Spain: 1517

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Calendar of State Papers, Spain: Further Supplement To Volumes 1 and 2, Documents From Archives in Vienna. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1947.

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1517. 13 Aug.
H. H. u. St. A. Belgien P. A. 1.
Acknowledgment by De Mesa.
Bernardino De Mesa, Councillor of the Most Catholic King of Spain, Bishop of Elne and ambassador to the king of England, and Jehan de Salice [Jehan de le Sauch], his Catholic majesty's secretary, acknowledge the receipt of 40,000 nobilium angelorum granted by the king of England to the king of Spain and promise in his name, and in that of the princes of his blood and the lords of his council, repayment of the said sum at the time and place stipulated in the document which they have placed in the hands of the king of England. They have been deputed to receive this sum by letters patent from the Catholic King, appointing them his proctors in England, dated July 18, 1517. They acknowledge receipt of the money from Master John Heron, Gent., treasurer of the king's chamber.
Dated, 13 August, 1517.
Contemporary copy. Latin.
13 Aug.
H. H. u. St. A. Belgien P. A. 1.
Spanish Ambassadors to Wolsey.
Bernardino De Mesa, Jehan de le Sauch, and Leonardo Frescobaldi, merchant of Florence, acknowledge that they are bound to pay to Thomas, Cardinal Archbishop of York, etc. one thousand pounds sterling on September first, 1517.
Dated, 13 August, 1517.
The condition of this obligation being that if De Mesa, le Sauch and Frescobaldi do not receive the loan for Charles' voyage to Spain, or if Wolsey withholds the money, or if Charles decides within the time agreed on not to accept it, this instrument shall be void and of no effect.
Signed. Latin. pp. 2.
18 Aug.
H. H. u. St. A. Belgien P. A. 1.
Receipt by De Mesa.
Bernardino De Mesa acknowledges that he has received from the Most Catholic King the sum of 2,490 gold ducats by the hand of Leonardo Frescobaldi, this sum having been deducted from the 20,000 nobles which Frescobaldi is to pay to the king of Spain in the month of October. The sum received is owing to the ambassador for salary and extraordinary expenses in the manner following :
5 ducats a day from June 17, 1516, to June 17, 1517 1825 ducats
For expenditures made at the order of the late King Ferdinand, as appears by the reckoning with Pedro de Quintana, for which the ambassador was given orders on the treasuries of Spain and of Aragon which were never paid
179 ducats
For extraordinary expenses in 1517 266 ducats
For salary from June 17, to August 1, 1517 220 ducats
This document is receipt and quittance by me, Bernardino De Mesa, to his Most Catholic majesty for payment in full of all sums due to me up to August 1, 1517, and authorization to Frescobaldi to deduct the above sum from the aforementioned 20,000 nobles.
London, 18 August, 1517.
Signed, B. Pacensis. Latin.