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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 3, April-December 1587. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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James VI., king of Scotland, 'the young K'., efforts to induce Westmorland and Paget to go to, 62.

Jesuits' hopes of, need of queen toassure, 219
-, Council advises queen of need to assure, 227
-, Leicester urges need of conciliating, 271, 402.

marriage arranged with Denmark, 271.

Philip urges to seek rights against queen, 424
-, Parma's relations with, 428.

plan devised at Rome to move against England, 439-40
-, terms for entering league against England, 449.

Owens' questions concerning, 491-2.

James, Thomas, sends description of camp before Sluys, 107.

-, Dr. William, dean of Christ Church, Oxford, Leicester sent to Donellus for advice, 24
-, Leicester sends to Court for information, 70.

Jeannette, ship of Rosco, taken to Plymouth by queen's ships, 69.

-, Thomas, Walsingham's man, 140
-, in prison at Nieuport as a spy, 287.

Jeffroy, packet for, 313.

Jenkins, John, messenger, payment to, 455.

jerks, with sense of stripes, 352.

-, intercepted letters of, sent to Council, 19
-, their plans about English crown, id.

supposed, taken at Ostend, 349.

- See also Derbisher.

Johanson, James, hands over recruits to Conway, 61.

John, king of Sweden, Archduke Maximilian wishes to marry daughter, 51.

John XVI, Count of Oldenburg, Oldenborg, queen asked to write to, 17.

John, Don, of Austria, reiters at time of death, 451.

John Casimir
-, Duke Casimir, Count Palatine and Administrator of the Rhenish Palatinate, on command of reiters, 46
-, Combes sent to, 155
-, Junius sent by, 362.

queen could deal with German princes through, for alliance, 424
-, previous force of reiters under, 451n.

John Frederick, duke of Saxony, backed Grumbach, 387.

John George, Elector and Margrave of Brandenburg, emperor sends to, about diet, 51.

Johnson, Gerard, of Leyden, petition of, 437.

Joigny, Guillaume de, seigneur de Pamele, president of the Council of Flanders, President Pamell, injured, 252.

Jorden, Mr. Pelham recommends to Walsingham, 349.

Jos, Do [? Menin, q.v.], well acquainted with affairs of Netherlands, 99.

Joyeuse, duc de. See Arques, Anne d'.

judge marshal. See Clarke, Dr. William.

-, Junyus, Leicester's secretary, Junius of Zeeland, letter to, 105
-, referred to, 132.

to assure people of queen's succour, 105
-, and tell them of Leicester's return, 106.

Deventer criticises direction to, 131.

States take letter of Leicester from, 149
-, Buckhurst accused about, 283
-, letter to, referred to, 355.

Junius, old, envoy of John Casimir, in Netherlands, Leicester sends on, 362
-, takes despatches, 373.

Justin, Justinian, Admiral. See Nassau, Justin of.