East Indies: April 1634

Pages 533-539

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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April 1634

April 2. 553. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered that 80 barrels more of the Company's merchantable powder be delivered to Alderman Andrewes for transportation at 4l. per barrel. Suit of Mr. Bell for delivery of a Lahore carpet, 7 yards long and 3½ broad, with his own and the company of Girdlers' arms thereon, whereof he is free, and for which he had given order, and, as he alleged, satisfaction, to Rastell, "intending it as a gift upon the Company of Girdlers';" ordered to be delivered on his promise that if it shall appear that the Company have paid for same, to repay for it with all damages. Relation of Mr. Attorney-General's opinion on the counterfeit flat indigo, and having procured from the dyers certificates of the abusiveness of said indigo, resolved to attend the Lord Treasurer for some speedy course to be given for suppressing this abuse. Petition of Robert Fotherby setting forth his extraordinary pains and care in the accounts of the Persia voyages, by reducing the materials within his charge to moneys, a course never used before by any, and that he hath lived 19 years in their service without reproof; the Court of opinion he is an honest, able, and deserving servant and deserves to be cherished, whereupon two sums propounded of 80l. and 100l., and by erection of hands 80l. bestowed upon him which he thankfully acknowledged. Gratuity of 20s. to Wm. Ayle, a poor minister, who hath lost his sight. Ordered that Mr. Styles be joined with Alderman Garwaie in the room of Mr. Kirby, deceased, for ordering the rebuilding of their housing at Deptford according to their covenant with the City, but that same be deferred till next year. Petition of Nicholas Brethers, late Chirurgeon of the Great James, for mitigation of his fine of 20l. for carrying out a youth unshipped into India, for keeping a house at Gombroon, and for his private trade; but the Court of opinion he deserved a greater fine and therefore would not alter. Complaint of the Auditors that they cannot perfect the accounts of the Second Joint Stock or particular voyages by reason John Mountney is behindhand for many years with his books; the Court blamed him much, but he alleged it was impossible for any one man to do more; Committees appointed to take some speedy course for perfecting this business. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 321–323.]
April 16. 554. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Acton's bill of 7l. 12s. 11d. for law causes to be paid. Report of Acton that Dixon, the Earl of Cleveland's steward, at his last Court accepted the essoyne money for admittance of the feoffees nominated by the Company for their estate at Blackwall. Petition of Wm. Curtis, four years since a sailor in the Blessing, for 7l. unjustly detained of his wages; but the Court understanding it was to make up 60l. pillaged by him and others out of a small barque in the Indies, wished him to trouble them no further lest he be further punished. John Salter, employed in the Company's service 17 years under Tho. Perkins and his widow, chosen Cooper, void by the death of Richard Brookes. Suit of the father of Gerald Pinson to remit the freight of nutmegs and cloves sent to him by his son as a token; delivery ordered of the nutmegs free of freight, and to be allowed 4s. per lb. for cloves. Gratuity of 40s. to Sneddall who piloted the Blessing and Hopewell into the Downs, besides his accustomed allowance, in regard of his attendance and extraordinary pains. Offer of Alderman Andrewes for all their gumlac at 5l. 12s. per cent. at two years time from 1st June next, accepted in regard the commodity hath laid long upon their hands. Report of the Committees that it is impossible for John Mountney to perfect his accounts without an assistant; Mr. Deputy recommended Thomas Chapman; the Court wished him to be brought to view the work, and if then he will undertake it, to agree with him for yearly wages or a sum in gross. Daniel Boneale and John Fowkes presented themselves, to whom was read the Company's petition to the Lord Keeper in answer to Fowkes' demands, and Boneale's petition, together with his Lordship's answers; whereupon the Court demanded what they intend to do for satisfaction of their debt to the Company; to which Boneale answered that this business had so impoverished him that he is not able to give more security than formerly offered, which was 500l., until he have liberty and trade in the world; Fowkes answered that until he shall first understand what Boneale is able to pay, he thinks it not safe or fit to declare his intentions. By which answers the Court observing that neither intend to satisfy the Company, advised them to conform to the Lord Keeper's direction, otherwise they must proceed in the ordinary course of justice against them. 3 pp. [Ct. Min Bk., XIV., 324–326.]
April 21.
555. Commission from President Wm. Methwold and Council to Capt. John Weddell, Admiral of the fleet, consisting of the Jonas, Palsgrave, Hart, and Discovery. To sail together as far as Cape Comorin or the latitude of Point de Galle, whence the Hart is to ply for Armagon and Masulipatam, there to be ordered by Agent Thomas Joyce. Arrived at the Mauritius to publish the intention of this Council to dispeed the Discovery to Masulipatam so as to arrive by 10th Sept., which they earnestly desire. Whilst at Augustine Bay to endeavour the preservation of fresh meat for his provision homewards, and because firewood is not without much difficulty and charge to be accomplished in Persia, Swally, and Masulipatam, not to leave an empty space unfilled in the fleet, when he may have it for the cutting. Recommend him likewise to fill up their casks with water at Johanna, it being much better than that at Gombroon, "which we conceive very unwholesome for men's bodies." For which purpose but more especially that he may encounter the fleet out of England to stay at St. Lawrence to the last of July, but missing them there to go to Johanna, whence it may be convenient to send a barge with advice to Molala. Being joined with them and having supplied all their wants, to which purpose they are plentifully furnished with beads, cotton wools, and stuffs, with the first opportunity after 20th Aug. Capt. Weddell to sail in the Jonas directly for Gombroon, leaving with Capt. Rich. Allnutt in the Palsgrave the commission directed to him. Arriving there with all expedition, to dispeed knowledge to such English as the President and Council are confidently assured attend his arrival at Lar with a good cargazoon of silk, which no sooner received, but all other consideration apart, he shall presently sail for Surat, to accomplish his lading and dispeed in good season for England. Have written to the Commanders and Merchants of the Europe fleet, that if any goods or money be to their knowledge peremptorily consigned for Gombroon, he shall take as much as may be with convenience into the Jonas, and land it at Gombroon, if there be any man to receive it; if not, it may return to Surat to be afterwards sent. To have full power to correct all disorders, and in case of any capital offence as mutiny, &c. to execute martial law, the malefactor being first convicted by a jury of 12 men, with caution not to prosecute the rigour thereof against any man's life, unless inevitably compelled. Lastly, because a treaty now fairly advanced gives almost an assurance of a truce at least with the Portugals in India, to the great furtherance of the Company's business, now languishing under increased great charge and declining trade, and seeing they are certainly informed of the Viceroy's like command to all his subordinates, require him not only to forbear any injury to ships of that nation, but to assist them with all lawful favour, taking their acknowledgment of such friendships; unless they practice any hostile act against him, in which case he may surprise them, but without pillage or disposing of their persons or lading, and bring them to Surat. Signed by Wm. Methwold, Nath. Mountney, Roger Giffard, and Thos. Turner. Endorsed, "Rec. in London 30 Jany 1634(–5) by the ship Dolphin." 4½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1522.]
April 22.
556. Order from Agent John Ling and Council to Richard Hopkins, Master of the Ship Comfort. To sail out of Bantam road to some convenient place not far off on this island or the islands by, to cut wood and timber for his ship, and to serve for both their houses in Bantam. To have an especial care to prevent dangers, to put out the English colours where he anchors, to see that his boats go well manned and armed and that his men straggle not, and to come again for this road as soon as he well may. Signed by John Ling, Gerrald Pinson, and Robert Coulson. 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1523.]
April 23. 557. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Gratuity of 10s. out of the poor box to Mary Whitfield, a poor aged woman, and of 40s. in charity to Edward Oakley who went out an attendant on Capt. Greene. Request of Mr. Chapman a tailor to be satisfied for a debt of 7l. for a suit of apparel out of Ephraim Ramsey's wages; but all they can do is to enter a caveat on Ramsey's account till his return from the Indies. Payment ordered, on motion of Mr. Woodall that he be allowed 2d. per month out of the wages of the mariners in in the yard, for curing them of any hurt that should befall them during the ships lying in dock or harbour, which for two years had not been paid to him. Petition of John Mountney for favourable consideration of his extraordinary pains in making seven pair of books for the several voyages, deferred till the accounts be made up, which are yet many years behind and then they will consider his request but not before, Several masters and carpenters with Fotherby clerk of the yard, nominated to be joined with Stevens in viewing and searching the Great James, reported very defective in many of her principal timbers, and that the charge of repairing her will be very great. Ordered that Henry Cowley be paid at the rate of 5s. per week for the diet and lodging of five blacks for 25 weeks. Gratuity of 10l. to Mr. Merricke, customer of Milford, to buy him a piece of plate for his good service in advertising them of the landing of Malachi Martin's goods. Ordered, on request of Heyward, employed in the Hopewell, that two months of his wages be paid to his brother Giles a poor scholar in Magdalen College, Oxford, towards his maintenance at school. Motion to divide their sashes or calico lawn amongst the Committees upon stock, but resolution deferred. Proposition of Mr. White concerning their defective iron ordnance read and left to further consideration. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV. 327–329.]
April 24. 558. Consultation aboard the ship Comfort. The Master, Richard Hopkins having sent the skiff under charge of "Hew Tattle" to carry ashore Tiemathew a black thief that had been in irons, bidding him make haste aboard, some of the boats gang scattered, especially Robert Graunt who would not be commanded, but challenged Tattle to fight, so ashore they went each with a rottan, and the ship stayed for the skiff all that day, being bound to cut wood and fetch ballast; for which offence Graunt was censured to be ducked, but on submission and promise of amendment was but hoisted to the yard arm and lowered into the ship again "and that was all his punishment." Signed by Richard Hopkins, Chris. Morris, and John Hopkins. Endorsed, "These papers were taken out of the writings of Richard Hopkins. Aug. 17, 1635." 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1524.]
April 29–30. 559. Minutes of a meeting of East India Company at Blackwall. Declaration of the Masters of the Trinity House and of the ship carpenters, that the Great James is altogether unfit to be repaired; their reasons, which being represented to the Court of Committees 30th April, resolved by erection of hands to break her up by day work, it being conceived that 10 men on a side may do it in six weeks, and preserve such materials as may serve again, whereas if done "by the great" the materials would be spoiled and made unserviceable by carelessness. Steevens and Fotherby directed to use good husbandry and no more carpenters at great wages than necessary, and to take the matter in hand forthwith that the dock may be cleared. Propositions presented by Fotherby read; first for a seasonable supply of timber, ordered that bargains not yet performed be called upon to be served in, viz., 100 loads of plank at 45s. per load from Young of Kent, 70 loads of 4 and 3 inch plank from Butler of Sussex at 45s. per load, and 200 loads from the Earl of Dover from Stanstead, and that the bargain with Mr. Riggs of Hampshire be perfected; and whereas offers have been made of 300 loads of long and compass timber from Lee, of 300 or 400 loads of oak and elm timber from Small in Essex near the water side, and from three or four parties at Reading, resolved that bargains be made this year for so much as may serve for the reparation of ships that shall come home and 1,000 loads over, to supply the wants of the yard and be in readiness to build a new ship next year, finding they cannot build this year merely for want of timber. Next concerning the renewing the lease of the deal yard, resolved to leave it when expired, unless the owner become more reasonable. The third proposition, for mending the glass windows; resolved to make up the windows of the salting-house with wire netting to have wooden windows for the lower storehouse, and repair the glazing of the upper. The fourth, Swanley and Fotherby directed to proceed in the sale of old anchors. The fifth, for keeping the door into the Smith's forge locked, ordered that Fotherby keep the key to prevent the abuse of the carpenters going and coming at unseasonable hours; on complaint by Steevens, that the auger shauks and bolts are not well shut, or sufficiently wrought, resolved that new workmen be employed if Delton and Hall on warning do not perform the work sufficiently. Ordered that all cabin keepers return all iron works delivered to them to the iron storekeeper or give account thereof. On the sixth proposition for surveying the ordnance, ordered that Swanley with needful assistance search the ordnance and certify how many are serviceable, how many fit to be new bored, and how many cannot be made serviceable. Ordered that 100 of the 257 barrels of old powder be dusted and made fit for sale, some of opinion to mend the rest at the mills without moving the Lords therein, Lastly, widening the little dock is thought fit to be taken forthwith in hand, and then gates to be made according to former orders. Ordered, that division be made in the new storehouse for laying up and keeping under lock and key all small masts, yards, and other small things remaining serviceable at return of ships from the Indies; that old carriages, trucks, beds, wedges, and coyns altogether unserviceable be bestowed on Swanley for firing, reserving the iron work for the Company. The glazier's note of work done about Steevens' new kitchen, amounting to 17s., to be paid by Steevens, because it was for his particular accommodation. 4 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 333–336.]
April 30. 560. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Relation of Mr. Governor, that by report of those intreated to search the James, she is so defective that they conceive it better to break her up than to repair her, the charge to make her serve for but one voyage being estimated at 5,000l. or 6,000l., which will new build a ship of 600 or 700 tons; resolved to have her broken up and Steevens charged to use care that serviceable parts as planks, knees, iron work may not be carelessly broken, spoiled, or embezzled, but preserved for future occasions. Motion on behalf of Daniel Harvy for delivery of 21 bags of pepper in Bowen's custody left to the next Court. Ordered, on motion of Mr. Mun, that Ellam write overland to Surat, requiring their President to return the London the first ship, in regard of the defectiveness of her mast, and of the disaster that happened in her passage into the Downs, by her striking on ground. Complaint of Boatswain Ingram of Steevens' unnecessary expense in taking the masts out of returned ships, and out of a wilful and peremptory disposition, refusing counsel and putting the Company to 100l. charge in new fishing the London's mast, which nevertheless is not only too weak but too heavy for the ship, though advised it would be better to buy a new one; which being justified to his face by Ingram and confirmed by Swanley, the Court sharply reprehended Steevens for these neglects and advised him from henceforth out of a self opinion not to refuse or neglect the counsel of those whom the Company trust as well as himself; he promised hereafter to be more careful, not doubting but the London's mast is strong and sufficient to serve the voyage. Ordered, on consideration how their old ships are almost worn out, and that they must, if they continue the trade, stow their yard with good timber, that Ducy make inquiry where 1,000 loads may be had and forthwith brought into the yard, in readiness next year to build a ship of 600 tons; and that Mr. Riggs or any other man be called upon to perform their bargains. Motion for buying 50 or 60 barrels of the Company's powder, Fotherby ordered to cause 100 barrels to be forthwith sifted and made fit for sale, for anyone to buy for transportation, but the first offer to be made to Alderman Perry who lately was desirous to buy that quantity. The business of Walter Mountford and Francis Stockton, concerning the two bales of silk in question, to be considered and ended at next Court, having now heard the relation of Mr. Alman, a Dutchman, lately returned from Persia, who sold the silk to Mountford. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 330–332.]