East Indies: September 1634

Pages 565-570

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, East Indies and Persia, Volume 8, 1630-1634. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1892.

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September 1634

Sept. 3. 603. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered that the ship Exchange be forthwith brought into dock, and that Swanly and Steevens search whether she be fit to be repaired for another voyage, and present to the Court an estimate of the charge. Relation of Mr. Governor of the great exceptions taken against their late order tying contractors and such as buy the Company's commodities for goods to be always one in the bill, notwithstanding their securities are known to be able and good men, it being a discouragement to men to stand engaged for the whole parcel though they have disposed thereof to others; resolved to annihilate said order and acquaint the General Court in the afternoon for their approbation. Particular presented by Capt. Pynn of his and Richard Higham's private trade, which appeared so great and exorbitant as the Court seemed to be distasted therewith, and demanded what was his and what the Purser's, who answered that almost the whole parcel was in halves; the Court ordered Mountney to weigh the goods and the Auditors to cast up the freight, and demanded of the Purser how he came to be possessed of so many goods, who answered that he carried out tin, coral, vermilion, quicksilver, and some moneys, but promised to deliver a note in writing and to conceal nothing, and intreated favour, having done them good service. Offer of Henry Ask with to pay his debt, 7l. 8s., at Christmas next, and the other 20l. by 5l. a quarter, accepted, and John Spiller ordered to deliver up his two bills of 8l. cancelled. Gratuity of 40s. to Giles Hayward, a poor scholar, whose father died in their service. Payment ordered to the wife of Ralph Cartwright, now at Bengala, of 40l. returned by him in the Purser's books for her maintenance. Freight remitted to Richard Gilson, Mate in the Exchange, of 5 cwt. 12 lbs. of ginger and 4 cwt. 14 lbs. of cubebs; to Francis Butcher, of long pepper, benjamin, and lignum asphaltum; to John Warmington, of long pepper and green ginger; and to the wives of Richard Swanley, Master of the Hart, and Randall Jesson, of sugar and dragon's blood; but the same to be set on their husbands' accounts, to be considered at their return. Note presented by Mrs. Collins of 93 barrels of powder new mended by her at 15s. per barrel, and 11 new barrels, in all 71l. 2s. 6d., of which she had received 20l., and desiring payment of the remainder and 2l. 7s. 5d. disbursed in repairing the two powder mills; ordered that the powder be tried by the Master Gunner of England, and payment made if it appear by his certificate to be made good and serviceable. 2½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 36–38.]
Sept. 3. 604. Minutes of a General Court. Relation of Mr. Governor that seeing the subscription for the pepper and cloves did not take the expected effect, the Court of Committees is of opinion it will be most fit for the good of the Company to sell all the goods by the candle; and for the better encouragement of buyers, they have ordered that henceforth no contractor shall be tied to join as security for more than the goods he shall reserve in his own hands, but that his partners approved by the balloting box, be accepted for good security; and for the price it was conceived for the pepper 17d. and for the cloves 8s. 4d. Relation by Mr. Smethwyke of a report that whereas by the invoice there ought to be 2,600 bags, the same fell short 400; but Mr. Governor answered that the Committees found 51 cwt. wanting, which was occasioned partly by drying, but more particularly by an extraordinary stress of wind which drove the Exchange ashore at Mauritius, whereby they were enforced to unlade 300 tons of pepper, and the hurricane blew a great part of it into the sea; but as a reason that the Company had not been abused by any legerdemain, there is not any great quantity of pepper brought home by mariners or others, and he doubted not there would be 2,400 bags; which gave the Court good satisfaction. Offers for the pepper by Mr. Langham and Alderman Garwaie of 17¼d. and 17½d. per lb., but no resolution taken. The whole parcel of cloves sold to Capt. Crispe at 8s. 6d. per lb.; and the wet pepper left to the Committees to sell for the best advantage.
Sept. 6. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. This being the last day limited by the General Court for underwriting the pepper brought home in the Exchange, and but a little part underwritten, resolved, after having argued and disputed this business at large, to call the Generality again together on Wednesday. Bill of Robert Mullyns for horse hire and diet to Chilworth to view the defects of the dam head, amounting to 1l. 11s. 3d., to be paid.
Sept. 10. Proposal to divide the pepper at 18d. per lb., but the Court of opinion it would be much better to sell it and if a fair offer be made in the afternoon for the whole parcel, to accept it, the rather that it is reported the Dutch intend to send a great proportion to serve the markets abroad. The widow of Thomas Hull, calker of the Exchange, ordered to pay 10l. for the diet of her son, whom her husband carried out without order, and have the remain of his wages. On petition of widow of John Elsmore, late Master of the Blessing, one month's pay apiece yearly allowed her out of the wages of her four servants John Elsmore, Samuel Holmes, Wm. Felgate, and Tilbury Strainge. The securities of Capt. Crispe for cloves he lately bought, approved by the balloting box. 4 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 39–42.]
Sept. 10. 605. Minutes of a General Court of the East India Company. Mr. Governor made known that the calling of this Court is to let them understand that the book ordered to lie open for disposure of their pepper had not taken the expected effect. But before they fell to business, they ought not to pass by the Mary's safe arrival in the Downs, without first rendering their due thankfulness to God; which they performing accordingly, he acquainted them with the motion of a Committee to have a division made out of her goods, which was thought untimely until the Committees had perused her books, for which they had sent an express messenger. Several propositions made for disposal of the pepper, but in conclusion ordered that any man may underwrite for 100 bags but not under at 18d. per lb. sifted for transportation, and for the town at 18½d. garbled. 1 p. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 42, 43.]
Sept. 12–19. 606. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Ordered that Andrew Swarteridge in the Exchange, who at his entertainment refused 5s. per month, choosing rather to go the voyage and stand to the favour of the Court, having carried himself civilly and done the Company good service, be allowed 10s. per month. Half freight on cubebs, green ginger, lignum aloes, and China roots remitted to Thomas Smith, Chirurgeon of the Exchange. One-third of her husband's wages ordered to the wife of George Dent, Factor, reported living at Surat at the Mary's departure. 100 barrels of gunpowder sold to Capt. Crispe at 4l. 3s. 4d. per barrel to be transported. Ordered on advice of Methwold in the general letters that no Factor's estate be paid out notwithstanding their accounts seem to be balanced, till it appear they have not taken up moneys on credit in India to charge the Company with same; Sambrooke required that this be carefully observed. Ordered that the wages of Job Seppens, Mate in the Exchange, reported to have done good service in stopping the ship's leak, be paid and his accounts cleared. Bowen ordered to survey the land on the stone wharf yard at Deptford, held of Nicholas Wateren, and certify the charge of severing it.
Sept. 17. Acton's bill of 6l. 16s. 6d. law charges to be paid. Dispute whether the Mary's goods properly belong to the third voyage or Third Joint Stock; as the general letter does not decide the question, it must be discovered by the accounts now sent home; after consideration of the present state of their affairs abroad according to the advices now received from Surat, ordered that the Auditors leave all other occasions, and forthwith examine the accounts, letters, and consultations sent home in the Mary, and with all speed report for what account these goods are returned, and Mr. Kerridge desired to assist them in case of any doubt. Report of the Auditors on the private trade of Capt. Pynn and Richard Higham, Purser of the Exchange, that the freight of Pynn's goods, not reckoning his cloves, pepper, and indigo, to be reserved for the Company's use, came to 200l.; whereof the Court having regard to his good service in this voyage, by erection of hands remitted one-half, and ordered the goods to be delivered to him, and in regard he brought his ship into the Downs without touching at any port, that he receive 100l. according to their ancient orders, and also 20l. for commodities given by him at sea in requital for provisions. Andrewes, Commander of the Expedition, to receive his wages for his last voyage in the Exchange, and have his accounts cleared and his bond delivered, and to send up his men for their imprest, the ship being ready to fall down to Gravesend next week. Relation by Mr. Governor that notwithstanding their information to my Lord Treasurer of the prejudice that will redound to the Company by the making of counterfeit flat indigo about London, yet he understands there ia a patent granted by his Majesty to one Bolton for converting dust of indigo into indigo, and making rich indigo into the form of flat for 14 years, rendering to his Majesty 40 marks per annum, but with a clause of revocation if by six of the Privy Council it should on complaint made, be thought prejudicial to the kingdom; resolved to attend my Lord Treasurer with the docket, and reasons formerly delivered, and desire his favour for recalling the patent. Declaration of Henry Glascock returned in the Mary, that the loss by the "Rashboots" in India was at least 1,500l., and the persons interested were Thomas Joyce, Nathaniel Wich, Clement Dunscombe, and Nath. Mountney; ordered to be inserted in the black book, it being supposed they have put this loss on the Company.
Sept. 19. Leave given to Browne, Master of the Exchange, from the Straits, to unlade his ordnance on the back side of the Company's stone wharf at Deptford, and Fotherby ordered to accommodate him with a hawser to bring his ship into the dock. Potter, Giffard's father-in-law, to receive 100l. of Giffard's wages due in March last according to agreement, but to expect no more until his return; for if the Company continue this payment yearly, and allow Giffard to take up one-third of his wages in India, there would remain nothing in their hands. Barlowe that went out in the Mary, Secretary to the Earl of Denbigh, but was left behind upon some difference between them, being now returned, presented himself to acknowledge the favour shown him in Persia and aboard their ship, and to tender satisfaction for his diet in his return; the Court understanding that he is a proper gentleman, hath very civilly demeaned himself, and an excellent mathematician, the chief cause of his travels being for the bettering of his knowledge in that art, took in good part his acknowledgment and free offer to pay for his diet, which they would consider and answer. Freight remitted to Humfry Weston, Steward, of Bantam, on sugar, white pepper, linen, white damask, and other slight stuffs. Letters drawn by Ellam to be sent in the Expedition to Surat and Bantam read; whereupon the business resumed concerning the propriety of goods returned in the Mary, but such was the difficulty by reason of the difference between the accounts, bill of lading, and invoice, the one consigning the goods to the third voyage, and the other to the Company in general, as they held it an impossibility to determine the business until the Auditors have fully made their report. Several propositions made for satisfaction of the adventurers, left to be determined by the adventurers at the next General Court. 5½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 44–49.]
Sept. 24. 607. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Methwold's private letter by the Mary read, by which it now appears there is no likelihood or expectation of any trade to be had at Surat for four or five years, and that in the interim they must be supplied with calicoes from Masulipatam, whence they have good quantities of all sorts; therefore propounded to increase the sum designed to be sent in the Expedition by 5,000l., but Mr. Treasurer declared he knew not where to procure that sum in ryals at present, and the ship being ready to fall down to Gravesend, it was resolved not to enlarge the 20,000l. formerly designed for this year. [John] Norris, now returned in the Mary, being sent for, concurred with Methwold's advice that Masulipatam is the only place whence the Company must be supplied with calicoes during the scarcity at Surat, and that there is no doubt but that place will afford great quantities of all sorts at reasonable prices. Being demanded why in former times they could not be supplied from thence, his answer was the Masulipatam cloths were more proper for the southwards, but the principal reason they were 20 per cent. cheaper bought at Surat; he was desired to set down in writing his reasons to induce them to enlarge their trade at Masulipatam, that so the Company might compare them with Methwold's. Ordered that Daniel Waterer be paid 3l. to make up his fence at Deptford. Ordered that Capt. Pynn receive 1 cwt. of his pepper brought as private trade for his ordinary use in his house free of freight on his faithful promise that no part be sold as merchandize. Marsh, entertained Master's Mate in the Expedition, refusing to go the voyage by reason his necessary instruments are left at Plymouth in Capt. Quayle's ship, the Seahorse, the Court were pleased rather to give him 5l. to buy instruments than now to want his service. A General Court appointed for Friday afternoon come senight, by which time it is hoped the Auditors will be prepared to give the Court such light in the accounts as may the better enable them to distribute the goods to the true proprietors. Gratuity of 20s. in charity to Aved Newitts, an Armenian priest. 2 pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 49, 50.]
Sept. 26. 608. Court Minutes, E. I. Co. Favour desired by Sir Abraham Williams, Agent to the Queen of Bohemia, on behalf of Katherine, wife of John Sherland, Factor, deceased, in Persia, nurse to one of her Majesty's children, and her return expected with the first opportunity of wind and weather; ordered that she receive 100 marks, part of her husband's wages, on producing her letters of administration. Ordered that Mr. Barlowe, who went out Secretary to the Earl of Denbigh in the Mary, have his passage and diet given him freely, not having used private trade. The Court again took into consideration Methwold's private letter, and in particular that point for deserting the trade of Surat for a time and removing to Masulipatam; they would by no means give way to, but approved his advice for lessening the charge there and in other factories, and ordered Ellam to answer his particular points and commend him for his advice and care, but by no means to leave Surat. The Court likewise fell into dispute concerning his proposition for obtaining peace with the Portugals, for which they have sent two Jesuits to Surat to treat; Kerridge of opinion it is only feigned, the Jesuits having attempted the like while he lived there, which the Viceroy of Goa scornfully rejected; yet thought fit to acquaint Lord Cottington therewith and understand his opinion. The dispute concerning the proprietors of the Mary's goods left to the Generality. 1½ pp. [Ct. Min. Bk., XV., 51, 52.]