Pages lvii-lviii

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 17, January-June 1583 and Addenda. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1913.

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p. 24, seven lines from bottom, for his, read this.

p. 37. This list is very corrupt, and should be compared with the readings given in Correspondance du Card, de Granvelle, X, 26.

p. 42, l. 25, after Council and insert knighthood.

p. 42, l. 29, for 55 read 55 bis.

p. 72, l. 31, for Cure read Care [i.e. Carey].

p. 90, l. 21, for 37 read 57.

p. 97, l. 10, for ministre read maistre

p. 103, l. 5 from bottom, for Etrozzi read Strozzo.

p. 106, l. 8, for éeuyer read écuyer.

p. 107, l. 2, for Fènclose read Fénelon.

p. 108, l. 34, for Pibrae read Pibrac.

p. 127, l. 6 from bottom, for Moudragon read Mondragon.

p. 129, l. 27, for Montpeniver read Montpensier.

p. 134, l. 30, for Maria read Mario.

p. 138, No. 121, for Feb. 2–Mar. 3 read Mar. 23–April 2 which is certainly the true date.

p. 139, l. 20, for third read [twenty-]third.

p. 146, l. 26, for but used read but are used.

p. 147, l. 9 from bottom, for Fr. read Fl. and for 84 read 85.

p. 147, l. 8 from bottom, for Fremya read Fremyn.

p. 164, l. 11 from bottom, for Beak read Beale.

p. 182, l. 32, for Warevelt read Manewell.

p. 188, l. 9, for Montbrumean read Montbrumeau.

p. 193, l. 31, for Fèneion read Fénelon.

p. 195, l. 18, for promply read promptly.

p. 195, l. 5 from bottom, for Winnoe read Winnoc.

p. 204, l. 7 from bottom, for Janett read Danett.

p. 212, l. 32, for Lyaxe read Lynxe.

p. 212, l. 8 from bottom, for Gransunime read Gransumme.

p. 217, l. 12, for Pinano read Puiano.

p. 229, l. 15, for anglic read anglie.

p. 229, l. 10 from bottom, for Rumen read Brumen.

p. 235, l. 6 from bottom, for Trémoills read Trémouille.

p. 236, l. 12, for Plassis read Plessis.

p. 239, No. 221, at the end add, Printed by Kervyn de Lettenhove, in Documents inédits relatifs à l'histoire du XVIe. siècle, p. 272.

p. 239. Holl. and Fl. XIX, 3 and 4a, are omitted from the Calendar. After No. 220, insert:—April 4–14. Letter from the States General to her Majesty, almost obliterated by damp, but apparently to the same effect as 4a. [Holl. and Fl. XIX, 3].

p. 239. After No. 221, insert:—April. Memorial of what the States General desire Mr. Somers to put before the Queen. To thank her for her affection; to pray her to excuse the present payment of her interest because of their necessities, and to recommend to her the request of their merchants trading into England. [Holl. and Fl. XIX, 4a.]. Nos. 11, 26, 27, 30 of Holl. and Fl. XIX. will be found under their true dates, but not in the right order of sequence.

p. 245. l. 3, for surley read surely.

p. 246, at end of No. 225. for [Holl. and FL XIX, 3] read [Holl. and FL XIX, 5.]

p. 249, l. 6, for 1589, read 1583.

p. 251, l. 34, after fell upon add him.

p. 253, l. 12 from bottom, for Borgerhont read Borgerhout.

p. 276. l. 19, for Lansar read Lansac.

p. 284, l. 12 from bottom, for Fènclon read Fénelon.

p. 289, l. 6 from bottom, for (2) read (3).

p. 294, l. 6, for [Switzerland I. 2] read [Switzerland I. 6].

p. 294, l. 19, for Phalnme read Phalmue.

p. 295, l. 2, for Hugnet read Huguet.

p. 304. l. 9 from bottom, after Heinrich, dele R.

p. 315, l. 12 from bottom, for 17th read 14th or 28th.

p. 329, l. 12 from bottom, for May 10–18 read May 10–20.

p. 330, l. 10, for guite read Guille. And add Printed by Kervyn de Lettenhove, in Documents inédits relatifs à l'Histoire du XVIe. siècle, p. 250.

p. 370, l. 11, for Rinerscheit read Riverscheit.

p. 378, l. 10, for broniller read brouiller.

p. 399. This list is very corrupt. So far as possible the names have been identified in the Index.

p. 409, l. 5. for Royue read Royne.

N.B.—All references to [Germany II.] should read [Germany, States II.].


p. 430, l. 22, after Mary add II.

p. 435, l. 29, for Risior read Risoir.

p. 505, footnote, for 1572 read 1573.

p. 511, l. 16, for Firmay read Fumay; l. 21, for 1575–7, read 1577–8.

p. 532, l. 7, after Billry add [Billy].

p. 590, ll. 37 and 43, for Duke read Prince.

p. 611, l. 31, after Holte add [or Holtz].

p. 617, l. 30, for 21 read 41; l. 32, for 9000 read 900; l. 33, for Duke read Prince.

p. 689, l. 10, for Ouix read Onix.


  • 1. Unfortunately, no list of Corrigenda by Mr. Butler has been found. It will be seen that most of the above are merely misprints, which, in consequence of failing eyesight and illness, passed unnoticed by him.