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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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Admiralty :

news from of captures by fleet, 99.

Court :

affair of Spanish silver referred to, 6
-, under consideration, 33
-, commotion in about, 76.

case of Muscovy Co. and Dutch merchants in, 29, 88
-, business in delayed by crisis, 63
-, impatient for decision, 76, 120, 155.

make sure that Dutch not interested in cargoes of ships reclaimed, 107.

judges changed, 78
-, and king of Spain's wool, 148
-, case of Guardian Angel in, 199.

Adriatic Sea, the Gulf :

English plan to send for men to, 44
-, Dutch squadron to be stationed at mouth of, 53
-, Venetian claim to supremacy over, 99.

Africa, Blake supposed to have gone to, 287.

agents. See under ambassadors.

Ailva, Jan, Dutch ambassador to Hanse, sent to Lubeck, 8n.

Albanians, leaving England to serve Venice, 123.

Alexius, Tsar of Muscovy, the Muscovite :

possible mission of Whitelocke to, 148.

expelled English merchants, to curry favour with Dutch, 148.

Algiers, N. Africa :

Dutch capture and drive ashore ships of, 149
-, pirates of take rich English ship, 206.

English ship at Leghorn with English slaves from, 280
-, Blake to settle accounts with, 285
-, Blake reports courtesies received at, 292.

Alicante [Prov. Alicante, Spain], Englist attempt to capture Dutch ships at, 91.

Amalia, widow of Frederick Henry of Nassau, dowager princess of Orange, insists on convocation of States General, 235.

ambassadors, agents, bailo, commissioners, deputies, envoys, foreign ministers, papal nuncios, residents, secretaries :

asked not to allow natives to attend services, 21
-, asked to contribute for wounded, 42
-, plate made for, presented to Tromp, 48.

English forbidden to accept presents from foreign powers, 48
-, all very reserved in dealing with new Council of State, 76
-, have no business, intent on learning about new government, 86
-, unsatisfactory treatment by government, 126
-, all dissatisfied as no demands attended to, 132, 138.

Fleming avoiding intercourse with owing to jealousy of Council, 126-7
-, Council does no business with, for month, 141.

fear of assassination, 141
-, makes commonwealth cautious about sending abroad, 142.

Fleming to inform of change of government, expected to pay respects to Protector, 166.

usage observed by Cromwell in receiving, 168
-, all offer congratulations to him, 180
-, received by kings at Whitehall, 200.

interchange of courtesies by, 201
-, Portuguese ambassador appeals to, on behalf of brother, 238.

negotiations with delayed by Cromwell's accident, 269
-, complain mostly about delays, 275.

treatment in England differs from all other countries, 286
-, independent attitude of Protectorate upon reciprocity about, 291.

-, names of :

Bordeaux to England. See Blarru, Jean
-, Dezert, Francois
-, Queux, Rn de, Seigneur des Trancars.

Cond to England. See Pas, Louis de, Sieur de Mazerolles
-, Taillefer, Henri de, Seigneur de la Barrire.

Danish to England. See Rosenvinge, Henry Wilhemsen.

Daugnon 'to England, See St. Thomas, M. de.

Dutch to England. See Beverningh, Jerome
-, Bonel, Peter
-, Jongestal, Allart Pieter van
-, Nieuport, Willem
-, Pauw, Adrian
-, Perre, Paulus van de.

Dutch to France. See Boreel, William.

Dutch to Hanse Towns. See Ailva, Jan
-, Beverningh, Jerome
-, Waveren
-, With.

Dutch to Sweden. See Beuningen, Conrad van.

English to Denmark. See Bradshaw, Richard.

English in France. See Morrell, Hugh.

- for king. See Browne, Sir Richard.

English in Germany (for king). See Wilmot, Henry, earl of Rochester.

English at Hague. See Dorislaus, Isaac.

- (for king). See Macdowell, William.

English at Hamburg. See Bradshaw, Richard.

English at Porte. See Bendish, Sir Thomas
-, Lawrence, Richard.

English in Spain. See Ascham, Anthony.

English in Sweden. See Sidney, Philip, Viscount Lisle (designate)
-, Whitelocke, Bulstrode.

English to Swiss Protestant Cantons. See Pell, John.

English in Tuscany. See Grandier, Charles.

English at Venice (for king). See Killigrew, Thomas.

French to England. See Baas, Paul baron de
-, Bordeaux Neufville, Antoine de.

French to Netherlands. See Chanut, Pierre.

French to Porte. See Gournay, Henri de, counte de Marcheville
-, Harlay, Philippe de, comte de Cesy.

French to Sweden. See Chanut, Pierre.

Genoese to England. See Bernardi, Francesco
-, Fiesco, Ugo.

Guelders to England. See Grand, Ludovic de, lord of Brachey.

Hamburg to England. See Paules
-, Petersen, Hans.

Archduke Leopold to England. See Romero, Francesco.

Oldenburg to England. See Anthony Gunther, Anthony, son of
-, Gryphrander, Christopher
-, Wolzagen, Frederick, Matthew.

papal nuncio in France. See Bagni, Niccolo.

papal nuncio in Spain. See Gaetano
-, Rospigliosi, Giacomo.

Parma in France. See Villere, Leonardo.

Portuguese in England. See Sa e Menezes, Joas Rodriguez de, count of Peneguaio.

Spain in England. See Bette, Guillaume, Marquis of Lede
-, Bracamonte. Gaspar de, count of Penaranda (designate)
-, Cardenas, Alonso
-, Malvezzi, Marquis Vigilio.

Spain in Netherlands. See Bruin, Antony.

Spain in Sweden. See Pimentel, Antonio de.

Sweden in England. See Bonnell, Benjamin
-, Lagerfeldt, Isaac
-, envoy, pages, 150, 207.

Swiss to England and the Netherlands. See Stockar, John James.

Tuscan in England. See Salvetti, Amerigo.

Venetian in England. See Paulucci, Lorenzo.

Venetian at Florence. See Sarotti, Giovanni Ambrosio.

Venetian in France. See Moresini, Michiel
-, Sagredo, Giovanni.

Venetian in Germany. See Giustinian, Girolamo.

Venetian at Naples. See Rosso, Andrea
-, Vendramin, Polo.

Venetian at Porte (bailo). See Capello, Giovanni.

Venetian at Rome. See Sagredo, Niccolo.

Venetian in Spain. See Quirini, Giacomo.

Venetian at Zurich. See Giavarina, Girolamo
-, Negri, Antonio di.

ambergris, brought by East India fleet, 148.

Ameland, W. Frisian island, deputies to England, asking for neutrality, 186.

Amsterdam [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands] :

ships from expected at Leghorn, 4
-, arrive, 23.

money in S. Salvador belongs to ministers of, 33
-, hoped that merchants of concerned in Stella, 39.

convoy for assembling at Leghorn, 73
-, ship for captured, 91.

plan to divert trade from, 79
-, English object to diminish, Dutch counter measures, 225.

sends troops to quell riot at Enkhuizen, 98
-, Mediterranean squadron recalled to, 105.

suspected interest in GuardianAngel, 199
-, English trading to Antwerp direct would injure, 237.

Anabaptists :

attack on, at St. Pauls, by apprentices, 142
-, constituted majority of nominated parliament, 160.

numerous in London, 160
-, Cromwell intent on excluding, 168.

the most obstreperous against Cromwell's rule, 175
-, numbers increasing, 179, 189, 289.

troops in Ireland mostly, 185
-, army controlled by, 189
-, majority in army, 289.

authors of plot to kill Cromwell, 222
-, making trouble in Ireland, 265.

Harrison recognised leader of, 264
-, Cromwell accused of replacing Presbyterian clergy by, 282
-, may exceed the excesses of Puritans, 289.

Anatolia, Asia Minor, sea fight off, 216.

Andalusia, Spain, governor of. See Cerda, Antonio de, duke of Medina Celi.

Anna Buonaventura, engaged for war service, 31.

Anne of Austria, queen mother of France, Boreel informs of Portland victory, 50.

Antony Gunther, count of Oldenburg, prince of Oldenburg :

defensive alliance against England, 31
-, mission from to Cromwell, 205
-, sends congratulations and present of horses, 236.

included in defensive alliance with English and Dutch, 216
-, Cromwell sends assurances of good will to, 237.

-, -, Anthony, natural son of, Cromwell dismisses with presents and assurances of good will, 237.

-, [Prov. Antwerp, Belgium], English propose to trade direct with, 237
-, Cromwell withdraws claim for, 248.

Appleton, Apilton, Henry, commanding squadron in Mediterranean :

Grand Duke remonstrates about, 6
-, to be told of Venetian action about William, 19.

taken prisoner in action off Leghorn, 41, 44-6
-, gallant resistance, 46.

too impatient to go out, 46
-, parliament displeased with for precipitancy, 70
-, report of, released on parole, 112.

-, attack Anabaptists at St. Pauls, 142
-, won by ordinance allowing old soldiers to practise trade, 264.

Apulia, English capture Dutch ship from, with grain, 26.

Aquila d'Oro, gallantry in action off Castelli, 216.

Arcus. See Ayscue, Sir George.

Arecif. See Recif.

armistice, suspension of hostilities, proposed by Dutch commissioners but rejected, 93.

army, military, soldiers, troops :

1653 :

pay reduced to please Navy, 9
-, affray with sailors in Kent, 12
-, not yet reconciled, with sailors, 16.

danger of revolt against parliament, 9
-, resents growing powers of Presbyterians, 12
-, satisfaction promised to, 16.

demand for dissolution of parliament conceded, 16, 39
-, parliament succeeds in quieting, 21.

humoured by prompt pay, 20
-, drum beaten to fill up veteran companies, 39, 61.

renews clamour for reform and new parliament, appeal to officers in Scotland and Ireland, 30
-, troops sent to fleet and to Scotland, 61
-, troops marched to London, 65.

efforts to deprive Cromwell of command of, 60
-, fear of keeps people from complaining, 61.

demands dissolution of parliament, 64
-, which leaves government in hands of, 65
-, leaders helping to form new government, 67-8
-, differences of opinion upon, 71
-, causes Cromwell anxiety, 72.

peace offer to Dutch shows sentiments of, 67-8
-, said to be bent on peace, 68.

understanding with Navy supposed work of Cromwell, 68
-, would quell any rising instantly, 69.

will control everything if no new parliament, 69
-, Sir Francis Russel's influence in, 78.

reinforcements sent to fleet, 72
-, thinned by disease, 108
-, ranks filled by fresh levies, 115.

Cromwell seeks to keep allegiance, 82
-, Cromwell made captain-general of, 89.

city begins to murmur at despotism, 85
-, new government must depend on 86
-, constitutes the parliament meanwhile, 87
-, council of officers lays down law for new government, 90.

infantry in London marched off in haste on news of Gabbard battle, 87
-, more troops sent to coast, 89
-, Mazarin fears men embarked are to attack France, 95.

Cromwell orders to receive arrears of pay, 90
-, numbers cause rise in cost of necessaries, 122.

Council of officers revises list of members of parliament, 96
-, preponderance of in Council of State, 106.

at absolute disposal of Cromwell, 101
-, strength of, well paid and perfect discipline, 109, 146.

keeps London in subjection, 112
-, prevents revolution at Lilburne's trial, 122.

reinforcements for Scotland, 122, 125, 158
-, Lambert to take command, 125.

reported defeats in Scotland, 122, 124
-, spread by royalists, 125n.

disapproval of Cromwell's autocracy, 127, 214
-, royalists may gain by disaffection in, 127.

'Charge of High Treason' claims to represent views of, 132.

need to keep paid adds to financial embarrassments, 133
-, soldiers in fleet sympathise with mutinous sailors, 145.

number of troops in London increased, 135
-, only dread of keeps people submissive, 144
-, large force quartered in London, 146.

troops quell mutiny of sailors, 145
-, force to be maintained under Instrument, 164.

reported surprise and defeat in Scotland, 158.

1654 :

share in elevation of Cromwell, 164
-, Cromwell's position depends on, 165, 174.

question of reception of Protectorate by forces in Ireland and Scotland, 165
-, Anabaptists numerous in, 168
-, military sectaries in Scotland and Ireland will not recognise Protector, 188.

anxiety about, some officers refuse oath of allegiance, 172, 175
-, many officers refuse to serve, since change of government, 178.

Cromwell's rule not approved by majority of, 174
-, troops in Ireland will not acknowledge him, 185
-, opposition more active in, 203.

review of London garrison, 175.

reinforcements for Scotland, 175, 180, 186, 203
-, troops mutiny against going to Scotland, 178.

controlled by Anabaptists, 188, 289
-, Cromwell afraid to trust in Scotland, 211, 214.

reported success over rebels in Scotland, 189
-, reported defeat, 201.

in Ireland means to manage own affairs according to will of commanders, 190.

drafts from for fleet or Scotland, 194
-, meant for fleet, 196
-, vacancies caused by drafts filled up in, 212.

reported defeat in Scotland, 211
-, defeat confirmed, 214
-, another defeat, 223, 226.

Cromwell keeps large force near London, 212
-, troops gathered in London, 222
-, garrison of London increased, 228, 239.

picked infantry sent to Scotland, 214
-, government weakened by absence of best troops in Scotland, 220.

peace leaves Cromwell with idle troops needing employment, 215
-, the masters, do as they please, 225.

more reinforcements for Scotland, 223, 243
-, soldiers return from, 226
-, regiment sent from Ireland to Scotland, 228.

difficulty of getting recruits, 222
-, tax imposed for maintenance of, 231.

soldiers raid Middle Temple, 224
-, driven out, 225.

Highlanders said to be invariably victorious over, 231
-, pursuing Highlanders, 239, 253
-, successful raid on from Highlands, 242.

Monk has considerable force in Scotland, 239
-, service in Scotland unpopular, 247.

Cromwell's control of ensures submissive parliament, 242
-, predominance of in members for Scotland and Ireland, 252.

troops drafted into fleet, 245, 251, 284
-, marched to Portsmouth, 255
-, cavalry on board fleet, 258, 260.

payment of makes subservient to Cromwell, 256
-, Cromwell's sound policy to have always on his side, 260.

parliament demands control of, 261
-, Cromwell claims that authority confirmed by, 262
-, parliament gives Cromwell sole control of, 266-7, 283
-, many soldiers regret this, 270
-, remonstrance of, 277.

Cromwell intent on increasing, 261
-, command of makes Cromwell careless of opposition, 263
-, has absolute sway over, 275
-, Cromwell claims entire care of, 279.

Cromwell claims sole control of, 262
-, London patrolled by troops, 263
-, new troops marched into London, 264, 278.

ordinance allowing old soldiers to practise any trade, 264.

astuteness of Cromwell in captivating, 264
-, Cromwell's dependence on, 277, 289.

need to have troops ready for action in all parts, 265
-, reported success in Scotland, 292-3.

in emergency would support parliament, 270.

leaders express dissatisfaction with government, Cromwell's reply to, 273.

parliament opposition to Cromwell's control of, 277, 279
-, parliament understanding with section of, 277
-, Cromwell fears support of parliamentary opposition, 281.

insubordination in, demands for pay, 279
-, money for Dutch was appropriated to pay, 286.

troops reviewed and 2,000 sent to fleet, 284
-, new troops entitled to replace those sent to fleet, 286.

officers meet to present paper, its tenor, 289
-, Cromwell represents need of tax for maintenance of, 292
-, frigate sent to Scotland with pay for, 293.

Arras [Pas de Calais, France] :

Cromwell not pleased about French victory at, 242
-, result of siege likely to disclose English intentions, 247
-, result awaited, 251-2.

no enthusiasm about French success at, 256
-, Barriere seized for debt on news of, 258
-, allusions to victory, 265-6.

Ars ? sNarsan [ile de R, France], Tromp sails from, 37.

Artois [France], reported French designs on, 178.

-, Anthony, English ambassador to Spain, murderers of handed back to church, 131
-, Whitelock threatened with fate of, 141
-, murderer of, executed, 179, 190.

Atlantic, the Ocean :

English continue depredations on French shipping in, 228.

constant acts of hostility between English and French in, 278
-, increase of French forces will render English more anxious for supremacy in, 279.

Augustus, duke of Brunswick Wolffenbuttell, defensive alliance against England, 31.

Austria, Archduke of. See Leopold William.

-, Don John of. See John, Don, of Austria.

Austria. See Ostrich.

Avellando y Haro, Don Garcia de, conde de Castrillo, viceroy of Naples, remarks on Blake's fleet, 293.

-, Arcus, Sir George, superseded by Monk, 16
-, reinstated by Cromwell, 16n.