Elizabeth: May 1586 1586

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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 1, 1586-1588. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1927.

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May 1586

A. D. 1586. [May or June.] Newsletter.
From Spain there comes confirmation of the taking of the land of Havana by Drake, but not the Castle; yet he was round about it and in Spain they fear they may lose it. It is said that he dis-embarked eight miles from the city, marched all through the night, and in the morning, at the opening of the gates, took it suddenly, without loss. The Spaniards rest their hope in the fleets gone from Seville and Lisbon, but not from Castile, which refuses to fight.
It is confirmed that the Conde de Fuentes and Stephen de Barra are going away, and will no more meddle with anything whatsoever.
That all that was being treated of was for France, both in general and in particular, for the support of the faith, to which he [the King] was applying himself diligently.
That the Cardinal [de Granvelle] had spoken to him, but he had put him off to another time.
That in Spain they were arming many ships, with design to go to meet Drake on his return, and it is thought that they may draw near to Ireland, and land some men there.
That no hostile movement was in question against Holland.
That the Cardinal is going to Cambray, but there is as yet no great preparation for his departure.
That the Duke d'Aumale was in Brussels, and little esteemed; Klone and another, called the Sieur de Rosy, being more thought of.
That news was come from Prague that the Transylvanian Prince was fallen ill with a pestilent fever, with very great danger to his life; whose death would greatly concern all Christendom. (fn. 1)
Undated. Endd. "E.C." Italian, 1 p. [Newsletters XCV. 33.]
[March—May.] "The Course to be held in the Merchants Adventurers' causes with the Earl of Embden."
"Letters to be written to the Earl of Leicester to acquaint him with the Earl Edzard's answer, and with his griefs touching the ships belonging to the States, that stop the passage of the Embden ships . . as also that he can get no answer to his letters.
"That the said ships, belonging to the States, may be ordered not to stop the free passage of such ships as convey no victuals, which otherwise will fall out very prejudicial to the Merchants Adventurers etc."
That some well chosen persons were sent from her Majesty to the Count Edzard with letters, to assure him that she will assist him in case anything shall be attempted against him in respect of the traffic, and to offer him to compound his differences with the United Provinces, and to draw both these countries and the Earl into some league with her Majesty.
The Earl of Leicester also to deal with those of Holland "to see what likelihood there is of any want there now the 'Reyn' is stopped, and what course they can hold to draw strangers thither."
The ambassador of the King of Denmark to be dealt withal privately for the trade to Schonau [?] . . .
Dorso. Memorandum [of the heads of the Danish ambassador's memorial of May 22].
In Walsingham's hand. 2 pp. Endd. March, 1586. Cf. Acts of Privy Council, under date March 16.
[Hamburg and Hanse Towns II, 47.]


  • 1. Stephen Bathori died in December, 1586.