Supplement: April 1559

Pages 612-613

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 5, 1562. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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April 1559

April 6. 1408. Sir Tho. Challoner to Count Helfenstein.
1. Received the letter which the Count sent him from Brussels, together with the portrait of the noble personage "whom you know." The good feeling which prevails is chiefly owing to the Count. Is glad to hear that his voyage across has been prosperous, and that he is well and merry. The only thing that occasions regret to the writer is that the Count is detained so long from home by his Prince's orders, a thing always unpalatable to Germans. Often contemplates the portrait of that most excellent youth, which expresses admirable mental qualities.
2. In answer to the request contained in the end of the Count's letter, reminds him that a private individual like the writer can do little in affairs of state. The business upon which the Count says he is still in doubt is now at length settled, for a treaty of peace is concluded between Spain and France, which will be confirmed by a twofold marriage. The reports therefore which the Count must have heard while he was in England were not without foundation, as far as one of these alliances was concerned. As for his own opinion, the matter remains as it was. Does not see what are the motives which have induced the maidenly heart of the Queen to precipitate matters. The Count knows her character; she knows well how to preserve her dignity, both in her public and individual capacity. She is well worthy of an excellent husband, and happy is the man who shall attain that dignity. —London, 6 April. Signed.
Draft, in Challoner's hol. and endd. by him: M. of the letter to the Count de Helfenstein, ex mandato, &c. Lat. Pp. 7.
April 30. 1409. Articles against the Vidame of Chartres.
Articles objected by Tho. de Monceaulx against the Vidame of Chartres, viz., that he had attempted to abuse his sister, had caused her to be imprisoned, and had acted with cruelty towards her and the complainant.
Copy. Endd.: Articles objected by Tho. Filbers, alias De Monceaulx, against the late Vidame of Chartres. Pp. 3.