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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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Radiciowski, Hieronimo, Vice-chancellor of Poland :

arrival, confers with Cromwell, 103, 116
-, enquires for Venetian minister, sees Paulucci, 104
-, Paulucci visits, 134.

presents credentials to parliament, wants backing at Porte, future movements, 107
-, plans to move Turks against Poland, 147.

Paulucci to avoid conversation about journey to Porte, 114
-, sees Council, promised letters to Bendish, 116
-, treated with great honour, 134.

leaving for France, 134
-, at Paris, 147.

rain, public fast day to pray for, 220.

ram, Frenchman's invention of, to sink ships, 163.

-, [Bavaria, German Empire], Dutch try to prevent reception of English ambassador at, 8
-, Wilmot comes to, for Charles, 24.

Read, Morgan, English consul at Leghorn, ordered to send goods overland to London, 53.

Receiver of the Commonwealth, Cromwell sets up new office, 234.

- See Falconbridge, Thomas.

Recif, Arecif (Pernambuco) Brazil, S. America, lost by Dutch, 224.

recusants. See Catholics, English Roman.

Red Cross of Horne
-, Dutch merchantman, captured and brought into Naples, 14-5
-, Spanish guard put in, 19.

Reider. See Rider.

-, claim on Venice in respect of, 212-3
-, lost in fighting Turks, 213.

-, desire for regulation of, but postponed, 268
-, army demands that Protector and parliament shall not meddle with, 289.

religious. See priests.

reprisal, letters of. See Marque, letters of.

republic. See Commonwealth.

-, the most serene. See Venice.

residents. See under ambassadors.

Resolution, flagship of Monk and Deane, 72n.

Rethel, Retel, Rettel [Ardennes, France] :

battle of, 18.

despatches dated at, 227, 229, 232, 235, 237.

Retz, Cardinal de. See Gondi, Jean Francois Paul de.

- duc de. See Gondi, Pierre de.

-, amount of yearly, assigned to Cromwell, 164-5
-, order to bring into one treasury, 234n.

Reviend, M de, natural son of Maurice of Nassau Siegen, proposed as successor to Tromp, 126.

Rheims [Marne, France], Court going to for coronation, 173.

-, Ricaut, Peter, London merchant, sons of seize for debt wool of king of Spain, 148, 161
-, ask for letters of marque, 236.

Rider, Reider, William, ship master, treats with Paulucci about entering Venetian service, 247-8.

Rochelle. See La Rochelle.

Rochester, earl of. See Wilmot, Henry.

Roebuck, East Indiaman, captured off Jasques, 105n.

Rome, Italy :

despatches dated at, 208, 221.

commotion at, about coming of English fleet, 220.

-, Don Francesco, sent by Archduke Leopold to congratulate Cromwell, 192
-, has audience and leaving, 196.

Roothaas, Rotaus, Adriaen, commander of Dutch squadron in Mediterranean, comes into Leghorn with prizes, 166.

-, cordage, cargo of seized by Dutch in Sound, 5
-, cargoes of, on Swedish ships, seized by English, 107.

-, Henry Wilhemsen, Danish ambassador to England, expected with Dutch commissioners, 191
-, did not come till April, 191n
-, arrived, waiting for treaty to come back from Hague, 205
-, shows credentials and congratulates Protector, 215.

Rospigliosi, Giacomo, papal nuncio in Spain, Offelan accompanied to Florence, 57.

Rosso, Andrea, Venetian Resident at Naples, despatches to Senate, 229, 285, 287, 293.

Rotaus. See Roothaas.

Rotterdam [Prov. South Holland, Netherlands], Frenchman demonstrates invention for sinking ships at, 163.

Rouen [Seine Inf., France], decision to go to, to provide against English attack, 167.

-, Francis, provost of Eton, elected Speaker of nominated parliament, 101
-, Grand Duke's letter delivered to, 131
-, thanks Blake for services, 139
-, resigns powers to Cromwell, 160.

royalists, delinquents, malignants :

sale of property, 25
-, Cromwell receives unsold property of, 179.

Cromwell might favour cause of, 81
-, exclusion of Orange intended as blow to, 95
-, receives encouragement from Dutch, 158.

gain ground daily, 121
-, disagreement between Cromwell and army may help, 127.

spread reports of successes in Scotland, 125n
-, many join rebels in Scotland, 172, 175.

forced to compound for property, 133
-, France only refuge for languishing hopes of, 154
-, those who favour guilty of treason, 179.

may not be returned to parliament, 222.

Ruby, frigate, sails from Portsmouth, 12n.

Rupert, Palatine Prince, of the Rhine :

Senate desires news of squadron, 1
-, Portuguese admit claims for damage done by, 2
-, Portugal will pay dear for helping, 101, 112.

Van Galen has instructions concerning, 4.

expected in Mediterranean, 4
-, might enter Venetian service, 5.

expected to join Dutch fleet, 5
-, ready to serve Dutch with squadron, 51
-, Portuguese indemnity for losses caused by, 128.

Ruttz, David, suit with English merchants about caviare, 154.

Russel, Elizabeth, married to Henry Cromwell, 78.

-, Sir Francis of Chippenham, great influence in army, 78.

Ruyter, Michael de, joins de With, with squadron, 134.