Rome: August 1575

Pages 212-214

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Vatican Archives, Volume 2, 1572-1578. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1926.

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August 1575

Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. viii.
ff. 430, 433.
416. Stanislaus Hosius, Cardinal Bishop of Ermland to Pope Gregory XIII and [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
Two letters of even date; referring to the affairs of Naples, Poland, Sweden and Lithuania, and the prospects of the conversion of the two last named countries to the Catholic faith, and proposing for that purpose a Jesuit mission, that what was accomplished by Gregory VII and Gregory XI may be restored by Gregory XIII; adverting also to England, where likewise the sanguine Bishop discerns some hope of a reversion to the faith planted by Gregory I, seeing that the Puritans are now censured and the Christians are quite exempt from persecution.
5 August, 1575. Sublaci [Subiaco]. Latin.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. viii. p. 466.
417. [Antonio Maria] Salviati, [Late] Bishop of S. Papoul, Nuncio in France to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“By what I understand Robert Oeno [Owen], (fn. 1) an English gentleman, who gives himself out as an exile from his country for the Catholic religion's sake, has on divers occasions repaired to the Court of Rome. He is just now on his way thither, and craves of me a letter of introduction to you, and so, to content him, I write this, which will be presented by him in person.”
6 August, 1575. Paris. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. xvi f. 328.
418. [John Baptista Castagna, late Archbishop of Rossano, Nuncio at Venice] to the Same.
“I am sorry that the Prior of England, of whom I wrote at length [11 June] had no sooner arrived at Rome than, by what I hear, he fell seriously ill, and has not been able to speak to the Pope; for it would have been much to the purpose that he should have spoken; because it is understood that in England, besides that sect called Puritans, which was born some time ago and gave trouble, there recently arose another of the worst description, to the disgust, it seems, of that Queen, who has intelligence and letters; and that she has begun to liberate some of the imprisoned Catholics on the sole condition that they acknowledge her as Queen, putting no constraint upon them in the matter of religion; so that perchance God is about to turn His eyes towards that realm.”
6–13 August, 1575. [Venice.] Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. cclxxxiii.
f. 557d.
419. [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como to [antonio Maria] Salviati, [late Bishop of S. Papoul,] Nuncio in France.
… “Observing that the office done by brief with the late King Charles, of happy memory, and afterwards with the present King on behalf of the Scottish Bishop of Ross has not, so far, had any effect to the said bishop's advantage, his Holiness bids you renew with warmth that office with his Majesty, doing the best you may to the end that some meet provision may be made for him. You will notify the said bishop of the instructions that you have in his behalf, and also see that he receives the accompanying letter from me in answer to some of his.”
8 August, 1575. Rome. Italian. Draft.
Enclosure wanting.
vol. viii. p. 476.
420. [Antonio Maria] Salviati, [Late] Bishop [of S. Papoul] to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “A secretary of the Prince of Condé, who was taken of late on his return from England, has here been executed. Through him, it is understood, they have discovered the malignants whom they suspected to be at Court and in the kingdom by the correspondence which they have with England and the aids which they are to receive from that Queen.”
15 August, 1575. Paris. Italian.
Vat. Lib.
Urb. Lat.
1044. f. 559.
421. News Letter.
… “It is understood that M. de T[h]oré has gone to enlist 2,000 Swiss for the enemy with money gotten from the Queen of England, who, as was divulged by the Prince of Condé's secretary, whom they have dismembered, (fn. 2) has been privy to every movement, nay, has lent Condé 100,000 angelots to make war withal.”
20 August, 1575. Paris. Italian. Copy.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. Germ.
vol. lxxxi.
p. 359.
422. Protonotary Portia, Nuncio in Germany to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
… “The Comendador has given some English Catholic exiles leave to arm some ships and prey upon the country that is in the hand of the rebels. They have collected 13 ships at Dunkerque and made a beginning of their operations, having encountered three Osterling ships, which, taking the ships of the Englishmen to be of Zealand and Holland, hoisted the colours of Orange, which did but the more encourage the English to attack them and make prize of them, so that for their deliverance they cried out that they had the Prince's patent.”
22 August, 1575. Augsburg. Italian.
Vat. Arch.
Nunt. di
vol. viii. p. 494.
423. [Antonio Maria] Salviati, [late] Bishop [of S. Papoul]. Nuncio in France to [Ptolemy Galli,] Cardinal of Como.
“I have commended the Scottish Bishop of Ross to the King, as you desired, and have done all that I possibly could for him. But I suspect that the Latin letter which you wrote him has adroitly intimated to him what is likely to befall him.”
27 August, 1575. Paris. Italian.


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