Elizabeth: Miscellaneous, 1562

Pages 609-610

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 5, 1562. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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Miscellaneous, 1562

[1562 ?] 1393. The Sheriffs of Northumberland.
1. An Act touching the account of the Sheriffs, ordering that a commission be directed to the Wardens of the East and Middle Marches, to inquire into the rents and revenues which the Sheriff ought to collect. At the end of his shrievalty he shall make account of them to the Queen's Auditor, and shall pay them to her Receiver for that county. The Auditor shall allow him 10l. for the Under Sheriff and certain sums for other officers.
2. The Sheriff may keep his county court either in Newcastle, Morpeth, Alnwick, or Hexham.
Copy. Endd. Pp. 10.
[1562 ?] 1394. Pasquinade on the Cardinal of Lorraine.
Ridiculing him for his different vices which prevent his being admitted into any country, and which are so bad that even the devils will not receive him among themselves.
Fourteen lines of poetry.
Beg., Je ne scay le lieu la ou tu pourras estre.
Endd. Fr. Pp. 2.
[1562 ?] 1395. Charges at Rouen, etc.
Charges for victuals, armour, wages, transportation of men, etc. to Rouen, Dieppe, Newhaven, and Tancarville, amounting to 10,695l. 17s. 4d., or 35,652 crowns.
Endd. Pp. 4.
[1562 ?] 1396. Smith's Embassy into France.
Notes respecting the purposes for which Smith was sent into France in 1562–3.
Endd. Pp. 4.
1562. 1397. Pierre Lubin and Eustace Travaccio.
The statement of Pierre Lubin and Eustace Travaccio, merchants of Rouen, as to the plunder of their ship laden with sugar lying at Newhaven, and lately arrived from Barbary, 150 chests of which are stolen.
Fr. Endd. Pp. 2.
1562. 1398. Translation of the above into English.
Endd. Pp. 2.
1562. 1399. Pierre Lubin and Eustace Travaccio.
1. The 150 casks of sugar which are said to have been plundered at Havre, were by them sent over to England there to be sold.
2. It is false that their goods were taken for religion, as some at Rouen can witness.
Endd. Fr. Pp. 2.