Supplement: September 1559

Pages 613-614

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 5, 1562. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1867.

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September 1559

Sept. 27. 1412. R. Jones to Richard Oseley.
Received his dated the 5th and 24th inst., for which he thanks him, as also for the loan of this money. Marvels that their fellows left their "moneths" so rawly as to depart without leaving notes of their doings, wherein he thinks himself touched, seeing he lives here upon what God sends there which being so uncertain, causes him to trouble his friends. When he returns to Paris he will provide him a pencil and inkhorn, and help Mr. Clarenciaux to the order of the French King's funerals, the note whereof is in his chest there. Cardinal Carpi is like to be Pope. The French King is at Bar-le-Duc, in the entry of Provence, to conduct the Duke his brother-in-law homewards; he arrived there the 26th inst., and minds to keep the Feast of the Order of St. Michael there, and having returned to Paris, so to journey to bring the Queen Catholic, his sister, towards Spain, whereupon Throckmorton is like to have a journey at least as far as Bordeaux. Prays him commend him to Wm. Packer, and desire him to use diligence for his "monethes." Sends commendations to his mother, and to Mr. Clarenciaux and his wife, and other friends at the Court. Mr. Somer desires to be commended to him.—Bar-le-Duc, 27 Sept. 1559. Signed.
Orig. Add. Endd. Slightly injured by damp. Pp. 3.
Sept. 30. 1413. R. Jones to [Richard Oseley].
1. Thanks him for his dated the 4th inst. The Lord Ambassador and his family here have felt the extremity of the heats. Has been reading the follies of Amadis, and has studied so in Marot, that a companion has burned him for an heretic, as they would do the writer if he were no wiser than his book. Though the weather was hot, there has been as much roast meat in Paris without bread or drink as some have been dried up and consumed; and yet the seed springs so fast as there is good hope of mustard seed according to the Gospel. But he has bought a new Marot, and will study his follies, and so shall be out of danger, for vice is not so much punished here as virtue.
2. Cardinal Carpi is like to be Pope. Corsica is restored to the Genoese, whereupon St. Quentin and the other places thereabouts shall be shortly restored. The French King is here to conduct home his sister and the Duke of Florence, her husband, who since his arrival made great cheer to the King and his Court. The order of St. Michael was kept here the 29th inst., whereat, besides the King, were present eight knights of the order. The King of Spain is chosen of the order. Commendations to Mr. Cliff. Bids him show this to Mr. Oseley, and other of his fellows, not forgetting Mr. Allen, Mr. Smyth, and good Mr. Hampton.—Bar-le-Duc, 30 Sept. 1559.
Endd.: Copy of letter sent by Mr. Jones to R.O. Pp. 3.