East Indies: June 1634

Pages 546-551

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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June 1634

June 6. 566. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Motion of the Commissioners of the Navy for the loan of the cordage house at Woolwich for making 50 tons of cordage for his Majesty's use; answered they cannot possibly accommodate their request, because they make use of it for their own occasions. Petition of Christopher Farewell for the loan of 25l. on his own and his brother's security; answered the adventurers bring in their moneys to be adventured, and not to be lent. Letter read from Henry Middleton, dated 19th April, desiring that for composing the difference concerning 1,500l. due from the Company to Sir Henry Middleton deceased, whose executor he was, and according to his Majesty's reference they would join two of the Company with Sir Ralph Freeman and Sir Tho. Cannon to bring the business to a peaceable end; the Court considered they cannot be made liable, it being the act of the adventurers in the sixth voyage, who are mostly dead; but because they understand a decree hath been made in Chancery in the cause, of which Acton is able to give an account; answer deferred till he be first spoken withal. Certificate presented by Swanley of all iron ordnance, serviceable, honeycombed, and broken and altogether defective, according to a trial made for three days by Wm. Franklyn, Proof Master of England; ordered that the Proof Master be rewarded with 20s., and that Ellam write to Holland to know what price will be given for those honeycombed, and what will be the charge of new-boring them. Delivery ordered to Alderman Andrewes of another 100 barrels of powder at 4l. per barrel, for transportation, same to be dusted as those formerly bought. Demands in writing delivered by Daniel Harvy for allowances on his late bargain of pepper largely discussed, but deferred till next Court. Ordered that Mountney pay Edisbury 8l. 14s. 6d. for the new making of a gate and other necessaries at his Majesty's cordage yard at Woolwich, now in the Company's occupation, to be deducted out of the rent to be paid to his Majesty; also to Boatswain Ingram 6l. 15s. 10d. for boat hire and other charges for the year past. The cause between George Muschamp and Grace Honey, widow, concerning a parcel of clothes and wax pretended by her to have come to his hands, being the goods of Anthony Honey, Master of the Hart, deceased in the Indies, being by order of the Lord Chief Justice referred to Sir Morris Abbott and 12 of the Committees, was this day, in the presence of Muschamp and one John Heaman, authorised by said Grace, taken into examination, they having, by writing under both their hands and by giving and receiving one piece of silver of the value of 12d. engaged themselves in the sum of 500l. to stand to the award of said Governor and any 12 Committees; whereupon after they had fully heard what each party could allege, ordered that Muschamp pay, for the use of said Grace, in satisfaction of all demands, 100l. within a month. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 346–348.]
June 6. 567. Officers of the Navy to Lords of the Admiralty. Have sent Master Apslin and others to view the Earl of Southampton's timber near Pharam [Fareham] the Earl's steward told them his Majesty gave his Lordship leave to sell it for payment of his debts promising none should be taken for his Majesty's service. The East India Company have bargained for a good quantity from those that bought it of the Earl. Extract. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLXIX., No. 41.]
June 10.
568. Agent Wm. Gibson, Wm. Fall, and Philip Dickinson to the East India Company. Dispeeded 23 May last [see ante, No. 565] an express by Aleppo in double transcripts, and received advice 8th current from Port from President and Council of Surat to their Worships, the conveyance recommended with all possible speed, so have with difficulty lured this second express. Know it will be unwelcome news and are heartily sorry they cannot add some comfort to countervail it, "God of his mercy amend these unfortunate proceedings and mischances futurely, for we are persuaded never did more disasters and crosses in your affairs fall so on the neck of one another as doth at present." Our ancient friend Mullaymbeage after an infinite labyrinth has with much ado got his pardon of the King for 10 years to pay his debts, so he is got in some reasonable credit again; indeed it was the King's best course, for should he have quite overthrown him it would have caused the losing of all, in that those intrusted with divers round sums in remote parts hearing of his downfall would never have returned, besides many debtors of long standing would have been invisible. The President hath recommended to them the sale of a parcel of tobacco belonging to Capt. Miller, which unwillingly they received and not finding vent for it at Port have brought it to Spahan where little or nothing has been offered for it; it is such very poor stuff in itself and now so dried and rotten, neither is it here requested, yet will do their best to put it off to advantage. Not a word as yet of the arrival of any silk here, or of the King's remove from Tauris; Gibson had well hoped to have been some part of the way towards him ere this, but indisposition has made him unfit to undertake such a journey. Willoughby by letter from Port much complains of our too much continued abuse in the Customs, and is persuaded the Company's share will scarce amount to so much as last year, which is not worth the following; besides they have got a trick now for vessels that come in to land all their goods at Ormuz "excusing it with sleeveless pretences," so are defeated of their shares and not suffered to have anything to do with aught that is not landed on Gombroon shore, nor scarce that neither, so this business is like to come little by little to an end. At his arrival at Court will address this amongst other complaints to the King. Endorsed, "Rd overland by Aleppo, &c, Mersellis 12 Maie 1635." 2½ pp. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1526.]
June 11. 569. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered that 50 tons of broken ordnance be sold to Mr. White at 3s. 6d. per cwt. and that Swanley inform himself how many of the serviceable pieces require the touch holes to be new bored, and the charge. The wife of Alexander Bannister, Factor in the Swan, designed for Bantam, to receive 20l. on account of her husband's wages, on security to pay same in case of his decease if there be not so much due. Acton's bill of 6l. 9s. 2d. for law causes to be paid. Gratuity of 5s. out of the poor box to Mary Miller a poor aged woman. Concerning the revived motion of Mr. Harvy for allowance upon his late bargain of pepper. Letter read from Francis Stockton, desiring that in regard they had cleared with Walter Mountford, they would deliver the two bales of silk he had bought of Mountford, against whom he was now remediless in case he came not honestly by them; and also that they would remit part of the fine of 100 marks for his private trade; but the Court conceived they did him favour in imposing no greater fine, and that for his two bales of silk the course they lately settled (see ante, No. 564) should give him satisfaction. 2 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 349, 350.]
June 12. 570. Consultation aboard the ship Comfort. Markes Bowen, Boatswain of the Comfort, sentenced to be put in the bilboes for calling the Master's servant a gluttonous rogue, with other "sawsy termes" and also for calling the Master's Mate, John Hopkins, Jackanapes, Puppy, and Ass. 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1527.]
June 16. 571. Consultation aboard the ship Comfort. Hugh Tattle sentenced to twelve blows with a rattan for drunkenness, staying aboard other ships 48 hours without leave, calling the Master Huble Buble behind his back, and saying he hoped. hereafter to drown the old man, meaning the Master. ½ p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1528.]
June 18. 572. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. This day senight appointed for a Court of Sales for disposing of divers jewels and other things, and this day fortnight for a Court of Election. Gratuity of 5s. out of the poor box to Elizabeth Blunt, a poor aged widow. Twenty barrels of old powder and four of dust of powder entrusted to the wife of Edward Collins, their late powder maker, to amend and new make, and when performed and the goodness thereof examined, the Court will agree with her to amend and make the rest. Committee appointed to dispose of materials of the Great James, of no other use than firewood. ½ p. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 351, 352.]
June 18.
573. Directions from Agent Wm. Gibson, Wm. Fall, and Philip Dickinson to Mr. Gove? in his employment to Ghilan. He knows the advice they have received from their linguist at Court, and what hopes he gives of their attaining their complete partition of silk this year in full satisfaction of what the King stands indebted to them, or the most part thereof, wherefore have thought fit to dispeed him with their servant Carracash, to further its sudden effecting. To make all possible haste to Resht, and inquire out their two Taffeldares, Caun Velebeg and Amerbege, the first whereof, by advice from Shavele, their linguist, is engaged on penalty of the King's displeasure, to procure them 500 loads of silk in three months' time; which, if he perform, they desire him instantly to dispeed it to them by Carracash, with what shall have been procured by the other, staying himself to recover the remainder. In case he should fail of the full quantity in the time mentioned, nevertheless to dispeed what he can, though but 200 or 300 loads, that they may timely send it for Bandar, that the ships arriving in the heats be not wholly frustrated of what they have promised. For what quantity shall remain, he must be very importunate in daily and earnest solicitations to the Taffeldares that at least they may carry it away timely towards Bandar to lade it aboard the ships at the usual time, but if assured of the impossibility of gaining it all he must get what he can and come away with it. He may promise the Taffeldares if they perform what they ought they shall not go unrewarded, but that he will write of their deserts; and to Amerbege he may say that hitherto his endeavours in their behalf have been so small they cannot descern he has anyway deserved what their too much forwardness hath been ready to accommodate him with, much less that he should expect more, as appears by his too often assignations for payments to his house, but hope now he will strive to make amends. If either of them neglect their duties, he must dispeed instantly "a shotter" to Shavele at Court with advice of their delinquency, that he may suddenly procure redress, and by every convenience let them hear how he speeds, and what hopes he has of regaining their whole compliment. Endorsed, "Recd overland by Mersellis & Aleppo, 12 Maie 1635." 2 pp. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1529.]
June 20. 574. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Petition of John Carter and George Headland, to receive their wages till the burning of the Swallow; to be paid to their wives if they have authority to receive. Demand of Henry, son of David Middleton, of 1,500l. owing by bill to his uncle Sir Henry Middleton, deceased; answered that they owe him nothing in regard Sir Henry performed not his contract, and therefore wished him to trouble the Court no further, but if he conceived he had any right, to take his course by law: their Secretary required to attend Mr. Sec. Coke with Middleton's petition, and intreat him to obtain his Majesty's answer. Resolved to continue their custom of having a sermon preached in the forenoon of the election day, their Secretary appointed to intreat Josias Shute to prepare himself against that day. Resolved to expel from their almshouse at Poplar John Ferne, one of their almsmen, who for two years and upwards hath lived there with another man's wife, by whom he hath had a child or two, and hath lately married her, notwithstanding her former husband is living; Fotherby required to see it performed; and in regard of the abuse and scandal he hath brought on the house by his uncivil and base carriage, he was sent by warrant from Sir James Cambell to Bridewell to receive due correction. Complaint of Tristram Hughson, another of their almsmen, being oftentimes distempered by drink, when he abused by ill language both the Company and other persons of quality, but on his submission and promise never to offend again, and in regard he hath lost a leg in their service, the Court at this time passed by his offence. A balance of the Company's estate, as well in the particular voyages as in the Joint Stock, presented by the Auditors, and Mr. Governor desired to make known the same this afternoon to the Generality without entering into particulars. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 352, 353.]
June 20. 575. Minutes of a General Quarter Court. Mr. Governor, on reading the last General Court, observed that there was little more business than to give an account of the state of their affairs; but first he conceived it not unfit to satisfy them concerning the 30,000l. which had fallen short in the value of their goods returned home last year, which happened merely by reason of the want of weight and overrating the goods and selling them since at lower rates; but he wished them not to be discouraged, for these commodities being now off their hands, dispersed abroad, they may the better raise the prices on the return of their next ships. According to the abstract delivered by the Auditors the first Persia voyage hath sufficient in the Kingdom to satisfy the Principal Stock and 40l. per cent. profit, and over and above all debts and charges paid a surplus of 7,500l., besides 39,000l. stock in India to be returned without either profit or charges reckoned thereon. For the second voyage there is likewise in the kingdom to satisfy the stock and 50l. per cent. profit, and pay all debts with a surplus of 2,500l., besides about 37,000l. in India. But in the third voyage there will be wanting to satisfy their debts in the kingdom about 29,000l. So as the whole estate of the three voyages in India is estimated to be in quick stock about 73,000l. besides profit thereon, and the expectation of good returns daily. The third, or Old [? New] Joint Stock is indebted more than is in the kingdom to satisfy, about 62,000l., but there is 396,000l. quick stock sent out to Surat and Bantam, whereof returned about 6,000l., although the whole capital is but 385,000l., of which 14,000l. is to this day unpaid by several men, whom he desired to send in their moneys, that so their names might not be made known. Mr. Governor told the Court he was glad to find the accounts in so good an estate considering the great mortality and other accidents which had unexpectedly happened in India; but they must not expect for a year or two any division upon the Old Stock, for it was the policy and wisdom of the Hollanders by this way to advance the small stock which they raised at first to that greatness which now it is, by forbearing divisions, which course, if this Company observe, he doubted not to improve it for the good of the Company, there being no intention to press the adventurers this year for further supplies, but to make the present stock with its proceeds sufficient to support the same; but for the particular voyages they may do therein as they think good. Ordered, on motion of an honourable person, that if the parties owing the 14,000l. in the Third Joint Stock did not bring in their moneys betwixt this and the next General Court their names be publicly read, and further order taken to enforce their payment. Also proposition that the Generality be made acquainted with the intentions of the Court as to what stock, shipping, and merchandises they intend to send out this next year, but Mr. Governor answered it is a thing impossible, they being to be guided by the advices they shall receive from their Factors by the next ships; besides if they knew what to send and should make it known, the Hollanders and others would have speedy notice thereof, and so anticipate the commodities and enhance the price. All the satisfaction therefore that could be given was that the Court had resolved to send, towards the end of September, a pinnace to the coast as usual, and to buy 1,000 cloths for Persia and Surat, but what quantities of goods to send, and whether two or three ships or but one, they cannot determine till they receive advices by their next ships; he being confident that although they receive no return this year on account of the Third Joint Stock, yet the trade shall be continued without calling for any new supplies from the adventurers. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 353–356.]
June. 576. Draft by Sec. Nicholas of a list of all the ships and vessels in divers Vice-Admiralties. In port of London 154 ships and vessels including eight East India ships from 350 to 1,000 tons. Extract. [Dom., Chas. I., Vol. CCLXX., No. 64.]
June 25. 577. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Petition of Henry Askwith read, expressing certain abuses committed by John Spiller and Mr. Hurt, which the Court finding to be notorious, especially those concerning Hurt, resolved to appoint a day for further hearing. Fotherby to pay for the carrying by water of the timber lately bought of the Earl of Dover and brought to Blackwall. Ordered that 38l. 16s. 1d. due to Mrs. Aldsworth's children, be paid to her surviving son, on giving security. Ellam and Sambrooke, on motion of Alderman Garwaie, to go to James Cox, now insolvent, and who did not stir abroad, to receive his transport of his adventures to Capt. Hall, who besides being taken in execution for him for 300l. odd, had lent him 700l. or 800l., the greatest part of his estate. On petition of Richard Swinglehurst, 33l. 6s. 8d. bestowed upon him as a gratification for his extraordinary services by several journeys to Portsmouth about stay of the two Dutch ships, having ridden thither and back three times within a week, besides a voyage to Dieppe. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 356, 357.]
June 25. 578. Minutes of a General Court of Sales. With names of purchasers and the prices, which include Persia Legee silk, Ardasse silk, and cloves wet and dried. ½ p. [Ct. Min. Bk., XIV., 358.]