Rome: October 1573

Pages 131-133

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2, 1572-1578. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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October 1573

vol. cclxxxiii.
ff. 243–4.
251. [Ptolemy Galli, Cardinal of Como] to [Louis,] Cardinal of Lorraine.
“Although the Pope in his zeal for the service of God would fain see that direction which in your great wisdom you shall deem best given as soon as may be to the business you know of, he nevertheless acquiesces in the grounds and reasons for delay assigned by you in your letter to me of the 29th of last month, hoping that you will not have long deferred speaking to his Majesty, and that you have pushed the business forward the more rapidly that the preparations that the Queen of England was making warn us to make haste also.
“Secrecy without doubt is in the last degree necessary in a business of such importance; and therefore everything is placed in your hands, and it is left to your judgment and discretion to communicate the matter to whom you please. So not a word has been said to Mgr. d'Este, but in despatching him to the Court we gave him a letter for you, in which you were authorized to impart the matter to him, and avail yourself of his services if you should see fit.
“What you write about the Queen of Scotland, as reported by one of your people just returned from England, who had had free and frequent intercourse with her Majesty, accords with what from other quarters, and very recently, his Holiness learns of her Majesty's unfailing devoutness and fervour in our holy Catholic faith and religion; wherein, and in the prayers that are here daily offered for her, we have reason to hope that God is not minded altogether to desert us, and that a day may yet come when we shall see that Princess more glorious and flourishing than ever she was.”
19 Oct., 1573. Rome. Italian. Draft.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. vi. pp. 754–55.
252. [Antonio Maria] Salviati [late] Bishop [of S. Papoul], Nuncio in France to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“The Queen regnant has been somewhat unwell, and it is rumoured that she has miscarried, but not a word is to be said of it. The Queen Mother has already departed for Paris, as it was said she would do.
“The Duke of Alva has sent a Flemish gentleman with credentials from his Catholic Majesty to the Queen of England; and it is understood from a very good source that he has so done in order to get some light on what is being projected in that Court for the re-establishment of the accord that was of late made between Flanders and England for the benefit of the merchants, but which the wars made of no effect; and also to broach the possibility of adjusting all matters that remain in dispute between Flanders and England, the Duke of Alva in the interest of Flanders being exceedingly desirous of a really good understanding with that Queen.
“The said gentleman is also instructed to sound the Queen whether she be willing to send to Spain an ambassador resident, in order that his Catholic Majesty may have no scruple about having one in England.”
20 Oct., 1573. Crépi in Valois. Italian.
—“There is coming from England a Milord sent by that Queen to the Most Christian King, and no doubt is entertained that his business is weighty, insomuch that by one that is apt to worm himself into secrets I am told that the French in concert with the Prince of Orange are trying to induce the Queen of England covertly to permit the transit from England of succours to the said Prince, and to foment the rebellion. Of this the Spaniards have a shrewd suspicion, as they deem that this Milord cannot possibly be coming to negotiate the match between England and the Duke [of Alençon], wherein I am strongly of their opinion, as I think I know that the business of the match is not in a position to occasion Milord to be sent on his travels.
“Should I learn anything more, I will advise you thereof forthwith.”
20 Oct., 1573. Decipher. Italian.
Vat. Lib.
Urb. Lat.
1043. f. 410d.
253. News Letter.
… “Marshal de Res [Retz] had returned from England with the answer that that Queen would send the Most Christian King her mind in writing as to the match between the niece and the Duke of Alençon.”
24 October, 1573. Rome. Italian. Copy.