Rome: November 1574

Pages 189-191

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2, 1572-1578. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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November 1574

Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. vii. p. 771.
359. [Antonio Maria] Salviati, [late] Bishop [of S. Papoul], Nuncio in France to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“There has come from England an ambassador with a superb suite. He is here at his Majesty's charges, and treated with all possible honour. Other office than that of condolence upon the death of the late King, of good memory, and congratulation upon the accession of the present monarch we know not that he has any. He offers on the part of his Queen a good understanding in all events; and craves confirmation of the league that was arranged with King Charles of good memory.”
1 Nov., 1574. Lyon. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. iv. f. 477.
360. Jerome [de Federicis, late] Bishop of Martirano, Nuncio at the Court of Savoy to the Same.
To the same effect with the addition that two ambassadors from La Rochelle had also arrived at the Court of France to treat of an accord with his Majesty.
5 Nov., 1574. Turin. Italian. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. Germ.
vol. lxxx.
p. 322.
361. Protonotary Portia, Nuncio in Germany to the Same.
… “The news from England was that the Queen had sent an envoy to Flanders to press for leave for English ships to come with their merchandise to Antwerp, and do business as aforetime.”
8 Nov., 1574. Augsburg. Italian.
Vat. Lib.
Urb. Lat.
1044. f. 315.
362. News Letter.
… “Discovery has been made of a treaty which the Vidame of Liatrech [sic Chartres] had in hand for the occupation of Aure [Havre], a great port of Normandy, by means of many gentlemen of the country of Coue [Caux]. The treaty being well advanced, the said Vidame had already crossed from England to give effect to it with seven ships and a galleasse, and, as he passed by Calais to make a braver show, the whole affair was notified to M. de Migliara [Meilleraie], Governor of those countries, who caused many gentlemen to be arrested and brought to Rouen; and in the house of those that fled were found 12 coats in the livery of the said Governor, in which disguise they had purposed to occupy the said place.” (fn. 1) 15 Nov., 1574. Lyon. Italian. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. viii. p. 373.
363. [Nicholas Ormanetto,] Bishop of Padua, Nuncio in Spain to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “I shall commend to his Majesty the Catholics of Ireland pursuant to the order that you give me and the contents of the memorial that you have sent me as to this matter.”
14 Nov., 1574. Madrid. Italian. Duplicate.
Vat. Lib.
Urb. Lat.
1044. f. 318.
364. News Letter.
… “The enemy has taken four ships that quitted Calais laden with merchandise belonging to merchants of Antwerp. There have arrived in Flanders ships from England laden with merchandise, all of which must pay duty at Flushing in Zealand, for they are so strong at sea that they stop by signal all seagoing ships, French vessels included.”
15 Nov., 1574. Brussels. Italian. Copy.
f. 324.
365. News Letter.
… “In England there have arrived twelve ships from Spain, which, sailing in company, have defied the corsairs.
“There has come from England an ambassador who goes to Brussels to treat of the restitution of goods belonging to Englishmen arrested in these parts.”
21 Nov., 1574. Antwerp. Italian. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. xv. f. 574d.
366. [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como to Nicholas Ormanetto, Bishop of Padua, Nuncio in Spain.
… “It is impossible to attend to English affairs at present; but still it is well to keep the negotiation alive, and his Majesty well disposed until the time shall be ripe; and so you will continue to do.”
27 Nov., 1574. Rome. Italian. Draft for cipher.
vol. viii. p. 388.
367. Nicholas Ormanetto, Bishop of Padua, Nuncio in Spain to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “I spoke to the King of the affairs of Ireland; and he marvels at the advices furnished by the Bishop of Emly, which you have sent me with the letter of the 15th of October, there being no advice of the sort here. I know not what hope I may entertain of help in this quarter, and that for many reasons. However, I am not debarred from the subject by his Majesty, who spoke to me thus; ‘you know well, Mgr., the course things have taken in those parts’; by which he meant the untoward circumstances of Flanders and the Biscay fleet, which have precluded further progress. Experience of affairs, besides cogent reasoning, allows no doubt of the good results with which the League is fraught to the advantage both public and private of all these Princes; and I rather think that this is appreciated here, and I believe that should there be a disposition to renew the negotiation, the result here would be of no small account.”
27 Nov., 1574. Madrid. Decipher. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. Germ.
vol. lxxx.
p 350.
368. Protonotary Portia, Nuncio in Germany to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “The English ambassador, of whom I wrote before, came to Flanders to negotiate the admission to Antwerp of four English ships at a time, to trade as they were wont before the war.”
29 Nov., 1574. Augsburg. Italian.


  • 1. As to this project, to which, it would seem, Elizabeth was no party, see Corresp. Dipl. de la Mothe Fênélon (1840), vol. vi. pp. 124, 156, 268, 280–1.