East Indies: August 1634

Pages 559-565

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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August 1634

Aug. 1–6. 593. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Complaint of Sir Edward Randall of the loss of his fish, through the Company not repairing the grate of the pondhead at Chilworth; ordered that the marshman last employed in mending the dam-head go in hand therewith if it may be repaired for 5l. or 6l. 13s. 4d., but if the charge be great, then first to acquaint the Court. Henry Smith appointed Land Purser, and Walter Ambler, his mate, for the Exchange, with charge to use all diligence to prevent the landing of private trade; and a course ordered to prevent in future the great abuse of stealing the Company's pepper bags. Letter read from Richard Wylde, who was much blamed for his "unmannerly language and peremptory passages" casting aspersions not only on particular Committees but even upon the whole Court, ordered that he be warned to the next Court to explain his letter.
Aug. 6. Notice taken that the weight of cloves and indigo falls far short of the invoices sent home from the Indies, and that goods received into the East India House by Blunt are never weighed, as they had been by Chauncy; ordered that Blunt receive and deliver all goods by weight, and that Bowen or Clarke be present to assist him. Note presented in justification of Mr. Hurt, with a list of mariners' wives attending to satisfy the Court concerning his carriage, but the Court, conceiving that one or two witnesses in the affirmative are far more available to accuse a man than many in the negative to clear him, therefore gave order to dismiss all the women that attended. Demand of Thomas Steevenson for money due for lighterage since 1628, but detained for a bale of calicoes out of the Discovery pretended to be lost out of one of his lighters, referred to two Committees. Petition of John Mooreton that he bought certain goods aboard the Exchange at Dover, but that since, understanding he had offended against his Majesty's proclamation, had come up purposely to acknowledge his error and desire them to remit his offence; but the Court answered they had often been wronged in this kind, and intended to make him and others an example in the Star Chamber. The Master and owners of the Mary and John referred to Fotherby and Steevens to accommodate them with a cable half worn to weigh their ship, now sunk in Harwich Road. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 22–25.]
Aug. 13. 594. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Mr. Acton's bill of 5l. 5s. 4d. for law causes to be paid. Writing presented from the Officers of the Navy remonstrating the stores and provisions lent for a relief of the Company's ships, delivered to Mountney to compare with the Company's account of stores delivered to his Majesty, that a speedy course be taken for clearing the account. Relation of the Secretary that he had presented to the Lord Treasurer, Capt. Quayle's bill of exchange, desiring his order for payment; which his Lordship at first seemed to disallow as done without warrant, yet on reading Capt. Weddell's letter, he promised to take into consideration, willing their Secretary to put him in mind of it another time. The ship Expedition fully sheathed, and ready to be launched, and in a month for her voyage; Mountney required to direct their brewer to go in hand with brewing and make ready all other provisions; Peter Andrews, late Master in the Exchange, chosen Master, with allowance of 20 nobles per month. Request of Alderman Wright to be supplied with 100 bags pepper out of the Exchange, being willing likewise to make offer for the whole parcel; answered that the goods were not yet landed, and belonged to sundry voyages, and therefore not to be disposed of without their direction. Resolved that a General Court of adventurers of the three voyages and Third Joint Stock be summoned against this day senight. The repair of the grate of the dam-head of the pond at Chilworth resumed, and offer made to Poole of 20l. and 20s. a year to repair and keep it in reparation, but Poole demanded 5l. a year; referred to further consideration. Mountney ordered to pay 4s. per lb., free of freight and custom, for 1 hhd. of cloves to Sarah, wife of Wm. Cutt, who died in the Exchange, being willing to show her favour both in regard of the loss of her husband and of his pains in preserving the ship. Gratuity of 5l. to Richard Greene, who went out in the service of the Dutch, was taken by the Javas, and was freed by the Agent at Bantam, for his good service in the Exchange. 2l. 15s. 10d. to be paid by Mountney for the burial charges of Hugh Cuffe, slain by a fall from the main mast of the Exchange. Ordered that Mountney procure a letter from the farmers to Mr. Percivall, the customer at Dover, to send up to London divers parcels of private trade in his custody. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 25–27.]
Aug. 14.
595. Sir William Boswell, his Majesty's resident at the Hague, to Sec. Coke. Since his last M. Brassart, lately Deputy from these States in England, has returned, and made a very friendly report of his negotiations. In particular that the business of Amboyna was wholly in his Majesty's hands, to be finally determined by himself after his return from progress. [Extract, Holland Corresp.]
Aug. 15. 596. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Freight remitted to Thomas Fisher, George Mallay, Mary Francis, widow, and David Aldington, on long pepper, cassia lignum, lignum aloes, and green ginger returned in the Exchange. Mr. Woodall to receive 50l. imprest for the Chirurgeon's chest of the Expedition. Wm. Callowe, Edward Salisbury, Nicholas Rigsby, and John Judson, porters employed in the cellars at the Exchange, dismissed, having combined to pilfer a bag of 9 or 10 lbs. of pepper, which Callowe conveyed into his breeches, but the bag by accident broke, and the pepper running out at his knees at Leadenhall, he was discovered. Ordered that henceforth there be always a master porter at the scale and another upon the pile, to be answerable fox the honesty of the working porters-Petition presented by Cecily from her husband, Thomas Greenebury, accusing Capt. Pynn and Richard Higham, Purser of the Exchange, to have between them in private trade 200 jars of green ginger, 5 or 6 hhds. of cloves, 20 cwt. of benjamin, besides other things, which the quartermaster can justify; ordered that Capt. Pynn and the Purser make answer to these accusations. Ordered that Fotherby deliver to Mrs. Collins 20 barrels more of old powder to be amended. 33l. 6s. 8d., the third part of Mr. Ling's first year's salary, to be paid to his wife, according to his note dated at Bantam, 18th Dec. 1633. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 27, 28.]
Aug. 20. 597. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Sambrooke ordered to give warrants for payment of mariners' wages returned in the Exchange, but to detain those of the principal officers or such against whom there is any just exception. Ordered that the whole sum of 20,000l. for Bantam and the coast be provided in silver, on information that gold is not vendible in those parts, being much fallen in value. Stephen Mount, their apprentice, now returned in the Exchange, to have his freedom and 40s. for his present supply. Edmond Chambers's bill of 4l. 13s. 6d. for carrying the Committees to and from Erith several times for clearing the Exchange to be paid. Ordered that Hurt be spoke withal to pay 290l., which Mr. Handson found remaining in his hands, to Cappur, who is to give him his receipt. Resolved to advise the Generality in the afternoon to a sale of their pepper and cloves returned in the Exchange, the Court conceiving it not safe to agree to any division till the debt owing by the second voyage be paid and the accounts returned in the Mary, also in regard of the great sums to be presently issued out for wages, custom, &c.; and that 17d. per lb. for the pepper is a reasonable rate, and 9s. and 10s. for cloves ungarbled and garbled. Ordered that all their pepper be screened and not sifted; Committees nominated to appoint at what scantling to set the screen, that an equal hand be carried to all; but the cloves to be sifted as accustomed. Renewed motion of Sir John Watts for payment of a debt due to him by Capt. Mooreton deceased, out of his wages remaining in the Company's hands; answered that they could part with no more money till the James's accounts be returned, which they expect by the Mary. Richard Wylde's late letter considered and read in his presence; the Court declared he had much forgotten himself in his unmannerly language and uncivil words, charging not only some of the Committees of the best rank to have falsely and maliciously accused him, but also the whole Court to have dealt unjustly and shamefully with him in the matter of his fine, taken from him for no other cause, as he said, than his good service to the Company; which charge was of so high a nature as they intended not to let it pass, being persuaded that what they had done was upon mature consideration and upon his voluntary submission, and that had he been questioned in any court of justice, his fine would have been much more, and therefore now to question the same in this uncivil and unmannerly fashion, argued ingratitude and sauciness which they little expected from him, considering how by the Company's favour he had advanced his fortunes when they themselves had been extreme losers. Wylde in answer seemed to justify what he had written, being forced thereto to vindicate his own innocency and reputation, a great part of the debt having been left by his predecessor, but declared he was heartily sorry for those words whereat exceptions are taken, being done in a passion; which confession gave some satisfaction, but the day being far spent, the Court broke up without ordering anything further. Higham, Purser of the Exchange, questioned, ingenuously confessed that by the persuasion of some who persuaded him of the hard dealing of the Company, Capt. Pynn and he conveyed about 4 cwt. of cloves out of the ship, for which he was heartily sorry, and desired the Court to remit the offence. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 29–31.]
Aug. 20. 598. Minutes of a General Court of Adventurers of the three voyages and Third Joint Stock. Mr. Governor desired all present with one heart and voice to express their thankfulness to God for His great mercy and goodness to them for the return of their ship Exchange, which, by reason of many leaks and other disasters, was, in the opinion of the Captain and all others of the ship, twice given over for lost, yet she had brought her goods so well conditioned as ever any ship did before, wherein the care and providence of Capt. Pynn is very much to be commended. They were now to consider how the goods brought home in her were to be disposed of for the best profit and advantage, but the Governor told them they must not expect any division, for many reasons. They belong to several voyages, there is a debt of 29,000l. owing by the second voyage, and most part of the goods now returned are thought to be for that voyage, but how to distinguish them is impossible. The opinion of the Committee is to sell the pepper by the candle not under 17d. per lb., for a division it cannot be, the charges of this ship coming to 18,000l. or 20,000l. Having argued this business at large, in conclusion resolved to set the price at 18d. per lb. sifted for transportation, and 18½d. for town garbled, none to underwrite for less than 200 bags, and to be all underwrit by the 1st of September, or the subscription to be void. The price of cloves set at 9s. per lb. sifted for transportation, and 10s. 4d. for town garbled, and none to underwrite for less than 10 hhds. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 32, 33.]
Aug. 27. 599. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Account presented by Fotherby of the timber, plank, ironwork, &c. of the Great James lately broken up, by which it appeared that the Company will clear above all charges 572l. 6s. 9d. Election of officers for the Expedition, William Fox, Purser, Jarrard Mettcalfe, Purser's Mate, and Henry Mathews, Steward, to give good security for their faithful service. Robert Mullyns, employed in the Company's powder mills to be set down for a Purser's Mate in one of their Surat ships. Complaints of Wm. Hope, Master Gunner in the Exchange, and Thomas Greenebury against Capt. Pynn for turning them out of the ship and leaving them behind in the Indies, in regard they informed of the purloining of the Company's goods, and of the private trade of Pynn and Higham, the Purser; Pynn produced consultations which satisfied the Court that Hope was displaced for drunkenness and other misdemeanours, but Greenebury, Capt. Pynn protested he remembered not and therefore could not answer. A third complaint of Elizabeth Lantro, consisting of many particulars to be delivered to Higham to answer in writing against next Court. Understanding from Chauncy that their late order for screening pepper will be very discommodious and prejudicial to the Company, ordered to continue their old course to have it sifted and not screened. Freight remitted on 210 lbs. of white pepper sent as a token by Christopher Reade to Mrs. Highlord and others. Motion of Capt. Pynn for payment of his wages and delivery of his private trade goods, desiring more favour in regard of his extraordinary pains and danger passed in this voyage, which had been a means to preserve the ship. The Court wished him to deliver in a note of his private trade, and ordered that he receive for the present 100l. more on account of his wages. Two bonds long since payable, by Collins and Billingsly for 300l., and by Isaac and Peter Van Payne, presented by Mr. Treasurer, ordered to be forthwith put in suit by Mr. Acton, if the parties on demand once more, should refuse to satisfy them within some reasonable time. The Court observing their pepper and cloves are not like to be underwrit for at the prices and conditions set at the last General Court, ordered that another General Court be warned against 3rd Sept. to consider some other way for disposure of same. Joseph Cordray and Richard Humphries, returned in the Exchange, released of their apprenticeships, and ordered to receive 40s. apiece from Mr. Mountney. Letters read on behalf of Hurt's restoration to his late employment, from Dr. Winston, the Countess of Warwick, and Lady Mildmay, with his own petition; the Court of opinion that he worthily deserved his suspension, yet considering him as a person heartily sorry for his offence and acknowledging his error, with promise of amendment, his long service and great charge of children and also the persons and their quality who have so earnestly intreated for him, together with Alderman Perry's offer to stand bound for his honesty hereafter, and the respect they still bear to the memory of Alderman Halliday, whose servant he was, put him to the question by the balloting box, and there being 12 balls for him and but two against him, he was now again reestablished in his employment, which Cappur was required to surrender to him 1st Sept. next; and the Court, being very sensible of the disreputation Cappur conceived will fall upon him by taking the place so suddenly from him, declared their good opinion of him as an ancient and well deserving servant, of whom they purposed not to be unmindful on a fitting occasion, and thereupon admitted him to his former employment and salary of 100 marks. 3 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 33–36.]
Aug. ? 600. [Capt. Pynne Commander of the Exchange] to E. I. Co Neither leisure nor weakness of body will permit him amply to express each accident. The Exchange sailed from Bantam 21st Nov. 1633, but through contrary winds could not quit the Straits till 13th Dec. when a leak burst out and suddenly increased to 160 strokes a glass, so concluded to go for Mauritius to stop it. From 14th to 25th they increased to near 400 str kes a glass, but anchored at Mauritius 19th Jan., having pumped for seven days together 700 strokes a glass. In three days landed 300 tons of pepper, and cured the leak so well that they pumped but 200 strokes in 24 hours. Began relading but were overtaken with as hideous a storm as ever any eyes saw; the ship moored with three of their best anchors and cables but near night they began to drag home like fishhooks and the ship drove ashore, where she lay four hours "nothing complaining," though in our judgment there was nothing but apparent destruction; about 12 at night the storm broke up, and with no great difficulty they hove off the ship to her moorings, and she had not increased one inch water or received in her hull any prejudice, so great were the mercies of God. The weather becoming more mild in two days they had all their pepper aboard and the ship being marvellously well conditioned, proceeded for the Cape 13th Feb., but the leak again broke out; yet commending themselves to the protection of God they proceeded, and anchored in Saldanha Bay 21st March, having buried four men and many more very sick. Three Netherlands ships arrived, two bound for Persia, the other for Batavia, from whom they had some provisions, and understood that the Jewel, Roberts, Master, bound for Coast Coromandel, was riding at Trinidatho with no resolution to stop at the Cape. Kept by contrary winds till 3rd April they directed their course for St. Ellyna (sic), the men began mightily to decline with sickness, our pump exercising all men to the trial of our best abilities. Anchored at St. Ellyna 26th April, 10 men died since their departure from the Cape, and two-thirds wonderfully weak; continued there till 9th May for recovery of their sick, and had plentiful refreshing but not without extraordinary labour. 21st May to the grief of their hearts a leak again opened in the well; used divers means but no stitching of sails with oakum or anything they did, would serve. 8th June sprung the head of the main mast, which had been rotten from the beginning of the voyage out of England, so could not use a fair wind. Many of their chief and able men fell sick and died, and the labour of many depended on a few almost tired out, propounded again the taking up the pepper in the case, 40 tons, to go down to the old leak; but this was not approved in regard of the danger and labour, the men choosing rather to stand by the pumps as long as they were able, but took a firm resolution to go about the work, and emptied the case, and went down to the leak in the well, and so well did God prosper their endeavours as by night they pumped but 85 strokes in two glasses, and five days after but 40 or 50, and ever since have so continued. Met a Dutch man-of-war 6th July and received some bread in return for rice and rack; sighted Scilly; 21st and 22nd was thwart of Falmouth and met the London, Unicom, Edward and John, and another, all plying to windward, bound out, received from "these men" very free and courteous supply of what they could well spare of beer, beef, and biscuit. Imperfect. 4 pp. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1532.]
Aug. 16.
Ship Coaster, Selebar.
601. George Willoughby, John Hunter, Richard Langham, Thomas Grove, John Barnes, and Jo. Miller to "our loving friends, the Merchants, Commanders, and Council of the English shipping that shall futurely here arrive." These are to give notice that the Coaster, which departed England 10th March last, being driven to leeward of the Straits of Sunda, put in here for refreshing, where, by two letters received from the Dutch ship Brock, directed to pinnace Dove, subscribed by Mr. Barnabe, &c., who we suppose are in ship Comfort, have understood that the Reformation, Dove, and Comfort are on this coast. Should have been glad to have spoken to hear how affairs stand at Bantam amidst the wars between that King and the Dutch. Will continue their voyage by first opportunity for Bantam. Endorsed, "A Letter left at Sillabar by Mr. Willaby." 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1533.]
Aug. 16. 602. Richard Hopkins, Ralph Reade, and Wm. Bradbent to Mr. Barnabe. As he desires their approbation for dispeeding one of the ships for the northward, hold it fit that one be dispeeded with all expedition. Their reasons. And whereas God has visited with sickness their fit men able "to undergo the Company's affairs in merchandizing" in his absence, are willing to spare any one man, thought fit to assist. But nevertheless refer the ship staying or going to Barnabe's own discretion. 1 p. [O. C., Vol. XV., No. 1534.]