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Calendar of State Papers Relating To English Affairs in the Archives of Venice, Volume 29, 1653-1654. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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Wallachia [Rumania], Radziciowski will urge Turks to defend, 103.

war, the first Dutch :

new taxes needed for, 2
-, carried on at small cost to people, 55.

malcontents of Scotland and Ireland take advantage of, 3.

majority in England regret, 5
-, authors of sustain weight of government, 21
-, authors of constantly reproached, 30.

Dutch determined to prosecute, 27
-, Dutch show greater power and determination than expected, 54.

England would welcome honourable termination of, 33
-, burden of inclines ministry to peace, 49.

release of ships serving Venice depends on course of, 34
-, recall of Bendish delayed by, 55.

parliament devising means to end, 48, 54
-, England accused of beginning, 62.

Dutch dread prolongation, 56, 62
-, Swiss Protestants deeply concerned about, 57
-, hinders Spain hiring English ships, 59.

rejection of peace will make continuation necessary, 58
-, outlook dark, 61.

French fear end of, 58-9
-, thought to be needed for Cromwell's maintenance, 68, 83.

majority in parliament bent on continuing, 61
-, Boreel eager for, 62.

decided on by parliament from caprice, 67
-, new government trying to relieve country of, 75
-, loan will be inevitable if lasts, 138.

Orange party wishes to prosecute, 82
-, vigorous prosecution of will secure peace, 90.

prevented Commonwealth helping Bordeaux, 109
-, causes scarcity of ships at Leghorn, 151.

excessive English claims may lead to continuance of, 118.

cost Dutch more than long war with Spain, 120
-, Mazarin says Spain at root of, to weaken Dutch, 128
-, preachers say devised by Spain, 129.

stimulates Spaniards to flatter English, 130.

stagnation of trade caused by, makes government unpopular, 142, 144.

goods of Catholics sold to support, 150.

if continued will be on larger scale, 158
-, will make Cromwell's rule difficult to maintain, 172.

Mazarin fears conclusion will mean war with France, 167.

Cromwell convinced that will impede confirmation of his rule, 174
-, continuance likely to destroy it, id.

Cromwell busy over renewal of, 180
-, Cromwell knows French efforts to foster, 183.

people and comforts deeply affected by, 180
-, Cromwell convinced that must be detrimental to himself and the whole country, 185.

prevents Cromwell applying the remedies he sees most fitting, 189
-, pirates rendered more daring by England's preoccupation with, 228.

medals for distinguished service in, 228.

English ships serving Venice recalled at outbreak of, 240
-, sea captains restrained because of, 248.

parliament reduces subsidy granted for and applies to pay forces, 285-6.

- of Candia. See Candia, war of.

- ships. See navy.

Wassenar, Jacques de, Sieur d'Opdam, chosen Admiral in succession to Tromp, 135.

Waterford, co. Waterford, Ireland, Preston surrendered, 116n.

Waveren, , Dutch ambassador to Hanse sent to Lubeck, 8n.

weather, storms :

gale breaks blockade of Thames, 5
-, Dutch raise blockade in expectation of storm, 8.

violent storm, drives off English fleet, 127, 130
-, bad for both sides, 130
-, English ships lost in, 131.

very high winds, 147
-, stop communication with France, id.

English blockading cruisers driven off by storm, 147
-, damage to Dutch fleet by great storm, 150.

Whitelocke detained in Holland by, 158.

twenty ships wrecked at Texel by, 176.

prayers for rain, 220.

interrupts service between England and Calais, 270-1.

West Indies :

might be necessary to send Irish to, 85.

probable English attempt to conquer, 108
-, one squadron of fleet destined for, 247, 258
-, ships need double complement for, 260.

-, -, squadron for. See under Navy.

Westminster :

letter dated at, 13.

Abbey, Deane buried in, 96
-, Cromwell's mother buried in, 284.

Hall, nominated parliament elects to meet in, 100
-, Cromwell taken to for installation, 164
-, parliament assembles in, 259
-, Cromwell has doors locked, 262.

palace, Cromwell addresses parliament in painted chamber, 259.

Wheel of Fortune, Hamburg ship :

taken by English, efforts for release, 156
-, ship and cargo released, 178.

captain puts ship at disposal of Venice, 178.

White Elephant, Dutch ship, fights and captures English ship at Leghorn, 203, 221.

Whitehall. See under London.

Whitelocke, Bulstrode, English ambassador extraordinary to Sweden :

appointed instead of Lisle, 122
-, intrigues delay departure, 134
-, receives instructions in great haste, 136
-, stopped to give account of acts as commissioner of Great Seal, 138.

to effect alliance if war continues, 136.

possible replacement of, 139
-, threatened with fate of Ascham and Dorislaus, 141
-, may accompany Lagerfelt, for safety, 144.

decision to sent at once, takes leave, 146
-, may be charged to go on to Muscovy, 148.

sets out in gallant trim, 148
-, returns to see first born, and sets out again, 150.

in Holland, detained by weather, anxiety for news of arrival, 158
-, reported killed on way to Stockholm, 169
-, a false rumour, 175.

public prints announce arrival and reception, 169
-, at Gottenburg, hopes for success, 175
-, reported ill success, 200
-, preparing to leave, 201
-, recalled, 207.

expected back, made successful treaty with Sweden, 223
-, arrival home, treaty made, 237.

talk of sending to France, 245
-, Sagredo asks for instructions about, 249.

-, isle of, fleet engages enemy off, 34
-, part of fleet refitting in, 38-9.

William, formerly Spurrier, English frigate :

captured by Dutch at Zante, 19-20, 170.

with Dutch squadron at Spartivento, 26
-, Paulucci receives particulars of, 43.

remonstrances about, 28, 31, 47
-, Vangalen's reply, 31-2
-, matter dropped, 36-7.

previous misconduct at Zante, 31-2, 170
-, has letters of marque for Spain, under Capt. Hendra, 170.

merchants interested in present memorial to Council, 39
-, Boreel apologises for, 50.

Williams, Sir Abraham, house in Palace Yard, Bordeaux entertained at, 199n.

-, Henry, earl of Rochester, ambassador of Charles in Germany, appearance at Rotterdam, 24
-, asertions make no impression, 27-8.

-, James, English consul at Cadiz, informs Medina Celi of coming of English fleet, 230
-, buying quantity of provisions, 256.

Windsor, co. Berks, castle, Feake and Simpson arrested and sent to, 187.

wine :

value of Bordeaux trade to England, 73.

Dutch capture ships with Spanish, for London, 96
-, Dutch expecting fleet with, Monk sent against, 149
-, Dutch ships captured with, 165.

French ships captured with, 186
-, cargoes of from Canaries for London taken by French, 292.

With, de, Dutch ambassador to Hanse, sent to Lubeck, 8n.

-, Vittens, Vuart, Witte Corneliszoon de, Dutch Admiral :

reinforced Tromp, 35, 149n
-, on watch for colliers, 60n
-, share in Texel battle, 117
-, puts to sea to convoy merchantmen, 129
-, joined by Ruyter, 134.

convoys merchantmen safely to Texel, 148.

Witt, John de, president of the Council of the States, a native of Holland, hopes of, 138, 143.

Witte. See With.

Wolzagen, Frederick Matthew, of Missingdorff, envoy from duke of Oldenburg to Cromwell, 205.

wool :

for king of Spain, taken by English, 1.

of king of Spain, claimed by Richaut for debt, 148
-, released by order of Council, 161.

Woolph, Walter, claim to be English consul at Venice, 11.