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Pages 361-362

Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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oath of allegiance, some officers refuse to take to Cromwell, 172, 175.

oath of Protestantism, Cromwell causes all candidates to take, 183.

-, d'Ubrin, Christopher, gone from Paris, 114
-, offers levy of Irish to Venice, 216, 251-2.

served as camp-master in Spain, in France, 251.

-, Dermot, lord Inchiquin, 251n.

Obson. See Hobson.

Obzac (?), duke of, defensive alliance against England, 31.

Ocean. See Atlantic.

Offelan. See O'Phelan.

Ogleby, Colonel, reports victory of Glencairn over English, 199n.

oil, cargoes of, for London, captured, 151.

Oldenburg, count of. See Anthony, Gunther.

Oluenas, ? Col. Hugh O'Neill, governor of Limerick, commander of Irish levies, sets out for Madrid, 131.

Onate, count of. See Guevara y Tassis, Don Inigo Velez de.

Ondedei, Abb Zongo, Mazarin's secretary, opinion on Dutch peace and English attitude to France, 173.

O'Neill, Col. Hugh ? Oluenas, commander of Irish levies, sets out for Madrid, 131.

Opdam, sieur d'. See Wassenar, Jacques de.

Ophelan, Offelan, John Stephen, offers Irish levy to Venice, 57.

Orange party in Netherlands :

favours prosecution of war, 82
-, foments civil strife, 98, 102.

English peace terms aimed at, 111
-, likely to reject terms, 127
-, a difficulty in way of peace, 156, 173
-, excitement over secret article in treaty, 235.

House of, House of Nassau :

popular movement in favour of causes anxiety, 120
-, exclusion of a difficulty in way of peace, 173
-, article of exclusion causes strife, 215
-, outcry appeased, 218.

Holland opposed to, quarrel with other Provinces over, 215, 217, 253-6, 258, 268, 279.

Zeeland upholds cause, 215
-, Cromwell threatens Zeeland and Friesland over, 241.

England disposed to act with Dutch to prejudice of, 239, 246, 256.

popular gratitude to, 254.

-, dowager princess of. See Amalia.

-, prince of. See Nassau, Frederick Henry of
-, Nassau, William Henry.

-, princess of. See Mary, daughter of Charles I.

Orkney, Erchade, islands :

Charles offers to Dutch, 59
-, might be necessary to send Irish to, 85
-, Irish prisoners sent to, 198.

English ships for lost in storm, 131.

Orleans, duke of. See Gaston.

Ormonde, marquis of. See Butler, James.

Orsola Bonaventura, gallantry in action at Castelli under English captain, 216.

Ostend [Prov. W. Flanders, Belgium], Col. Cusack lands at, with Irish levies, 66.

Ostrich or Struisvogel, Austria, Dutch East Indiaman, captured in Portland battle, 37.

Ottoman Empire. See Turkey.

Overyssel, Netherlands, province of, chooses Orange as Captain-General, 248.

Owen, General, offer of levy by, 134.

Oxford, co. Oxford, University, nominated parliament bent on abolishing, 160.