Spain: 1520

Pages 6-7

Calendar of State Papers, Spain: Further Supplement To Volumes 1 and 2, Documents From Archives in Vienna. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1947.

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1520. 10 March.
H. H. u. St. A. England, f. 2.
Margaret Of Savoy to Henry VIII.
I have received your gracious letters sent me by Master Jehan de le Sauch and, more recently, by my secretary des Barres, and I wish to thank you for the love and cordial friendship which you continue to show toward the king, my lord and nephew, your good brother and nephew.
I have heard by my secretary the reasons why you prefer the port of Southampton to the Isle of Wight, which I had chosen for your interview with my nephew. I am happy to agree to the change in order to please you and to avoid delay. My only desire is to arrange matters for the good of both your majesties, and I undertake that the king, my nephew, will ratify my agreement.
Please give credence to the bearer, Jehan de le Sauch, who returns to you expressly for the arrangement of this matter.
Malines, March 10.
Signed, Your cousin Marguerite. Contemporary copy. French.
10 March.
H. H. u. St. A. England, f. 2.
Margaret Of Savoy to Queen Catherine.
Madam : I have received your letter entrusted to the bearer of this, Jehan de le Sauch and also that brought by my secretary, des Barres. By what my secretary tells me I understand that the king and you prefer the interview between the king of England and the king, my nephew, should not be at Wight but rather at Southampton. Since it is my wish to leave nothing undone on the part of my nephew, and since I seek only to arrange matters for the good of both their majesties, I am willing to accept the rendezvous at Southampton and undertake that my nephew will ratify my acceptance. Therefore I have sent him a special courier, as the king and you may learn more fully from the bearer. I beg you to give credence in this negotiation to our ambassador, and to Master Jehan de le Sauch.
Malines, 10 March.
Signed, Votre humble soeur et cousine Marguerite.
French. Contemporary copy.
10 March.
H. H. u. St. A. Belgien D. D. Abt. B. f. 3.
Margaret Of Savoy to Wolsey.
I am sending back the bearer of this, Jehan de le Sauch, for the reasons which you may learn from him and from the ambassador. I assure you that I wish my nephew not to fail the arrangements in any respect, and I have therefore decided to agree to changing the place of the interview from Wight to Southampton, or wherever you advise, and I undertake that the king, my nephew, will ratify this change.
His majesty and I have always had complete confidence in you, and I have good hope that he will soon show you that he is not an ungrateful prince. I beg you not to allow this confidence to be in vain, but to further the meeting of these princes from which I hope that, with God's help, there will come for both of them such profit and honour as shall delight all their loyal servants, and not only them but all Christendom. Please give credence to the ambassadors and to Master Jehan.
Malines, 10 March.
Signed, Marguerite. French.
29 April.
H. H. u. St. A. Eng., f. 2.
Charles V to De Mesa.
We have learned from our secretary, Jehan de le Sauch, everything that you have discussed and decided with the king of England about the interview between us, and also about the prorogation of the treaty of intercourse. We are well content with your efforts and want you to know that we shall remember your service and reward it fittingly.
Corunna, 29 April, 1520.
Signed, Charles. French.
8 May.
H. H. u. St. A. England, f. 2.
Adrien De Croy to the Ambassadors in England.
Messieurs : For the last fifteen days le Sauch has been ready to return to England with the dispatches which he will give you, but the wind has been so contrary that he has been delayed until to-day, when he left in a little galley in which he will try to make the crossing. The marechaulx des logis and the fouriers du roy go with him to prepare the lodgings at Sandwich. His majesty has decided to set sail as soon as the wind will permit him to leave the harbour, hoping that God will send him a good crossing and that the king of England will wait for him. You must busy yourselves with the latter.
Corunna, 8 May, XX.
Signed, A. de Croy. French.