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Pages 334-336

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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Gabbard, battle of the, 87.

victory claimed and thanksgiving ordered, 89
-, Boreel's account of, 91
-, Dutch losses in, 93
-, both fleets reinforced after, 96.

news of stuns Dutch merchants at Leghorn, 97
-, news received in Spain with silence of respect, 98.

Gaetano, , papal nuncio in Spain, concurs in interdict at Madrid, 179.

Galen, Johan van, Vangalen, Dutch commander in the Mediterranean :

Grand Duke shows great honour to, 4
-, Prince Mattias speaks highly of, 7
-, entertained by Grand Duke, 13.

busy to prevent junction of English squadrons, 4
-, constantly receiving reinforcements, 7
-, strength of squadron, expecting reinforcements, 22.

has instructions with regard to Rupert and Maurice, 4
-, sends ships to intercept English goods, 13.

will not recall Dutch ships serving Venice, 7
-, allows merchant to hire out ship, 15.

fired on in harbour by English ship, 10
-, seizes English tin at Leghorn, 25-6
-, extravagant demands about Phnix, 36.

remonstrance with about attack on William at Zante, 19
-, Grand Duke sends Montemagno to, about Phnix, 28
-, Sarotti to approach about restitution, 31.

efforts to prevent junction of English squadrons, flagship wrecked, 26
-, English send off munitions to Porto Ferraio under nose of, 32.

reply about William, 31
-, characteristic harshness of, 36.

Grand Duke writes to Hague about unreasonableness of, 36
-, governor of Leghorn ordered to restrain, 40.

puts himself in Grand Duke's hands, 40
-, returns in triumph after battle, 44.

loses leg in fight, 41, 46
-, in danger of life, 44
-, death, 50.

conduct in battle, 44-6
-, detains commander and releases captured sailors, 44, 47
-, eagerness in fight, 50.

owing to death no promise can be given about ships in Venetian service, 56
-, will not allow neutral flag to cover enemy goods, 69.

Galicia, Spain, quarters prepared for Irish in, 132.

Galilee, Galilei, Thomas, merchant of London :

petition for release of son and payment of what is due from Venice, 212-3
-, Venice professes readiness to satisfy, 223, 226, 244.

thanks Paulucci, 234-5, 276.

preparing statement for Protector and Council, 276.

-, -, master of the Relief :

Council backs petition for release, 212-3.

a slave with Turks, 213, 234
-, would wish to end days serving Venice, 235
-, thanks for efforts for, 276.

Galway, co. Galway, Ireland, Preston surrendered, 116n.

Garonne, River, France, duke of Vendome enters with fleet, 34.

Gaston, duke of Orleans, Monsieur, Sagredo had not visited, 46.

Gelderland, Guelderland, Netherlands, province of, efforts to get to make Orange Captain-General, 248.

Genoa [Prov. Genova, Italy] :

merchants of, 14.

English ships at to arm for war, 4
-, Concord taken to, 159.

Vangalen stops galleys of entering Leghorn, 36
-, would like to divert trade from Leghorn, 70
-, Radziciowski to travel to, 107.

Florence keeping close watch on proceedings, 229
-, Spain left penniless through quarrel with, 232
-, dispute with Spain referred to, 270.

minister from to England, 270
-, expected, 271, 284.

manner of reception of ambassador, 284, 286
-, Paulucci anxious about, 290, 293.

-, Col. John, wounded in affray with Portuguese, 153
-, executed for share in conspiracy, 239.

German colonel from Cond, mistakes Bordeaux for Barrire and lets out secrets, 94.

German troops, Grand Duke sends to reinforce garrison at Porto Ferraio, 258.

Germany :

efforts to induce Charles to go to, 188.

Moresini tours in, 203.

ghost of Charles I seen at Whitehall, 185.

Gianvillano. See Villano, Jan.

Giavarina, Gironimo, Venetian Secretary with the Swiss, despatch to the Senate, 57.

Gibraltar, Strait of, the Strait, 255, 266.

Dutch squadron to be stationed at, 53
-, successful action of Badiley in, 75.

Dutch lie in wait for English ships off, 86
-, ships from captured by fleet, 99, 100n.

English ships captured in, 149
-, fleet said to be bound for, 191
-, talk of fleet passing through, 205, 216, 228.

Blake reports voyage towards, 270
-, Blake sailing for, 280, 285
-, Blake passes, 281.

Dutch report meeting Blake in, 285
-, Blake sends report from, 292.

Giongstal. See Jongestal.

Giustinian, Zustinian, Francesco, Savio alla Mercanzia, 195.

-, Girolamo, Savio alla Mercanzia, 218.

-, Girolamo, Venetian Ambassador in Germany, despatches to the Senate 8, 23, 27, 120.

Glasgow, co. Lanark, Scotland, reported capture by Highlanders, 122, 124.

Glencairn, earl of. See Cunningham, William.

Gloucester, duke of. See Henry, duke of Gloucester.

-, (mohair), Badiley stops sending overland to London, 22
-, held up at Leghorn, value of, 53.

Goffe, Colonel William, carries out dissolution of nominated parliament, 160.

Gondi family, owners of Belleisle, 267n.

Gondi, Giovanni Battista, the Bali :

promises to do best about English and Dutch ships serving Venice, but not hopeful, 7.

thinks it necessary to proceed gradually with English and Dutch, 69
-, orders from about their ships, 70.

-, Jean Francois Paul de, Cardinal de Retz, flight of, 267.

-, Pierre de, duc de Retz, governor of Belleisle, reported rebellion, 267.

Gorgona, La, island, Ligurian Sea, battle fought near, 45.

Goring, Col. Charles, offer of levy to Venice, 139-40.

-, Gothenburg, Gottenburg, Sweden, Whitelocke reported murdered near, 169
-, Whitelocke arrived at, 175.

Gournay, Henri de, comte de Marcheville, French ambassador at the Porte, English demand settlement of arrangement with Levant Co., 242.

-, See Commonwealth
-, Protectorate.

grain, for Florence, captured by French, 151.

Grances, Colonel of Irish levies, has left France, 114.

-, Ludovic de, lord of Brachey, agent of the duke of Guelders, acknowledged and had audience, appeal to Cromwell, 207
-, visits foreign ministers, 212.

Grand Duke. See Medici, Ferdinand II de', Grand Duke of Tuscany.

Grand Turk. See Mahomet IV, Sultan of Turkey.

Grandier, Charles, parliament envoy to Tuscany, 3.

Granvillano. See Villano, Gian.

Gravelines [Nord, France], English fleet helped capture, 33.

-, co. Kent, seamen assembled in great numbers at, 5
-, Rosenvinge at, 205n
-, Baas departs to, 231
-, Portuguese ambassador withdraws to, 238, 253n.

Great Britain :

king of. See Charles I
-, Charles II
-, James I.

queen of. See Henrietta Maria.

Great President, brings French prize into Downs, 252n.

Green, , English merchant at Constantinople, bequeaths interest in Cesy's debts to state, 242n.

Greenway, Mr. of Lincolns Inn, killed in affray with Portuguese, 153.

Greenwich, co. Kent, Deane's body brought from, 96.

Groningen, Netherlands, province of, chooses Orange as captaingeneral, 248.

Groot Johan, a Swede, arrested at Hague, queen incensed about, 154.

Gryphrander, Chevalier Christopher, envoy from duke of Oldenburg to Cromwell, 205.

Guardian Angel
-, Venetian ship, English frigate seizes at Zante, 190
-, efforts of Paulucci for release, 198-9
-, instructions upon, 211.

Guelderland. See Gelderland.

Guelders, duke of, title claimed by King of Spain, 207.

-, -, See Egmont.

Guevara y Tassis, Don Inigo Velez de, count of Onate, viceroy of Naples :

arrests English captains, 15
-, Badiley fears may make reprisals on English ships at Naples, 22
-, English ships leave Naples for fear of, 26.

English ignore sentence about frigate, 22.

-, France, Irish levies for Spanish army in, caught at sea, 34
-, Irish in, proposal to use for Italian enterprise, 113.

Guinea, Africa, Frencli ship from captured, 252.

Guise, duke of. See Lorraine, Henry de.

Gulf, the. See Adriatic Sea.

gunpowder, found iu Portuguese coaches, 153.

guns :

from Sweden for Dutch, raptured by fleet, 99,100n.

new English warships carrying, 100, 103
-, Danish ships mounting, 110, 128.

damage done by Dutch, 115.

superiority of English brass, 176
-, Dutch measures to remedy disadvantage, 176
-, Blake to put in at Valencia for, 285.