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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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East India Merchant, safe arrival from Persian Gulf, 115n.

East Indies :

English hope to intercept fleet from, 94
-, Dutch capture English ships in, 105
-, Dutch capture ships from, 115.

ships from reach Texel safely, 148-9
-, peace terms touching, 152.

-, Scotland, parliament troops pursued to, 158
-, Monk offers pardon on reaching, 219.

Egmont, Louis, count of, duke of Guelders, appeal to Cromwell, 207.

-, island of, English squadron at, 26, 45
-, Badiley sighted near, 44.

-, Queen of England, cautionary towns held by, 102
-, Dutch salute at sea in time of, 171
-, penal laws against papists revived, 179, 233.

Elizabeth, frigate :

Dutch merchantmen in fear of, 4.

to take Radziciowski to France, 134n.

Elizabeth Maria, reward for services against Turks, 3.

emperor. See Ferdinand III.

emperor of Great Britain, Cromwell thinks of assuming title, 209.

England and English :

1653 :

majority regret Dutch war, 5
-, Dutch expect to destroy Levant trade, 7.

Dutch announce intention of seizing all goods bound for, 6
-, blockaded by Dutch fleet, 12.

Portugal to pay damages to, 6
-, Bruin wishes to alarm by advances to Dutch, 23.

provision for sick and wounded in, 6
-, display extraordinary endurance, but desire for peace, 25.

Dutch ask Hanse for help against, 8
-, pride and arrogance in Mediterranean, 23.

hope of adjustment with Denmark vanishes, 8
-, Pimentel procures alliance of Sweden with, 23.

Jesuits and priests banished from, 9
-, day for service of humiliation in, 25.

cultivation of good relations with Venice, 10
-, relations with France not affected by change of government, 18.

changes expected in, 13-3
-, Wilmot talks of internal divisions, 27-8.

Bordeaux to reconcile with France, 17
-, Bordeaux's efforts to reconcile with Dutch, 21
-, commercial relations with France resumed, 49.

Dutch suspect Spaniards of favouring, 23
-, defensive alliance in treatv against, 31.

alliance against arranged between Holland and Denmark, 26
-, French wish to see kept busy, 58.

Dutch measures against trade of, 27, 53
-, Paules sent to about Hamburg ship, 62.

expected to avoid battle and prey on trade, 29
-, danger of disturbance, if no victory, 30
-, Portland victory not quite agreeable to, 35
-, false reports of battle because of disaffection in, 50.

Sweden may favour because of quarrel with Denmark, 33.

Pauw's death much regretted in, 42
-, letter from Holland complimentary to naval prowess of, 51.

Cardenas treating for renewal of alliance with, 49
-, Charles's hope of Dutch help to recover, 54
-, Charles' offer to Dutch to make landing in, 59.

people will bear war tax willingly, 55
-, every effort to avoid laying burdens on, 61.

squadron out to protect coasts, 58
-, reliance on superiority of ships over Dutch, 75.

majority dissatisfied with government, 61
-, indifferent about dissolution of parliament, 65.

more anxious for mediation than Dutch, 61
-, Boreel charges with starting the war, 62.

unpopularity of Long Parliament in, 68
-, impatience for nomination of new Council, 68-9.

crisis in arouses king's hopes, 70
-, royal cause alive in, 81.

crafty device to delude about parliament, 72
-, satisfied with dissolution of old one, 74
-, majority favour mili tary supremacy, 75.

value of Bordeaux wine trade to, 73
-, Portugal needs correspondence with, 78.

Cromwell means to increase his control over, 74
-, Cromwell pleased at acclamations from, 78.

people to be flattered by measures for relief, 78
-, need of new parliament, 80.

friendly relations with Spain constantly receiving shocks, 79.

France affraid of offending by drawing Irish from Spanish service, 80.

monarchical form of government necessary for, 81, 90.

Cromwell hopes to win approval by peace, 82
-, forced to refer issue to battle, 86.

reported settlement with Portugal, 84
-, nothing definite, 86.

Bordeaux has faint hope of help from, 84, 86
-, flattering assurances to, 86.

Irish levy would make Turks fear understanding of with Venice, 85
-, Venice impressed by might of, 92.

thoughtful rather than elated over Gabbard battle, 85.

people submit to taxes in hope of better government and peace, 89
-, pleased at establishment of new government, 101.

mistaken impression that civil strife would enfeeble, 92, 99
-, peace depends on, 95.

with Dutch peace can easily send strong fleet to Mediterranean, 92.

Cromwell cultivating popularity in, 94
-, bulk of army quartered in, 109.

Mazarin uneasy about intentions, 95
-, Mazarin keeps up Dutch negotiations to alarm, 98, 113.

French complain of granting ships to Spaniards, 98
-, peace with Portugal matter of indifference to, 101.

Dutch must admit supremacy in the seas, 99
-, likely to have overwhelming naval force, 103.

new representative called parliament to please, 105
-, peace expected to induce people to pay taxes, 109.

probable attack on W. Indies by, 108
-, will promote civil strife in France, 109
-, will consider Chanut's mission a hostile act, 134.

receives news of Texel victory with indifference, 111
-, disposition for peace increases in, 116.

kept in subjection by military, though discontented and desiring return of the king, 112.

commercial interests suggest good understanding of Sweden with, 116.

made to believe Texel a great victory, 117
-, usual confidence in victory, 121.

more fear than love for government, 121
-, popularity of Lilburne in, 125.

by alliances can ruin Dutch, 125
-, will care little for friendship of other powers once peace made with Dutch, 126
-, self centred, if peace made will expect to be courted by all, 147.

unpopularity of Scots in, 127
-, Morlachs brought to by Paganuzzi, 151.

restive, having lost hopes from new government, 132
-, only kept in subjection by force, 133, 135.

serious and hypocritical character of people, 132
-, people resigned to silence and suffering, 135
-, only kept submissive by dread of army, 144, 146.

pamphlets stirring people against government, 141
-, Dutch know of discontent in, 143-4.

severity of government causes universal discontent in, 146
-, expectation and desire of change, 158.

will get blame if treaty not made, 148
-, expected changes in hamper peace negotiations, 152
-, populace welcome failure of negotiations, 158
-, people favour alliance with Dutch, 167.

disgusted with nominated parliament, 160
-, Cromwell hailed as defender of liberty of, 161.

Cromwell proclaimed protector of, 164
-, reception of change by people, 165.

1654 :

Mazarin's devices to prevent alliance with Spain, 167
-, Spain constantly drawing nearer to, 174.

French fear of attack from, 167, 173
-, Mazarin says will not injure France, 183.

gloom in at departure of Dutch commissioners, 172
-, hope to make Dutch regret rejection of peace, reliance on Sweden and Spain, 178.

discontent increases with lack of trade and high taxes, 172
-, people consider themselves duped and misgoverned, 174.

disregard civility and forms of courtesy, 175
-, Charles hopes will grow weary of government and turn to him, 176
-, increasing rancour against Cromwell, 184.

ancient ties with Venice, 177
-, French decline Dutch mediation with, 199.

comfort deeply affected by war, constant prediction of change, 180.

Spain wishes to see situation in continued, 181
-, ready to carry on war with foreign alliances which may be had for asking, 182.

French professions of friendship to, insincere, 183
-, not trusted, 193, 196.

never so obedient and submissive, 184
-, Cromwell seeks popularity in vain, 205.

will forment civil strife in Holland if war continues, 189
-, disorder probable in if peace not made, 196
-, things becoming more serious for Cromwell in, 214.

France wishes to be on good terms with, 200
-, pope expects to take revenge on France and Tuscany, 208.

Sweden incensed at treatment of ships by, 200, 210.

rancour against Tuscany, 201
-, Florentines sure of good will, 220
-, Grand Duke taking defensive measures against, 221.

peace affords great satisfaction to all, 202, 206
-, Cromwell not universally popular in, 203
-, peace terms considered inglorious for, 210
-, Dutch needed peace as much as, 214.

complaints against civil code, 205
-, change in considered inevitable, 214, 217, 220.

payment of indemnity to, for Denmark, 210
-, Dutch offers to Spain to exclude from coasts of Flanders, 225.

doubts about hamper army for Italy, 213
-, all Spanish attention directed to forces of, 216.

France more anxious for good understanding than, 215
-, French Huguenots ask help of, 247.

idle troops might foment civil war in, 215
-, too busy at home to do much in Mediterranean, 223.

defensive alliance with Dutch and other powers, 218
-, disposition to act with Dutch against Portuguese, 239.

disaffected very numerous in, 219
-, majority opposed to present order, 222
-, growing impatience of iron rod, but submissive, 223.

Cromwell allows old electoral privileges, 220.

more prone to ambition and vainglory than religion, 220
-, residents at Leghorn disarmed, 229
-, residents at Naples celebrate peace, 229.

Spanish hopes of and high opinion of power, 224
-, Spaniards will do nothing to irritate, 226.

increasing unpopularity of government in, 236
-, kept in subjection by fear, 239.

situation requires both France and Spain to avoid hostility of 236
-, bears cost of fleet in hope of advantage from France and Spain, 239.

Spaniards would favour rather than Dutch, 237
-, Spaniards suspect of designs on San Domingo, 241.

linking with Holland and Zeeland against rest of Provinces, 245
-, may enencourage civil strife at Hague, 246.

Venice wishes to be kept informed of transactions between Spain and, 245
-, by treating with French increases jealousy of Spaniards, 251.

present strength compared with that under effeminate Court, 250
-, able to give powerful help to Venice, id.

Cromwell may attack Spain to please by inducement of trade, 254
-, commercial treaty with Portugal, 256.

idea of getting a base in Mediterranean, 255.

no enthusiasm about raising seige of Arras, 256
-, Spain's proverbial need of peace with, 266.

aversion of majority from, government, 261
-, murmuring in at suppression of electoral rights, 263
-, attitude of people to Cromwell, 283.

dread of another civil war makes submissive, 263
-, deserves to be governed by severity rather than affection, 263
-, keeps quiet though pamphlets cause stir in, 277.

worship parliament as palladium of liberties, 267
-, Cromwell's death would cause civil strife and immense confusion in 270
-, Cromwell's services to extolled in parliament, 273.

haughty attitude to foreign powers, courted from all sides, 274
-, Blake to restore prestige in Italy, 280.

Charles fears education of brother as Catholic would prevent restoration of family in, 283
-, grumbling at present burdens, regrets kings, 286.

independent attitude to foreign powers, 286
-, French designs force Spain to be on good terms with, 290.

Servien complains of pusillanimous attitude of France to, 287.

in constant turmoil over religion since breach with Rome, 289.

will do utmost to diminish strength and spoil trade of Dutch, 290.

independence about foreign ministers believed to increase prestige of, 292.

army of. See army.

fleet of. See navy.

King of. See Charles I
-, Charles II
-, Henry VIII
-, James I.

Kings of :

Dutch prosperity largely built on mismanagement of, 99
-, friendship with Venice more apparent than real, 104
-, billeting unknown under, 112.

homage done to Cromwell in forms observed with, 164
-, Cromwell follows usage in receiving ambassadors, 168
-, Cromwell's reception in city very different from that of, 184
-, Cromwell copies forms of, 193, 196, 200.

claim that parliament did not defer to, 260.

taxation light in time of, 286.

merchants of. See Merchants, English.

queen of. See Elizabeth
-, Henrietta Maria.

ships of. See ships, English.

English Channel, Blake's fleet sails from, 266.

Enistoffin. See Inisboffin.

Enkhuizen, Enkhuysen [Prov. N. Holland, Netherlands], riot at, over levy, 98.

envoys. See under ambassadors.

Epernay [Marne, France], despatches dated at, 147, 149.

Erchade. See Orkney Islands.

Eres, island of, captain of English fireship landed at, 50.

Eton, provost of. See Rous, Francis.

Evertsen, Johan, Dutch Vice-Admiral, sent to resume blockade of Thames, 41.

exchange, exorbitant rate of, 181.