver it to Alderman Andrewes, who had contracted for 200 barrels at 4l. per barrel. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 320–321.]