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Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 21, Part 4, January-June 1588. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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A.B., [? Giovanni Figliazzi] going to Spain, asked to employ credit to forward peace, 3456.

A.M. See Walsingham, Sir Francis.

Abruzzi, Abruzzo, Italy, 354.

Achez, Jerome d', seigneur de Toraise, Thouraise:
-, Leicester regrets readiness to exchange not appreciated; send to Flushing, 418; Champagney hints at reprisals for treatment of, 500; private letter of Champagney for release of, 510.

Acton, Thomas, corporal, daily pay, 2.

-, , 251.

Admiral, Lord, of England. See Howard, Charles, lord.

-, of Holland. See Nassau, Justin de.

-, removal to Middelburg, injured Flushing, 398.
-, complaints of Conway meddling in causes of, 420; Willoughby complains that direction taken from him, 539.
-, redress against Lusson must be sought at, 449.

-, See also under Dunkirk; Zeeland.

Aerschot, duke of. See Croy, Philippe de.

Aersen, house of Tarsen [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], money paid by Schenck to garrison of, 526.

Aerssens, Arsene, Cornelis, greffier of the States General:
-, letters and papers signed by, 2, 5, 250, 253, 317, 350.
-, to give Act de Recepisse to Council, 88; certificate of, 160.

Aeswijn, Reinhard van, heer tot Brakel:
-, Hohenlohe attacks house of, 110, 1156; house taken, 129.
-, declared sworn enemy of Count of Nassau, 129.

Afresius, regiment of, 80.

Agent. See under Ambassadors.

Agilar. See Aguilar.

Agileus, Henry, States represent violent proceedings at Utrecht, 133.

Aguaya, Don Juan, command in Parma's army, 294.

Aguilar, Agilar, Francesco de, governor of Dunkirk:
-, courteous reception of Croft, 129, 131; glad of his coming, 130.
-, expresses regret for seizure of barque escorting Cobham, 161; stirred by attempt on ships at Dunkirk, 272.
-, commands Spaniards in Parma's army, 213, 537.
-, letter to Parma on release of English captain, 289; letter of Parma to, on violation of safe conduct, 3012.

Ailva. See Aylva.

Aire, Ayres [Pas de Calais, France], money sent to Gourdain held up at, 419.

Aisma. See Aysma.

Albanian, Albanes, Albeneses, horse, in Parma's army, 214, 294, 538.
-, picked men of for England, 549.

Alkmaar, Alckmar, Alcmaer, Alcmar [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands], 309.
-, Maurice goes to, 61; Bardesen goes to, to stay inconveniences, 96; troops from against Sonoy, 113.
-, Willoughby could have prevented Maurice's success in, 157.
-, burgomaster of, 107.

Allen, Alleyn, William, cardinal:
-, means to play his part, 77; expected in Flanders, 260.
-, Parma believes has strong party in England, 77; keeps in reserve his title to Canterbury, 122.
-, dissuades Philip from treating for peace, 270.
-, libel of printed at Antwerp by Parma's order, 461; sent to be circulated in England, 489.
-, coming to Bruges, 489; Barney can get intelligences of, 538.
-, Dale sent to Parma about book, 528; Killigrew forwarded book, 531; his information about, 533.

Almains, Almaynes. See Germans.

Alost [Prov. E. Flanders, Belgium], betrayed by Pekott, 76.

Alpen, Alphen [Rhenish Prussia, German Empire], money paid by Schenck to garrison of, 526.

Alsace [France], damage done in by troops of Guise and Lorraine, 19.

Alva, duke of. See Toledo, Ferdinand Alvarez de.

Amadeo of Savoy, natural son of Duke Emanuel Philibert, in Parma's army, 275, 537.

ambassadors, agents, commissioners, deputies, envoys, papal nuncios:
-, Dutch, to Denmark and the German Princes. See Brederode, Floris de; Duvenwoord, Jehan de, sieur de Warmoudt; Hoenvard, Lubertus; Sille, Nicasius.
-, Dutch to England. See Casenbroot, Leonard; Loosen, Sebastian van; Ortell, Joachim.
-, English, to Denmark. See Rogers, Daniel.
-, English, to the Dutch. See Herbert, John; Sackville, Thomas, lord Buckhurst.
-, English to France. See Stafford, Sir Edward.
-, English, to Spain. See Waad, William.
-, English (peace commissioners). See Brooke, William, Lord Cobham; Croft, Sir James; Dale, Dr. Valentine; Rogers, Dr. John; Stanley, Henry, earl of Derby.
-, Friesland, to England. See Dehema, Sistus a; Hiddema, Godtschalck.
-, Imperial, to England. See Vanderdelft, Francois.
-, Imperial, in Spain, 301.
-, Navarre, to England. See Choart, Paul, seigneur de Buzenval.
-, Navarre, to the Dutch. See Hurault, Michael, de l'Hopital seigneur du Fay.
-, papal nuncio, in Poland. See Capua, Annibale di, archbishop of Naples.
-, papal nuncio, in Spain. See Speciani, Cesare.
-, Spanish, in England. See Vitelli, Chiappino.
-, Spanish, in France. See Mendoza, Bernardino de.
-, Spanish, at Rome. See Guzman, Enrique de, count of Olivares.
-, Spanish (peace commissioners). See Garnier, Flaminco; Grussot, Jean de, sieur de Richardot; Ligne, Charles de, comte d' Aremberg; Maes, John; Perrenot, Frederick Granvelle de, seigneur de Champagney.

Ambrose, Capt., speech with Col. Piron, 393.

Amersfoort, Amersfort [Prov. Utrecht, Netherlands]:
-, English horse at, 3, 343, 440.
-, enemy attempt to surprise, 266; States' provision of garrison for, 443.

Amiens [Somme, France], 284, 503.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands], 107, 383, 396:
-, cables sent from to Sluys and Dunkirk, 15; steps to stay man for Muscovy at, 28; order for Horsie at, 95.
-, Sonoy's men threaten salt houses of, 56; Willoughby going to, 108, 110; du Fay awaiting Maurice at, 5323.
-, Deventer sends to for news, 65; news from, 208.
-, companies sent from to Hoorn, 110.
-, contribution to ships for queen, 353.
-, Evertssen has friends and relatives at, 384; Count Maurice at, 532.
-, burgomaster of, 107.
-, pensionary of. See Sille, Nicasius.

Anchisen. See Enkhuisen.

Ancona [Prov. Ancona, Italy], pope allows heretics to trade at, 123.

Anjou, duke of. See Francis of Valois.

Anderson, Joice, baker, of Flushing, debt owing to, 41.

Annys, Hercules, advertisements from, 14.

Antelope, queen's ship, letters dated on board, 433.

Anthoinssen, Capt. Jehan, letter from intercepted, 111.

Anton. See Southampton.

Antonio, Don, prior of Crato, pretender to Portugal, King of Portugal, States would join with queen in helping to make war on Spain, 150.

Antwerp [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium], 17.
-, letters dated at, 25, 138, 192, 235.
-, letters from, 68, 146.
-, Parma at, 1; Parma's shipping at, 145; launching of great ship at, 301.
-, nothing but talk of peace at, 12; Spanish deputies at, 59, 68; peace may not be spoken of at, 61.
-, great artillery in readiness at, 15; troops quartered about, 2078.
-, convenient place for peace conferencye, 25; mentioned in safe conduct, 59.
-, treaty allowed trade to, 32; loss of alluded to, 106.
-, Giovanni de Medici lodging at English house at, 68; Savage imprisoned at, 78.
-, shipping at cannot be got out, 77; ships at and building, 79.
-, preparation of boats at against Walcheren, 79; shipping at, a scarecrow, 208.
-, Idiaques practically confined in citadel of, 139.
-, de Loo at for peace parleys, 146; Champagny at, with gout, 171.
-, suitable place for peace conference, 1723, 175, 193, 216, 259, 267, 297, 324, 329, 369, 464; commissioners not to agree to, 186.
-, Robert Cecil going to, 185, 191; his account of, 191; sees citadel, 192; Dale would have liked to see citadel, 196.
-, R. Cecil leaves, 208; his account of shipping at, 233; ships to be brought from Ghent to, 525.
-, joy at arrival of gold at, 208; boat from, with treasure captured by men of Berghen, 209; talk of Dunkirk fire at, 233.
-, advertisements from, 235, 2389; persistent report of peace from, 480.
-, strangers have bourse at, 239; Ste. Aldegonde's new wife at, 303; Bruin has good acquaintance in, 461.
-, enemy assembling strongly about, 250; 40 ensigns sent from towards Dunkirk, 478.
-, Burghley and Walsingham change opinion about having treaty at, 273; queen will not have treaty at, 274.
-, Philip esteemed Groningen more than, 364; Parma has far more men than at siege of, 452.
-, Allen's libel printed at, 461, 528; St. Aldegonde's wife at, enquiries about, 533.
-, Parma removes all his staff and baggage from, 476.
-, note of bonds by, for queen's loans, 540; queen can take up good mass of money at, 544.
-, act of States General at, for peace, 540.
-, Bourse, burse, Ranzou has money in, 326.
-, English house at, Giovanni de Medici lodges at, 68, 239.
-, burgomaster of. See Vanderdelft, Eduard.
-, gentlemen of, expelled from Tergoe, 109.
-, governor of. See Mondragon, Cristobal de.
-, Master of the Posts at, 68.

Apio, Appio Conty, Conde commands Italian horse in Parma's army, 214, 294, 538.

Aragon, ArragonM, Don Antonio d', command in Parma's army, 294.

-, Carlos de, duke of Terra Nova, governor of Milan, 294.

Archott. See Croy, Philippe de, duke of Aerschot.

Arckvelt. See Arques.

Arctioris amicitiae, treaty so called, 32, 347.

Aremberg, Arenberg, Arenborch, comte d'. See Ligne, Charles de.

-, prince de. See Ligne, John de. 'argoletters' on horse, in Parma's army, 214.

Armada, Armado, army. See Spain, fleet of.

Armewe, Armoy, Armu, Armuy, Armuyden, Armyn. See Arnemuiden.

army, the Dutch:
-, pay and clothing provided for, 10; Willoughby blames division of forces, 21; note of troops as distributed in quarters, 41.
-, proposal to take new oath from, 32; captains to take oath to Maurice, 534.
-, States and Council decide on numbers of, 57.
-, Holland grants collection by poll to pay, 58.
-, Hohenlohe reports demands of mutinous troops, 62; dangerous mutinies among, 94.
-, Council not advised of, 94.

army, English, in the Low Countries:
-, removed from Dutch ships and replaced by Scots, 1; States' complaints about, 4.
-, note of cost of foot and horse bands, 2; note of forces and where in garrison, 23.
-, list of officers, 2; States complain not kept up to strength, 34; States reply about payment of, 7.
-, without money or food, 23; indebtedness of queen to, 3; money sent to Willoughby for, 7; all spent, 37.
-, estimate of proportion of victuals for, 5; short of water, 7; in great need, 10; Killigrew asks food and clothes for, 24; offer to furnish apparel for, 34.
-, Willoughby represents inability to take field, 7; he warns queen of state of, 8; he appeals for relief for, 22.
-, left unpaid, 11; Dutch complain musters and payment not made according to contract, 71.
-, Willoughby appeals to States to supply and offers bond, 17; cause of captains recommended to States, 23; lendings spent, in danger of starving, 56.
-, States owe Brune for victuals delivered to, 36; Brune abused place to detriment of, 53.
-, memorials of Council of State concerning, 467; memorial of States of Zeeland touching, 489.
-, Willoughby to deal with States to convert horse bands into foot, 86; good to turn bad captains of horse into good captains of foot, 94; proposal to convert horse into foot companies, 102, 345, 362, 365, 394.
-, scarce a week's pay for, 93; Walsingham to confer with Sherley upon money for, 1489.
-, proposal to pay costs by toll on shipping, 102; Deventer's plan for increasing utility of, 114; charges for far greater than expected, 156.
-, States complain that garrisons wasted on frontier of Brabant, 114; States ask that may be employed as ordained by Council of State, 133; Ortel's suggestion for payment of, 155.
-, Willoughby complains of lack of powers over, owing to instructions, 1512.
-, new establishment for, 1567, 221; 10,000l. delivered to Sherley for, 168; arrived to relieve miseries of, 199.
-, names of cassed officers and sums due to, 1589; imprests to captains, 183.
-, queen wishes to receive apparel as imprest, on her account, 1689; Willoughby represents inadequacy of money sent for, 199.
-, forces appointed at Leicester's coming from Holland exceeded, 177.
-, return of absentee captains required, 198, 331, 358; complaints of absent ones, 380.
-, Willoughby acknowledges receipt of new establishment for, 199; distribution of treasure for, 209.
-, Champernowne charges Sherley with starving, 247; without preachers for garrisons or bands, 393.
-, States' requests to Privy Council concerning, 24950; companies being recalled to England, 283.
-, Willoughby represents difficulty of finding 600 men for Flushing, 265; he opposes reduction of companies, 331.
-, suffers from absence of officers in England, 326.
-, list of horse and foot bands in queen's pay, with stations, 343, 440; note on want of good order in musters, 449.
-, raid on Hulst repulsed, 3556.
-, Willoughby recommended men fit for captains of bands, 380, 458; Willoughby appoints Provost Marshal for, 417.
-, Willoughby presses for States' decision about reducing horse bands to foot, 404; their reply upon, 4156.
-, memo. of Sherley for further supply of lendings for, 4056.
-, States want additional garrisons of, in other towns, 441; terms of employment under Willoughby, 442; reply of Council upon, 4501.
-, reinforcements ordered to Ostend, 441; distribution of garrisons arranged by States, 443.
-, towns may be glad to be rid of, by repaying loan, 458; Willoughby suggests recall, as exposed to disaster, 5012.
-, Willoughby represents harm done by absence of captains, 458; he urges supply of money that soldiers may not suffer lack of imprests, 484.
-, note by Digges on weakness of and lack of discipline, 490.
-, proposal to bring home 2000, Willoughby asks to accompany, 512; Willoughby complains of restricted powers over, 5245.
-, government of kept distinct from that of cautionary towns, 547.

Arnemuiden, Armewe, Armoy, Armu, Armuy, Armuyden, Armyn, Hermew [Prov. Zeeland, Netherlands], 405.
-, letter dated at, 380.
-, will not receive garrison sent by States, 62; troops for Walcheren billeted in, 65; wishes to follow English lead, 68; will follow lead of Ter Veere, 136.
-, Russel urges sending money to secure adhesion of, 834; very well affected to queen, 95, 131, 141, 196, 205; Russel urges queen to write to, 141; Russel to give assurances to, 170.
-, direction for employment of money for captains of, 111, 187.
-, expels horsemen of States, 141; joins side of English, 160; queen urged to write and encourage, 230.
-, garrison fears hard measure from States, 170; Leicester's continuing of garrison approved, 187; garrison desires assurance of pay and queen's protection, 190.
-, Russel leaves captain and burgesses well satisfied, 205; say will receive nothing but words from England, 221; hard case of, 222; dismayed by news of Leicester's resignation, 230; doubtful of queen's care, 251; Blavoet to present articles to queen for, 269.
-, Russel desires some order about, 231; importance of Haeck fort to, 268.
-, queen wishes to know what chance of States paying garrison, 233; Killigrew puts case to States, 300, 392.
-, queen not inclined to take garrison into pay, 273; States refuse to pay, 332; no good amity possible till question settled, 344; best of rely on Maurice, 345.
-, Killigrew going to order matters at, 318; expected dealings for, 327; directions concerning, 344; Killigrew asks direction if refuses oath to States, 353; he goes to Flushing about, 361.
-, queen wishes kept at her devotion but paid by States, 348, 352.
-, refuses to receive horse, 353, 398; queen's direction about, 373; Killigrew asks direction about, 395.
-, Killigrew's proposal touching, 377, 398; question of oath taken by, 3778, 382.
-, Maurice accuses Russel of plotting trouble in, 391; will never admit Russel's horse, 392.
-, will be jealous of English while peace negotiations continue, 393; Russel had reason to suspect designs of Maurice and Hohenlohe on, 410.
-, States want back, as discharged of oath, 394; States of Zeeland want Willoughby and Killigrew to be dealers about, 402.
-, growing despair at coldness over devotion to queen, 397, 424; fear of increased charges prevails with queen about, 413.
-, proposal to put half company of horse in, 399.
-, importance of, for holding Flushing, 399, 437.
-, earnest suit to be at queen's devotion and for pay, 4012; Russel laments queen's coldness over, 4378.
-, Willoughby to compound differences with Maurice and Zeeland, 411, 413; Killigrew recommends cause of to States of Zeeland, 415; their reply about, 415; reconciled with Zeeland, 531.
-, Killigrew dealing about, 436; Gilpin come to serve about, 481.
-, distraction caused by controversies of, 456; captains submit to States, 518.

Arnheim, Arnhem [Prov. Gelderland, Netherlands], not in queen's command to keep cessation, 293; States' provision of garrison for, 443.

arquebuses, harquebusses, made in Milan, for Flanders, 442.

Arques, Arckvelt near St. Omer [Pas de Calais, France], 30.

Arscot. See Croy, Philippe de, duke of Aerschot.

Arsene. See Aerssens.

artillery. See guns.

Artois [France], Spanish army in, 79.

-, President of. See Grussot, Jean de, sieur de Richardot.

Arundel, Charles, sets down reasons for rising in England, 215.

Arundel, earl ot. See Howard, Philip.

Asseliers, Ashyleres, Philip d', master of the carts:
-, letter from, 100.
-, Russel recommends to Leicester, 69; asks place of master of artillery, 100; Schenck granted order upon, 527.

Astell, Henry, serjeant major of Flushing, sums due to, 158.

Atye, Arthur, Leicester's secretary, sends points from Leicester's letters, for Council, 63; a means to get Borlas removed, 252.

Aubrey, Awbrey, Dr. William, suggested as additional peace commissioner, 544.

Audembourg, Audenborgh. See Oudenburg.

Audiencier, M. l', 504.

Auditor of accounts in Netherlands. See Hunt, Edmund.

Audley, lord. See Touchet, George.

Augsburg, Augusta [Bavaria, German Empire], troops levied by Emperor go off to, 306; German levies going to, 442.

Augustus, elector of Saxony, towns in Silesia mortgaged to, 306.

Austria, Archduke of. See Charles, margrave of Burgau; Ferdinand; Matthias; Maximilian.

Avalos, Caesar, marquis del Guasto Gwasta, Gwasto:
-, present at Dale's interview with Parma, 184; entertains Rogers, 241.
-, commands Italian horse in Parma's army, 214, 275, 294, 536, 538; goes with Parma to Bruges, 243.
-, present at first colloquy, 282, 285.

Avery, , Croft's man, letter sent by, 275.

Awbrey. See Aubrey.

Axel, Axell, Axil [Prov. Zeeland, Netherlands]:
-, soldiers almost without provision at, 58; Savage deserted from, 78; Spaniards count on recovering, 80.
-, Spaniards daily molested from, 286; not in queen's command to keep cossation, 293.

Aylva, Ailva, Wibrand, gentleman of Friesland, 60.

Ayres. See Aire.

Aysma, Aisma, Dilsma, Doco, 60:
-, removed from office, 60; mission to England, 279, 2801; exhibited request of Friesland deputios to queen, 396.

-, Dr. Hesselus, President of Friesland, the President, 280:
-, complaints of States of Friesland against, 5960; keeps to house, work in hand to deal with him, 143.
-, queen demands restoration of, 5134.