Venice: 1501

Pages 289-291

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 1, 1202-1509. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1864.

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1501. Jan. 11. Senato Mar. 812. Flanders Voyage.
Confirmation of the appointment of Marco Orio to the captaincy of the Flanders galleys; and permission for him to resign his command of the war-galleys.
[Italian, 8 lines.]
March 13. Senato Mar. 813. Decree of the Senate.
As known to every one, the voyage of our Western galleys has not only encouraged navigation, but has also caused Venice to be well supplied with Frankish or Western wools,—a very great resource for the poor resident here; and whenever there has been a scarcity of these wools, as at present, because for some years these galleys have not sailed, meet provision has been made, in order that poor persons who have no other employment may not perish. Put to the ballot, that all persons, whether our subjects and citizens or aliens, may, only until the end of June next, export wool from England, Flanders, and Brabant for this city, either by land or water, by any ships or vessels, native or foreign, with the obligation to pay one fourth freight to the masters of the Flanders galleys. Venetian subjects loading, as above, in foreign vessels allowed to insure as if the vessels were Venetian. Aliens bound to pay the tenths and other usual duties for the said wools like Venetian subjects; and the consuls in London and Bruges to be written to, to keep a distinct account of all the wools thus exported.
Ayes, 83.
Proposed amendment:
That the said wools be exported only by land from Calais; that they do pay one fourth freight to those who are entitled to it, and that in like manner aliens be bound to pay the lost tenths (le xme parse) as fair.
Ayes, 48. Noes, 6. Neutrals, 1.
[Italian, 22 lines.]
March 22. Senato Mar. 814. Decree of the Senate.
Recital of the Act passed on the 13th March. The period to be extended until October.
Should the masters of the Flanders galleys not have their full cargos on quitting England, they are to receive three quarters freight for wools brought by other vessels, according to the estimate of what they might have loaded, had there been no competition. The masters to obtain a certificate from the consul in London, the captain of the galleys, and the merchants to be elected by the Council of Twelve. The other fourth freight to remain for the other masters as the Act directed.
The present decree to he sent express to the consuls in London and Bruges.
Aves, 80. Noes, 55. Neutrals, 5.
[Italian, 21 lines.]
April 28. Senato Mar. 815. Decree of the Senate.
Recites the necessity for the continuation of the trading voyages performed by the galleys and the loss incurred by their recent cessation.
Put to the ballot, that, whereas the masters are bound to go to Flanders, which mart causes the Signory loss rather than profit, by reason of the exorbitant presents and from other causes, the said galleys do not go to Flanders, but merely to Hampton or Sandwich as usual; and as compensation for this abridgement of the voyage, the bonus of 1,300 ducats for each galley be remitted for the bounty (benefitio) of the Signory.
Ayes, 38. Noes, 10. Neutrals, 14.
[Italian, 24 lines.]
July 20. Sanuto Diaries, v. iv. p. 28,
816. News at Venice that the King of Spain had married one of his daughters to the son of the King of England.
Aug. 30. DeliberazioniSenato Secreta. 817. The Doge and Senate to the Venetian Ambassador in Rome.
Express satisfaction at the contents of his letter of 24th July, detailing a conversation with the English ambassador, who announced the excellent disposition of his King towards the Christian expedition.
Desire him to confer with the English ambassador, and to commend the King's most holy project accordingly.
Ayes, 123.
Amendment to the foregoing letter:
That he do also inform the English ambassador that, to honor his Majesty as fitting, and to discuss the Christian expedition, the State had decreed the mission to him of an ambassador, to be elected shortly.
And be it now carried that at this present an ambassador to the King of England be elected in this Council; with all the terms, conditions, retinue, and money for his expenses, as decreed in the case of Pietro Pasqualigo, elected ambassador to Portugal.
Ayes, 38. Noes, 0. Neutrals, 3.
[Latin, 12 lines.]
Nov. 17. DeliberazioniSenato Secreta. 818. The Doge and Senate to the three Venetian Ambassadors in France, Domenico Trevisan, Hieronimo Donado, and Francesco Capello.
Have already given them fall instructions concerning the business to be transacted with Lewis XII., and the congratulations to be offered him on his conquest of the kingdom of Naples, and on the betrothal of his eldest daughter (Madame Claude, to the Archduke Charles of Burgundy). Have also transmitted an ample commission touching the Christian expedition; but that nothing may be left undone for its success, determine, that for this sole cause, Francesco Capello do go ambassador from the State to England to the King, to induce him to support the Christian commonwealth, now in a truly perilous state, unless the Christian powers apply a remedy proportioned to the preparations of its rabid and potent enemy.
Pasqualigo is therefore to make this announcement to Lewis XII., and request him in proof of the indissoluble union between France and the Republic, and also on other accounts, to send with him an ambassador of his own, that, they may together induce Henry VII. to concur in the common defence. Should Lewis XII. assent, Pasqualigo is to proceed with all haste to England, and after congratulations on the marriage of Prince Arthur to the Infanta of Spain to represent the great danger with which the Christian religion is threatened by the Turk; then with the aid of the aforesaid French ambassador to persuade the King to make an attack next spring upon the common enemy, who is prepared to commence hostilities by sea and land, with unheard of power. Should Lewis XII. not be disposed to send an ambassador, or delay the mission, Pasqualigo is then to set out alone immediately.
Should he, on the road, fall in with the Archduke of Burgundy he is to visit him with credentials from the State, saying what may seem fit to his prudence about this Christian expedition.
Ayes, 135. Noes, 1. Neutrals, 1.
[Italian, 34 lines.]