Elizabeth: January 1570

Pages 381-382

Calendar of State Papers Foreign: Elizabeth, Volume 9, 1569-1571. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1874.

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January 1570

Jan. 29. 1462. Instructions for Sir Ralph Sadler.
To the same effect as those given to Randolph of the same date (see No. 650).
Draft in Cecil's writing. Endd.: 29 Jan. 1569. Pp. 2.
1463. Guido Cavalcanti to Cecil and Sir Walter Mildmay.
Encloses a paper containing certain points which it will be well for him to treat of in a mission which he offers to undertake to Flanders for the Queen's service, and suggesting that letters should be written to the Duke and the Marquis Vitelli, thanking them for their courteous treatment of Cobham. Signed.
Add. Endd.: 1570. Ital. Pp. 2½.
1464. Michel Andrio De Geneve to Cecil.
Warns him of the enemity of the Houses of France and Austria towards England, and that this armament of the King of Spain to conduct the Queen into Spain is intended to have some intelligence with the disaffected in England on its return. Points out the dangers that exist through the hostility of the most part of the nobility to the Council, the divisions in religion, and the discontent of the merchants at losing the trade with the Low Countries, which they impute to the fault of the Council, and also that there are in the town 30,000 persons, poor artizans and servants who wish for nothing better than plunder. Reminds him of the examples both in Roman history and lately in France, in the time of the late King Francis and in the Low Countries in the time of the Regent, of the danger of inactivity, the remedy to which will be to have a sufficient number of loyal persons so placed that they may assemble speedily for the defence of the Queen and the suppression of any insurrection. Desires his favour in the matter of a certain "privilege for oils." Signed.
Add. Endd., with seal. Fr. Pp. 12/3.
1465. B. Spinola to Cecil.
Begs that he will interfere for the protection of the goods belonging to certain Flemings, laden in a hulk, which has been taken near Hurst Castle. Signed.
Add. Endd., with seal. Ital. Pp. 1¾.