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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 19, August 1584-August 1585. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1916.

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Corrigenda. &c.

P. 31, l. 3, for parturierut read parturierunt [but should be parturiunt].

“35, l. 37, for Sevigo read Swigo.

“49, l. 9, after assured insert friend.

“57, l. 13 from bottom, for [or Lancton] read [qy. Laicton, i.e., Sir Thos. Leighton].

“58, l. 6, dele [or Elizabeth], the allusion here being to Marie and Anne, the two eldest daughters of the late Prince, by his first and second wives respectively.

“190, l. 8 from bottom, for have read bare.

“219, l. 6 from bottom. The date 1566 is twice given, but is clearly a mistake for 1576.

“269, bottom line, for Migliana read Magliana.

“270, l. 8 from bottom, for Fiorentola read Fiorenzola.

“290, l. 19, for Loccoli read Zoccoli.

“331, l. 16, for Giovanni read Gio[rgio]. N.B.—The newswriter has here used questo and quello in the unusual sense of “this” meaning the former and “that” the latter.

Pp. 410, 434, 561. These letters from the King of Navarre are printed in the Addenda to Lettres Missives (t. VIII, pp. 284, 289, 297, from copies sent over from the Public Record Office), but with some errors.

P. 468, l. 30, for Mondotti read Mondovi.

“515, ll. 20, 30, 34, for mamquettes read maniquettes [i.e., Cardomon seeds].

l. 31, after morfil, insert [unworked ivory or elephants' tusks].

“561, l. 23, dele “of Rye”; l. 32, dele [Rye].

“580, l. 2 from bottom, for Senegaglia read Seviglia, i.e., Seville.

“603, l. 18, for Cadegnero read Codegnoro.

“629, l. 16, for Grenga read Ghenga.