Elizabeth: November 1581, 16-20

Pages 370-378

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 15, 1581-1582. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1907.

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November 1581, 16-20

Whereas Nicholas Reiner, Reiner Cornelis, Martin Cornelis and Nicholas Theodore, citizens of this commonwealth, have testified to us that ships and goods of theirs were recently arrested in your city of London, on the ground that the States of Holland and Zealand had pledged themselves by deed to repair the damage which at the beginning of this war against the Spaniards (Hispanastros) one John Barker and his partners had received from the cruisers (speculatores), who being under orders to guard the seas, had contrary to the bidding of the States failed to keep their hands off the said John's woollen cloths and oxhides, a stipulation having been appended to the deed given to John that the persons, goods, and ships of Hollanders and Zealanders were to be liable to arrest, if the States did not compensate him within a stated time ; and whereas, in consequence, as we deem, of this long and costly (numivorum) war, the States did not fulfil their pledge to John Barker at the appointed time, the aforesaid shipmen have complained to us, that he, supposing himself to have the same rights against our citizens as against other inhabitants of Holland and Zealand, has been so severe to them there that they, wishing to return home, were compelled to submit to condemnation and give their pledge that a certain sum should be paid to Barker in the name of the States, on Nov. 1 ; which sum since they are unable from their own means and those of their relations to scrape together (corradere) and as it seems to us, saving your judgement, are not legally bound to do so ; we are compelled by our duty to our citizens to point out to you that by virtue of Art. 15 of the contract made at the beginning of February, 1578, between the Prince of Orange and the States aforesaid, and this city, and published throughout Holland and Zealand, whereof we enclose a copy, our citizens are not bound to the payment of any debt incurred by the States before the 8th of February in that year, and that Barker and all others are acting wrongly, who would cause any trouble to our citizens on account of such debts. We humbly beg that you will not suffer these poor shipmen, who have no experience in lawsuits, to suffer any harm or annoyance because they do not discharge their pledge to get payment made to Barker ; and will order him not to molest our citizens in future, but seek his remedy if he pleases against the citizens of other towns in Holland and Zealand. Notwithstanding, we shall not cease to promote his cause with the States, being confident that our request will have no little weight in hastening satisfaction. And further we pray you to let the magistrates of your realms know that they are to allow no impediment to be offered to the citizens, ships, and goods of Amsterdam on account of debts incurred by the States of Holland and Zealand previous to the date abovenamed ; but permit free commerce between them and your subjects.Amsterdam, 16 Nov. 1581. (Signed) Cornelis. Add. Endd. Lat. 2 pp. [Holl. and Fl. XIV. 122.]
Enclosure in the above : Copy of the article referred to from the 'Satisfaction of Amsterdam.' Endd. Lat. p. [Ibid. XIV. 122a.]
Nov. 16. 401. "Relation of the gold and silver which is registered in the register of the ship called Nuestra Seora de La Concepcion, master, San Juan de Anton, which came from the City de los Reyes, provinces of the 'Perou' and Truxillo, and coming under sail upon the Cape of St. Francis, off the coast of the said 'Perou,' was robbed by Englishmen with the silver and gold that she brought, which they robbed on Sunday, the first of March, and came to an anchor in Perico, spoiled, the 16th of March. The persons to whom it appertains are as follows :"
Diego Hernandez de Cordua to Garcia Lopes Morales 5 V. 110 pesos.
The same to Fernando de Guzman V. 892 pesos.
Bernardo Menuche to Pedro Luis Petruche - 7 V. 100 pesos
Diego Hernandez de Cordua to Peter Rodriguez Cambrao - - 1 V. pesos.
Peter James de Cabrera to himself or to Casper Peres V. 270 pesos.
John Gomes de Spinosa to Captain Berrio V. 267 pesos.
The 'said' to Diego Niso Adame 1 V. 767 pesos.
For his Majesty - 106 V. 507 pesos.
Diego Chil to Fernando de Guzman 2 V. 534 pesos.
The same for the said 2 V. 380 pesos.
Ginesses de Sosa for the said V. 301 pesos.
John de Gio for the said - V. 351 pesos.
Peter Alonso de Paredes to Fernando de Guzman V. 199 pesos.
John de Saracho to Garcia Lopez Morales 1 V. 883 pesos.
Isabell Perez to Fernando de Guzman V. 179 pesos.
John Marques Enriques to Alonso de Leyva 3 V. 557 pesos.
For goods of the deceased V. 956 pesos.
John Baptiste to Peter Luis Petruche 11 V 180 pesos.
Lewes de Orijuella to Francis Nunez Xiron V. 50 pesos.
John de Burgos to Fernando de Gusman - V. 195 pesos.
Diego de Aramburu to Peter Martinez de Olacte V. 460 pesos.
Diego Ruiz Penhilla to Diego Valasques V. 272 pesos.
Alonso Hernandez Beriall to John Bus de Villoslada- 1 V. 930 pesos.
Michel Alonso, Taylor, to Peter Nuez, Taylor V. 90 pesos.
John Gomez de Spinosa to Gaspar de Segura V. 230 pesos.
Garcia Alvarez to Iigo de Abendao - V. 294 pesos.
Gonzalo de Camarena to Michel Hernandez V. 594 pesos.
The said to Iigo de Abendao - - - 1 V. 113 pesos.
Anthony de Noya to Gonalo Juarez, Notary V. 52 pesos.
Alonso Ruiz to Peter de Goronda - - V. 722 pesos.
The same for the said - - - 1 V. 900 pesos.
The same for the said - - - V. 272 pesos.
The same to Fernando de Gusman V. 455 pesos.
Balthazar de Samora to Iigo de Abendao 8 V. 460 pesos.
John Gonzales to Diego Nuez de Figueroa V. 196 pesos.
Bernabe Minuche to Peter Luis Petruche V. 593 pesos.
Martin de Agurto to Pantaleon Lopez V. 158 pesos.
Lucas de Salazarli to Fernando de Guzman V. 273 pesos.
John Marques Enriques to Iigo de Abendao - V. 189 pesos.
Antony de Iliescas to Diego Martinez Vasques 2 V. 200 pesos.
Francis de la Vega to Fernando de Guzman V. 204 pesos.
Alvaro de Alcocer to Gaspar de Sigura - - 2 V. 9 pesos.
Diego Hernandez de Cordua to Peter Rodriguez Sanbrao - 1 V. 245 pesos.
Maria de Mesa to Alonso Alvarez Olivera V. 600 pesos.
Maria de Orosco to Fernando de Guzman - V. 460 pesos.
Bernabe de Minuche to Octavian Colvi - 2 V. 985 pesos.
The licentiate Francis Velasques to Alonso Alvares Olivera - - - 1 V. 67 pesos.
John Alvarez de Herrera to Fernando de Gusman 1 V. 360 pesos.
The said for Balthazar Diez - V. 203 pesos.
Alfonso Lopes de Longarte to Nicholas de Andarra - V. 319 pesos.
The said to John Martinez de Arteaga - 1 V. 958 pesos.
John de Bilbao to Balthasar Dias - - V. 150 pesos.
Luis Martinez de Carceris to himself V. 509 pesos.
The said to himself V. 447 pesos.
The said to himself - - 1 V. 304 pesos.
The said Luis Martinez to himself 14 V. 63 pesos.
Lawrence de Aliaga to Alonso Alvarez de Olivera V. 466 pesos.
Barthelmewe Rodriguez to Francis Diez 2 V. 485 pesos.
Anthony Lopez de Vayera - - - V. 265 pesos.
Peter Sanehez, Potmaker, to Francis de Palensuella 1 V. 50 pesos.
Francis Pedrassa to Alonso Alvarez V. 459 pesos.
Anton Lopez to Peter Lopez de Vayera - V. 493 pesos.
Diego Hernandez de Cordua to Peter Rodriguez Canbrao [sic] 1 V. 900 pesos.
Martin de Agurto to Antony Ximenez - V. 514 pesos.
Diego Ruiz Sarralto to Diego Nuez de Figueroa 3 V. 25 pesos.
John Gomez de Spinosa to Denis Adame 1 V. 364 pesos.
Iigo de Abendao to himself 2 V. 464 pesos.
The said to himself 8 V. 867 pesos.
The said to himself V. 531 pesos.
Bernabe de Medina to Fernando de Guzman V. 159 pesos.
John de Saracho to Lewis Loreno 3 V. pesos.
Domingo de Aspetia to John de Bustos V. 85 pesos.
Julian de Arandu to Balthazar de Melo - V. 400 pesos.
Christopher Ortez 'Deservantes' to Peter Rodrigues, Priest - - V. 711 pesos.
John Rodrigues de la Torre to Peter John de Ribera 4 V. 267 pesos.
Francis Rodrigues de Soria to Gonsalo Xuarez, Notary - - - V. 300 pesos.
Diego Martinez to Fernando de Gusman V. 197 pesos.
Gonzalo Hernandez de Herrera to John de Torres Montes 6 V. 653 pesos.
Peter Hernandez to Doa Isabell Hidalga 2 V. 393 pesos.
The said to the said - 1 V. 311 pesos.
Francis de Alvarado to Fernando de Gusman V. 563 pesos.
Diego de Gusman to the Licenciate Montalvo V. 978 pesos.
Francis Gutieres to Joseph Gutieres 2 V. 13 pesos.
The said to the said - 2 V. 670 pesos.
Alonso Nuez Duran to Francis Nuez Duran 1 V. 551 pesos.
The said to the same - - 1 V. 531 pesos.
John Baptista Corco to Peter Ruiz Petruche 3 V. 855 pesos.
Diego de Victoria to himself 3 V. 728 pesos.
Alonso Nuez Duran to Francis Nuez Duran 4 V. 147 pesos.
Francis Gutie es to Joseph Gutieres V. 853 pesos.
Alonso Nuez Duran to Gaspar Perez V. 239 pesos.
John Rodriguez de la Torre to Melchior Nuez de Prado - V. 240 pesos.
Iigo de Abendao to himself - 1 V. pesos.
John de Mananez for Amador de Noguera V. 770 pesos.
Alonso Nuez Duran to Francis Nuez Duran V. 513 pesos.
The said to Diego de Padilla - V. 328 pesos.
Francis Corasco to Francis Nuez de Silva V. 350 pesos.
John de Vadilho to Balthazar Dias - V. 370 pesos.
Alonso Nuez Duran to Francis Nuez Duran V. 318 pesos.
Gonalo Hernandez de Herrera to John de la Herrera 16 V. 420 pesos.
The said to the said 6 V. 74 pesos.
Gaspar Velez de Alcocar to Gaspar de Sigura V. 171 pesos.
Balthasar de la Queva to himself - - 19 V. 504 pesos.
John Cordero to Alonso de Oguillar V. 269 pesos.
The licenciate Don Simon de Meneses to Amador de Noguera - - - 1 V. 902 pesos.
Christopher de Vergas to Balthasar Antonio de Pinheda - V. 406 pesos.
Iigo de Abendao to himself - 1 V. pesos.
The Fiscal of the Holy Inquisition to John Constantino V. 789 pesos.
John de Saracho to Ventura de Medina - - 1 V 287 pesos.
In the city of Truchilo was registered that which follows :
Simon Tau to Diego Gutieres de Silva 3 V. 387 pesos.
The said to Anthony Ximenez V. 153 pesos.
Christopher de Pallacino to Diego Gutieres de Silva - 1 V 678 pesos.
Diego Nuez Duran to Antony Correa, Notary V. 253 pesos.
Iigo de Avendao to himself - - 4 V 361 pesos
The said for himself - - 2 V. 20 pesos.
Alonso de Torres to the Licenciate Montalgo V. 912 pesos.
Iigo de Abendao to himself - V. 660 pesos.
Don Peter de Lescano to Iigo de Avendao 1 V. 87 pesos.
Iigo de Avendao to himself V. 687 pesos.
The said to himself V. 169 pesos.
Besides the parcels above, came in the register of Juan de Anton, in a register apart, 35 V., which John de Vadillo and Diego Ruiz Serrato and others merchants of Lima, sent to Diego Nuez de Figueroa, Balthazar Diez and others for freights and customs, that because the register was not found is not here declared - - - 35 V. pesos.
Of a boat which was coming from Wayalquir the said Englishman robbed 1,4000 pesos of gold, of the persons of Quito and Wayalquir, and of some persons of the city of Panama - 14 V. pesos.
I, John de la Desma, notary of his Catholic Majesty's Chamber of governance in his royal Council of the Indies caused by order of the Council this copy to be made of the relation which they had received. Certified (in Latin) and signed by Paulus Typoots, notary, of London, 16 Nov. 1581. Endd. 8 pp. [Spain I. 75.]
Last year they took a ship called St. James coming from San Domingo laden with pearls, sugar, ginger, and other goods ; of which I hear that the Flower-de-luce, master John Liey [qy. Lay], has brought to Lyme 200 cases of sugar and more than 200 quintals of ginger. For which reason I felt bound to pray you in respect of the above, seeing that they are the goods of subjects of the king my master, to order letters to be dispatched by command of the Queen and her Council, that the said goods may be declared and put in deposit until it is understood to whom it rightfully appertains to have them.London, 14 Nov. 1581. Add. Endd. Fr. [?]. 1 p. [Ibid. I. 76.]
Nov. 17 403. DE MARLE to WALSINGHAM.
I did not write to Mr Somers to give you the trouble of knowing what had happened about the money ; still less because I hoped you would send it again, for the king's officers are satisfied about it. I had attended to that. I will therefore beg you not to send it, inasmuch as they are all out of the way and cannot be got together till July. All I wish is that what has not come of your purse may not go into your expenses ; especially because I could easily believe that in moving his quarters your servant, having to furnish divers sums of money in divers places, might inadvertently have omitted to remit that sum. But I also wished to satisfy honour, to which I was indebted, and in which it seemed to me that Mr Somers also had some interest. I wished to have something to write to you about, to thank you for honouring me by the esteem in which you hold me, when you think you have received some courteous service from me. Believe that I shall highly value all my life the honour you have done me by lifting me to the rank of your friends. I beg you will continue to do so, and I will strive to serve you in every way I can ; and knowing what you are I shall not fear abs te aliquid petere, cui multum debeam. Besides I desire to get my brother-in-law back from Venice, where he has been on the business I told you, and we know that he cannot be as safe here as we desire. I will ask you, if he withdraws in your direction, to assist him with yours means and favour, and let him sojourn safely in your quarters. I have kept him safe four whole years with the aid and recommendation of the Venetian ambassadors ; let him know by yourself of what value my recommendation will be to him. Perhaps I shall present him to you myself, whether for the particular satisfaction it will be to me to see you, as a private person, or with some commission, as I should wish. On my return to Court from this place, where my father's indisposition has detained me for some days, I will see with the Lords of the Council my friends, what hope I have of such a commission, and speak of it accordingly to the king my master, to ascertain if he has a sufficient opinion of me for that purpose ; then according to his answer I will further declare myself openly, and inform you of it. I assure that I shall not easily make any plan to go elsewhere than to you, for the singular virtues of the Queen your mistress, which I honour as unique in the age in which we live ; while the conversation which at intervals I should have with you will partly solace my absence from my country.From Versigny, my father's house, 17 Nov. 1581. Add. Endd. Fr. 1 p. [France VI. 62.]
Nov. 19. 404. STOKES to WALSINGHAM.
My last was of the 12th and 13th ; since which these speeches have passed. By sundry letters from Lille and other places, the enemy gave an assault to Tournay last Sunday. They had got two towers on the walls, but did not keep them long, for they were quickly beaten out of them by the townsmen, to the great loss of their side. Also from Corttricke comes advice of the displeasure that the Prince of Parma has taken against M. de Montigny and others for counselling him to come to Tournay ; for they assured him that after the cannon should be brought to it, within four days the town would yield. Now, 'finding the same to the contrary hath put him' in a great anger against them, and 'wishes' he had not dealt with it. Notwithstanding, it seems he will not yet forsake it, and yet his soldiers are weary of it, for with the great rain that daily falls, and want of victuals, they are in great misery in their camp. The soldiers in the enemy's camp begin to mutiny for want of their pay ; therefore for want of money to content them, and also to keep them lying still before Tournay, the Prince of Parma has given them the spoil of all the open country in Flanders that is under the government of the States, whether he get Tournay or not. This has somewhat pacified them for a time. Letters are come this week to the Prince and States from Monsieur and from Sainte-Aldegonde, whereby it seems that Monsieur's return from England will not be yet. This news greatly mislikes the magistrates and commons, and discomforts them ; because their only hope is still in him for the succouring of Tournay, which stands in great danger for want of help. By letter from Ghent it seems that the Prince is minded to send for all the Englishmen that are in Friesland to come to these parts. Also this week the Prince and States have sent gentlemen to Monsieur in England ; so all things stay upon the answer they may receive. This week the Scots who lie at Meenen have overthrown two cornets of horse and one ancient of foot of the enemy's camp, sent out for victuals and forage. They have taken 52 men and horses and 40 footmen prisoners, and brought them to Meenen, and slain many of the rest. There is great discontent and misliking of the magistrates and commons here against the Prince of Orange, only because there is no better government amongst them ; which it is much feared will turn to some further displeasure on the States' side ere long. Where the fault is, God knows ; but surely the government is very evil.Bruges, 19 Nov. 1581. P.S. 1.Enclosed I send copies of two letters which Monsieur sent to Tournay, one to the governor, the other to the magistrates of the town. Copies of these were sent to the Prince of Epinoy out of Tournay ; and they also write thence that these letters have given great courage to those in the place for the defence of it, in hope that Monsieur will aid them. P.S. 2.This afternoon I received yours of the 11th inst. and thank you for the same. Enclosed were two letters to M. de Villiers and one to Captain Yorke, which shall be speedily sent them tomorrow. For a licence of wheat, you write me it will not be granted, by reason of a licence lately given to the town of Dover, but a licence of barley or malt may be more easily obtained, wherein I shall have your furtherance ; for which I thank you. But truely great store of wheat and malt comes here daily from Sandwich without licence ; and barley and malt from Ipswich, also without licence ; so that very great store comes daily from England to these parts. Notwithstanding, I will accept your offer herein in hope that I shall get something for it, and will by the next post write thereof to Thomas Brime your servant. Add. (seal with strings). Endd. 2 pp. [Holl. and Fl. XIV. 123.]
Nov. 20. 405. COBHAM to (?) BURGHLEY.
"The note of that which has been delivered to me concerning the two Turkish Ambassadors now arrived at the Court of France."
It is given me to understand how the first of them that was dispatched from the great Turk was stayed for a time at Venice. His name is Asanaga, a man about the age of 48 years, born at Cutarra in Greece. He has with him his son, and not above three Turks attending on him, besides the Cypriot, a renegade, who is his interpreter. There is some 'competency' and dissension between this party and the other who was last sent from the great Turk. This man's manner is grave, and his person very comely. The 'pretence' of his coming is known to be but to invite the king to do honour to the circumcision of the great Turk's only son. He is lodged at the Corne du Cerf, over against Vantadour house. The other ambassador, who was sent last, came first to this town, and is lodged in Vantadour house. His name is Aliaga, of the age of 37 years, born at Brazza in Asia. He is a man much used by the Turk in matters touching the dispatch of French affairs and those of other parts of Christendom, being in quality more than a chause, having used more than ordinary diligence. He speaks the Italian tongue, and is of modest, wise behaviour. He has in his company a nephew of his, and seven or eight Turkish servants. These ambassadors were persuaded to leave their rich apparel, jewels and horses, at Ragusa, being put in doubt lest in passing Italy within the territories of the Catholic king, they might be spoiled. The Queen Mother, in the king's absence, send M. Gondi and M. 'Farriere,' brother to the ambassador at Venice, to receive and conduct the Turkish ambassadors, attended by the king's 'Querry' to the number of 60 horse, and other horses furnished after the Turkish manner for the service of the ambassadors and their train ; on which they made their entrance into Paris on two several days. The king's interpreter for Turkish, Signor 'Cesara Romana,' attends on them. The king allows them for defraying their ordinary charges, 12 crowns each per diem, their lodgings being furnished with his stuff and bedding. The 'pretence' of their coming is said to be to declare the marriage of the great Turk's niece with one of the Bassas, and request his congratulations ; but these formal messages are thought to be used only to 'shadow' some matter of greater importance. Endd. by Burghley : 20 Novemb. 1581. The ambass. of the Turk at Paris. 1 pp. [France VI. 63.]