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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 4, January-June 1588. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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Idiacques, Diaques, Dreques, Don Alonso d', confined to chateau at Antwerp, 139; serving in Parma's army, 275, 537.

-, Don Juan d', gout prevents Champigny paying respects to, 137.

Ikenburg, Deikenberghe, Deikenkerk, Count d', commands Germans in Parma's army, 213, 276, 537.

Imperial diet, some talk of, 197.

Indies, Inde, 162.
-, offence done to king of Spain in, 48; letters to restrain queen's subjects from, to oblige Spain, 124; Spain desires revenge for spoiling in, 549.

Ingelbert, D, captain of Bourburg, 419.

Iiguez, Deinigos, Inigos, Don Juan de, commands Spaniards in Parma's army, 213, 537.

Innsbruck, Insprugg [Tyrol, Austria]:
-, letter dated at, 19.
-, troops levied at, going to Flanders, 442.

-, viewed with horror in Spain, 150.
-, not to be introduced into Netherlands, 339, 547; Parma concedes abolition of in Netherlands, 351; commissioners forbear to mention, 505.

intelligences, Walsingham promised allowance for, 266.

-, liberty of trade with, by treaty, 32.
-, queen's heavy charges over, 154; some say Armada bound for, 532.
-, Norris expecting employment in, 182; Jacob Udall served in wars of, 298.
-, Spanish invasion of, 473; attempted conquest, 479; Philip's ill-will shown by attempt on, 486.
-, English troops in Low Countries might be more useful in, 502.

-, priest, 78.
-, troops under Stanley, in Parma's army, 214, 293, 537.
-, Allen's libel to be circulated among exiles, 461; deserters from Ostend, 492.

Isabella of France, Elizabeth, queen of Spain, 301.

-, Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain:
-, may pass through Netherlands on way to emperor, 113.
-, question of investiture with English crown, 122; said to be coming with Armada, 347.
-, said to have received ambassadors, 301.
-, proposal to marry to King of Scots, 353.

Iselort. See Yssel Oort.

Iselstein, Iselsteyn. See Yselstein.

Isendike, Isendyke. See Yzendijk.

Isley, Captain Henry, debts due to, 87; sums due to, 158.

-, new supplies of, in Low Countries, 77; numbers, 77; particulars of in Parma's army, 214, 293, 524, 5378.
-, great mortality among, 77; quarrels with Spaniards cause Champagny anxiety, 139; misery of, in Flanders, 238; demand for withdrawal of forces, 301.
-, some merchants still at Antwerp, 191.
-, Parma favours as counsellors, 192; commissioners warned against subtlety of, 313; security may be learned from, 315.
-, tercios of to serve in Armada, 512; picked horse of only, to go to England, 549.
-, heartburnings with Spanish troops may cause quarrels, 550.

Italy, 285, 349.
-, Parma reported going to 36; Parma's forces from 43; gentlemen volunteers from, in Parma's army, 214.
-, Philip maintains English rebels in, 46.
-, Spanish penetration into, 154; pope means to extirpate factions in, 198; banditos from in Parma's army, 538.
-, R. Cecil sends father choice seeds from, 192.
-, princes of dissuade Philip from treating for peace, 270; men raised in Spain to be sent to, 512.
-, principal men from, to serve in Low Countries, 2756.
-, galleys expected from, to go with Armada, 512.

-, merchants of. See merchants, Italian.